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Suikoden III Comment Box List v 1.3
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Version History
V1.0  12/9/02
-Submitted first version.
v1.1  12/29/02
-Added 10-15 more 
v1.2   1/12/03
-Thanks to the help of the new joint creator(Kriel) of this FAQ around doubled the amount of 
v1.3   1/19/03
-Thanks to Clara at the GameFAQ's message board this FAQ is now complete. Or at least 
almost complete. Some of the titles for the comment's are midding, but everything else is 

This FAQ contains the various comment's that may appear in your Comment Box in Suikoden III 
from chapter 4 on. Whenever the main character's name was said I substituted it for the word 
successor simply because that name would change mattering on who you picked in chapter 4. 
This goes for all instinces excluding a few. (Like when a letter is character specific).

(If Hugo or Chris are the FC)
1) It's me
Hi! How are you
doing? You're a
hard worker to
prepare such a
2) Restaurant
Can't we do
something about
that restaurant?
The food is okay,
but the amount
they serve...
I wrote to Jeane
about my feelings
toward her and
by now it must
have moved her
to tears.
4) About Queen
Queen wants
to perform the
part of Juliet.
It can't be helped.
I'll be Romeo.
5) That restaurant
The cook at that
restaurant stares
at me with a
cold look. Did I
do something

(If Geddoe is FC)
1) Good job today
Commander, good job
today. This is
okay, but do your
job, too.
2) Restaurant
Can't you do
something about
that restaurant?
The food is
alright, but
the amount...
3) At a bath
I took a bath with
Joker and Jacques,
but we ended up
bickering with
each other.
These guys are
such a pain!
4) Restaurant
Mamie gave me
a cold glance...
Did I do something
5) Thinking aloud
I guess this
kind of castle is
alright. Though
I won't be able
to stay forever.

1) Soda
Serve me a lot of soda.
Why don't you have 
some too, (successor)? 
It's great.
2) From the sky
Franz was mad at me when 
I said to him, 'I want 
to get on a mantor.' 
I wanted to see the castle 
from the sky.
3) Three wives?
A scroll maker said he 
has three wives. What 
does he mean?
4) After the war
After the war, I guess 
the Karayans will go home 
to their villages. I 
wonder what I'll do...
5) Want to see
I want to know
countries beyond
Grassland. With
Geddoe and his
I reckon I'll be
able to see a lot
of countries I've
never seen.

1) How are you?
How are you,
I'm fine. This
castle is fun
2) Thank you
Dad's job has
gotten underway.
I hope it continues
like that.
3) Practice
Yesterday, Hallec
taught me how to
let out a rebel
yell. When I'm good
at it, I'll do it in
front of everyone.
4) Cecile
I became friends
with the gatekeeper,
She's a strong and
kind lady.
5) Lately
I go on outings
with Melville and
Elliot. When we're
strong enough to
fight other
monsters, we
promised we'd go
to the Great Hollow
in Lizard Clan's

1) How are you?
I'm getting used 
to life at the 
castle. There are 
regular customers 
at the tavern, and 
everything is fine.
2) Few brands
When I have more 
money, I'd like 
to increase the 
number of drink brands.
3) Hi
There are many nice 
customers at this 
castle. It's great 
that it's fun working.
4) Fine
There are many
people coming to
this castle. It's
quite lively.
The shop is busy.
5) Karaya village
I worry about
Karaya Village
often. I wonder
if people have
come back.

1) Nice to meet you
Caesar is still a 
child. He might be 
a nuisance, but 
please take care 
of him. If there's 
a problem please 
tell me.
2) Lovely Music
I listened to Nei
and her friends
playing. What fun!
(successor), please 
listen too. It'll
soothe your tired
3) Surprised
I was surprised
to find Jeane here.
Her skill as a rune
sage is first-rate.
4) Power of the pen
You can't overcome
this war just by
getting stronger.
Better go see Ernie
5) A friend
I was surprised
to meet Futch here.
He will be
a great help to you

1) Did you see it?
I posted the
news bulletin!
We'll renew it
regurarly, so
remember to
read it! 
2) Juan's Request
Juan said to
increase gossip
items. Yes,
I know gossip is
part of a newspaper
but it's
3) Articles
There is more
news as people
gather at this
I hope more people
4) Serial novel
There are many
inquiries and
criticism about the
author of the serial
novel, but I'm just
running stories that
are sent to us. I
don't know the
author, sorry.
5) History
My job will be
something very
important in
my life. I hope I
create a record
of our times.

1) Splendid History
Why don't you
learn my artistic
handicraft? The
war would be
more gallant.
2) White roses
I bought beautiful
roses from a 
traveler. Would you
like one for your
3) Afternoon tea?
Next time, would
you share afternoon
tea with me in
the garden?
4) Splendid skill
Kenji is quite
skilled; I was
impressed. I noticed
such an artistic
expression. I must
pursue it, too.
5) Refinement
Why don't we pursue
refined skills? Even
if we are enemies,
there are skills
that may carry
us away with
their beauty.
Let's refine

1) Hi
Hey, this field is
getting nice,
When you feel
like it, come and 
see me. I'll cook
something good 
to eat.
2) Hi
Many people visit 
this castle. I 
never get tired. 
Tell them that if 
they want to eat 
delicious tomatoes, 
come and see me.
3) Hi
I'm giving ingredients 
to the restaurant. 
That girl is a good 
cook. My tomatoes 
must be happy to be 
cooked so well. 
4) Hi
There is a girl
who comes to my
field with a doll.
I gave her a tomato
and she said, 'I'll
treasure it all my
life.' She should
eat it quickly or
it'll go bad.
5) Hi
A white dog
with a pink basket
is following me.
Does it want a

1) Greetings
I'm Bazba, of the 
Lizard Clan. I'm an 
assistant of Chief 
Dupa. I'll show the
power of our clan.
2) Elevator
Members of the
clan say the want
an elevator.
They want to see
whether the clan
can use it.
3) Men and women
Some people asked
me how to tell men
from women among
the Lizard Clan.
Can't you tell by
a glance?
4) Going walking
I was going to take
Koroku for a walk,
but, seeing my face,
he ran away.
Rude dog.
5) Acting talent
People at the
theater said I have
acting talent.
There are humans who
have an eye for

(If Geddoe/Chris is FC)
1) Greetings
I'm Beecham, the
assistant of
the Karaya Clan
Chief, Lucia.
I'm old, but have
seen service.
I'll always standby.
2) Feelings
If I give priority
to individual
feelings, I can't
forgive the Zexen
Knights. After the
war, I'll fight
against them.
I have to.
3) For recovery
The only home
to the Karayans
is the meadows
of Grassland.
The recovery of
the clan is
my strong wish.
4) Prosperity
The castle is
getting settled.
The prosperity
of the castle means
the prosperity of
It's worth the
5) To everybody
The people of Karaya
do not fear war.
Let's fight
powerfully and
bravely for all
the people
of Grassland.

(If Hugo is FC)
1) To [Successor]
I'm glad you are
safe and sound.
After Karaya Village
was burned and
its people
attacked, Chief
Lucia is unstable.
2) Your help
I'm surprised that
you are a leader
at your age. There
must be times when
you feel crushed.
Tell me when you
need help.
3) About fighting
Sword fighting
isn't the only way
to fight. We
must listen to
the voices of
people that are
fighting outside
the battlefield.
4) About Grassland
This castle is
nice, but I miss
the meadows of
Let's fight with
all our might
so we can
return together.
5) To be a leader
A leader must
rally a group
and keep them
strong. If
not, people will
feel anxious.
Remember that.

(If Chris or Geddoe is FC)
1) Pay for repairs
Gadget Z was
destroyed again,
and I need money
to repair it.
Could you pay
for me? I don't
have money now.
2) Request for food
At that restaurant
they don't serve
cutlet bowls. Could
you ask them to
serve more food?.
I'd like to go
to a party with
Hugo. I don't like
parties that
Joker attends.
His breath reeks
of alcohol.
I was with Mel
in a bath, and she
had a doll with
her. Funny girl.
That girl Aila
was talking friendly
with Hugo.
Maybe it's just
because they're
from the same
(If Hugo is FC)
1) Lovely castle
This castle is
When I read
poems by the
lakeside, I almost
forget there's a
war going on.outside.
2) Alpine meadows
I found a pretty
alpine meadow.
Let's go together
next time.
3) Dreams
I'm writing this
at night. I might
see him in my
dreams again.
I won't tell
4) Present
I'm knitting a
sweater. I won't
say for whom.
I won't make
Gadget Z do the
work, so don't
5) Forgive me
Gadget Z blew up
and it ruined my
sweater. Sorry.

1) Let me know
Give me some
information about
treasure! Lately,
I only earn by
Is all the
treasure in this
world already dug
3) Ardent zeal
I'm looking for
a bloodcurdling
adventure. If I
keep waiting,
I'll be too old.
There are pretty
girls at this
It's a good thing.
It sure makes you
feel young.
5) Regards
Please take care
of Melville. He's
more like his
mother. Take good
care of him.

(If Hugo or Geddoe is FC)
1) Greetings
I'm Borus of
the Zexen Knights.
I am serious.
2) Dignity
You seem to
mix with
rough people. A
leader needs
Chris knows
3) Skilled
I saw the
guards. They're
not legitimate,
but quite good
at actual fighting.
If there's a
chance, I'd like
to have a match.
4) Don't like it
I don't like
I respect his
ability, but he
ignores me. Isn't
he one of your
men? Remind
him to be polite.
5) A play
Did you see the
play in which Chris
acts? No wonder
she's the leader of
the knights.
A great actress.
You couldn't be
like her.

(If Chris is FC)
1) It's funny
It's funny writing
to you, Chris. Today
I just wanted to 
say hello.
2) My family
If my family
asks about me,
tell them I'm
3) Ranch
Have you been
to the ranch?
A girl who knows
a lot about horses
runs it. She seems
to be interested
in Chris's horse.
4) A suggestion
Maybe I'm not the
person to say this,
but it's a pity what
happened at the
villages of Karaya
and Alma Kinan.
But don't blame
yourself too much.
5) How about wine?
I've got great wine.
How about drinking
some with the people
at the castle?
Everybody would
love to see you,

1) Meals
I was told to tell
you the food is
quite goos here.
But he wants
more meat,
Sincerely, Futch.
2) Kids...
The kids at the castle 
show interest in Bright 
and touch him, but he 
doesn't like it. Isn't 
there anything we can do? 
Sincerely, Futch
3) Baked potato
Lately, he has been
helping Barts. He was 
glad, because he got baked 
potatoes when he burnt the
grass after mowing. 
Sincerely, Futch
4) Competition
Recently, he tried to 
see who could jump further 
with Fubar. He was happy he
won. He said Fubar was fast. 
Yours, Futch
5) Stealing scales
At night, Guillaume
tried to steal
Bright's scales, so
he blew fire.
I hope Guillaume
wasn't burnt....
Sincerely, Futch

1) Hey...
Serious, huh? But 
how many people 
are going to write 
something useful?
2) Foul-mouthed?
Apple scolds me
a lot, but do I have
such a nasty tongue?
I'm just trying to
be honest.
I rather like this
castle, but is it
proper for a butler
to run an inn?
Or for a careless
Kobold to be a
warehouse keeper?
A dog with a green
basket was
gatekeeper with
Cecile. Is it
right for the
entrance of the
castle to be like
Cecile and five
basket dogs were
Won't people

1) Hi!!
It's a fine day
today. It's great
to work on a day
like this!!!
2) Hi!!
It rained the
other day!
I don't like being
a gatekeeper in the
rain, but
I'll try hard for
the castle!
3) Hi!
It's been cloudy
I don't like
cloudy days!
4) Koroku
Koroku is with
me when I'm a
gatekeeper! He
doesn't bark when
people approach,
so he's useless!
5) With dogs
I'm a gatekeeper
with Koroku, Koichi,
Connie, Kosanji and
Kogoro! They don't
bark, though, so
they're useless!

I'm sure you must
have many worries,
but please don't
suffer alone.
Remember that we
are always with you.
The scenery at
the lake is so
beautiful that it
makes us forget
there is a
war going on.
Why don't you
take a walk when
you're tired?
3) (If Geddoe is FC)
Borus is interested
in the skill of your
mercenary force.
He said he wanted
training. Could
you teach him?
I reckon I'm just a
ham, not an actor.
Could you use
somebody else
in the play
instead of me?
I saw you stroking
a kitten. Is that
some kind of

1) From Connie
Nice weather.
Yours, Cecile
2) From Connie
I have to dress up.
3) From Connie
Am I pretty?
4) From Connie
Nash is great.
5) From Connie
Barts is also great.

1) Nice to meet you
I'm Dios. I work 
with Sasarai. I 
won't deceive 
you, so trust me.
2) A little big
Does Fubar ever 
bite you? He's 
quite gentle, 
isn't he? I'd 
like to pet him, 
for the memory.
3) Not my business?
We should relax.
Maybe I should
mind my own
business, because
I'm always
4) Long baths
Yesterday, when
I was going to
take a bath, Leo
and Wan Fu were
trying to see
who could take
a bath longer.
I didn't want to
get involved.
suddenly said,
'big nose prize!'
What does
that mean?
Big nose?

1) Reporting
If you want me
to speak up. I'll
share my ideas.
That's it.
2) Business
When they aren't
paying attention, I
customers. That's
how it's done.
3) Defensive gear
Some of my
defensive gear is
artistic and some
is practical. The
choice is yours.
4) Recently
This castle is
getting noisy. It's
great to have so
many customers,
but to tell the
truth, I don't like
children running
around the shop.
A lad tried to
steal defensive
gear, but fainted
when I hit him
with it. Defensive
gear can be used
as a weapon!

(If Hugo/Chris is FC)
I'm involved
in work that
doesn't make much
money. Make
Geddoe work.
2) Good training
At this castle,
Gau and his friends
are excited.
They say they
want to learn
more skills.
Though the guys
on my team are
we work great
together. Geddoe's
team is terrible.
I guess it's because
of their leader.
4) As a mercenary
Studying is
sometimes useful.
Only to
the extent that
it is useful for
5) My wish
Isn't it possible
to add very hot
curry to the
restaurant menu?
(If Geddoe is FC)
1) I'll help you
So, you're the
'Flame Champion.'
I'll lend you some
of my strength, but
I don't like
cozy relationships.
2) Not like you
It doesn't suit
you, asking
opinion. I guess
someone planted the
idea in your head.
3) Manners
Elaine said
guys in your
troop pick on
her. Teach them
some manners.
4) Our troop
The guys in our
troop are stimulated
at this castle. They
are improving
their skills with
the tutor.
They should be.
5) Since you've borne
the true rune,
you've become
as strong as me.
After the war,
let's see
who's stronger.

1) No title
Our Lizard Clan 
will fight for our 
homes, the weak and 
the young. Don't waste 
our strength.
2) Joint Attacks
How are our cooperative
attacks? Something, 
huh? Can you humans 
attack like us
3) Fighting Skills
I asked Juan about
tactics and found
I'm good at using
4) Baths are nice
That bath is good.
You get warm up to
the tip of your
tail. Devil Beads
are the best!
5) Puzzling humans
Earlier, Jefferson
gave me a post
called 'healing
captain,' but
I don't know
whether it's good
or bad.

1) Letters?
Never sent
this type.
2) Castle
This castle is just
how that one guy
said it would be.
3) Star Dragon Sword
Better not to
say anything.
4) Having a game
If you have time
to teach me, I'd
love to hone my
5) Jacques
That Jacques
isn't sociable.

1) Dear (successor)
I hope you are well.
Thank you fo your
I apologize for my
presumption, but
the reason why
I am writing...
2) Dear [Successor]
It's raining
everyday, but I hope
you are well. The
other day I ran out
of paper. I'm
sure you were
puzzled. I am
terribly sorry...
3) Dear [Successor]
I hope you are well
this wonderful
I ran out of paper
again, and I
couldn't write you.
Now, about this
4) Dear [Successor]
I noticed that I
always run out of
paper. This time I
won't, and I'm sure
I can make a
suggestion. Now,
about the
allocation of
5) Dear [Successor]
I'll get to the
point. There seems
to be a problem
about the allocation
of personnel at this
castle, but after
writing so many
times I forgot what
I wanted to say.

1) Limited Choice
It's a good place, but 
isn't it better to 
have a wider selection
of cosmetics?
2) A bother
Lately I get letters 
from many men... 
Couldn't you tell them 
that I wouldn't be 
satisfied with them.
3) What is it?
I got a stranger letter. 
What does 'death is 
your friend' mean?
4) Serial Novel
The serial novel
in the public news
bulletin is fun.
I'd like to tell
the writer my
impressions, but
do you know
who it is?
5) Perfume
I'd like to buy
Jeane's perfume.
Do you know
the brand? Could
you order it for

1) Hello
Hello, (successor).
How are you?
I'm fine. I'll
write again.
2) About me
People often call
me a creep, but I
don't agree.
Am I really like
3) About Melville
Melville has
never called me
a creep. He's a
nice guy.
4) Alanis
Alanis is here.
The three of
us can play
together again.
We owe it to you,
5) My nose
Do you know that
I have a good nose?
I sound like I'm
boasting, but I beat
a dog in a game
guessing smells.
I'm a little proud.

1) What's up?
Hi, what's up?
I'm fine, of course.
When you have
time, let's
arm wrestle.
See you.
2) What's up?
Hi. What's up?
I wrote again.
I must be a good
Nothing in
particular, though.
3) What's up?
Lately I've been
good friends with
Cecile. We've
been training
together. [Successor],
why don't you
practice with us?
4) With Koroku
I've been jogging
with Koroku early in
the morning. He
gets tired, so
I carry him on
my back. Good
exercise. [Successor],
how about jogging
There are many
strong people at
this castle, and
it's really fun.
Many people are
stronger than me.
Yeah, I'm glad
I came!

1) Thank You
Thomas gave me 
an empty room to
use for research.
I can do research
I've never done.
Thank you,
2) At your service
I'm not a useful 
fighter, but if 
you are using 
magic, I'll 
support you. 
That's all I can do..
3) Talent
Mel's talent with 
lightning magic 
is great. If I had 
that much talent, 
I'd be useful...
4) Master and pupil
Estella and Rody
have great magic
power. Estella can
develop her skill
with fire, and Rody
his skill to cast a
spell on his sword.
5) Historical study
I'm doing
historical research,
and I keep seeing
Jeane's name. It's a

1) Do you know?
To improve earth 
magic, the best 
way to trian is 
to be covered 
with sand up to 
your neck.
2) Do you know?
Reed's hair was 
like that since 
he was born.
3) Do you know?
Hallec is really
4) Do you know?
To improve fire
magic, the best
way is to be exposed
to Bright's fire.
5) Do you know?
To improve water
magic, it's best to
paddle 20 laps in
the bathtub.

1) Ruby and Fubar
Ruby and Fubar
were frightening
each other expanding
their wings, but
are they enemies?
They just look
like they're
2) Juan
Juan was teaching
Ruby martial
He's something....
3) Baths
I learned the 
Harmonian custom of
warming yuor body in
a bath. It feels
Ruby wanted to take
a bath, too.
I don't think so.
5) About Le Buque
After this war I'd
like to go back to
Le Buque and begin
again. I'd like to
help construct a
new Le Buque.

(If Hugo/Geddoe are FC)
1) Sword
Your swordcraft
is great.
No wonder they say
'live and learn.'
I'd like to have
a game, but
I'll wait until
the war ends.
2) Eternal life?
What is it like to
live the eternal
life that a true
rune brings? You
look sad, but maybe
it's just my

(If Chris is FC)
1) To be knights
why don't you become 
a member of the 
Maximillian Knights? 
If you'd like, you 
could belong to two 
2) Lizard Men
Lizard Men are
promising and
reliable people.
They can do
so Rico was
impressed, too.
3) Fight together
To conquer evil
ambitions, please
feel free to
use my power.
I'll participate
in all the wars.
4) Knights of Zexen
The Knights of
Zexen are honorable
people of propriety
and bravery.
The Knights of
Maximillian would
like to have the
same propriety.
5) A wish
It's a bit abrupt,
but if something
happens to me,
could you take care
of Rico?

(If Chris/Geddoe is FC)
1) Brushing
It's great brushing
after a bath.
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe
2) Threat
Ruby and I tried
to make ourselves
look big, but
mantors are quite
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe
3) Request of menus
I'd like to eat
curry with horse
meat in it.
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe
4) From Fubar
Take care of Hugo.
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe
5) From Fubar
Sorry, but I can
only take on Hugo.
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe

(If Hugo is FC)
1) With you
Even though you've
become a hero,
call me and
I'll be with you.
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe
2) Come on!
Lately, kids like
me. It's okay to
touch me, but
I don't like them
babbling away...
Letter writer:
Sergeant Joe

1) Griffon
Fubar is a great
Griffon. He
seems to understand
human language.
Bright is just as
2) Old friends
Thomas reminds
me of an old friend.
He'll be a good
3) Tricks
There are many
expensive things.
I hope Sharon
doesn't do
4) Sharon
Is Sharon serious?
She's still an
apprentice, so
don't spoil her,
but hope you
teach her many
5) Children afraid
Did you know
Bright is quite
friendly? He might
look scary, but
he won't bite you.
I hope the children
will understand

Gadget Z
1) Warning
Don't fall in 
love with me.
2) Warning(This is not a mistake double print of the same one. He sent me it twice.)
Don't fall in 
love with me.
3) Apology
About the letter
I sent the other
Bell played a trick
on my mental
circuit. Don't

(If Chris/Hugo is FC)
1) A word
We'll be a
great help.
See you.
2) Another message
Don't think that
the Kobolds are
all like the
warehouse keeper.
Of course, there
are many people
like that.
3) About posts
What are 'posts'?
I'm not really
4) Effort counts
Duke doesn't
look like it, but
he puts forth a lot
of effort. I wonder
whether there is
anybody like him.
There's a variety
of food but I
like hard stuff.
Don't they serve
spring rolls?
Spring rolls.

(If Geddoe is FC)
1) There are reasons
I'm fighting
with you, but
after this war
let's fight a
duel. Don't run
2) About posts
What are 'posts'?
I'm not complaining,
of course.
3) Another message
Don't think that
the Kobolds are
all like the
warehouse keeper.
Of course, there are
many people like
4) A message
I owe my life to
Duke. I'm
helping you
because he
ordered it.
Remember that.

1) No title
Take it easy.

2) No title
Don't take it 
too seriously.

(If Chris is FC)
1) Need a change?
You look tired
these days, so how
about some coffee?
There's a nice place
2) A picnic?
It's sad to see a
lady like you
fighting all the
time. How about
a picnic?
3) Invitation
Nice weather lately.
We should go to
the theater
There's a nice
play at Vinay
del Zexay.
4) The bouquet
Did you receive
the bouquet I sent
you? If you don't
like it, please
throw it in the
5) Admired
Recently, I saw you
walking under the
moonlight after
The word 'beautiful'
was meant for you.
Would you like
to dine with me?

(If Hugo/Geddoe is FC)
1) Gentleman
You are a long way
from being a
gentleman. Try hard
every day.
2) Evening dress
Recently, I found
a skilled tailor.
Would you like
an evening dress
3) Consecration
There are many
gentlemen at this
castle. I would
also like to devote
myself to work.
4) Encouragement
You seem quite
busy. See me when
you get the chance.
I am clumsy, but
I'll try to give
you some of
my energy as
a gentleman.
The plays at this
castle are great.
I like the cozy
Let's go together

1) Question
How is my bath?
Are you relaxing?
Taking a nap?
I really wonder
what my reputation
is like.
2) Report
Wan Fu, Leo, and
Hallec were taking
a bath, but 
something happened.
Tell  them to relax
in the bath.
3) Another report
Roland said he would
never take a bath
with Kenji again.
Did something
4) A report
Borus, Ace, and
Nash were taking
a bath. What were
they talking about?
5) What's going on?
Duke, Edge, and
Thomas were taking
a bath. They seemed
to be quarreling.
They should bathe

1) Greetings
Recently, this
castle is getting
more lively. It's
because of
ability. I'll
support you
2) Thank you letter
Many people
are bringing
their goods tp
the appraiser:
business is
thriving. I hope
more people come
to this castle.
3) A request
I want to be
the leading actor.
A villain?
The quality of the
goods that are
brought to the
appraiser is
getting better
every day. It's
because people
are getting richer.
Ho ho ho.
5) Frustrating
I won a special
prize at the castle
lottery. I was
looking forward
to it, but it was
just a book. I
don't go to the
library. Never.

1) No title
Where's the war?
2) No Title
Isn't the war
going on?
3) No Title
If there's a
war, call me.
4) No Title
If you'd like,
I'll train you.
5) No Title
After training,
food hits the

Hortez VII
1) What's this?
If you put a
letter in this box,
will something
2) Nice place
It's a nice castle.
It's a little old,
but I like it.
3) Look at my store
The scrolls I make
would be a great
help to you.
4) Rich country
My country is very
rich. Try and make
your countries as
rich as mine.
5) No need to scold
A man named
Guillaume tried to
steal my ornaments.
It's because he is
poor. I gave him
some gold.


1) Hello
Many people gather
at this castle, so
I guess it's hard to
get everybody.together.
I'll do anything I
can, just let me
2) About Aila (If Geddoe is FC)
Aila seems to like
the mercenary life.
I feel a little
sorry for her,
being a Karayan,
but please take
care of her.
3) Well...
when did you
grow taller?
You weren't so tall
when you were
young, were you?
Tell me.
4) It's a secret
what did you
eat at my age?
I've been eating
a lot, but I don't
grow taller.
Maybe it's not
just a matter of
5) It's a secret
[Successor], didn't
you once swing from
a tree? They say you
grew taller... but
you didn't, did

1) Greeting
Franz will be a
great help to you.
I can't do anything,
but by supporting
him, I'm sure I'll
help out.
The war is raging.
It's a pity I can
only watch, but
I'm trying to find
something I can
do. I would like
to fight with you.
3) What I can do
I can take care
of mantors, but I'm
also good at
cleaning, washing,
and cooking.
I hope I'm a help
to the people at
the castle.
4) Helping
I'm helping people
clean the castle.
I'll help you do
the cleaning.
5) Learning to cook
Mamie 's food
is delicious.
I'm learning how
to cook from her.
Come and taste it.

1) No title
A special box.
It's something.
2) No title
Good weather.
I'd like to go
) No title
I went to the
theater for the
first time. It's
4) No title
It's nice taking
a bath.
5) No title
Food at this
castle tastes good.

1) About Runes
It's not proper 
to bear runes 
blindly. You can 
show you true 
ability when you 
bear a rune that 
suits you.
2) Dogs
Did you know 
there is one rune
that even a dog
can bear?
I don't recommend
it, though....
3) His letter
I got a letter from
Ace. Very
Tell him I laughed
heatily for a
4) Met a friend
Futch is an old
friend. He said
I haven't changed.
He always knows
what to say.
5) I also met Nash,
and he asked why
I hadn't changed.
He's rude to call
you a monster.
(If you ask Kidd to investigate her)

Lately, there's a
boy checking on me.
I don't like my
privacy being

1) Morning Training
There are many
young people that
fool around in this
castle. They need
morning training.
2) Guts!
I made two or
three young
people braver!
Be grateful!
3) Posts
The posts I name
are absolute! Never
change them!
3) Posts!
The posts I name
are absolute! Never
change them!
4) Instruction!
Is there anybody
who doesn't like
their post?
If there is, I'll
train them. Don't
5) Morning training
Morning training
povides strong
bodies and spiritual
strength! We're
waiting for you
to participate!

1) (If Hugo is FC)
Hugo, you'll
be responsible for
many people's
feelings. It's a
great opportunity.
You should
stick to your
2) To Geddoe (If Geddoe is FC)
It's selfish to
say this, but I'm
glad that you
inherited his rune.
1) A desire
Is it okay to
write what we
want? I'd like
to drink.
All the drinks
in the world...
and cheaply!
2) Desire 2
That bar doesn't
have enough
drinks available.
I can't get
drunk at a bar
with that booze.
3) Desire 3
Doesn't that bath
allow women, too?
I'm not being
obscene, but
isn't it better
to have women
4) Desire 4
That restaurant
has too much
fancy food. I'd
prefer food
that would
make me full.
5) About nicknames
Nash sometimes
calls me Wan, but
it's my old
Hope you don't

1) Let's sleep
Let's make it 
a rule at the castle 
to take a nap twice 
in the morning 
and in the 
afternoon. I'm 
2) Heavy damage
Lilly's skill
of inflicting heavy
damage is something!
Although her
personality isn't
that great.
3) Wow
Ayame's repel
skill is incredible.
If we train her
properly, she could
avoid any attack.
4) Thomas
Ask Thomas whether
he's serious about
improving his
parrying skill.
It would take time,
but I'm sure he'd
be very good.
5) Fred
If Fred is
trained to better
use his shield,
I'm sure he'd
be great.

1) Karayan horses
It's my first time
seeing a Karayan
horse. It's cute,
with stripes. I'll
take care of it,
so please come
to the ranch.
2) White horse
The horses of
Zexen Knights
are beautiful. I'll
make sure to
take good care of
3) To refresh
Come and ride
horses. When you're
tired of fighting,
the ranch can be
4) Gorgeous!
Augustine came
to the ranch.
Splendid riding.
The horse even
looked gorgeous.
5) Many carrots
Barts brought
some carrots to
the ranch! Could
you thank him,

Today we'll start
building up physical
Wake up at 6:00am!
Don't be late!
2) Hips
Hey, your hips 
are stiff! You 
have to build 
up your physique
to be a good 
swordsman! Let's 
do calisthenics!
3) Warm up
To avoid heart
attacks when you
are attacked by
Water Magic,
you must always
warm up before
you leave!
4) Stamina menu
To build your
strength, I
recommend you
increase intake of
food with milk,
eggs and garlic
at the restaurant!
5) Weakling
Gambling and
going to the
theater are fun,
but if you do it
too much you'll
become a weakling

1) What's up?
Hi! Are there any
strange cases? When
something happens,
don't try to solve
it yourself--
call me. See you!
2) Investigations
Don't hesitate
to request
investigations. It's
a tough job finding
out about people's
privacy, but it's
what a detective
must do.
3) Fees
Fees change,
depending on the
type of inquiry. It
costs a lot of money
to find the secrets
people hide.
Remember, I'm not
fooling you!
4) There are wars,
but not many
cases. It's better
not to have both,
but I don't have
a chance to do
my work.
5) Mask
People often ask
me about the mask
I wear when I
investigate, but
it's not their

1) From Kogoro
I don't like fights.
Yours, Cecile
2) From Kogoro
I don't like
3) From Kogoro
I'm not a coward.
4) From Kogoro
My voice isn't
5) From Kogoro
I like errands.
Yours, Cecile

1) From Koroku
I'm hungry.
2) From Koroku
I want to take
a walk,
3) From Koroku
I'd like to eat
Yours, Cecile
4) From Koroku
I want to pee
on Nash.
Sincerely, Cecile
5) From Koroku
Nash is
avoiding me.
Yours, Cecile

1) From Koichi
Nice weather...
2) From Koichi
Breakfast was
3) From Koichi
I'm getting fat...
4) From Koichi
Koroku looks
5) From Koichi
Tomorrow will
be nice, too...

1) From Kosanji
I'm Kosanji.
2) From Kosanji
Am I strong?
3) From Kosanji
I can do it if
I try.
4) From Kosanji
Nobody will
beat me.
Yours, Cecile
5) From Kosanji
I'll try harder.

1) Guessing
favorite food 
is bananas.
2) Guessing
(Successor) dislikes
3) Guessing
[Successor]'s first
love was at the
age of ten.
4) Guessing
actually wanted
to be a vet.
5) Guessing
[Successor] talks
with fish.

1) I'm no good
You'll find my 
writing difficult 
to read. Sorry.

(If Geddoe/Hugo is FC)
2) Defensive Gear
Dominic is a
skilled worker.
He adjusted my
defensive gear,
and it's back in
good condition.
It's nice to have
such people around.
3) Arm wrestling
A girl called Emily
asked me to arm
wrestle with her,
but I refused.
I don't like the
idea of beating
a little girl.
4) Blacksmith
That blacksmith
is very skilled. I'm
surprised there
is such a person
in the Lizard Clan.
But I wonder why
he's always angry.
5) I like it
Lately, I like
taking baths.
Let's have a
'match' in the
bath next time.

(If Chris is FC)
2) Defensive Gear
Dominic is a
skilled worker.
He adjusted my
defensive gear,
and it's back in
good condition.
It's nice to have
these people around.
3) Arm wrestling
That Emily asked
me to arm wrestle
with her, but I
refused. I don't
think it's proper
for a Zexen Knight
to fight against
such a girl.
4) Skilled worker
That blacksmith
is very skilled. I'm
surprised that there
is such a person
in the Lizard Clan.
But I wonder why
he's always angry.
5) I like it
Lately, I like
taking baths.
Let's try to see
who can take a
bath longer.
In the name of
Zexen, I won't
lose a match.

1) Well...
Be grateful, as 
I asked Tinto to
help you. You're
not treating us
so well.
2) Listen
Reed and Samus
are attendants, but
they're not so
Why are they so
I'm disppointed.
5) You know
Regarding the
allotment of rooms--
isn't there a
better room? Insects
come into this one.
4) I'll pay
Is it alright to
renovate my room?
I'll pay for it.
It's small. Don't
worry, Reed and
Samus will do
the work.
See you.
There's a
brutal atmosphere
these days, as
the war continues.
We should enjoy
ourselves more.

(If Hugo/Geddoe is FC)
Nice to meet you.
If there's anything
I can do, please
tell me!
Landis scares
I can't sleep
well at night...
3) Detective
Kidd, you're great!
I admire detectives
almost as much as
4) Morning exercise
Kenji always
teaches me how
to exercise. It's
tough, but if I
continue, I may
be a strong
5) Errands
I'm going on
an errand to
buy food for the
animals. What
does Fubar eat?

(If Chris FC)
1) Greetings
Nice to meet you. 
I'm glad that Chris 
is Flame Champion.
2) About runes
The True Fire Rune 
suits Chris! 
It's great!
Kidd is a little
strange. I guess
he's the same
age as I am. Don't
you wonder how
he was brought
up? Maybe I'm


1) Wind's blessing (Hugo only)
I'm proud that
a chief's son is
Flame Champion.
Try your best!
1) Flavor
This castle isn't
bad, but I'm
used to the
flavor of Chisha
and Karaya.
2) I miss Grassland
It's true that I
miss the Grasslands,
but if I don't fight
now, I'll lose
everything. I'll
do my best.
3) Props
You know the
stage? I prepared
some of the props.
They are quite
impressive, so
have a look at
4) What to do now?
There are many
people who have
lost their children
and parents. I'm
thinking of what
I can do for them.
5) Wind's blessings
I'm praying that
the war will be
over soon.

(If Chris/Geddoe is FC)
1) Greetings
I'm Lucia,
the Karaya Chief.
Best regards.
2) Leader
You are the leader
of this group.
I think you know
that you have
3) Grasslands
There are different
people in the
Grasslands Clans.
Some are difficult.
Get used to them.

(If Hugo is FC)
1) To Hugo
Are you eating
2) To Hugo
Is there anything
you need?
3) To Hugo
You look like
you've lost weight.
If you get tired,
please rest before
you get sick.
4) To Hugo
I can cook something
at home, so if
you're tired
come to my room.
5) To Hugo
Don't hesitate to
go your own
way. I am proud
of you...

1) Please eat fast
Now, about my
food: if you let
it sit, it'll go
bad. Please eat it
2) Nice food (1)
If you put
mayonnaise on ice
cream, it'll become
'Fried Ice Cream.'
I don't know
what happens to the
person eating it,
but why don't you
3) Nice food (2)
If you put red
pepper on clams
sauteed in butter,
they'll become
'Spicy Clam Soup.'
I wonder what the
effect is like
during war? Try it.
4) Nice food (3)
If you put
mayonnaise on
pickles, you have
'Super Pickles.'
Try it.
5) Nice food (4)
If you put
mayonnaise on Tofu
Hot Pot, you have
'Dark Hot Pot.'
I'm afraid
to eat it myself,
but try it if you

1) Stingy
The special prizes
at Vinay del Zexay
are books and
statues. Stingy.
Can't they be
more generous
like we are?
2) Good Customer
It would help
if all the
residents in the
castle were like
3) Happy?
Do you know the
special prize at
Iksay is 'Fried
Noodles'? Are you
content with such
a prize?
4) Magic or luck?
Estella often wins
the lottery. Is
that magic?
5) Losing often
If you lose often
and regret it, why
don't you ask
Piccolo to tell
your fortune.
What else can
you believe in

1) Cecile
I'm fed up with 
Branky, as he 
is foul-mouthed. 
Recently, he 
picked on Cecile. 
She was about to 
stab him with a 

1) Well...
I'm worried that
Dad is a trouble.
Tell me if you 
can't put up with 
him. I'll try my
2) Yumi
Branky picked
on Yumi recently,
but she smiled and
forgave him. She's
a nice person.
3) Yuiri
Branky picked
on Yuiri and was
scolded until
morning. I can't
believe that Yumi
and Yuiri are
from the same clan.
4) Queen
Branky was picking
on Queen. There are
people who don't
forgive you
even though you
say sorry.
5) Viki
Branky picked
on that Viki kid.
Afterwards, I was
How annoying!

1) Well...
I'm worried that
Dad is a trouble.
Tell me if you
can't put up with
him. I'll try my
2) It's fun
This castle is fun.
Elliot and I
are exploring it.
It's fun because
there are strange
3) About Alanis
I'm glad Alanis
comes to this
castle, but don't
tell her to do
dangerous jobs.
She might like it,
but it's risky.
I wrote before, but
isn't Dad a
nuisance? Lately,
he's thinking of
reckless adventures.
I'm worried about
5) To misunderstand
I may be
misunderstood but
I respect my Dad.
He gets like that
around other people,
but he's always
thinking about me.
Please don't
misunderstand him.

1) Hello
Hi. Nothing to
say in particular.
I just wanted to 
say hello. See you.
2) Fresh morning
It was a refreshing
morning. So I'll try
my best to play
3) Card shark
Billy is quite
a card shark.
Ernie is young,
but studies very
hard. We had an
enjoyable talk
recently. Very
5) That ninja
Was it Watari?
Did he say
anything about
me? It's okay
if he didn't
say anything.

1) Hello
It's a nice
the patients would
love it if you'd
come to the clinic.
2) Present
I'd like to give
Tuta a present on
his birthday, but I
don't know what
to give. What
would you give,
3) It's great!
Franz brought
Ruby to the clinic,
and Tuta cured
his cold!
Well done!
4) Afterwards
After the war,
what will happen
to the clinic? It's
a little early to
think about this,
but I can't help
5) Message
The old Zexen woman
who comes here said,
'I'll always back
you up.' Tuta
and I will back
you up, too.
Cheer up!

1) Well...
Having a comment
box is an
interesting idea.
I admire (successsors)
2) Our knights
Our knights' will
is to be a 'shield
for the weak.'
The people of Zexen
and Grassland will
protect everyone.
3) Hunting
Hallec said he
wanted to go hunting
with you. I've never
gone myself, but it
seems interesting.
When you're going,
please tell me.
Elevators are a
mystery. Even with
10 knights aboard,
it takes us up to
the top of the
Do you know how
they work?
5) Lottery
Lotteries are
interesting, but I
wish the odds
of winning them
were higher.

1) Comment Box
I'm not good at 
writing, but I'll 
try hard for the 
2) Mice
There are a lot 
of mice in the 
warehouse. Can 
anybody help me 
dispose of them?
3) Mice disposal
Fubar disposed
of all of the mice
in the warehouse.
Thank you.
4) Warehouse
Ace got drunk
and slept in the
warehouse. It's
not a place to
sleep. Please
tell him.
It'd be nice if
there weren't so
many difficult
words in the
news bulletin.

1) Script
Did you get the
script? Sorry, but
sometimes they
are in another town.
I'll see you
at the theater.
2) Popular actors
There are poor
actors who still
attract an audience.
At the castle, we've
got Borus, Melville,
Jeane and Mel.
3) Unpopular actors
The theater must be
liked by the people.
The unpopular actors
are Tuta, Hallec,
and Landis.
But if you cast
4) Good actors
Everyone is acting
very well. The
good actors are
Gordon, Queen,
Ace and Nash.
5) Profit
In the theater,
casting is most
important. A
big hit isn't
a dream if you
understand the
play and cast
well. Let's do
our best.

1) Give me a break
Recently, Kenji
made me exercise
until midnight. I'm
not young. Give
me a break!
2) Danger
The other night, 
I saw Watari and
Ayame fighting.
I thought if I 
got involved I'd
be killed. It's
dangerous to walk
at night.
Tell Koroku not
to pee on my socks.
Connie also tries to
pee on my feet.
Do my feet
attract dogs?
Ruby is becoming
attached. He held me
in his arms and
flew off. Before
I noticed, I was
in his nest.
I shudder at
the memory...

1) Hello
I can send a
letter to Chris
from here.
Nice try.
2) About Toppo
(successor), you
might be puzzled
because Toppo is
reticent, but
he's not a bad 
3) About Shabon
Shabon's quite
shy. [Successor],
if you'd pay
attention to
her, she'd be very
There seem to be
many spectators
here. I hope
even more people
come to this castle.
After the war, I
guess everybody
will be separated.
It'll be a little

(If Hugo/Chris is FC)
1) Nice to meet you
I'm Nicolas, a
member of Duke's
Nice to meet you.
2) About members
Like Geddoe's unit,
our members are
hard to get
along with. They
might be difficult
to handle, but are
great fighters.
Hope they are
3) Tavern
There are many
mercenaries who
drink a lot, so
it must be tough
being the tavern
owner. The members
of my unit need to
learn how to
4) Brave men
There are many
brave men at this
castle. It's the
best place to
hone each other's
Good opportunity
for me to
learn more.
5) Defensive force
You have to
show your skill
in fighting to
make the frontier
defensive force
obey you. They
obey strong men.
Remember that.

(If Geddoe is FC)
1) Excuse me
Duke might be
aggressive. I guess
it's a bother, but
I hope you can
cope with him.
2) Our members
Just like your unit,
our members are
tough guys. They're
difficult to cope
with, but please
3) Back home
After the war,
I guess we'll
go back to
our previous
lives. Your team
and my team
will never have
cozy ties.

1) Shining weapons
Aren't there weapons
that shine more?
Weapons that 
shine when you
hit them?
2) New hammers!
To the east!
a new hammer!
In a town with
many warriors!
A guy there has
a new hammer!
3) A new hammer!
In a town on
the water!
A new hammer!
A town that has
many fish!
A new hammer!
4) Kobold
The Kobold
warehouse keeper
brought his son
for me to hammer
into shape!
I only hammer
5) The best hammer!
In a burnt town!
The best hammer!
In a town with a
The best hammer!

(If Hugo/Geddoe is FC)
1) Greetings
I'm Percival,
of the Zexen
Knights. Nice to
meet you.
2) It's alright
There seem to
be many people at
the castle. There
are some who are
confused, but it's
alright with me.
I don't get
bored with
3) What?
A Winghorde
called Landis said,
'Your hair style
would suit the
Grim Reaper.'
What does he mean?
4) Riding horses
Let's see who
can ride a horse
faster. You should
see me.
5) Ranches
Ranches are
good places for
equitation. Let's
see who's better.

(If Chris is FC)
1) Greetings again
Chris, it's
wonderful that
you've become
'Flame Champion.'
The knights will
always follow
2) Long ride
Next time, let's
take a long
horse ride. I'll
show you how
good I am.
3) Brass Castle
I can only relax
at Brass Castle,
although [Budehec]
Castle is quite
unique and fun.
4) Future knights
Melville and Elliot
asked me to train
them. It's quite
nice training future
knights, when
you have time.
5) Ranch
Ranches are
good places for
equitation. Let's
see who's better,
for a change.

I'm interested
in your palm. I'll
read it for you.
Negotiate the rate.
2) Interested
I'm interested in
reading the palms
of your intimate
Negotiate the rate.
3) A secret
Just between you
and me: you can
look forward to
this week's lottery.
Best to buy at
this castle.
4) A secret again
It might interest
you to know that
the odds of
winning a lottery
at Martha's place
are better than
in other cities.
5) Last secret
The last three
numbers of this
season's winning
lottery tickets are
222. I don't know
the groups, but why
don't you check
them all.

(If Hugo or Chris are FC)
1) Are you alright?
Interesting, huh?
Not very useful,
though. I just
took it out.
2) Stingy
Ace was
complaining about
drinking money.
He's a man, so
he shouldn't be
so stingy.
3) Sigh
The men at
the mercenary force
are disgusting.
They just drink,
sleep and make
noise. But I
suppose that
also applies to me.
4) Just try
It must be tough
to be a leader.
Actually, I don't
know. But I'll
help if you
need a swordsman.
5) How's it going?
It must be hard,
always fighting.
But try to relax.
If you take it
too seriously,
you'll be worn

(If Geddoe is FC)
1) Hi
Hi. You're doing
something that
doesn't suit you.
Being a
leader of so
many people.
2) Alright?
Strange people
are gathering at
this castle. But
I won't complain,
since you sent
3) About Mel
Mel, who has
a doll, was
teasing me. I
taught her a
lesson. These
days, young people
don't have
It must be tough
to be a leader.
Though I might
not understand,
when you feel
like it, I'll
always listen.
5) Let's have fun!
Lately you're
more reticent.
worried. Let's
have a drink.
Ace will
treat us.

1) Asking a favor
When the young 
lady is selfish, 
don't hesitate to 
tell me. I'll try 
to do the best 
I can.
2) Caring about you
You might be
upset, because the
young lady says
things that a normal
person doesn't 
say. Sorry.
3) The theater
The theater is
a great place to
relax after hard
work. I like being
in the audience, 
but acting?
Of course not.
4) Leaving soon
Don't they sell
polish around
5) Tinto food
Please add Tinto
food to your menu.
Could you ask
Mamie to do so?

1) Oh
Why am I here? 
2) Mamie
Mamie recommends I
take sand baths
and cooks for me.
Maybe she likes
me...Ha ha ha!
3) Hallec
Hallec stares at me.
I wonder why Ducks
are so strange?
4) Fashion Goods
Do you know
"Silver Beaks"?
They are Ducks'
fashion goods.
I want one, too.
5) I like ranches
Ranches are fun.
I'd like to get on
a horse. But Ducks
are hard to deal
with. A little

1) Among knights
There are many
knights at this 
castle, but I'm 
sure that Fred 
is the best.
2)Well prepared
In my luggage
I have two sleeping
bags, clothes,
dishes, stones for
cleaning iron and
lighting fire,
repellents, and cooking ware.
3) Grandpa's Power
Whenever Fred
travels, there isn't
enough money.
But the other day,
somebody at the
castle said "I'd
like to repay your 
grandpa." and gave
us a lot of money!
4) Sailor
The other day
I helped unload
at the trading post.
I thought a sailor
could carry
more baggage.
I was a little
5) Fred's sword
Fred's swordcraft is
better than that of
any knight. I'm sure
that it is a great
power to subdue
evil devils! Please
be relieved,

1) Greetings
Don't you think 
my master is great? 
She'll be a real 
help! Soon I'd 
like to be half 
as skilled. 
2) Moonsault
My master said if 
I keep on doing 
Kenji's exercises, 
I'll be stronger. 
Won't you do it 
with me, (successor)?
3) Lightning magic
My master said that
I can improve
Lightning Magic just
by running around
the field with my
belly button out!
Easy! Would you
like to do it with
me, [Successor]?
4) Wind Magic
Master taught me
how to improve wind
magic! You have to
blow on a bowl of
soup! The idea is
to do it until the
entire soup gets
5) Gaining strength
My master said
if I kept on jumping
forward in a
squatting position
for a week, I
would gain strength!
Let's do it

(If Geddoe or Hugo are FC)
1) As a knight
I forget I am an
elf serving as
a Zexen Knight.
Best regards.
2) War Situation
The war situation
is getting worse,
but remember there
are the Knights of
Please use their
strength as
you wish.
3) Effects of baths
If you put some
powder in a bath,
the water will
change its color.
And it smells
nice. Interesting.
4) Techniques
I don't know
how it works.
I'm impressed with
the high techniques
of human beings.
5) Warrior
Juan sleeps all the
time but he's a
great warrior.
I was impressed
when he was
teaching martial
arts to Bright
and Koroku.

(If Chris is FC)
1) Dear Chris
The power of
the True Fire
Rune is strong.
We will always
support you,
Chris. Never
forget: the Knights
of Zexen are
always with you.
The scenery of the
lake near this
castle is beautiful.
I know you're
busy but why
don't you take a
walk sometime?
3) About Gadget Z
But I don't know
how it works.
I'm impressed with
the high techniques
of human beings.

1) About the castle
The situation of
(Whatever you named it)
Castle is one of
disorder. To deploy 
troops properly, we 
need a little more time
2) About the castle
The situation at
[Budehec] Castle
is one of disorder.
To deploy troops
properly, we need
a little more time.
3) Caesar
Caesar is a born
Despite his usual
manner, he has twice
the power I do.
He is a
descendant of the
4) Suggestion
The dog called
Koroku isn't a
proper watchdog.
A watchdog needs to
5) Right person
I know that the
income of this
theater is used
for the castle. If
you'd like, I'd
act. But I'd
rather not.

1) Greetings
I'm Lilly's 
attendant, Samus. 
I'm dark, but 
I'm not Karayan.
I tell you this 
because people
get mixed up.
2) Hairstyle
It's a secret, but
don't you think
Reed 's hair style
is funny,
3) Report
The young lady
is becoming more
gentle and
conscious as
a delegate of
Now, about
the remittance...
4) About the letter--
I told you I was
going to send it
to Tinto, but
I put it in the
wrong place.
I hope you don't
5) Reflex
I sometimes wonder
about my own
situation. But when
the young lady
asks me to do
something, I can't
say no.... Am I

Sanae Y.
1) Nice to meet you
For my country,
and to cultivate
myself, I will
fight with you.
Nice to meet you.
Juan coached me.
It's still beyond
my skill, but I'll
try to be more
useful to everyone.
3) Friends
I became friends
with Sharon and
Emily. I'm
taking baths with
4) Father's letter
I sent my parents
a letter, and Dad
wrote to me about
the [Dunan] war.
I can only hope to
lead a life as bold
as my father.
5) Plays
Watching and acting
in plays are both
fun. Nadir taught
me that there were
more possibilities.
One shouldn't simply
read, but become
the character.

1) Saving crisis
We didn't expect to
join forces, but 
every minute counts.
We should avoid 
useless skirmishes.
2) At this castle
This castle could not 
withstand a siege. 
It is conveniently 
located on the borders
of Grassland and Zexen,
but it needs too
much repairing.
3) About Dios
It seems hard to
understand Dios's
character, but it's
just his
personality. He's
easy to understand
once you get used
to him.
4) Tomatoes
When I passed by
a field, Barts gave
me tomatoes. It's
nice for a change.
5) At Highland
In Highland, there
was a Ninja group
called 'Kage.'
The country perished
and Kage must have
disappeared, but
the skills of Watari
and Ayame are just
like it.

1) Goods
Please buy
pearls when the
shop has them.
They're expensive,
but I'm sure you
make a lot of
2) Ancient texts
I recommend you
buy Ancient texts
when you find them
at Le Buque.
An Archive boom
sometimes occurs.
You'll find it
beats making
money by fighting.
I don't teach the
parrot, Waurenhyte,
how to talk. It
learns by itself.
I'm often
4) Gold rush
Sometimes there
are rumors about
gold mines. They may
just be rumors, but
if they're true,
you'd make a
lot of money. Why
don't you believe
5) Extravagant town
Vinay del Zexey
is an extravagant
town. If you buy
goods cheaply in
the country, and
sell them there,
you'll make a lot
of money.

1) Worried
If the soldiers are
too rude, please 
scold them. This 
castle is too old.
If they act up,
it might collapse.
2) A question
How many times
do the soldiers
eat each day?
I hope they don't
eat five times.
Do the soldiers
drink a lot? Trade
is not expansive
at this castle, so
there may not
be enough for them.
4) Dragon
Didn't a big
dragon just arrive?
Please tell it
to be careful
not to bump into
the elevator and
If you see Koroku
pee in the castle,
please scold him.

Sgt. Joe
1) What?
Hey, what's this?
Who's going to 
read it?
2) It's alright
We're going to
listen to the ideas
of people at the
castle. Some are
nonsense, but
some might be
3) The taste
Zexen food has
too much spice in
it. I'd like to
eat the homemade
food of Chief Lucia.
4) Good opportunity
You don't have to
listen to the
complaints of
Rhett and Wilder.
Train them strictly.
5) Run ahead
There are times
when we worry on
the battlefield, but
what's important
is to join forces
and face it.
It's difficult to
get together, but
we have to.

1) Hello
How are you?
2) New Skill
I'm practicing a
new skill. Can't
wait to show you.
3) Riding Balls
I was practicing
balancing myself on
a ball, but I fell
off and it hurt
quite a bit.
4) Mumblety-peg
I'm practicing
with Toppo. When
I'm good at it,
I'll show it to
you, [Successor].
5) Blowing fire
I'm practicing
blowing fire with
Toppo. When
you're good, it's
fun, because it's
like being a

1) I'm trying
I wanted Juan to
teach me martial
arts, but he was
sleeping. He
me because I'm
a kid. Could you
say something?
2) World's best
Is it true that
Estella is the
world's best witch?
Rody said so.
I wonder who is
better, Estella
or the well-known
3) Ranch!
You can ride all
kinds of animals
at a ranch.
I really like it.
Let's go together
next time.
4) Milk baths!
Hey! I'd like to
take a milk bath
sometime. I've heard
you put something
in the bath.
I got on an
'elevator' for the
first time. It's
great! It'd be
nice if they had
them at Dragon

1) Special Training
Want to be strong?
Then come and
get special
training with us.
2) A Wish
The door is not
high enough. I've
hit my nose
a few times. Make
it higher.
3) That gatekeeper
Is that gatekeeper
strong enough?
Can she protect
the castle?
We need more
Lizard Clan food.
There aren't enough
insect meals.
5) Scales
Kids said they
wanted scales. It's
not the right time,
but do you need
some too?

1) Make use of it
The elevator is
very useful.
Please use it.
2) A favor
Could you do
me a favor and
give me a lot of
water? There's a
friend who does
heavy work, and
he gets thirsty.
3) About meals
Could you increase
the amount of meat
in the food?
A friend of mine
does heavy work,
and he wants to
eat more meat.
4) Don't act up
Recently, Bright
acted up in the
elevator and it
got a little
dangerous. But
don't make a fuss.
5) Weight limits?
Recently, Leo,
Nicolas, Guillaume
and Sebastian were
going to the second
floor, but they
ended up in the
basement because of
an accident. Last
time, right?

1) Hello
Oh, a comment box.
Interesting idea.
Let's continue
using it.
2) About Eike
I was puzzled with
Eike at first, but
after we became
friends, I saw that
he is a good person.
Don't be afraid of
3) About Muto
He sometimes
screws up, but
he's trying very
4) What's up?
The castle is
a little old,
but favorably
5) [Budehec] Castle
This castle is
getting busy. At
first I was worried,
but I hope more
people come now.

1) Greetings
You seem to
always be busy.
What do you think
of our performances?
3) I
I don't like war.
4) About Nei
Nei is kind.
Please take care
of Shabon.

1) It reminds me
When I was an
apprentice I worked
at a castle like
this. It reminds
me of it.
The nurse
Mio has gotten
quite used to this
castle. I'm glad.
3) Guillaume
I examined
Guillaume, and
whenever I placed
a stethoscope on
his body, he
screamed. Strange
Mio and Ace
are getting along
very well. I
think this is a
good thing.
5) Sad things
The injured are
Wars are futile.
When will fighting
disappear from
this earth?

1) Digging a hole
Isn't there a good
) You too!
Hi! Why don't
you dig a hole,
too! It's fun
because you can
go to new places!
Ha, ha, ha!
3) No work!
I'm trying to
find work digging
holes, but having
no luck!
Hi! I dug too much
and made a field
sink in a bit!
5) Old story!
Hi! 10 years ago
I dug too much, and
found myself in
the country of
I was in a garden
of a gorgeous
building covered
with roses!

1) Hello
Hello Thomas.
It's a nice castle.
2) Sorry
Sorry, recently I sent 
a letter to the wrong 
person. (successor), it's all
right this time.
3) Hello
Hello, Joker.
Let's teleport
4) Sorry
Sorry, I think
I sent a letter
to the wrong
person again.
I wonder why.
5) Hello
Hello, Nash.
Sorry I got
you involved when
we were trying
teleport. Did you
get home safely?

1) Well
Well, it's kind 
of you to listen 
to the ideas of 
Treat Viki with
gentle patience.
She's not fooling
around. She's very
I still don't know
why they sent me
here. While I'm
here, I hope we
can get along.
I can't change
things. Maybe I'll
never be able to
go home. If so,
best regards.
Sometimes they
ask about the
relationship between
Viki and me,
but it's best
not to ask.

Wan Fu
1) Greetings
How are you (successor)?
I'm in great condition!
2) Fishing?
It's nice to go 
fishing all day at
the lake. How about 
going together 
Recently, I talked
with Sergeant Joe
all night and was
impressed. He is
a complete man.
A real man..
It's nice to go
fishing all day
at the lake.
How about going
together sometime?
How are you.
I'm in great

1) I'm here
Why am I here?
2) Special Training
A Sergeant gave
me a list for
special training.
200 squats in
the morning...
I'll lose my
bottom feathers.
3) Muscle pain
I have muscle
pain from all
this exercising.
Couldn't you ask
the Sergeant whether
I can rest?
4) Library books
Lately, I'm
hooked on reading
books. I wish
there were more
5) Enjoyable castle
I didn't think I
would enjoy watching
plays and street
performances. The
Sergeant's training
is tough, but I'm
glad I'm here.

1) Ace
Ace got Yumi
drunk and
tried to make her
talk about the
Alma Kinan Clan.
Ace has some nerve,
doesn't he?
2) Clothes
Estella's clothes
are really
Where are they
sold? It's not
that I want to wear
3) Winghorde
It's my first time
seeing the.Winghordes.
It's a big world.
4) Is he
Is Guillaume a
human being?
5) Strange feeling
Something isn't
right about Mike.
I don't think he
intends any harm,
but be careful.

1) A worry...
I was living in
the village of Alma
Kinan for ages,
so it's hard for
me to get used to
life with men at
the castle.
2) Must adapt
I often get tired
of the noise
in this castle.
I must get used to
it quickly.
3) An account
Nash asked me
to go out to
dinner, but I
He seemed used
to being turned
Ace said he wanted
to live in the
village of Alma
Kinan when he
gets old, but I told
him he wouldn't
fit in.
5) Joker
Joker said he
wanted to live in
the village of Alma
Kinan when he
was old, but I
can't see him
fitting in.

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