by: Mah'piya Ate

July 13th - Started writing the guide. Finished 1 - 3e, and 4-9.
July 14th - added 3f. - 3n

| Table of Contents |

1. Intro
2. Basic Controls
3. Circuit Walkthrough
	a. Monumental Motoplex
	b. Crust Belt
	c. Burn It Up
	d. Gnome Sweet Gnome
	e. Let It Ride
	f. Rocket Garden
	g. Crash Pad
	h. revisits
	n. The Burbs
4. Single Race
5. FreeStyle
6. Freeride
7. Characters
8. Codes
9. Final Info

| 1. Intro |

	This is a guide to the game of freekstyle. Freekstyle is a
crazy motocross game. You can bust big stunts and ride fast. There
are also other aspects of the game like filling up your trick book
or filling up your combo book. You can even unlock different 
characters, outfits, bikes, and tracks. 

| 2. Basic Controls |

L1 - Tricks
L2 - Tricks
R1 - Tricks
R2 - Tricks
Square - Boost/Tweak tricks
Circle - Brake
X - Accelerate
Triangle - Not used
Left analog stick - Control Movement
Right analog stick
	up - Accelerate
	down - Brake

| 3. Circuit Walkthrough |

		** Monumental Motoplex **

This is the first track of the circuit. Your goal here is to win 
the main event. To get to the main event, you need to qualify by
racing two motos. You have to do this in each racing track. To 
qualify for the second moto, you need to come in at least third. 
To qualify for the main event, you need to comin in at least third.
To move on to the next track, you need to WIN the main event. 

There isn't really any shortcuts in this one execpt for one that I know 
of. After you launch off that big ramp, and you start going through
a tunnel. Right at the first turn, you will see some boxes on top 
of the berm, if you go up the berm, you will ramp off of it and you
should go through a freekstlye ring. Then you just keep following
the track. You will unlock your next bike after this.

UPDATE - New shortcut:

Right when you start, you will go off a ramp, if you go to the left, you
will land in some sand, this is a risky shortcut though. You will go 
around a corner and bust a wooden entrance and be in a tunnel, if your
going to fast, slow down. You will emerge from the tunnel and go off of
another ramp to the track.

		** Crust Belt **

On the Crust Belt, there are two shortcuts I know of. The first one
is one a fork in the path. It's inside a big building, if you 
take the right path and get to the right part of the path, you will
see a little platform that you can jump on, if you jump on it, you 
will go outside the building and right in front of another jump, if
you do a move on that jump, you will get bonus points. 

The second one is almost like the shortcut in the last track. Shortly 
after the first shortcut, there is another one. You will go in a building
and right away you will see big bucket like things moving across. 
There are boxes on the top of the berm that you can jump over. If 
the buckets aren't in the path, jump it and it will greatly improve
your time, if the buckets are in your way, your better off not 
taking the path. 

UPDATE - 3 New shortcuts:

At the first fork in the road, take the right path and jump through a
hoop. I wouldn't suggest using boost because every time I do, I hit the

At the second fork in the road, take the right path again and boost your
way through the tunnel and ramp off the huge ramp and go through the hoop
if you can. 

In the big building where you can go to the right and land on a platform,
there's another one where you can go straight through the boxes. It is 
faster than going around the turns, but not faster than landing on the 

		** Burn It Up **

This is my favorite course right here. When you start out, your 
going straight downhill. If you go straight, you will see a sign 
with a blue skull on it. You can ramp up that big rock, but I 
wouldn't suggest doing that because it's slower than just going 
around the rock. 

Once you get farther, y ou will see a little ramp, prepare to bust a 
major trick or combo here because it's bigger than it looks. It's 720 ft 
to the ground! Then when you get to the bottom, there are 3 paths. The 
first one has about 3 little jumps. The second one has 2 bigger jumps and
the last one lets you get up on top of a bridge type thing if you have 
enough momentum. 

The third path is just gay. It has very very small jumps, you can't 
even bust a no hander on them. I usually go through the second path
so I can get up on the bridge. After the paths are over, there will
be another jump. This one is kind of big too, it's even bigger if
your on the bridge. Then keep going until after the forest, then
you will see a little entrance surrounded by rocks. 

This is a VERY risky shortcut. You need to be flawless to get up there. 
If you go in the entrance and up the ramp, you will see that there is 
another platform to jump on. Then you will ramp off another set of rocks 
to a second platform, and then onto a third platform. After that jump,
you have about 3 seconds of airtime. That is the last shortcut. You 
will unlock your third bike after this.

UPDATE - New shortcut:

When you go off the second big jump, jump over the first berm, and you 
will see that some of the grass is dirty in a trail, follow the trail
until you get to a rock that you jump off of to get back on the track.

		** Gnome Sweet Gnome **

This is one of my least favorite course, if not my least favorite.
There's practically no big jumps at all except for the big one at 
the beginning of the track.There is 1 shortcut that I know of. It 
comes at a fork in the road, you'll see a path that looks metal and
curves, right before that, you'll see a left path,take the left 
path and you should break some glass right when you enter it. Then 
keep following the curvy path and then break the last piece of 
glass and you have like 2 seconds of airtime. That is the only 
shortcut I know of. And when you go through the gnome field, every 
gnome you hit is 10 points. If you hit themconsecutively, they will
keep adding up. Like this:

| 1st gnome      10 pts |
| 2nd gnome      20 pts |
| 3rd gnome      30 pts |

That will add up to be 60 pts. If you don't hit them consecutively,
that 3 gnomes will only add up to be 30 pts.

		** Let It Ride **

This is one of the funnest tracks. There is one shortcut I know of, if 
your lucky, you will get it. When the track spits up around two ramps, 
the second ramp will launch you onto a platform that will take you to
a farther part of the track. There is also a part at the end where if you
take the path the blue arrow is point towards, you will go off of a big
ramp. Other than that, it is pretty easy to win this one. You will also
unlock your best bike after this.

		** Rocket Garden **

This is a very fun track. The first shortcut to look for is right after
the rolling barrels part, when you get to choose between 3 pipes, you
should choose the far left one IF the extender thing is on that one, if
not, choose the middle one, or the far right one and use your boost the
entire time your in the pipe, you have a good chance of landing on a high
platform. If you land on the highest platform, don't use your boost at 
all on it, because you will overshoot your landing. 

If you land on the second highest one, you can use your boost. When you 
get to the end of either platform, you will jump off and you will have 3 
slits to land in. It doesn't matter which one you land in, as long as you
make it in one. Make sure not to hit the anything or you will more than 
likely crash. Then just follow the path. The next one is if you take the 
first shorcut, you will soon come to a jump, then you will go towards a 
curve, there should be some boxes on top of the berm. 

You know what to do when you see boxes on top of berms...JUMP THEM! Then 
just follow the path. The next one is when you come to the jump that goes
across the whole path, jump it towards the far right, then go in the 
entrance where it's all sandy and shit. After that, you have to ways to 

If you follow the path you will come to a 2 jumps that go over red 
things. Then you will come to a big confusing thing. If you take the 
middle path and keep jumpin up, you will come to a freekstlye ring, go 
through that and it will shave some time off. If  you don't take the 
first shortcut, you won't have any shortcuts until the big ramp that 
takes up the whole path.

		** Crash Pad **

I don't have much to say about this track, you have to get 200,000 pts 
in 3 minutes, I don't have any strategy at all for this because I needed
my cousin to beat it for me. If you have any strategy, email me and I 
will put it up here.

		** revisits **

After the crashpad, you will go through Monumental Motoplex - Rocket
Garden again. This time, you not only have to win the race, but you also
have to score the total number of points. But you don't have to go 
through moto 1 and 2, it's always the main event.

		** The Burbs **

This is the final track of the circuit. You now have access to it in the
freestyle option. The goal here is to score 400,000 pts in 3 minutes. I
have not been able to do it yet, but it is possible to do it. I have no
strategy for this, if you have one, i will put it on here.

| 4. Single Race |

In a Single Race, you get to pick from Race and Freekstyle. Race is
just your basic race. First to the finish line wins. In Freekstyle,
not only do you have to win, but you have to get the target score.
You have 4 different levels of difficulty: Amateur, Rookie, Pro,
and Freek. Amateur is very easy, Rookie is easy, Pro is hard, and
Freek is very hard. I only have one controller so I don't know
anything about the two player mode. If you have any info on that, 
email me and I will put it on here.

| 5. Freestyle |

Freestyle is basically just a mode to bust tricks and combos. There
are three tracks in freestyle that you can do: Feel The Pane, 
Crash Pad, and The Burbs. Feel The Pane is always available,
while you have to unlock Crash Pad and The Burbs. Just go
through the circuit to unlock them. For Crash Pad, get the trick score
and move on at Crash Pad and for The Burbs, just make it to The Burbs.

| 6. Freeride |

Freeride is a very good mode for beginners. You can get used to 
the controls and tricks without having to race against the
computer. You can explore the different tracks. 

| 7. Characters |

Mike "Metz" Metzger
Availability: always
Outfits: Tank Boy, Ecko MX, All Tatted Up
Bikes: Tagged, Bloodshot, Rock of Ages, Rhino Rage

Brian Deegan
Availability: always
Outfits: Spikes, Muscle Bound, Commander
Bikes: Electro Shock, Mulisha Man, Heavy Metal, Dominator

Leeann Tweeden
Availability: always
Outfits: Diva, Fun Lovin' Red Hot
Bikes: Pin UP, Hot Stuff, Trend Setter, Seducer

Stefy Bau
Availability: always
Outfits: Black Cat, Playing Jax, UFO Racer
Bikes: Femme, Amore, Disco Tech, 211

Clifford "Flyn Hawaiian" Adoptante
Availabiltity: If Flyn Hawaiian gets in your face before a race
(always the main event) win the race to unlock him.
Outfits: Baggy, Tiki, Tankin' It 
Bikes: Dirt Surfer, Gone Tiki, Island Spirit, Hang Loose

Mike "Mad Mike" Jones
Availability: If Mad Mike gets in your face before a race
(always the main event) win the race to unlock him.
Outfits: Late Shift, Blue Collar, High Roller
Bikes: Lucky 7, Beater, Lil' Demon, Flushed

Jessica Patterson
Availabilty: If Jessica gets in your face before a race
(always the main event) win the race to unlock her.
Outfits: Race Day, Warming Up, Hoodie Style
Bikes: Kid's Stuff, Speedy, Charged Up, Racer Girl

Greg "Albee" Albertyn
Availability: If Albee gets in your face before a race
(always the main event) win the race to unlock him.
Outfits: Pro Gear, Sharp Dresser, Star Rider
Bikes: Secret Weapon, The King, National Pride, Champion

| 8. Codes |

ALLFREEK - Always Freekout 
MO BOOST - Fills boost meter faster 
FIRESALE - Fills trick meter faster 
FLYSOLO - Invisible bike mode
FREEBIE - Unlimited boost 
WHEELS - Unlock all bikes 
POPULATE - Unlock all characters 
YARDSALE - Unlock all outfits 
TRAKMEET - Unlock all tracks 
SOLDIER - Unlock Brian Deegan's Commander outfit 
WHOZASKN - Unlock Brian Deegan's Dominator bike 
HEDBANGR - Unlock Brian Deegan's Heavy Metal bike 
WHATEVER - Unlock Brian Deegan's Mulisha Man bike 
RIPPED - Unlock Brian Deegan's Muscle Bound outfit 
CARVEROK - Unlock Burn It Up track 
COOLDUDE - Unlock Clifford Adoptante 
SUPDUDE - Unlock Clifford Adoptante's Gone Tiki bike 
STOKED - Unlock Clifford Adoptante's Hang Loose bike 
GOFLOBRO - Unlock Clifford Adoptante's Island Spirit bike 
NOSLEEVE - Unlock Clifford Adoptante's Tankin' It outfit 
WINGS - Unlock Clifford Adoptante's Tiki outfit 
WIDEOPEN - Unlock Crash Pad Freestyle track 
LOKSMITH - Unlock everything in the game 
CLIPPERS - Unlock Gnome Sweet Gnome track 
GIMEGREG - Unlock Greg Albertyn 
NUMBER1 - Unlock Greg Albertyn's Champion bike 
PATRIOT - Unlock Greg Albertyn's National Pride bike 
ILOOKGUD - Unlock Greg Albertyn's Sharp Dresser outfit 
COMET - Unlock Greg Albertyn's Star Rider outfit 
ALLSHOOK - Unlock Greg Albertyn's The King bike 
HELMET - Unlock helmet camera 
BLONDIE - Unlock Jessica Patterson 
LIGHTNIN - Unlock Jessica Patterson's Charged Up bike 
NOT2GIRLY - Unlock Jessica Patterson's Hoodie Style outfit 
TONBOY - Unlock Jessica Patterson's Racer Girl bike 
HEKACOOL - Unlock Jessica Patterson's Speedy bike 
LAYERS - Unlock Jessica Patterson's Warming Up outfit 
THNKPINK - Unlock Leeann Tweeden's Fun Lovin' outfit 
OVENMITT - Unlock Leeann Tweeden's Hot Stuff bike 
SPICY - Unlock Leeann Tweeden's Red Hot outfit 
GOODLOOK - Unlock Leeann Tweeden's Seducer bike 
STYLIN - Unlock Leeann Tweeden's Trendsetter bike 
BLACKJAK - Unlock Let It Ride track 
TOUGHGUY - Unlock Mike Jones 
KICKBUTT - Unlock Mike Jones' Beater bike 
BABYBLUE - Unlock Mike Jones' Blue Collar outfit 
BOXCARS - Unlock Mike Jones' High Roller outfit 
HORNS - Unlock Mike Jones' Lil' Demon bike 
PLUNGER - Unlock Mike Jones' Plunger bike 
BODYART - Unlock Mike Metzger's All Tatted Up outfit 
EYEDROPS - Unlock Mike Metzger's Bloodshot bike 
HELLOOOO - Unlock Mike Metzger's Ecko MX outfit 
SEVENTWO - Unlock Mike Metzger's Rhino Rage bike 
BRRRRRAP - Unlock Mike Metzger's Rock of Ages bike 
TODAMOON - Unlock Rocket Garden track 
HEREIAM - Unlock Stefe Bau's Amore bike 
TWONEONE - Unlock Stefy Bau's 211 bike 
SPARKLES - Unlock Stefy Bau's Disco Tech bike 
KIDSGAME - Unlock Stefy Bau's Playing Jax outfit 
INVASION - Unlock Stefy Bau's UFO Racer outfit 
TUCKELLE - Unlock the Burbs track 

| 9. Final Info |

This guide belongs to and only Mah'piya Ate. The only site that may
post this on their website is,, and You may NOT rewrite this in any way. You may NOT use this to 
make any money in any way whatsoever. You may, however, print this guide out and
use it to help you. This is for your helping purposes only.

Copyright 2006 Mah'piya Ate.