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C o n t e n t s :

(F).........................................................Single Race


Welcome to my Freekstyle FAQ! Freekstyle is a game for Playstation2 and
is made by the creators of the SSX series. Most of the current
motocross games are complete rubbish, Freekstyle however is a totally
different story. Freekstyle is unlike any other, it includes loads of
tricks, courses, bikes and real-time riders including Mike Metzger and
Brian Deegan. On the whole Freekstyle is an action packed motocross
game with a twist!


|- Unlocking new riders -|

At the beginning of a race you should see a short cut-scene involving
your character and another one, if you win the race you will unlock
that character (Thanks to Fisheye).

|- Costumes -|

To unlock new costumes for your character you must do either:

>Complete all tricks in Trick book.
>Complete 20 combos.

|- Bikes -|

In order to unlock different motorcycles for your character you must
Complete certain events in Circuit mode, you recieve a new bike after
you complete:

>Monumental motoplex
>Burn it up
>Let it ride

|- Mike Metzger -|

Metz is a creative force that cannot be contained on or off the track.
One of the originators of freestyle motocross, he twists and contorts
his body in ways no one else's would, or should, go.He's won every
contest and broken every bone. His insane tricks inspire the insane
designs he has etched into his skin including one simple word tattooed
on the inside of his mouth: 'pain'. What can't be expressed on the bike
is expressed on canvas, where Metz paints some of the craziest and
most twisted works of art. Metz excels at landing and jumping, which
can help him get the boost needed to overcome his lacking turbo skills.

Bikes   - Tagged, Bloodshot, Rock Of Ages, Rhino Rage.
Outfits - Tankboy, Ecko MX, All Tatted Up.

|- Brian Deegan -|

The punk kids of the world have united and this is their leader. With
shoulders full of spikes, the horns thrown in the air and a sneer
across his face, Deegan's not here to play by your rules. He is the
ruler of the Metal Mulisha:  posers, pretty boys and wannabes need not
apply. The Mulisha is about being core, staying true to yourself and
telling the rest of the world what they can do if they don’t like it.
Deegan's forte is jumping and landing, but don't let his rough style
fool you he can be smooth on the bike.

Bikes   - Electro Shock, Mulisha Man, Heavy Metal, Dominator.
Outfits - Spikes, Muscle Bound, Commander.

|- Leeann Tweeden -|

While some may see her as just another pretty face, that’s only because
they’ve never had a face full of her roost. Leeann’s first passion is
motocross, and she lives the moto life by doing commentary for the
supercross series, writing for moto magazines and hosting Bluetorch TV
the only daily program dedicated to extreme sports. When she's not knee
deep in dirt, she’s busy with her other passion: modeling. Leeann has
been featured on countless magazines, calendars and catalogs. Leeann's
style and grace make her a master jumper.

Bikes   - Pin Up, Hot Stuff, Trend Setter, Seducer.
Outfits - Diva, Fun Lovin', Red Hot.

|- Stefy Bau -|

Stefy's not here to be equal to the men. She shows up to leave them in
the dust. The daisies on her jersey are the only thing delicate about
this Italian spitfire. She'll train harder than you, ride longer than
you and get more press than you. The media loves her but the competition
doesn't, especially when they’ve got a face full of her roost. As Stefy
will tell you herself, she may be the fastest woman in the world on two

Bikes   - Femme, Amore, Disco Tech, 211.
Outfits - Black Cat, Playing Jax, UFO Racer.

|- Clifford Adoptante -|

His body contorts upside down and off the bike, his ponytail whips back
his loose, satin gear whips in the wind. When the Flyn' Hawaiian is
kickin' back, it's not on the beach, it's on the bike, pulling a sick
Cordova 75 feet in the air. They don't call him the Flyn' Hawaiian for
nothing. His jumping keeps him in the air forever, and his landing is
pretty smooth.

Bikes   - Dirt Surfer, Gone Tiki, Island Spirit, Hang Loose.
Outfits - Baggy, Tiki, Tankin' It.

|- Mike Jones -|

Mad Mike has spent a decade traveling around the world, winning races
and the cheers of fans worldwide. With the advent of freestyle, he
found the one part of the sport insane enough for him. Whether he's
throwing it off the bike for the Kiss of Death or just pulling the
flattest, sickest whips you've ever seen, Mad Mike teaches the young
punks of freestyle a trick or two, old-school style. Mad Mike is about
getting big air and landing as smooth as can be. He's forgotten more
bike skills than most people will ever know, which means he’ll need to
rely on tricks and boost to get him across the finish line.

Bikes   - Lucky 7, Beater, Lil' Demon, Flushed.
Outfits - Late Shift, Blue Collar, High Roller.

|- Jessica Patterson -|

While most girls her age spend their time worrying about homework and
boys, Jessica's main concern is fighting for the Women's #1 plate. She’s
as sweet and charming on two feet as she is fierce and fast on two
wheels. She may look like the girl next door, but only if you live next
door to a race track, where she can be found almost every day riding
and training. She's already captured every women's title. Her next goal
is to give the men a run for their money.

Bikes   - Kid's Stuff, Speedy, Charged Up, Racer Girl.
Outfits - Race Day, Warming Up, Hoodie Style.

|- Greg Albertyn -|

Fun, friendly and adventurous: this may describe Albee off the track,
but once the gate drops, he's all heart. He may not be the smoothest or
most technically perfect rider, but his determination brought home four
championships in his career. When the South African's not busy showing
the next generation of moto heroes how to win titles, he leads a dirt
bike tour through Africa where he comes face to face with wildlife more
dangerous than any he ever encountered on the track.

Bikes:Secret Weapon, The King, National Pride, Champion.
Outfits:Pro Gear, Sharp Dresser, Star Rider.


Here is what each attribute does:

Speed   : The higher your speed stat is the faster you go.
Boost   : The higher boost you have the faster your boost will be.
Control : The higher control you have the better handling you have.
Jumping : A high jumping stat means you will go higher and further.
Landing : A high landing stat means you will land a hard/rough landing.

In order to raise each attribute you must win races. After you win a
race you will be given 'Stat points' which increase the value of
each attribute, add these to the attribute you want to raise.

If you want to recieve a 'Maxed out' character which means all
attributes are at a maximum you need to complete 50 combos in that
characters trick book (Press circle when selecting a character to
access the trick book). This is best left until after you reach
'Let it ride' as only then will your stats be high enough to bust big
combos (i.e Seat grab x 4 or Nac nac x 4) If you are having difficulty
landing these combos then I suggest you use the first jump on the
'Burn it up' course.

It is up to you how you spend your stat points, I will however include
how I recommend using them after each course.


|- Practise -|

Before you enter Circuit mode it would be a good idea to gain some
experience at the 'Freeride' mode. Explore the tracks at your own pace
and practice some tricks.

|- Freekout meter -|

The freekout meter can be seen in the bottom left of your screen and
is shown as a red bar, once this increases all the way you will have
a limited ammount of time to pull a 'Super Sick Trick' by pressing all
four shoulder buttons. You should notice a countdown on the screen,
once this reaches 0 you are no longer Freeking out, in order to
increase the timer simply pull off tricks, the bigger they are the more
time you get!

|- Boost -|

Simillar to the Freekout meter Boost is indicated in blue and not red
and can also be seen in the bottom left. Your Boost meter increases
after every trick you do The bigger the combo/trick the more Boost
you get. In order to use your Boost press the square button. Using
Boost upon hitting a jump is the key to jumping far and high.

|- Leaning -|

Leaning back or forward in the air is essential in order to reach
certain shortcuts or to land certain jumps. Leaning back in the air
makes you travel further and higher as opposed to leaning forward
which makes you drop to the ground. The only time you should lean
forward is if you want to land a ramp perfectly.

|- Shortcuts -|

Keep your eyes peeled for any hoops or boxes that you can smash through
as they usually indicate shortcuts.

|- Mud/Sand -|

Watch out for big patches of wet mud and sand in the track as they slow
you down. Most of the time they are found on the inside of the track.

|- Obstacles -|

Various kinds of objects can throw you off your bike so watch out!
You should especially watch out on 'Burn it up' and 'Rocket garden'
as you can be hit by trees, boulders, barrels and rockets.

|- Extra points -|

Extra points can be obtained by jumping through Bonus zones which can
be found scattered around the tracks. You also receive bonus points for
knocking over certain obstacles i.e Gnomes, Freekstyle boxes.


                 |M|o|n|u|m|e|n|t|a|l| |M|o|t|o|p|l|e|x|

This is one of the fastest courses in Freekstyle! It is a combination
of speed, huge air and the sharpest turns imaginable.

|- Tips -|

>As you begin hold forward for a quick start.

>You should try to pull off a tweaked three button combo over the
first jump to give you plenty of boost.

>After passing through the glass dome area there is a big jump through
a hoop, aim to pull off a combo (i.e Cordova x 2 or Seatgrab x 2).

|- Shortcuts -|

>This shortcut is only useful if you are a skilled rider, half of
the time you will crash. It can be found near the start area. Pull off
to the left onto the small track and crash through the wooden
barricade. You are now in a small tunnel immediately brake or release
the accelarator as if your going too fast you will hit the sides and
are likely to fall off, as you emerge from the tunnel you will hit
a ramp which will take you back to the main course. If you boost enough
you will be able to jump over a corner which will also save you time.

>The final shortcut can be found towards the end of the course, after
the big jump through the hoop. You should see some blue boxes with
the Freekstyle logo on them up to the left, smash through these and
go through the hoop.

|- Bonus Zones -|

>The first hoop on this track is a Bonus Zone.

>The second hoop on this track is also a Bonus Zone.

>The final shortcut on this course requires you to jump through a hoop,
This is a Bonus Zone.

After the race is over you should recieve some stat points which
are shown as a blue chain. Increase speed and control.

                         |C|r|u|s|t| |B|e|l|t|

This can get frustrating! It took me at least 10 goes to complete
this set of races (Don't laugh). The course is very basic with no big
jumps or straights.

|- Tips -|

>This course is quite good for maintaining a Freekout as there are
lot's of small jumps which are ideal for pulling Cordovas or Nac nacs,
these tricks are excellant for boosting your Freekout time.

>On this course it is important that you boost upon approaching a jump
as there are lots of obstacles for you to clear/reach (i.e trams,
Flaming hoops).

|- Shortcuts -|

>The first shortcut can be found on the right side of the first fork
in the track, follow it and jump through the hoop. Make sure
you boost upon take off and lean back. This is quicker than going
to the left. If you think you can't make the jump through the hoop,
You should avoid it and go left, you could end up saving time!

>The second shortcut, similar to the first is found to the right
of the second fork in the track. Make sure you have plenty of boost to
catapult your bike through the hoop, take advantage of the air time
and pull off a Superman x 3 or somthing similar.

>The third shortcut is found after the second shortcut you go over a
jump and then the track goes left, You should see a split in the track
where you can go either left or right. There is a shortcut that could
easily be missed straight through the middle. Take no notice of the
big boxes simply boost your way through.

>The fourth shortcut is in the same area as the third, the track
divides as mentioned above, if you go left there is another shortcut
(You'll need plenty of boost). As you approach the jump aim your bike
towards the left you should hopefully land on a small platform which
leads back to the main track.

>The fifth shortcut can be found as you leave the section where the
third and fourth shortcuts where, You go right and then over a jump the
track then goes left. Look on the outside of this corner and examine
the blue boxes, smash through these. Watch out for the overhead
tram as your airborn.

>I'm not sure if this route is faster but it is certainly worth using
as you gain some massive air! At the last split in the track go left
you will enter a tunnel and about halfway along you should see some big
boxes on the right hand side, break through these and follow the
wooden track over a couple of jumps until you reach a huge jump through
a hoop, happy air time!

|- Bonus Zones -|

>The second shortcut on this track is a Bonus Zone.

>The fifth shortcut on this track is also a Bonus Zone.

>The jump beyond the wooden track towards the end of the course is a
Bonus Zone.

Apply the stat points you recieve to jumping and landing.

                         |B|u|r|n| |I|t| |U|p|

This is the most fun course ever! This course has it all from dodging
trees and boulders as they try and hit you to jumping down 500ft drops.
Can you survive mother nature?

|- Tips -|

>Try not to lose your concentration as you never know when a tree or
boulder might hit you!

>Towards the end of the course there is a huge hill climb, save some
boost or else you will be left behind.

>The first jump is huge. Attempt to pull off a No footer x 4 or a
Cliffhanger x 4. This should give you a huge ammount of boost and it
will also raise your freekout meter quite a bit.

|- Shortcuts -|

>You will see the first shortcut whilst in the air of the second big
jump you should see a track in the grass below you, that's the first
shortcut. Follow it past the big tree whilst watching out for other
smaller trees that might get in your way, jump over the ramp at the
end to get back to the main track. This shortcut is handy as it let's
you avoid a huge tree which you could easily crash into.

>The second shortcut can be found after the area where the trees fall
down. Go right at the end of this area and go up the small jump,
go left and inspect the right hand side of this straight to see some
rocks with a way through the middle. Boost up the jump and immediately
lean back in the air to go as far and high as possible. If successful
you will be on a small platform, keep going until you reach the last
platform and then drop back down to the track. This shortcut is quite
difficult with a low jumping stat so you should practise it in freeride

|- Bonus Zones -|

>After the first big jump take the center track, jump on to the high
platform at the end is a hoop, that's the Bonus Zone.

>The first shortcut speaks of a big tree, If you jump through the
center you will reach the Bonus Zone.

>The first jump of the second shortcut is a Bonus Zone.

Once again you should evenly add the stat points to jumping and
landing. Those stats are getting high now aren't they?

                  |G|n|o|m|e| |S|w|e|e|t| |G|n|o|m|e|

Have you ever wanted to smash a garden gnome? Nows your chance. Gnome
sweet gnome has it all. You can jump through a rabbits ears or knock
over some of those annoying little gnomes.

|- Tips -|

>By using the L1 and R1 buttons you can turn more effectivly. This is
useful during the end section where you have to make a few sharp turns
through some gnomes.

>There are no big jumps on this course therefore make full use of
tweaking. Smaller combos such as a Bar hop x 2 or a No hander+No footer
are also handy for quickly filling your boost and freekout meters.

|- Shortcuts -|

>The quickest way to get around is by taking the left route at each
of the forks in the track. You may face difficulty at the first turn
off, You have to jump through a pair of rabbits ears. If you keep
crashing into them go around the left side of them by positioning your
bike slightly to the left upon take off.

>The only shortcut on this course can be found by jumping up to the
right ledge by the first hoop and then turning around to continue the
track (Thanks to Michilio).

|- Bonus Zones -|

>After the first hoop jump through what appear to be a pair of crab

>If you go left at the first fork in the track and jump through the
rabbits ear you will reach the Bonus Zone.

You know what to do! Add those stat points to jumping and landing.

                        |L|e|t| |I|t| |R|i|d|e|

This is my personal favourite course. It is Monumental motoplex and
Burn it up combined!

|- Tips -|

>There are lots of big jumps on this course so you can land some huge
tricks. Combos such as Heart attack x 4 and No hander x 5 are possible.

>Don't forget to use the up and down buttons to choose exactly where
you want to land.

|- Shortcuts -|

>Underneath the second hoop you should see two ramps. If you decide to
jump the second one you will land on a platform, follow it to the end
and drop down to the track.

>The second shortcut is easily recognised. You should see a sliding
door that is hiding two different routes, the right is quicker as you
are travelling on the inside of the track.

>Shortly after you pass under the sign that says 'Arriva dirt' the
track splits up. The right is slightly faster but I advise you take the
left as you are given an oppertunity to gain some massive air.

|- Bonus Zones -|

>There is a hoop just after the start.

>The first shortcut mentions two ramps if you jump the first one
through the hoop you will reach the Bonus Zone.

>Jump through the hoop just before the second shortcut.

Add the stat points you get to speed and boost.

After winning 'Let it ride' you will recieve your characters final
bike. You should now head over to 'Burn it up' and complete 50 combos
in order to recieve a maxed out character, this is not necessary but
you might find the next track harder without it.

                      |R|o|c|k|e|t| |G|a|r|d|e|n|

This course is complete mayhem, there are rockets flying around all
over the place. To add to that there are sharp turns everywhere!

|- Tips -|

>It really would be a good idea to get to know this track in the
freeride mode as it can get quite confusing.

>This is another course where the L1 and R1 buttons would be useful.
Don't forget them!

|- Shortcuts -|

>The first shortcut is quite obvious, after you have passed the rolling
barrels examine the set of ramps in front of you, you should also see
an extended ramp moving from one ramp to the other. Which ever ramp
this is on that's the one you should go up. In the air you should see
two platforms one higher than the other aim for which ever one you
want. You will have to use boost and lean back in the air to reach
these as the jump is quite far.

>The second shortcut could easily be missed, Once you leave the tunnel
where the first shortcut ends the track goes right but if you look
carefully at the corner you will see some blue boxes and a small track
that leads straight over, a very handy shortcut (Thanks to Michilio).

>The third shortcut can be found near the end. You are given a chance
to go through an area with lots of jumps in the ground or you can go
over a jump onto a rocket. If you go over the jump with the rockets it
is much faster. Procede over two rockets until you come to a third,
this time take the left jump into the rocket and procede over the jump
in front of you. Land on the platform on the other side and continue on
to the main track.

|- Bonus Zones -|

>As you begin the race go around the corner and clear the jump, You can
go left or right. If you examine this area you will notice a ramp, jump
over the rocket to get to the Bonus Zone.

Unless you already maxed out your character, Add the stat points to
speed and control.

                      |F|e|e|l| |T|h|e| |P|a|n|e|

There is no specific task on this course so I made one up! I will list
three scores which indicate gold, silver and bronze medals.  See if you
can get a gold!

Bronze : Under 500,000
Silver : 500,000-1000,000
Gold   : Over 1000,000

|- Tricks to use -|

x2 = Executioner/Meditator
x3 = Cordova/Seat grab/Nac nac/Heart attack
x4 = Cliffhanger/Bar hop/No footer/Superman

These are the most effective big scoring tricks, Experiment with
different combos and see what you can come up with!

                          |C|r|a|s|h| |P|a|d|

Goal:200,000 (Thanks to Michilio)

This course is unlocked once you have completed the main event at
Rocket garden.

|- To get a high score -|

>Start by going straight through the house and jumping the dirt at the
end, You should pull off a Cordova x 2 or something similar.

>Once you land turn around and head towards the swimming pool, Jump up
the side and do a Bar hop x 3.

>Next to the swimming pool is an opening on to a grassy area, There are
huge jumps littering this area. You should just go back and forward
over each of the jumps until your time runs out. With a maxed out
character some big combos are possible. Some time or another you are
likely to fill your freekout meter it is best not to pull a super sick
trick as it could hinder your concentration.

                         |T|h|e| |B|u|r|b|s|


Welcome to Freekville! To unlock the burbs you must complete the whole
circuit. This course is the ultimate!

There is no special route to take for a high score, If however you go
straight at the start you will land in a half pipe area. You should
have no problems obtaining the goal score here.

                         +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+
                       F)|S|i|n|g|l|e| |R|a|c|e|
                         +-+-+-+-+-+-+ +-+-+-+-+

|- Difficulty -|

In 'Single race' you are allowed to change the difficulty settings to
your liking, They are:

Amateur = Select this if you are a beginner.
Rookie  = Normal difficulty level.
Pro     = Advanced difficulty level.
Freek   = You've got to be a Freek to win here!

|- One player -|

'Race' you are racing against a field of five other riders where the
first one to cross the finish line is the winner.

'Freekstyle' The aim of the game here is to cross the finish line in
first place and obtain the goal total of points.

|- Two player -|

'Head to head' is a race where the first one to cross the line wins.

'Countdown' is where all your trick practise will be put to good use,
The aim of the game is not to let your points drop down to zero you do
this by pulling tricks. If you pull a combo not only do you get big
points but the ammount you gain you opponent loses!


Input these codes in the 'Enter codes' section in the options menu:

Loksmith  = Unlock everything
Populate  = Unlock all characters
Trakmeet  = Unlock all tracks
Wheels    = Unlock all bikes
Yardsale  = Unlock all outfits
Flysolo   = No bike mode
All freek = Always 'Freekout'

Some of these codes can be really fun especially the 'No bike mode'!
There are loads more codes to be unlocked so Try unlocking you're own
by completing different characters trick and combo books!


Well that's it folks! I hope you found this FAQ useful. If you have any
comments or suggestions Email me at the address above. I would like to
thank my friends at the Freekstyle message board for helping me with
this FAQ and also my family for proof reading, Cheers! Also I would
like to thank the official Freekstyle website for the character bio's.

This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Copyright 2003 AquaBlast.