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Three's a crowd...Kashell Triumph4/10
Great game overall, a few problems thoughBlade Gunner9/10
In Games With Animals As Characters, Why Doesn't ANYONE Think That It's A Little Weird That They Talk?Bobo The Clown9/10
From someone new to the Suikoden series -- Refreshing, immersive, and funChildFilia8/10
Maybe a trilogy was a bad idea? (And I'm a big fan!)DarkRival866/10
All Your Stars Are Belong To UsDarkstalker79/10
Falls Just Short of Suikoden 1 & 2.Donnie Santos7/10
Suikoden III: A MasterworkFable129/10
A step in the wrong directionGame Reviewer7/10
The Suikoden series continues to shine.Hiarashi9/10
Proves that low production values don't mean a bad game!Icabod9899/10
Suikoden III or Suikoden Gaiden Vol III?JerryRPGer9/10
Sometimes video games can be like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna getLordShibas3/10
Another great installment of the Suikoden series, if a bit different.Matt6209/10
Konami proves that they really can’t compete with the big boysmatt914866/10
A good solid game.me109/10
78 hours?! Final Fantasy, Eat Your Heart Out!Mechakucha8/10
It lives up to the name Suikoden.NinjaMaster9/10
Wanted: Believable villains--bring your own armorOrmiss6/10
One of the closest RPGs to perfection, Suikoden III is proof that graphics do not make the game.poorguy17110/10
If it wasn't before, it is now definitely a must-buy,Proto Clown9/10
An Excellent Game, A Few Flaws Hold It Back, ThoughRhysterooni9/10
This is a great game, but after 70 hours of gameplay I was glad when it was over.shneepshnop8/10
A legend in it's own timesilverhomer179/10
Three main characters= many hours of great game play.thesampleman9/10
My 60+ hrs. Worth It?Who Betta Than Alan8/10
A half hearted attempt after the the first two titles...wolverinefan5/10
Incredible and DeepZotmaster9/10

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