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                                         Part 1


                      This Walkthrough is Copyright of Joseph Ellison 

                                   Rules of My Guide:
       Do not claim this work as yours. It is mine, and mine alone. I spent
hours and hours writing this, along with all the time I 

took time out of my life to play this to make a guide. So the bottom line is no

      Make absolutely no changes to this document. Ever. 

     The places that can host this is www.gamefaqs.com, www.neoseeker.com,and
www.supercheats.com and if you want to put it on your site, then email me (my
email will be listed below) and I will review your site. If I find it 
acceptable, then I will tell you. But do NOT host it without my permission.

     If you have anything to suggest about my guide, spelling errors, thanks,
or even hate mail, e-mail me at spear_of_wotan@yahoo.com, but please make sure
you put the subject as .hack, or I will delete it without a care.

     This is my first guide, so bear with me if it isn’t that good. So any
suggestions would really help in every way. Thanks in advance! If all goes 
well, I will make a guide for all of the .hack games that are released so far.
(For those of you that don’t know, they are in the process of making new games,
called .hack//G.U., that takes place about 7 years after the games, with a 
completely different story line.) *Also, so you know, when you see asterisks
around something, it means it’s a note that will tell you something that will
most likely be going on throughout the guide, or something important, so I 
highly recommend reading them if you want to know what’s going on…*


L1 or R1-Rotate Camera
L2-Change Camera
R2-Reset Camera
Left Analog Stick or Directional Pad-Move Character, Move around menus
Right Analog Stick-Zoom in, Zoom Out, or Rotate the camera
X Button- Do Actions with character, Select and Confirm things in menus
Square Button-Chat Menu, used to give orders to party members
Circle Button-Cancel
Start Button-Options Menu
Select Button-Switch Map

                                Personal Menu

    This will explain everything to you in your personal menu.

    Skills Menu: It will show all the types of skills you have.
    Attack Skills: Close up attacks that usually have an elemental property to

    Magic Skills: More ranged attacks that are completely elemental.

    Recovery Skills: Skills that are used to heal you or your party

    Strengthen Skills: Skills that are used to strengthen your attack, defense,
maybe strengthen you elemental stats. Only works for a limited amount of time.

   Weaken Skills: Skills that are used like the reverse of strengthen skills,
and on your enemy. They also only work for a limited amount of time.

   Data Drain: The most important skill in the game. It has many purposes, and
only the main character Kite has it. It can be used to severely weaken 
enemies, get virus cores, or obtains good weapons or armors. But be warned, 
you have an infection level. If you use it too much without killing monsters
 normally, you will have some bad effects put on you. Some of them are a 
status affect, losing experience, or if you get high enough, you will have a 
system error, which is a game over.

    Inventory:  It will show all types of item you have, except for key items,
which will be shown later.

     Items: It will show all items you have. Things like healing items, stat
boosting items, or things like fortune wires, fairy 

orbs, and sprite ocarinas.

    Scrolls: Scrolls are items you can use to do magic without using SP. Also 
you can use them to boost your stats or 

lower enemies’ stats temporarily.

    Books: These can be used to permanently increase your stats. There are 
many different kinds, some raise physical stats some raise magical stats, and
 some raise magical stats, but they aren’t easy to come by…
    Treasure: These are items that you obtain from the Gott Statue Chests 
with a piece of equipment or other item. They have no real use, except to 
sell for a decent amount of money.
    Equipment: These are your weapons and armors, the things you equip. There 
are a ton of different kinds, so remember that. Only non equipped ones go here.
 If you have some equipped, they won’t be in here.

   Key Items: This will be a place for Event Items, Grunty food, Ryu Books, or
Virus cores.

   Event Items: These are non-usable, but you will get them, and they usually
have something to do with the story line.

   Grunty Food: This will show all the kinds of Grunty food that you have
collected; they are what you use to feed to your Grunty.

   Virus Cores: One of the most important things in the game. You will need
 them for Gate Hacking, and you can get them from Data Draining.

   Book of 1000 or Ryu Books: Show all Ryu Books you have so far, which are
obtainable from Data Draining. You get them every 10, 20, 30, Data Drains all
 the way up to 80. They display information about what you have done so far 
with the game. If you fulfill a certain requirement for the game, like so 
many hours, you will get bonuses like background music, wallpapers, or movies.

   Discarding Items: If there is anything you don’t want, and for some crazy
reason you don’t want to sell it or you need to make room, you can discard it 
here. Simple.

     Status: It will show your party’s status, like the current lvl, 
experience, money, and stats.
     Level: Your Character’s level. (Duh!)

     Exp: The current amount of experience your character has out of 1000. Once 
you reach or get past 1000 experience, you gain a level. But the lower the 
monsters are than your level, the less experience you get from them.
    Money: The total amount of money you currently have, also called GP.

    Class: The type of person you are. There a six classes which are: Twin 
Blade, Heavy Blade, Blademaster, Long Arm, Heavy Axeman, and Wavemaster.
   Skills: All the skills that you can use, which are from you equipped 
weapons and armor. The only exception to this rule is Data Drain, which
 you will always have.

  Equipment: This shows the weapon and armors you have equipped right now.

  Added Effects: Effects that are on your equipment or armor that can be done
while in battle, but at random times, so don’t rely on them. They are more like

  Parameters: Will show all your stats. From attack, to magic, to defense. It is
all shown here. I won’t explain them, because they are self explanatory. 
Except for the elemental statuses. The elemental statuses will affect your
attack and defense with a certain kind of element.  Spirit and Body statuses
 will affect your defense against status effects.

     Equipment: You can change Kite’s equipment here, if you have something to
change it with in your inventory. 

     Party: Here you can add or remove party members in your party. You can also
disband a current party, which removes everybody. Know that you can only do 
this to people if you have their member address. They won’t always be 
available, so you may not want to use the same people every time. You can also
only do this in towns.

  Area Information: If you are in a field or dungeon, you can see the area
information for the place, like the level, the keywords and the element of the

  Gate Out: If you are in a field, you can use this to get back to the root 
town. It can only be used on a field, and it also can’t be used if you are in 
a battle.

 Log Out: You can log off of the world, but again this is only available 
in a town.


    Vibration: Set the vibration for the controller on or off.

Adjust Screen: You can change the position of your screen.

    Sound:  Change the setting according to how much you want to hear the main
volume, background music, and the special effects.

  Data Drain: You can turn the data drain scene on or off.

  Voiceover:  Switch voiceover language from English to Japanese, whichever
 you want.

  Movie Text: Turn the text on or off during movies, the ones that continue
without you pressing anything.

  Title Screen: Quit the game, and return to the title screen, just remember 
if you do this, save before you quit, because it won’t save automatically for 

                                    Chat Menu

    Skill Usage: These are commands you can use to tell your party members 
what to do vaguely, as I’ll put it.

    Skills!: Use Magical or Physical skills in battle. If you have items, use 
them also.

    First Aid!: Use Recovery skills in battle. If you don’t have any SP or
recovery skills, use recovery items.

    Weaken!: Use skills to weaken your enemy. If you have items, use them also.

    Strengthen!: Use skills to strengthen your enemy. If you have items, use 
them also.
    Don’t use skills!: Just use normal attacks, and don’t use items either.

    Attack!: Just use attack skills, if you have them.

    Magic!: Just use magic skills, if you have them.

    Strategy: Use a specific strategy to tell your party members what to do.

    Operation Wonder Battle: Attack closest enemy, and don’t use skills or 

    Operation Union Battle: Everybody attack one enemy, and doesn’t use skills 
or items.

    Operation Follow Me: Everybody assemble close together, and attack enemies 
if near by. Don’t use skills or items.
    Operation Recover: Don’t move and recover yourself.

    Members: Tell your party members specifically what to do.

    Designate Skill: Choose what skill you want somebody to do.

    Change Equipment: Change the equipment of the party member, but you have to
have given it to them for them to have it, and also if they are in battle with 
a monster you can’t change it.

    First Aid: Tell the member to use recovery skills or items to heal the 

    Assemble: Tell your members to get near you, and follow you.

    Standby: Don’t move, and recover yourself

                                Epitaph of Twilight

   I’ll tell you what I know about the Epitaph of Twilight, which is a pretty 
good amount. A young woman named Emma Weilant loses both her parents at a very 
young age, but she is from a very rich family.Her uncle takes custody of her,
and offers to adopt her. The only reason he wants to is to get to her assets. 
She declines, but she can’t access them until she is 20. She was then 18, so 
she decided to put herself through nursing school. It proved to be a huge 
problem for her. 
   Finally stress and overwork catch up with her, and she started coughing up 
blood. She went to her doctor, and he told her to check into a health resort in
 southern France. There she has a supernatural experience, which later leads 
her to write the “Epitaph of Twilight”. 
    The Epitaph of Twilight is about a race of sprites that cast no shadows 
being devoured by something called the “Cursed Wave”. At this time, 2 people,
 Helba the queen of darkness, and Apeiron the king of light band together to 
fight the wave. They send out 3 people, 2 half sprites, and 1 human, who all 
cast shadows. Helba sends out the 2 half sprites, and their names are Filli 
the white, and Bith the black. They go in search of the Twilight dragon, which
 is the only thing that can fight the “Cursed Wave”.
    Emma Weilant posted the Epitaph of Twilight on her personal sight, and 
very few people saw it. She died at the age of 28, and the original texts 
were scattered. Some of her very devoted fans put together parts of it, and
got about 70% of the original texts back. But since it was in original text 
format, anybody could modify it. So her work was butchered, and you can’t 
separate the original from what people added to it. At that time, The World’s
predecessor, Fragment came out. It was designed by the famous programmer,
Harald Hoerwick, and was believe to be based of the
Epitaph of Twilight.
    *The reason for this section was to provide some background info on the 
.hack series, which a lot of it revolves around the Epitaph of Twilight*.


                                 .Hack Project Facts

    Here I’m going to tell you all that I know about the .hack project, which 
is a pretty good amount. *But be warned, there will be spoilers for a lot of
the .hack stories.* The story really starts with .hack//A.I. Buster, which is
a book. It follows the System Administrator named Albireo that helps an A.I.
named Lycoris, which is a failed experiment by Harald Hoerwick. She is a 
pre-aura, pretty much. He goes around collecting parts of her, and is followed
by a very low level character named Hokuto. The book also details the events 
that led up to Orca and Balmung defeating the one sin. They asked Albireo to 
help them, but he declined. 
    He did go watch them fight it though. The one sin was a very interesting
monster. It would only attack when the players attacked. Orca and Balmung 
eventually found out how to defeat it. They had to attack it with one kind of 
skill or spell, then as the monster attacked back, hit it at the perfect time
 with the kind of skill or spell the one it was casting against it.
    He eventually deleted Lycoris, (supposedly) and found out that Hokuto was 
not a low level character, just a high level one masquerading as one. Hokuto 
was an online poet named W.B. Yates, and wrote a poem about Orca and Balmung. 
Here I will type the poem.
                      Damage done to the evil shaped one,
                      Too massive to compare.
                      Balmung of the Azure Sky,
                      Orca of the Azure Sea,
                      Together they gallop at full speed.
                      In the depth of my bosom,
                      Your names shall remain.
                      You are none other than the descendents of Fianna.
                      Together with the warrior
                      Who wears the eyes of the stars.

    That is where Balmung and Orca get their title the Descendents of Fianna.
Also, the one who wears the eyes of the starts is Albireo.
    After the book comes .hack//sign, which tells the story of Tsukasa. 
He is a wavemaster that can’t log out of “The world”. He travels around the 
game with his monster the “Guardian”. He avoids talking to most people, but 
later opens up to Mimiru. The Crimson Knights are a group of people that help
CC corp. destroy illegal players. They hunt Tsukasa, because he is seen as an
illegal player. Tsukasa is also the one that is supposed to awaken Aura. He 
eventually does awaken Aura, and he, or rather she is able to log out.
New information, or more forgotten information have surfaced about
.hack//sign. Laboratory69@aol.com e-mailed me a while ago with some info.
He stated that I omitted the origin of Skeith in .hack//sign, which really
is pretty important and interesting, so here it is: Sora, a twin blade, was 
put into a coma by Morganna and transformed into Skeith. Thank you again
laboratory69 for the useful info.
Sorry,but this is all I really know about .hack//sign.
     The games, .hack//infection, mutation, outbreak, and quarantine, follow 
the player kite as he uncovers the mystery of the world with his mysterious 
bracelet given to him by the girl aura. As he journeys through the game, he
discovers his bracelet has 2 uses, he can data drain, as in altar monster 
data, and gate hacking,which means he can hack protected areas. 
    He meets many new friends, and a girl named Blackrose helps him along his
journey a lot, if you don’t know, she has more effect on the story than anybody
besides Kite. Together with the bracelet, they find and defeat things called
data bugs, which are monsters with infinite hitpoints. He is out to find out
why his friend Orca fell into a coma while playing this game. 
    Along the way he data drains and defeats the monsters Skeith, Innis, Magus, 
Fidchell, Gorre,Macha, Tarvos, and Corbenik. They are also known as the 8 
phases. They are the key to giving birth to Aura, and the main evil person, 
Morganna will do anything to stop that. He also fights Cubia, which is somehow
connected to the bracelet. Cubia is really the after effect of the bracelet. 
The reason it came about is because the bracelet was being used. The reason it 
gets better every time you fight it is because it copied.
   Kite’s character data, and is using it to monitor him, so it grows as you
 grow. During the games, there are also things going on in the outside world. 
These events are shown in .hack//liminality, which is a 4 set DVD that is 
paired with the games. It follows the going on of the outside world, where 3
high school girls and an old CC corp. employee that are out to find out what is
happening inside the world. Mai, one of the girls knew somebody that fell in to 
a coma, whose name was Tominati, who is also known as Sieg in the world. She 
was there with him when he fell into a coma, but she only fell unconscious.
   Through the dvd’s you see how the events in the world are affecting the 
outside world. There are power outages, computer crashes, and many other 
events. They later help to save Kite during the final battle, but they end up 
crashing the real omega server. It’s interesting, but it doesn’t really matter
if you watch it or not. It does help to show you some of the outside world.
     After the events with kite, a few years later Aura sets up a fake 
contest to give up the Avatars of Kite and Blackrose to 2 people. Twins Shugo
and Rena win them, and they continue on with the story of the .hackers, as 
they were dubbed. Shugo later on meets up with one of Aura’s children (yes 
later Aura makes her own AI’s) named Zefie. He leads her to her mother along
the way. Along the way, Balmung, now a system administrator for the world 
watches him. He is later fired, and turned back to a normal character. During
his quest, He meets the Cobalt Knights, who imprison him because they see him 
as an illegal character. They are lead by Kamui, who carries the divine spear 
of Wotan, given to her by Albireo. We find out that Albiero quit after the 
events about Kite, I think. There are returning faces from the .hack games
which if you beat you should recognize. Along the way Mireille meets up with
Wiseman, who was a character in the games. Also, Mireille is Mistral’s kid, 
who is four years old and somehow playing the world... You will also of course
see Balmung, and Mistral will talk a little in the books. You will also see BT
in the background once if you look really really hard, also.
    Right now they are also in the production of 3 more .hack//games for 
the ps2. They are called .hack//G.U. Not much is known about them, but what I
know I will tell you now. It takes place 7 years after the original games, and
The World has become a lawless virtual reality, where anything can happen. 
The World is ravaged by PKers, or Player Killers. Haseo, also known as the
Terror of Death, goes around killing Pkers. People have taken up the names
of the 8 phases, but I don’t know why. There is also somebody named Tri-Edge,
but nothing is known about him except that he looks a lot like Kite from the
original games. 
    Haseo, also strangely has some kind of weapon that allows him to change
classes. There are also new classes. One is career werewolf, which is only 
available to high level players that fulfill certain requirements. The other
two that I know of I’m not sure on. One is fighter, somebody that fights 
without weapons, with only their fists. I don’t know anything about the 
latter 2, but Career werewolf if for sure, as it is talked about and shown in
the .hack//legend of the twilight bracelet manga.


   *Spoilers about some of the characters!!! Stop here if you don’t want some 
of the game spoiled, because some of them are crucial parts of the story, or 
parts that are better found out in-game.*
    Kite- He is the hero of the story, and what a unique looking one he is.
He was first invited to play The World by Yasuhiko (also called Orca). Soon 
after Orca falls into a coma, and he receives the twilight bracelet. He is 
marked as an outlaw player, and he is almost deleted. He has many friends
throughout the story, and his main reason for playing The World is to find out
why his friend Orca went into a coma. In the real world he is an eighth grader 
in Japan. Nothing else is known about him in the outside world.
    BlackRose- She is kind of like Kite’s sidekick. She is alongside him in 
all the major battles she faces. She first started The World to find out why
her brother, Kazu fell into a coma. One day,he was playing The World, and he
asked her to say pick some keywords, and she chose Forbidden Hidden Holy 
Ground. There he fell into a coma. That is why BlackRose wanted Kite to go
there with her, because she was scared to go by herself. In the real world, she
is a sophomore in high school, with what seems like a good amount of friends.
She plays volleyball, and seems to be very good at it. She used to live in 
Malibu, but now lives in Japan. (I think). She is known as the Mermaid in her
gym class, because she is the best swimmer by far, because she used to live
next to the sea. Also, as for her age, she is sixteen. She has a little 
brother, named Kazu, who falls into a coma while playing the game.
    Mistral- She is just some random player that sees Kite perform data drain,
and is interested by it. She plays the world just for fun, like many other 
people. She is mostly a rare hunter, which is why she probably is so attracted 
to Kite. In the real world, she is a housewife in her late twenties. She later
has a baby named Merei.
    Piros- He is an idiot that thinks Kite is worthy, because he trusts his 
eyes. He is what may be considered a cheater in a way, as he has hacked his
very tiny head, and hacked his character so his theme song will be played 
anytime he is on a field. In the real world, he is a game designer, which is
hinted in many ways in his e-mails. He is also 31 and married. He is otherwise 
a freak in my opinion, and asks very strange questions…
    Elk- He is a weak person that always follows Mia, for reasons that I 
won’t reveal right now, as it does matter in some ways to the story in 
.hack//quarantine, and is pivotal to the story. He follows Mia around, and for
looks for Aromatic grass to give to Mia. He is otherwise just a normal 
character that follows a cat. In real life, he is a very quiet seventh grade 
with not many friends. He started playing the world to change, and he met Mia, 
and has been following her ever since.
    Mia- She is no normal player. Obviously, her character was hacked, 
hence the catlike form. She is also the only character that can see Kite’s 
bracelet without him Data Draining. She runs around The World with Elk, mostly
looking for Aromatic grass. Nothing is known about her outside of The World, 
at least nothing I’ll reveal here, as it is pivotal to the story. Very pivotal
to the story so get over it!
    Natsume- Natsume is a very weak twin blade character that is pretty 
pathetic. She is a regular player that sought help, and found it in the form of
Kite. In the real world, she is a 15 year old girl in 9th grade named Natsume 
Oguro. She is a librarian at her school, and loves reading science fiction. She
also loves reading the Lord of the Rings books.
    Gardenia- She is a normal player that somehow has a fan club. She 
doesn’t like many people, and for some reason has an obsession with flowers.
She is usually quiet, but she talks a lot more around Kite. All that is really
known about her in the real world is that she likes raw food, cats, and 
flowers. She also likes Hong Kong movies…
    Sanjuro- He is a normal player that is always after some kind of rare 
katana sword. He is an American, who is accessing the Japanese server of 
The World from America. He lives in South Dakota, and spends some of his time 
volunteering to teach kids Japanese. He also loves watching “Mr. Mifune” 
    Orca- He is one of the Descendents of Fianna, a party who cleared the 
“One Sin” event. He is also known as Orca of the Azure Sea. He is a very famous
and powerful character in the world. He is one of the characters that falls 
into a coma while playing the game. In the real world, he is an eighth grader
that has been playing the world for quite a while. He is a friend of Kite in
the real world, and his real name is Yasuhiko.
    Balmung- He is the other character that with Orca cleared the “One Sin” 
event. He is known as Balmung of the Azure Sky. With getting the finishing blow
on The One Sin, he gained a special character upgrade, and got the fully 
functional wings. He is one of the few characters that have been playing since 
the Fragment Era, which was the predecessor of the world. He is very famous and
powerful, but he is not nice like Orca is. Before he met
Orca, he was a lone player, and very cold towards other people. Nothing is 
known about him in the real world.
    Helba- She is a world renowned hacker. Her character name is taken from the
Epitaph of Twilight. Little is really known about her, except that she is a 
hacker. She doesn’t reveal anything about her self in the real world, except 
maybe something to do with security. Of course, hacking is a crime punishable 
by death, and that is why she doesn’t say anything about her real life.


   When you finished selecting your character and use name, you need to check 
your mail. *We will use the default name Kite from now on out. I don’t care what
you call your character. Call him anything you want, heck be creative.* Also, 
read the news if you want to, but it doesn’t really matter. Save; change your
screen if you want, but when you’re ready, access The World. Read the board, it
will teach you a few of the things you need to know if this is your first play
through. When you first login, your first Orca will greet you. He will then 
give you his member address, and teach you how to use the Chaos Gate. Just so
you know the Chaos Gate is the way you get from Root town to Root town, or to a
field. He will also teach you how to add people to your party. When he finally
stops blabbing on, he will have you warp to..,

                            DELTA Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

   Delta is the name of the server just so you know. There are five servers 
in the games, and they are Delta, Theta, Lambda, Sigma, and Omega. You will
only get to use Delta and Theta in this one, but the
others will become available in the later titles.
     Here, Orca will teach you how to work the camera, and tell you about the 
field and Area Elements that determine the type of field. Next, Orca will tell
you the basics of magic portals and dungeons. Then, you will learn how to fight
monsters, use skills, and command party members. *This will be a lot of the 
game, so get used to it. Some people say it can get repetitive and boring, but
I find it fine.*
      Once you can finally move, you can do some things. You can change to 
first person view, or see more of the field. Go open all of the remaining magic
portals, and let Orca do the work for some extremely easy experience. Then head
towards the dungeon.
     Orca will then explain about how to get out of the dungeon, and show you 
the basics of treasure chests. Basically brown=safe, blue=danger. If you want
to get some quick money, you could run in and out of the dungeon, because the
chests regenerate every time you come back in. Just be sure to use the fortune
wire on the blue chests. 
     You will see a scene of a girl being chased by a thing with a red wand. *I
will always provide the quickest way to the goal of the dungeon, and if it is 
possible to get the Gott Statue chest, I’ll go there first.*
       B1: West, *Orca will explain that if there are magic portals in a room, 
then you have to clear them to go to the next room.* North, Down.
       B2: North, North to the Gott Statue Chest.
     You get Steel Blades, Yellow Candy, and Rainbow Card from the chest. 
Then go back the way you came. As you leave the room, you are transported 
elsewhere. The Girl appears that you saw earlier, and gives Orca some kind of 
book. He mentions something about a rumor. Then the thing with the wand 
appears. Orca tries to attack it, but it Data Drains him. It then tries to 
drain Kite too. A huge wand comes out of nowhere, and stops the thing just in
time. Then the words System Error flash across the screen.
     Kite is knocked out, and the book is secretly given to him. You then see a
mysterious woman with the wand that saved you. You find out your friend Orca 
fell into a coma while playing the game. Check your mail, then try and log into
The World. It seems it is down for maintenance, so get on the board, and you 
will automatically post about Orca falling into a coma.
     Go back and check your mail. You will get an email from the girl that gave
Orca the book, who’s name by the way is Aura. The message is garbled, but I’ll 
translate it for you.
	                To the one who holds the book.
                        Skeith is looking for me.
                            There is no time. 
	                     Please, help me.

     *Just so you know, Skeith is the thing with the red wand*. After you
read the email, you can finally log back into the world again. You then see a
scene in Root Town, with a girl named BlackRose. Once the scene is over, sell
stuff, trade if you want, maybe even explore a little bit. Save if you want and
once you’re done, go to the Chaos Gate. BlackRose gives you her member address,
and the keywords: DELTA Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground. Add BlackRose to your 
party, and head there now. *I will always tell you to sell your stuff and trade
and save while in a town. They are highly recommended, and you would be stupid 
if you didn’t. Keep in mind that you can only hold 40 different types of items
at any given time, and 99 of any one item*.

                          DELTA Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground

    Head to the church when you get there, and if you can’t see the church, 
you are blinder than a dead person. You will see a scene, and BlackRose will
confess her noobiness. After some conversation, another player named Balmung 
appears, and so does a monster. *Just so you know, Balmung is a real asshole 
most of the time, and I really don’t like him*… Balmung kills the monster, but
it turns into a Data Bug. Then there’s this really dramatic scene, and you hear
Aura’s voice. She tells you to open the book. You do, and you gain a bracelet,
which gives you the ability to Data Drain. It allows you to rewrite monster 
data, and turn Data Bugs into normal monsters. One you can finally leave, after
many annoying scenes, and more of Balmung being an asshole, you can finally 
    Log out and check the boards. You will find that your message about Orca
falling into a coma has been deleted. Also, you get your first goblin tag 
challenge at: DELTA Detestable Golden Sunny Demon. * I will cover all of the 
goblin tag challenges in a later section.* Go to your desktop and check your 
mail. You have an email from BlackRose, so reply to it by saying “Thanks”. 
There is also an email about Data Drain; it’s extremely important so read it 
very carefully. Also, read the news. If you want save the game, and I recommend
that you do.
    Log in and you will see two people talking about a character that looks 
like a cat. So go back to the alley, and you will see a scene where the cat 
character talks about your bracelet. *You can only see the bracelet during data
drain, and nobody else can see it unless you perform data drain, so there is
something peculiar about this character*…
   Log out, and check the board. The important keyword you get is: DELTA
Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand. You will need it to progress the storyline,
but make sure that you read the whole board. You will also get the keywords:
DELTA Closed Oblivious Twin Hills, which will come into play later. You will
also get: DELTA Discovered Primitive Touchstone, which is a pretty good place
to level up after you beat Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand. It also can get you
some pretty good things to trade, since it is a level 5 dungeon.
   Log into the world, add BlackRose to your party. Trade, shop, and sell. I
would recommend getting better equipment. Also stock up on healing items for
later. If you can find some, get armor with the La Repth healing spell on it.
Save and get read to go to:

                        DELTA Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand
                                  *My level: 5*

   When you first get here, another twin blade character says that the
operator told him he can’t play here. Clear the field if you want, and then 
head to the dungeon. In B1 the Administrator will tell you to leave, but go on
                            B1: North, West, North, East
                            B2: East, South, South, West, South
                            B3: South, East to boss battle. You will see a data
bug, and your first boss battle will ensue.
   Boss Battle: Data Bugged Head Hunter
   Issue the Skills! Command, and use skills yourself. Keep doing that until 
it protect breaks, then data drain it. You will get a virus core f when you 
data drain the monster. It will turn into a normal monster, so just bring it
down with a few skills. Once you finish it off, a female Wavemaster named 
Mistral will give you her member address.
   You will automatically be warped back to the root town. The stupidest 
most annoying character ever will be there. *And I mean it!! If you really like
Piros, you deserve to be shot.* He will invite you to DELTA Indiscreet 
Gluttonous Pilgrimage.
   Save, sell, trade, and get some new equipment for your new party member. I
recommend getting the Twin Blade weapon that Mistral has. Also, you should go
to DELTA Discovered Primitive Touchstone to level Mistral up if you haven’t 
already. I’m not going to cover it thought. Why, you might ask? It is 
pathetically easy, and it has nothing to do with the story line. So once you’re
ready, head to:

                     DELTA Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage 
                                 *My level: 8*

    When you first arrive, Kite will say Piros is at the bottom of the dungeon.
Clear the field if you want, but if you’re at my level, it will be a huge waste
of time in my opinion. So if you want to clear the field, then head to the 

                    B1: North, North, West
                    B2: West, North, North, East, North
                    B3: North, West, *To Gott Statue chest* North to battle

   You will see Piros getting his butt kicked by a monster. So, sadly you 
have to him. If it was my choice, I would just let him die… Also, this is just
a normal monster, so you shouldn’t have any problem at all. After the battle, 
you get Piros’s member address, and some stupid scroll. *About Piros’s, he is a
game creator which he kind of hints at in his e-mails. Also, his stupid, 
stupid, stupid, head was hacked. That is why he has a small head, and no helmet
like all the other male heavy axeman. That is also how he has his own theme 
song every time you go onto a field with him. Also, I told you that there 
would be spoilers, so don’t blame me*. After you get his address, you will 
automatically gate out to the town.
   *Believe me when I say this, Piros is the most annoying part member you can
have. I never use him unless you’re required to. The reason is because of his 
really idiotic tiny head, stupid theme song, and because he is just so plain 
annoying. Also don’t forget the way he calls you fair eyes*. *cough gay cough*. 
   Store things, sell and trade, don’t forget to save. When you’re done,log out
and check your mail. You will have 2 mails. One of them is anonymous and lucky
you, it’s a threat of some sort. Yippee do da day!!!!! The other is from CC 
corp., and my guess so it the threat… But it will say that you are some kind of
winner of a contest. So log back in, and go to any store. They will give you 
the book of law. You can’t use it so don’t even try.
   *When you get the bracelet, the girl Aura also made your character data
untouchable. The book was made to delete you character data, so be happy she
did it. Books that go into key items is unusable, just so you know from here on
out*. After you get the book, walk around until you are notified that you have
mail. Log out, and check it. The cat-like character you saw in the alley of Mac
Anu e-mails you, telling you to go to: DELTA Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls. So
once you’re ready, head there alone. Sorry but you can’t have any part members
with you. It’s extremely easy anyways, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

                      DELTA Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls
                                *My level: 9*

   When you first arrive, Mia will tell you to come to the bottom of the 
dungeon. I really don’t recommend clearing the field, since you’re alone.  
 An administrator will be at the first level of the dungeon, but just ignore 
him and keep going.

                        B1: South, West, South, East
                        B2: East, North, North, West
   On B3, Mia will start talking to you again. After that, just keep going on
through the dungeon.

                        B3: West, South, East, South, West, South, South

   See a pattern on B3? Hehehe. Mia will talk again on B4. She doesn’t make 
much sense this whole time. And besides, why doesn’t she stop hiding and come
out and talk face to face? It’s easier that way.

                        B4: South, West, North, East, East, South, South
                           B5: North, North, to boss battle

   Boss Battle: Data Bugged Red Wyrm
   Since you are along, use skills and heal with items when needed. Watch 
out for its breath attack, and if you have a water spell or skills, I recommend
using it. Don’t use healing skills. They take way too long when you’re along it
will protect break eventually and Data Drain it for a Virus Core M. When it is
a normal monster again, just attack it until it dies. Really watch out for its
breath attack now. It can kill you if you don’t watch out. I ended up on 4 hit
points at one time during the battle… Scary. 
   Once you kill it, Mia will talk a little more, and then will leave. You will
automatically be transported back to town. When you first get there Mia will 
give you her and Elk’s member addresses. Add them to your party. *Just so you 
know, these two will be available very little during the series, so don’t get
too attached to them*. Sell stuff, get new equipment, trade, save, do whatever
you want. Once you’re done, head back to the Chaos Gate to learn how to hack 
gates. Hacking gates is simple really. You just need the required number of 
virus cores to do it, which are obtained from Data Draining.
    Before you head to the area, I suggest leveling up a bit, and also maybe 
take a look at the posts on the board. You also will have a new tag challenge
if you finished the last one. It will be at: DELTA Detestable Golden Messenger. 
Also, if you read the post about posts about weapon information, somebody named
Natsume is looking for the Spiral Edge at: DELTA Raging Passionate Melody. 
 There will also be some news, but nothing important,really.

                        DELTA Raging Passionate Melody
                                *My level: 10*

    Clear the field if you want, then head to the dungeon. You will see
Natsume, another Twin Blade. She will talk a little bit then whine about being 
weak. She also wants the spiral edge, which by the way is a crappy twin blade
weapon by the way, but let’s go get it for her!!

                               B1: North, West, South
                               B2: South, South, East, East, North
                               B3: North, West, North to Gott Statue Chest

    Once you get to the Gott Statue, you’ll get the Spiral Edge when you 
open it, and you’ll automatically be transported back to B1. Give Natsume the
spiral edge, and she’ll give you her member address. (NOT ANYTHING ELSE!!! If
you’ve already been here, you’ll know what I’m talking about…) Gate out, save, 
sell, buy, do whatever. Then, head to the protected area:

                               DELTA Closed Oblivious Twin Hills
                                         *My level: 11*
                                        Virus Cores: M-2

   When you first get here, Mia will talk about Protected Areas, and then 
you can move. *Some inside information, Protected Areas are blocked off because
the 8 phases have passed through them several times, causing mass data 
corruption. It also caused raw code to be able to seen through the graphics, 
which is why you see numbers and junk every time you enter a data bugged 
information. Just a little more information that you might want to know. Not 
that it affects anything, really.* Clear the field if you want, then head to 
the dungeon.

                                 B1: North, North, North
                                 B2: North, North, North
                                 B3: North, North to boss battle

   Geez that was easy wasn’t it? Just keep going North, forever…… Mia 
talks moreabout data bugs and virus cores, and then finally a boss battle 

   Boss Battle: Data Bugged Stone Tuttle
   Have Elk stay back and heal, while you and Mia use your best skills to 
bring the sucker down. It shouldn’t be that hard. It will eventually protect 
break, so data drain it for a virus core N. Then just use skills until it 
falls, which shouldn’t be that long. You can also data drain it again. If 
you’re like me you are in desperate need of virus core C’s.
   If you do, just hope you don’t have my luck and lose 200 experience points,
and not even get a virus core. Once the battle is over you will explain what 
happened to Orca to Mia. Mia and Elk will log out, then you’ll automatically be 
transported back to root town. You will be notified you have mail, so log out,
and check it. There are some new posts on the board, but nothing important.
   You will have mail from a woman named Helba. She is a key player in the 
games, so read this as it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. It will tell you a lot about
virus cores, which are extremely important in this game. When you log back in,
you will see Balmung. You tell him all about Orca, and then he says he doesn’t
trust you. He’s crazy in my opinion, and I think his name should be Balmunkey.
Log out, read the board then check your mail. You will get one from BlackRose 
about the board.
   You will also get the Keywords THETA Quiet Eternal White Devil, and you now
can go to THETA server. You will also have one from the girl, Aura, which I’ll
translate to the best of my abilities:

                            I have to be born to live.
                               That is why I wait.
                                Mother. Morganna…
                          Bearer of the bracelet. Help me.
                        Before there are any more casualties!
                           (I’m just this good :P)

   Log in, and head to THETA server. I recommend checking some things out, 
taking a look around, and maybe try and breed grunties. I recommend equipping
Piros if you haven’t already, because there will be a place you’re required to 
take him to, and you won’t be able to trade or give him anything at that time. 
Just a fair warning.
   When you get to THETA, BlackRose will ask you if you’re going to THETA 
Quiet Eternal White Devil. So add her and one other person to your party and 
head to:

                        THETA Quiet Eternal White Devil
                               *My level: 13*

   When you first get here note the fact that it was really east to get into.
Clear the field, which this time would most likely be more beneficial to you, 
and head to the dungeon.

                       B1: North, North, North, West, South, South, South
                       B2: South, East, East, North, North, East,North
                       B3: North, East, East, North, North 

   Can you believe it? All that work for nothing!! It turns out to be a dead
end, which really blows don’t it? No boss, no Gott Statue, just one huge waste
of time!! Head back to DELTA server, and you will see a scene between Mia and 
Elk. You find out that Elk is just a bit strange, because he likes the Kitty
and all. He will then invite you to: DELTA Plenteous Smiling Hypha. Just so 
you know, only you and Elk can come, no other party members.

                       DELTA Plenteous Smiling Hypha
                                *My level: 15*

   When you first get here, you see that the place looks perfectly normal. Elk
will then beg for your bracelet, he’ll even give you everything he has. Then 
the screen flickers, and Elk says that something is wrong. You suggest going 
check the dungeon. So once you can move, clear the field if you want, then head
to the dungeon. The dungeon looks obviously like it was infected, so get a move
on you idiot. (Just kidding)

                            B1: North, West, North, WestNorth, North, West, 
                            B2: West, North, North
                            B3: North, North to battle

   When you first get to the room, Mia will be there, a long with a portal. She
will yell Elk’s name, and he will spazz out and run towards her, also 
activating the portal. This also starts a boss battle with:

   Boss Battle: Data Bugged Killer Snaker
   Mia will join you in the battle, but you can’t control her. Have Elk stay 
back to heal you, and hit it with your best skills. It will take quite a while
to protect break, but when it does, data drain if for a virus core P. Use 
skills, and have Elk heal. Watch out, because it is still very dangerous. 
   After the battle, Elk and Mia will talk with each other a little bit, and 
then they will log out together. You will automatically head back to Root Town.
Sell, restock items, trade, store, and don’t forget to save. Then log out and 
check the board. There are a lot of new posts. One is a new tag challenge at:
DELTA Detestable Golden Scent. Also, somebody named Sanjuro is looking for a
katana at DELTA Hideous Destroyer’s Far Thunder. It seems that there is 
somebody named Miss Gardenia that has a fan club, and they are headed to THETA
Soft Solitary Tri Pansy. After that, the rest of it really doesn’t matter. 
Also, there is some new news, but nothing important, unless you consider cat
toilets pivotal to the story.
  Log back in, and you will see Piros talking to Mia. She gives him an item,
which turns him orange. Kite asks him what he got, and being the idiot Piros is
you find out it was a magic love potion. You are supposed to go look for a cure
at: DELTA Putrid Hot Blooded Scaffold. But first, there are some side quests 
that you can do. Well let’s get started by heading to THETA server. Then head 

                               THETA Soft Solitary Tri Pansy
                                    *My level: 15*

  Clear the field, which I recommend because it’s so friggen easy. Head to the
dungeon. On B1, you’ll see Gardenia’s fans, which are all girls. (Wonder what 
kind of love they are implying?..) They force a love letter on you, and you are 
supposed to take it to Gardenia.
                       B1: North, North, North, North

  In the room with the stairs, you’ll see Gardenia, but she says you have no
manners, and then refuse the letter and head down the stairs.

                       B2: North, East, East, North, West, North

  You’ll see Gardenia again, but she still refuses the letter and again heads
down the stairs.

                       B3: North, East, East, North, West, West, North, OR
North, West, West, North, North, East, East, North.

  You see Gardenia again, and yet again, she goes down the stairs.

                       B4: North, West, West, to Gott Statue then
North, North to battle

  You’ll see Gardenia again, this time going up against a Guardian, so help 
her take it down. After that, she’ll finally accept the latter, and you’ll get
her member address. Congratulations on getting your first long arm! (They are
my favorite class, but not because of the games.) Gardenia leaves, and a second
later her fan club shows up. You tell them Gardenia has left, so they leave, 
and then you finally head back to Root Town. Now head to DELTA server, and help
Sanjuro with his sword problems at:

                      DELTA Hidden Destroyer’s Far Thunder
                              *My level: 15*

  Clear the field if you want, and then head to the dungeon. You will see
Sanjuro here, and he says that he can’t find the Kotetsu sword. So it is up to
you to find Sanjuro’s sword.

                         B1: North, North, West, West
                         B2: West, West, North, North
                         B3: North, West, North

  You’ll get the Kotetsu sword, and be transported back to B1. Give Sanjuro 
the sword, and he will give you his member address and a Tolerance Book. You’ll
be transported back to Root Town, so save, sell, trade, and restock your items. 
Add Piros to your party, and head to:

                          DELTA Putrid Hot Blooded Scaffold
                                   *My level: 15*

    Just to warn you, I’m going to provide directions to the key items for this
dungeon first, then head to the exit from there. Clear the field if you want, 
then head to the dungeon.

                          B1: North, East, East, South, North, West, West,
West, West, North, East

    When you get the Key Item remedy, Piros will ask for it, so you give it to
him, and he turns… Pink.

                          B2: East, South, West, South, West, West, North,
West, North, East, West, South, West, North

    You will get the Key Item Custom Remedy, which Piros again wants, so give it
to him, and he turns… Yellow.

                         B3: North, North, West, South, North, East, North

    You will get the Key Item True Remedy, so give it to Piros, and this time he
turns back to normal for a second, then… Orange again.

                      B4: North, West, North, East, East, East to Gott Statue,
then North, West, West, South

   You’ll get the Key Item First Remedy so give it to Piros, and he’ll 
finally be normal again. He’ll give you Piros’ Diary… (The crappiest items 
ever. Seriously, it lowers a stat permanently!) He’ll leave, and then you will
be transported back to Root Town automatically.
   Sell, save, trade, buy, and then log out. There will be some things on the
board, but no keywords. Check your mail, and BlackRose will have e-mailed you
about THETA Quiet Eternal White Devil. The  keywords were actually changed and 
the new words are: THETA Cursed Despaired Paradise. So, log back in, and head to
THETA server, and BlackRose will be there. She’ll ask you if you’re going to 
THETA Cursed Despaired Paradise. So add her to your party, and go to the Chaos 
Gate, it’s protected and you need:

                               Virus Cores: A-3

   And of course, you don’t have Virus Core Q. Well you shouldn’t unless 
you used come kind of cheat device, which means you are the most pathetic 
person ever… So leave the menu, and BlackRose says that she thinks somebody 
modified the message, like somebody deleted yours. *You’ll later find out who
does this in .hack//mutation, if you can read between the lines, that is. I’m 
not going to tell you here though.* Run around for a little while, then you 
will be notified that you have mail. One will be from BlackRose, telling you
how hopeless you were at first, so reply to the mail any way you want. I 
personally choose the first one.* You will also have one from Mistral, talking
about not seeing you, and waiting to see you perform Data Drain again, so 
choose either reply. Either way the story line won’t be affected. 
   When you log in, if you’re on THETA server you’ll see Mistral talking to a
heavy axeman named Apeiron. *He also has something to do with the game, but 
again you’ll have to read between the lines.* He will be trying to sell her an
item, but she can’t afford it. She logs out, and then he tries to sell it to 
you. He then complains a bit, and then just gives it to you. He leaves, and 
Mistral comes back looking for him. She will tell you about some keywords she
over heard people talking about. Those keywords are: THETA Collapsed Momentary
Spiral. So put Mistral and somebody else and your party and head there now.

                        THETA Collapsed Momentary Spiral
                                 *My level: 18*
                                 Virus Cores: A-2

   When you first get here, you can see that it’s pretty infected. Clear the
field if you want, I recommend it, because is saves you some time in the long
run. Once you’re ready, head to the dungeon. On B1, Mistral comments about how
it looks, but she has no clue that the place isn’t supposed to look infected…
 But let us continue on.

                                B1: North, West (easy eh?)
                                B2: East, South, East, East
                                B3: East, East, North to battle
    Boss Battle: Data Bugged Thousand Trees
    Set Mistral to First Aid! command, and have you and the other person you
brought use skills. If you have anything with earth, use that as it is weak 
against earth element. It’ll protect break eventually, and that’s your chance
to Data Drain him for a virus core Q. Then set everybody to skills!, even 
Mistral. It’ll go down in a few seconds.
   Mistral will say she wants a bracelet like yours, and then you explain
everything that has happened. She thinks it’s an event. (She is a bit 
thickheaded…) She then leaves, and you are automatically transported back to 
Root Town.
   Sell, trade, save, buy do whatever. You will be notified you have mail, so 
log out. If you finished the last tag challenge, there will be a new one at: 
DELTA Detestable Golden New Truth. Check your e-mail and you’ll have one from 
Gardenia saying she’s going to: THETA Beautiful Someone’s Treasure Gem. Also, 
you have another one from BlackRose which you should reply to by saying “Got 
Virus Core”. Log back in, because you have several things you can do. You can 
do the tag challenge, which I’ll cover later, you can do Gardenias dungeon, or
you can be really lazy and continue on with the storyline.
   When you first log in, BlackRose will be there waiting to go to: THETA Cursed
Despaired Paradise. But first, let’s go to Gardenia’s dungeon. So add Gardenia
and another party member (preferable BlackRose, just incase she needs training 
for the next dungeon.) So let’s head to:

                          THETA Beautiful Someone’sTreasure Gem
                               *My level: 20*

   When you fist arrive here, Kite will ask what is here. Gardenia asks if some
flower I’m not even going to try to spell would be here but, then she says it’s
on some kind of mountain. (She is really strange and also obsessed with 
flowers…) Clear the field, yet again I recommend it, then head to the dungeon.
*Watch out for Menhirs as they can revive fallen monsters.* On B1, Gardenia 
will start talking about dandelions, and how itchy the fluff could be…
                             B1: North, North, North,North
                             B2: North, West, North,North, East, East
                             B3: East, North, North

   You’ll be at the Gott Statue, and you’ll get Graceful book. Kite asks 
Gardenia if she wanted him to come so he could find the item, but she just says
you think too much. You’ll automatically be transported back to Root Town. So
sell, buy, save, trade then head to: 

                            THETA Cursed Despaired Paradise
                                   *My level: 21*
                                    Virus Core: A-3

   Enter all of the Virus Cores, and hack the gate, and you’ll be on the field.
BlackRose says it is different, but it shouldn’t be anything new to you. Clear
the field, which again I recommend. Also use the Spring of Myst if you want,
then head to the dungeon. One thing I love about dark elemental places is that
they seem to have a ton of symbols.

                           B1: South, South,South, South
                           B2: South, West, North
                           B3: North, North, North to room

   You’ll end up in a strange room full of teddy bears and a bed. You then hear
the words:

                         And so, I shall name her Aura
                        Without you, she would not exist.
                              The shining girl Aura
                        We will entrust her with out will.
                            Our future is in her hands.
                                  She is our…

   You will then receive Harald’s note. Kite finally figures out that Aura 
is the girl in the white dress. BlackRose asks if it was the girl that gave you
the bracelet, then she sees more.

                             Shunning the field, broken by wave.
                                The shadowed girl whispers,
                                 “Surely, I will return.”
                               Alas, the truth unbeknownst,
                               Awaiting her at journey’s end:
                               Eternal mourning for her land

   You then get Epitaph 00. Kite and BlackRose comment on it, and then you are
automatically warped back to Root town. 

   BlackRose leaves and you’re left. So sell, trade, save, and you will be
notified that you have mail. Log out. There is some new stuff on the board; you
should pay some attention to the MISSING thread, just so you know. Check your 
mail, and BlackRose will have e-mailed you to tell you she is going to look 
into the MISSING thread. There is some news; you might want to read the article
about “Induced Coma with online game”. Check the board again, and there will be
a post called “To Orca”. Read it, and then head to: DELTA Bursting Passed Over
Aqua Field.

                     DELTA Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field
                           *My level: 23*

   When you first arrive here, you will see a long arm named Bob. Kite explains
to Bob about Orca being Data Drained. Bob says “that rumor… it can’t be…” It’s
about something unknown, lurking within The World. Bob says somebody named 
Linda would know more about it. She’s at: DELTA Buried Pagan Fiery Sands. He 
then gives you Secret: Reason, and says that Orca was going to give it to you.
You’ll automatically be transported back to Root town, so get a party together 
and head to: 

                        DELTA Buried Pagan Fiery Sands
                              *My level: 23*

   Clear the field, I recommend it because there are only a few places left
before the final boss. Use the spring of Myst if you want, then head to the 

                        B1: North, East, North, East, North
                        B2: North, West, North, East, North

   You will see Linda here. About the rumor its pretty much something with some
other purpose lurking inside it. She says that Orca and Balmung were working 
together to find the truth. She explains that they are known as the descendents
of Fianna. She tells you to go check out DELTA Lonely Silent Great Seal. You’ll
then automatically be transported back to Root town. Now, let’s head to:

                       DELTA Lonely Giant Great Seal
                            *My level: 24*
                            Virus Cores: B-4

   Clear the field if you want the head to what is going to be a very 
simple dungeon.

                       B1: North, West, North, East, East
                       B2: West, North, North, North,East, North
                       B3: North, West, North, North
   Yet another strange room, but this one takes strange to a whole new level.
Half a chair, big holes in the floor? Looks like my Aunt hit this place when
she was chasing food. You do get Epitaph ? though. But you can’t read it. 
You’ll then be transported back to Root town, and you’ll be notified that you
have mail.
   Log out, and head to the desktop. Now, once you’re on it, you can’t do
anything, and I mean anything until you read BlackRose’s e-mail, telling you
that she and you are going to: THETA Great Distant Fertile Land. *Believe me
you can’t do anything I tried… A lot :p*. Log back in and head to:

                           THETA Great Distant Fertile Land
                                   *My level: 25*

   Clear the field, I highly recommend it, as this is the last place before the
final battle. Then head to the dungeon.

              B1: North, West, North
              B2: North, West, West
              B3: West, West, West to Gott Statue, then West, 
              North to goal

   You’ll see Alf’s friend, Meg here talking to a system admin. She won’t tell 
you the name of the place Alf went to, but she posted them on the board. So 
mosey on over to the board and check there. The message was deleted though. 
So check your email, and BlackRose will e-mail you complaining about it, but 
what can you do? You’ll also have some new news, but nothing important. Log 
back in, run around for a minute or two, and then log back out. You’ll have 
2 very important mails. One is from Aura which I’ll translate:

                                      I can’t run
                                        any more
                                       catches me…
                                      There’s still
                                   time. There’s still
                                       time. There’s
                                   still time. There’s
                                       still time.
                                    There’s still time.

   The other one is from Helba who gives you Meg’s post that was deleted.
 Here it is:

                              THETA Chosen Hopeless Nothingness
                                  He said he saw a
                                  girl and a guy
                                  with a red wand
                                  playing tag.
                                  I received an
                                  e-mail from Alf’s
                                  Family, which said
                                  he slipped into
                                  a coma while
                                  playing the game.

   So log in, put BlackRose and somebody else in your party, *me personally 
I put in Gardenia* and head to:

                           THETA Chosen Hopeless Nothingness
                                  *My level: 28*
                                   Virus Cores: A-1

   When you first arrive here, you will see the bracelet shining. So once 
you can move, clear the field, which I highly recommend, and then head to the
dungeon. Try Data Draining Mu Guardian monsters for Bom-Ba-Ye, a rare Twin 
Blade weapon with the Staccato skill on it. Also try Data Draining Goil Menhirs
for a rare Heavy Blade weapon which I can’t spell.

                           B1: North, West, North
                           B2: North, North
                           B3: North, West, North, East, East, North, East
                           B4:East, East, North, North, West, West, North
                           OR East, East, North, West,West, North, North
                           B5: North, North, North to battle

   When you first get here, you will see Aura, but it’s too late. Skeith 
shows up behind her and Data Drains her. She turns into a red ball. Skeith then
splits her into 3 parts, and the battle ensues

   Boss Battle: Phase 1 Skeith The Terror of Death
   This is the hardest battle you will face. I brought BlackRose and Gardenia, 
and had them attack while Kite stayed back and healed. Skeith has plenty of 
moves, which I’ll describe:

   Judgement- He freezes your whole party in ice, doing major damage.

   Jump- Skeith goes up in the air and shoves his wand down into the ground,
causing damage.

   Data Drain- He’ll data drain one character, and cause every status effect in
the game.

   Wand Strike- He’ll hit somebody with his wand, pretty much a basic attack.

   You will be spamming Health Drinks most of the time,along with Resurrects. 
Have everybody attack, including Kite. When he does his Jump, runaway so you 
can avoid damage. Also try and stay behind him. If you get Data Drained, issue 
the First Aid! command. He will eventually Protect Break, so Data Drain him for
a virus core F. He will then have just 4500 hitpoints, so hit him with all you 
got. He still has his Jump move, so watch out. He can heal himself, and also 
cause individual status effects now, so watch out. I recommend using a speed 
charm so you can get away from his jump move, also.
    After you beat him, you are transported somewhere else,and Skeith’s
body falls into the ground and makes some kind of silvery poor that starts 
bubbling. Things tart jutting out of the ground, and they hit the pool. You 
then look up and see a huge monster above you. You see Helba far above it. He
then does some kind of attack that sends you flying, and you’re transported out
of the place. Helba then lands and says “Cubia…” and leaves too. After that 
Kite says this:

                           We have come so far
                          …but we knew so little
                                 And now,
                          The true battle was about
                                 to begin.

   Congratulations on beating the game!!! Watch the credits roll. You’ll then be
able to create a “Data Flag”. Do so; believe me you’ll want to. Check your 
mail, you’ll have 2 from Roy@Bandai, one about the Data Flag, another about a 
place called: DELTA Hideous Someone’s Giant, and you’ll obtain a Virus Core T. 
You’ll also have some news, but nothing important. Check the board, and you’ll
also have a new tag challenge. Check your mail again, and you’ll have an email 
from BlackRose, and maybe one from the other party member you took to fight 

   Log in and head to:

                        DELTA Hideous Someone’s Giant
                            *My level:30*

   Well since there is no field, head to the dungeon.

                   B1: North, East, North, West, West, South, South
                   B2: South, South

    Boss Battle: Parasite Dragon
    Have whoever you brought go up and attack the dragon, while
you stay a safe distance away. And I mean that, stay as far away as possible,
or you’ll be killed by his breath attack. Just make sure you brought along 
plenty of Resurrects, because you will be using them a lot… He will protect 
break eventually, so Data Drain him quickly to get Hyakkidouran, a rare Twin
Blade weapon. After you kill him, Kite will say that this thing was
infecting the ship.

        This is where I will cover everything I possibly can,
from beating the goblins, to maybe raising grunties, and whatever else I can
think up that I didn’t cover in the Walkthrough.

Ryu Books
   This is what keeps track of things that you do in the game, and rewards you
with a screen, image, or background music when you fulfill a certain 

Ryu Book I
   This book keeps track of how many areas you’ve been to, and how many hours
total you have played

10 areas
20 areas
30 areas
40 areas
50 areas
5:00:00 hours
10:00:00 hours
15:00:00 hours
Ryu Book II
   This book keeps track of all the portals you have cleared, along with how 
many times you’ve cleared dungeons and fields of all the portals that they 

50 portals cleared
100 portals cleared
150 portals cleared
200 portals cleared
300 portals cleared
400 portals cleared
5 all field portals cleared
10 all field portals cleared
10 all dungeon portals cleared
15 all dungeon portals cleared
Ryu Book III
   This book keeps track of all the names of people you have met, and how many
times you’ve traded with people.

20 names registered
5 trades made
10 trades made
Ryu Book IV
   This book keeps track of all the monsters you have fought, what you can get
from data draining them, their spells, and also where you last saw them

50 monsters 
80 monsters
Ryu Book V
   This book keeps track of how much money in gifts you’ve given to your party

20,000 GP in gifts
50,000 GP in gifts
Ryu Book VI
   This book keeps track of how many chests you’ve opened, destroyable things
you’ve destroyed, and how many Gott Statues you’ve opened.

50 treasure chests opened
150 treasure chests opened
300 treasure chests opened
50 boxes, crates, bones, jars, destroyed
100 boxes, crates, bones, jars, destroyed
200 boxes, crates, bones, jars, destroyed
5 Gott Statues opened
15 Gott Statues opened
Ryu Book VII
   This book keeps track of how many symbols you’ve activated, how many times
you’ve seen Monsieur, and how many times you seen Grandpa also. Monsieur and
Grandpa are the idiots at the springs of Myst.

5 symbols activated
10 symbols activated
20 symbols activated
30 symbols activated
5 visits to Monsieur
10 visits to Monsieur
5 visits to Grandpa
10 visits to Grandpa
Ryu Book VIII
   This book keeps track of how many grunty foods you’ve collected, and also the
different types of grunties you raised.

50 Grunty foods collected
All Grunty foods collected

Goblin Tag
   Here we will cover all of the goblins, from Stehony, to Jonue, to Zyan, to
Albert, to Martina. Let’s have some fun chasing goblins around shall we? 
New information on the Goblins as well. Laboratory69@aol.com e-mailed me and
told me that you don't need Martina's badge to summon goblin. If you equip 
all the armor, it should appear with the hat. Thank you again Laboratory for the
info, and if anybody could confirm this, it would help me greatly.

   Stehony- The first goblin, so he has to be the easiest goblin to kill, right?
Well cast a speed charm on yourself, and chase him around for a while. Sounds
like fun doesn’t it? Just hit him with normal attacks, and he’ll go down 
really quick.

   Jonue- The second goblin, but still pretty easy. Cast another speed 
charm, and follow him around for a while. If you have a wood skill, use that on
him for a quick kill. Otherwise you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

   Zyan- The third goblin and they still aren’t getting any harder. Cast a speed
charm, and follow him. He might be a little faster, so you might have to follow
him a bit more. Again, if you have a wood skill, use that a few times for a 
quick kill.

   Albert- The fourth goblin, and now you might have a bit of a problem. Cast a
speed charm, and go after him. He’ll be a little harder to hit. Use skills, 
especially if you have a wood skill. He’ll take a bit longer, but he’ll go down

   Martina- Now this is actually hard. She can cast Rig Saem on herself, so 
watch out for that. The second use get near her, use a skill, then she’ll be 
off again. Bring a good supply of mage souls, because you’re going to need them
to restore your sp. You might want to bring something to up your accuracy, 
because she can be hard to hit with skills sometimes. She’ll go down 
eventually, but if she gets the cast Rig Saem, it’ll be even harder, but it’s
still possible.

    *All credit goes to Josh Bossie (jboss@noahsmaze.com) for being kind enough 
to let me use his grunty formulas*

Noble Grunty: Just feed 15 golden eggs

Iron Grunty: 4 Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactuses, and however many more 
Golden Eggs you would need to make it the right size.

Poison Grunty: 4  Piney Apples, 3 Snakey Cactus, 1 Immature Egg, and
however many Golden eggs you would need to make it the right size.

   This is all there really is to do with Grunties... Not that hard eh? Again,
all credit goes to Josh Bossie for this section, as he was kind enough to
let me use his Grunty Formulas, because I can't raise grunties to save my 

   Here I will cover all the monsters in the game, the items that they you could
get by data draining, virus cores you can get, their levels, hitpoints, and 
skill points.

0.	Monster-Level Virus Core
50,5 Skills, Items from Data Draining

1.	Razine-0 None
50,5 None, None

2.	Swordmanoid-2 A
60,25 None Phantom Blades, Head Gear

3.	Gladiator-21 A
250,215 Ap Corv Enou, Forester Helm

4.	Ochimusha-16 A
200,165 Ap Corv Spell Blades, Fire Helm

6.	Heavy Metal-14 A
180,145 Ap Corv Ronin Blades, Ice Helm

8.	Dark Rider-26 B
1090,525 BiAni Don Anshou, Forester Helm

11.	Tetra Armor-30 C
1250,605 None Dante’s Blades, Scarlet Autumn

13.	General Armor-19 C
810,385 None Sotetsu, Fire Helm

14.	Porolin-0 None
50,5 None, None

15.	Mummy Ripper-7 A
110,75 Dek Corv Strange Blade, Grand Armor

20. Cadet Valkyrie-5 A
90,105 None Gakaku, Plate Armor

21. Fresh Valkyrie-21 A
250,215 Repth Komura, Spirit Armor

24. Grand Mage-23 A
270,235 Vak Don, Ap Vakz Cedar Wand, Scarab Earring

36. Flamer-0 None
50,5 None, None

37. Fire Witch-20 A
240,205 Vak Don, Vak Kruz Inferno Wand, Lincoln Green

38. Water Witch-14 A
180,145 Rue Kruz, Rue Zot Basho Wand, Winter Coat

39. Dark Witch-19 A
230,195 MeAni Kruz, MeAni Zot Rod of the Sea, Fireman’s Coat

50. Guardin-12 B
530,245 None Razor Axe, Frost Armor

52. Metal Emporer-17 B
730,345 None, Earth Axe, Blaze Armor

57. Mu Guardian-28 B
1170,845 None, Master’s Axe, Bom-Ba-Ye

67. Pippy-0 None
50,5 None, None

68. Chicken Hand-4 A
80,45 None Battle Axe, Leather Gloves

69. Wood Harpy-19 A
230, 195 None War God Axe, Smith’s Gloves

80. Monkey Crab-0 None
50,5 None, None

81. Snip Snap-3 B
170,65 None Used Greaves, Head Gear

82. Crab Turtle-12 B
530,245 None Aqua Guard, Ice Helm

83. Red Scissors-29 B
1210,585 None Electric Guard, Axe Bomber
84. Squilla Demon-16 B
690,325 Ap Corv Aqua Guard, Ice Helm

87. Mantis-27 B
1130,545 Ap Corv Electric Guard, Giant Hill

88. Scorpion Tank-9 C
770,275 None Mountain Guard, Mountain Helm

91. Shield Man-9 A
130,95 Dek Torv Cursed Blades, Cougar Bandana

105. Moai-0 None
50,5 None, None

106. Rock Head-9 B
410, 185 Ap Vorma Thunder Axe, Mountain Guard

107. Mystery Rock-30 B
1250,605 Rig Saem Devil’s Axe, Phoenix’s Wing

114. Stone Tuttle-13 C
1090,1090 Rig Saem Razor Axe, Aqua Guard

116. xtone^t=-13 N
016:,1090 GiGan Don

117. Minnow-0 None
50,5 None, None

118. Sky Fish-4 A
90,45 None Mizuchi, Nomad’s Hood

119. Arrow Fish-17 A
220,175 Duk Lei Fugaku, Fire Dance Hat

123. Cyclo Shark-11 C
930,225 Ap Corv Unicorn Blade, Ice Hunter Cap

130. Gremlin-0 None
50,5 None, None

131. Goblin-1 A
50,15 None Steel Blades, Leather Gloves

132. Stehony-5 None
190,55 None, None

133. Jonue-10 None
330,105 None, None

140. Hob Goblin-7 A
110,75 None, Lath Blades, Miner’s Gloves

141. Zyan-15 None
470,155 None, None

145. Goblin Night-15 A
190,155 None, Spell Blades, Fishing Gloves

146. Metal Goblin-26 A
300,265 None, Anshou, Jinsarin

148. Albert-25 None
750,255 None, None

152. Magical Goblin-3 A
75,35 Duk Lei, Ap Torma Steel Blades, Leather Gloves

153. Goblin Wiz-16 A
200,165 BiVak Rom, Dek Vorma Spell Blades, Smith’s Gloves

155. Martina-30 None
890,325 Rig Saem, Dek Do

159. Cannibal-25 C
2050,755 None Anshou, Forest Gloves

161. Ogre-27 C
2210,815 None Master Blades, Thunder Gloves

163. IronBall Freak-24 C
1970,725 None Raitei, Forest Gloves

168. Little Doggie-0 None
55,5 None, None

169. Sled dog-15 B
650,305 Vak Don, Spear of Spell, Ice Hunter Cap

172. Hell Doberman-6 B
220,125 Vak Kruz Fire spear, Hunter’s Hood

173. Hell Hound-29 B
1210,385 GiVak Kruz Fair Spear, Sakabotou

176. Flame Heads-12 C
1010,365 None Gold Spear, Ice Hunter Cap

179. Wiggle Snake-0 None
50,5 None, None

180. Menhir-17 B
730,345 Rip Maen Earth Axe, Hands of Fire

181. Goil Menhir-28 B
1170,555 Rip Maen Master’s Axe, Shikisokuzeku

184. Fiend Menhir-7 B
330,185 Rip Maen Wind Axe, Hands of Earth

185. Limp Knife-0 None
50,5 None, None

186. Disco Knife-1 A
60,25 Ap Corv Iron Spear, Rondo

187. Lambada Knife-20 A
250,405 Ap Corv Lavaman Spear, Komura

188. Dust Curse-8 A
130,85 Ap Corv Wooden Spear, Strange Blade

189. Cursed Blade-28 A
330,285 Ap Corv Sleipnir, Million$ Spear

190. Sword of Chaos-6 A
110,65 Ap Corv Fire Spear, Gakaku

191. Armor Shogun-24 B
1010,485 Ap Corv, Strormer Spear, Singing Blade

194. Dragon Puppy-0 None
50,5 None, None

195. Snakoid-7 A
120,75 None Stun Sword, Wyrm Hide

196. Lead Snakoid-25 A
300,255 None Kikujyomonji, Holy Tree Mail

200. Red Wyrm-10 C
850,105 Vak Don Defense Sword, Firedrake Mail

202. __ed^l}-8 M
0104,85 Vak Kruz

215. Parasite Dragon-30
9999,305 Ranki Lei, Hyakkidouran

219. Twinkle Grass-0 None
50,5 None, None

220. Mad Grass-1 A
60,15 Mumyn Lei Wrist Band, Leather Armor

221. Hungry Grass-11 A
160,115 Mumyn Lei Frost Bracer, Wyrm Scale

222. Snappy Grass-24 A
290,245 Mumyn Lei Air Bracer, Holy Tree Mail

223. WoodStock-27 C
2210,815 RaJuk Rom Storm Bracer, Jester’s Wand

224. Thousand Trees-13 C
1090,395 Juk Rom Frost Bracer, Wyrm Scale

225. WxdSto^k-18 Q
0x,395 RaJuk Rom

227. Scarlet King-17 B
730,345 Ap Torv Fire Bracer, Wyrm Scale

229. Mushroom King-6 B
290,125 Ap Torv Fossil Bracer, Wyrm Hide

231. Lamia Fighter-15 A
220,155 Mumyn Lei Frost Anklet, Snow Panther

232. Lamia Hunter-23 A
280,235 Miu Lei Oak Anklet, Ranger’s Boots

234. Killer Snaker-16 C
1330,485 Gan Rom Iron Anklet, Fire Lizard

236. Ki/er S^&aker-16 P
0x0,165 MeGan Rom 

240. Fake Money-0 None
50, 5 None, None

241. Mimic-8 A
370,165 Ranki Lei Hands of Earth, Fossil Bracer

242. Hell Box-22 A
930,445 Ranki Lei Hands of Wood, Air Bracer

246. Death Head-0 None
50,5 None, None

247. Nomadic Bones-15 A
200,155 Rip Maen Spear of Spell, Frost Anklet

250. Living Dead-22 B
930,335 Suvi Lei Treeman Spear, Oak Anklet

253. Headhunter-5 B
250,80 None Treeman Spear, Oak Anklet

256. He}dhu&__er-5 C
0067,55 Ani Zot

268. Wiggly-0 None
50,5 None, None

269. Deadly Moth-2 B
130,35 None Earth Sword, Safety Shoes

270. Phantom Wing-18 B
770,275 None Shanato, Fire Lizard

272. Bee Army-7 B
333,100 Duk Lei Green Sword, Mountain Boots

273. Bee Assault-26 B
1090, 395 Duk Lei Sharp Blade, Ranger’s Boots

275. Baby Worm-27 C
1890,695 Suvi Lei Shidan, Ranger’s Boots

281. Ectoplasm-6 A
218,65 Ani Don Fire Wand, Hiking Gear

282. Noisy Wisp-18 A
554,185 Ani Don Earth Rod, Fireman’s Coat

283. Halloween-25 B
2050,505 Ani don Adian’s Rod, Lincoln Green

288. Shining Eyes-15 B
650,305 Ani Don Diabolic Wand, Winter Coat

   In this section I'm going to cover emails with your partners, and the right
replys to them.I'm going to do them in the order you get the people, and just 
so you know, you won't get any e-mails from Elk or Mia.
  BlackRose e-mails
  E-mail 1
  What do you... 

  Do what when you're in your room?
  Don't just play games, you should
  go out and work out.
  You'll get fat :)

  Reply: Well sometimes...

  E-mail 2
  RE: Well sometimes...

  >Aside from PE, I play soccer
  >with my friends...
  >But only once in a while though.

  I don't play soccer, but I like
  watching it.

  Reply: How about you?

  E-mail 3

  RE: How about you?

  Thanks for asking!
  I'm on my school's varsity tennis
  team! I'm the only one on varsity
  as a sophomore!

  My goal is to play center court
  in Wimbledon! Heh heh. :)
  Reply: Sophomore...?!

  E-mail 4
  RE: Sophomore...?! 

  >A sophomore in high school?

  Yeah, I'm a sophomore.
  Didn't I tell you?

  Reply: I'm in 8th grade 

  E-mail 5
  RE: I'm in 8th grade 

  >...did you know?

  Oh, you're in 8th grade...I see...
  Well if you have any problems,
  come talk to big sister.
  ...yeah right, heh heh :)

  *This is the end of BlackRose's e-mail chain.*

  Mistral's E-mail
  E-mail 1 

  It's Mistral :) 

  I baked an apple pie the other
  day, but I kind of messed up :(
  I burned the apple filling on
  it a bit...

  What do you like Kite?

  Reply: Apple Pie 

  E-mail 2 
  RE: Apple Pie 

  >I love apple pie! Vanilla ice
  >cream on a hot applepie is the

  yup yup :)
  It's sooooo good.

  But I'm better at making dinner
  than dessert.

  Reply: Beef Stew 

  E-mail 3 
  RE: Beef Stew 

  >Beef stew is my favorite!

  Kite, you like beef stew?
  I'm really good at making beef

  In our house we add butter in the
  end. Then even if you use cheap
  beef, it's still really good :9

  Reply: You're a good cook 

  E-mail 4  

  RE: You're good cook 

  >I'll try it next time.

  But I mess up a lot too :|
  Kite, do you buy

  Reply 1: Sometimes... 

  I get dragged to carry stuff. :-)
  I was so surprised to find out
  things I eat are so expensive.

  E-mail 5  
  RE: Sometimes...

  >I get dragged to carry stuff. :-)
  >I was so surprised to find out
  >things I eat are so expensive.

  Heh, heh, I've never bought
  anything at the regular price.
  If you go when they're about to
  close, the fresh expensive foods
  are more than half off!!! And I
  love to haggle it even lower. :)

  *This is the end of Mistral's E-mail chain.*

  Piros's E-mail

  E-mail 1 


  I'll never forget what it's like to
  be young, but I have a dilemma
  because I have a heart of a boy!
  My youth was dedicated to graphics!
  What does youth mean to you?

  Reply: Right now?

  E-mail 2  
  Ideas About Youth 

  Ha ha, that might be true!
  You're right, fair eyes!
  You're indeed someone I can trust!
  And I'm great for trusting you!!
  By the way, fair eyes, are games
  something we don't need?

  Reply: Good to have 

  E-mail 3 

  RE: Good to Have 

  >I think they're good to have.
  >Don't know about playing them all
  >the time, but it lets you
  >experience things you normally

  You are indeed right! Games are
  fun, but don't use terms like

  There's even a saying, you don't
  need a knife to kill off a game
  maker. Just call it crap.

  Reply: Are you 

  E-mail 4 
  RE: Are you 

  >someone that makes games?

  I won't answer any questions
  about my personal life! It's
  much cooler if it's a mystery.
  Ha ha ha.

  *This is the end of Piros's E-mail chain.*

    From here on out, these are optional characters, so they will only join
your party if you go to there dungeon, so you have to get them to get their 
e-mail chain, because they aren't in the main storyline.

  Gardenia's E-mail

  E-mail 1
  Things I Like 

  I like raw food...

  Reply : Really? 

  E-Mail 2
  RE: Really? 

  >Like what?


  Reply: I like them too. 

  E-mail 3
  RE: I like them too 

  >Octopi are kinda funny, you can't
  >blame them for anything.

  What are you talking about?

  Reply: Huh? 

  E-mail 4
  >What do you like about octopi?

  The texture.
  I prefer octopi, squids, and sea
  cucumbers. Anything with a chewy

  I especially love the suction

  *This is the end of Gardenia's e-mail chain.*

  Sanjuro's E-mail

  E-mail 1  


  My name is from the character
  'Kuwabatake Sanjura' in the
  film classic 'Yojimbo.'

  Reply: Really? 

  E-mail 2
  RE: Really? 

  >I see.
  >I thought it was an archaic name,
  >but it was from a character in a
  >movie. It's a pretty cool name.

  I love Mifune.
  I even have his figure.

  Reply: Wow 

  E-mail 3

  RE: Wow 

  >What is it like?

  It has a pretty good sword, but I
  wish it had that vase like thing
  that had the sake in it as well...

  Then it would be great...

  Reply: That's 

  E-mail 4  

  RE: That's 

  >It's not a vase, they call it

  I see! It's called a 'tokkuri.'

  I learned something new today.

  Japanese is very difficult.

  *This is the end of Sanjuro's e-mail chain.*

  Natsume's E-mail

  E-mail 1


  Real Name: Natsume Oguro,
  9th grade, 15 years old. I'm a
  librarian at the school. I started
  the game to change myself. I'll
  probably cause lots of trouble,
  but thanks for having me on
  your team.

  Reply: I'm in 8th grade. 

  E-mail 2 
  RE: I'm in 8th grade 

  >You're a year older than me.
  >I only started playing this game
  >recently too.
  >It's been fun!

  You're a year younger than me?
  You seemed reliable so I thought
  you were older. You're much
  better than I am :)

  Do you read books?

  Reply: I read 

  E-mail 3 
  RE: I read 

  >I like science fiction. But
  >books are so expensive, I
  >don't have enough money...
  Wow, I love them too! I'm a
  librarian because then I can
  read the new titles before
  anyone else :)

  And if I like it, I'll go buy
  it at the book store.

  Reply: Favorite books 

  E-mail 4  

  RE: Favorite books 

  >Don't you sometimes feel like
  >reading your favorite book again?

  Yes, after you read it several
  times, it feels different. My
  dream is to fill my bookshelf
  with my favorite books.

  *End of Natsume's e-mail chain.*

    Here I will cover all of the weapons I can, common and rare. There may be 
a few typos, so bear with me...

   Twin Blade Weapons

  Name  Level   Physical attack(phy) Physical accuracy(phya)
Magical attack (mag) Magical accuracy(maga) Any elemental or spirit bonuses    
  Skills Any bonuses I.E. critical hit, skill drain, no damage, things like 
  Amateur Blades 1    2 phy 1 phya  1 mag  1 maga                 
                        Saber Dance              
  Steel Blades 1      3 phy 2 phya 1 mag 2 maga              
                        Tiger Claws

  Phantom Blades 2    4 phy 3 phya 2 mag 2 maga 
  Assasin 3           4 phy 4 phya 2 mag 2 maga                 
                        Saber Dance 

  Spark Blades 3      4 phy 5 phya 2 mag 2 maga +5 Fire, -5 Water   
                        Flame Dance
  Lath Blades 4       4 phy 6 phya 2 mag  2 maga +5 Wood, -5 Earth   
                        Orchid Dance                                          
  Ronin Blades 7      7 phy 10 phya 2 mag 2 maga        
                        Gale of Swords Tiger Claws

  Cats Blades 6       6 phy 9 phya 2 mag 2 maga +1 every element or e.e
                        Tiger Claws Twin Dragons
  Shadow Blades 6     4 phy  8 phya 2 mag 2 maga  +5 Dark -5 Thunder
                        Dark Dance
  Bloody Blades 8     8 phy 12 phya 2 mag 2 maga               
                        Twin Darkness Tiger Claws Life Drain                  
  Spell  Blades 8     8 phy 1 phya 2 mag 2 maga              
                        Lightning Rage Tiger Claws Skill Drain
  Sotetsu 9           9 phy 13 phya 2 mag 2 maga 
                        Flame Dance Tiger Claws Critical Hit
  Enou 10             9 phy 14 phya 2 mag 2 maga +10 Fire -10 Water 
                        Blazing Wheel Staccatto

  Raitei 11           9 phy 16 phya 2 mag 2 maga +10 Thunder -10 Dark 
                        Thunder Coil Staccatto
  Ryokugun 11         9 phy 15 phya 2 mag 2 maga +10 Wood -10 Earth
                        Splinter Slash Staccatto
  Anshou 12           9 phy 17 phya 4 mag 4 maga +10 Dark -10 Thunder
                        Swirling Dark Staccatto         
  Master Blades 13    11 phy  18 phya 4 mag 4 maga +2 e.e
                         Thunder Coil Twin Dragons Critical Hit
  Dante's Blades 14   10 phy 20 phya 4 mag 4 maga
                         Twin Darkness Blazing Wheel     
  Hell's Gate 14      12 phy 19 phya 4 mag 4 maga +3 e.e
                         Gale of Swords Swirling Dark 

  Rare Twin Blade Weapons

  Soul Blades 12      9 phy  20 phya  -5 mag -5 maga +2 Thunder Fire Darkness
  Wood                  Tiger Claws Dark Dance  Skill Drain
  Bom-Ba-Ye 14        10 phy 15 phya 5 mag 10 maga +15 Thunder -15 Darkness
                         Thunder Coil Staccato 
  Hyakkidouran 14     13 phy -15 phya 6 mag 20 maga +15 Fire -15 Water
                         Flame Dance Blazing Wheel Twin Dragons Critical Hit

  Heavy Blade Weapons

  Adventurer 1        3 phy 1 phya                             
                        Death Bringer                      
  Kikuichimonji 1     5 phy 2 phya                             
  Earth Sword 2       7 phy 2 phya +5 Earth -5 Wood        
  Curing Sword 3      7 phy 3 phya                            
  Flamberge 3         7 phy 4 phya -5 Water +5 Fire
  Green Sword 4       7 phy 5 phya -5 Earth +5 Wood        
                        Death Bringer                   
  Stun Sword 5        7 phy 6 phya +5 Thunder -5 Darkness   
  Nodachi 6           9 phy 5 phya                             
  Slayer 6            8 phy 5 phya                            
                        Death Bringer Death                     
  Defense Sword 7     10 phy 7 phya
                         Death Bringer Ap Vorv
  Magnifier 8         11 phy 9 phya 5 mag 5 maga +5 Fire -5 Water
                         Vak Drive Ap Vaks Skill Drain                          
  Absorber 9          12 phy 10 phya 5 phyd +3 e.e
                         Death Bringer Dek Vorv Life Drain
  Shanato 9           12 phy 9 phya +5 Earth -5 Wood        

  Byakuen 10          12 phy 11 phya  +5 Fire -5 Water      
  Shidan 11           12 phy 12 phya +5 Wood -5 Earth       
  Raijin 12           12 phy 13 phya +5 Thunder -5 Darkness 
  Sharp Blade 12      13 phy 13 phya                           
                         Calamity Gan Smash Critical Hit           
  Spider Blade 13     14 phy 20 phya                           
                         Karin Sohgasho Critical Hit                        
  Sun Fang One 14     15 phy 15 phya 10 mag 10 maga 
                         Rai Smash Juk Drive                         
  Claymore 15         17 phy 21 phya                          
                         Rai Smash Vak Drive  
  Devil Blade 15      16 phy 17 phya +3 e.e
                         Danku Kannon Skill Drain                           
  Kikujyumonji 16     18 phy 24 phya                         
                         Hirameki Rairaku

  Earthian Sword 17   19 phy 15 phya +10 Earth -10 Wood   
                         Gan Smash Gan Drive 
  Flame Sword 18      19 phy 17 phya +10 Fire -10 Water
                         Vak Smash Vak Drive                             
  Life Sword 18       19 phy 16 phya 3 phyd 2 magd        
                         Gan Smash Death Bringer Ol Repth
  Dryad's Sword 19    19 phy 18 phya +10 Wood -10 Earth    
                         Juk Smash Juk Drive 

  Rare Heavy Blade Weapons

  Sakabatou 19        12 phy 30 phya 10 mag 30 maga
                         Death Bringer Gan Drive Skill Drain
  Shikisokuzaku 18    18 phy 18 phya -10 mag -10 maga 
                         Hayabusa Rairaku Life Drain Critical Hit

  Wavemaster Weapons 

  Cypress Wand  1     1 mag 1 maga                             
                        Rue Rom
  Iron Rod 1          2 mag 2 maga                            
                        Gan Rom
  Nautilus Wand 1     4 mag 2maga                             
                        Gan Don
  Earth Wand 2        4 mag 3 maga +5 Earth -5 Wood         
                        Gan Don
  Water Wand 2        4 mag 4 maga +5 Water -5 Fire         
                        Rue Rom
  Fire Wand 3         4 mag 5 maga +5 Fire -5 Water         
                        Vak Don                                         
  Air Wand 4          4 mag 6 maga + Wood -5 Earth        
                        Juk Rom
  Electric Wand 4     4 mag 7 maga +5 Thunder -5 Darkness   
                        Rai Don                                             
  Ebony Wand 5        4 mag 8 maga +5 Darkness -5 Thunder  
                        Ani Don                         
  Basho Wand 6        1 mag 1 maga                             
                        Gan Don Vak Kruz
  Wand Of Wisdom 6    1 phy 5 mag 9 maga                  
                        Vak Kruz Vak Don
  Diabolic Wand 7     2 mag 2 maga                             
                        Wryneck Miu Lei
  Earth Rod 8         4 mag 3 maga +10 Earth -10 Wood       
                        Gan Don MeGan Rom
  Rod of the Sea 8    4 mag 3 maga +10 Water -10 Fire        
                        Rue Rom GiRue Kruz
  Inferno Wand  9     4 mag 5 maga +10 Fire -10 Water        
                        Vak Don BiVak Rom
  Cedar Wand  10      4 mag 6 maga +10 Wood,-10 Earth        
                        MeJuk Kruz Juk Rom
  Wand of Storms 10   4 mag 7 maga +10 Thunder -10 Darkness  
                        Rai Don GiRai Rom                                     
  Adian's Rod   11    4 mag 8 maga -10 Thunder +10 Darkness  
                        Ani Don MeAni Kruz
  Almighty Wand 12    1 phy 5 mag 9 maga                       
                        Gan Rom Ol Repth                                      
  Groovy Stick  12    1 phy 7 mag 10 maga 5 magd 5 magva   
                        Rue Zot RaJuk Zot                                   
  Starstorm Wand 13   1 phy 9 mag 11 maga +3 e.e
                        Yarthkins Vulcan Ch                       
  Rare Wavemaster Weapons

  Dark History  14    22 mag  25 maga +3 e.e   
                         Rue Rom MaRue Zot

  Jester's Wand 14   -15 phyva 25 mag 10 maga +3 e.e    
                         Rai Don GiRai Rom
  Rare Heavy Axeman Weapons

  Golden Axe 1        1 phy                                    
  Silver Axe 1        5 phy -99 phya   
  Hatchet 1           3 phy 1 phya                            
                        Axel Pain
  Short Swing 1       4 phy 1 phya                            
                        Triple Wield
  Battle Axe 2        5 phy 1 phya +5 Earth -5 Wood          
                        Axel Pain
  Water Axe 3         5 phy 2 phya +5 Water -5 Fire          
                        Triple Wield
  Flame Axe 4         5 phy 3 phya                            
                        Brandish Repth

  Thunder Axe 5       6 phy 3 phya +5 Thunder -5 Darkness    
                        Rai Break
  Wind Axe 5          6 phy 2 phya                             
                        Triple Wield Death                     
  Midnight Axe 6      6 phy 4 phya +5 Darkness -5 Thunder    
                        Ani Tornado                        
  Razor Axe 7         7 phy 3 phya                            
                        Gan Basher
  Bandit's Axe 8      10 phy 10 phya                           
                         Gan Break Critical                        
  Bronze Axe 8        8 phy 5 phya                            
                        Rai Tornado                                          
  Water God Axe 8     10 phy 8 phya +5 Water -5 Fire         
                         Rue Tornado   
  Cursed Axe 9        9 phy 7 phya +5 Darkness -5 Thunder   
                        Ani Break Skill Drain                                
  Earth Axe 9         10 phy 7 phya +5 Earth -5 Wood         
                         Gan Tornado                     

  Bloody Axe 11       10 phy 9 phya                          
                         Ani Basher Life Drain                                 
  Charged Axe 13      10 phy 11 phya +5 Thunder -5 Darkness  
                         Rai Tornado                     
  Darkness Axe 13     10 phy 12 phya -5 Thunder +5 Darkness  
                         Ani Tornado                     
  Master's Axe 14     12 phy 20 phya +1 e.e   
                         Axel Pain Rai Tornado
  Papillion Axe 15    13 phy 13 phya 10 mag 10 maga +2 e.e
                         Ani Break Rue Tornado           
  Devil's Axe 16      14 phy 15 phya +5 e.e   
                         Axel Pain Triple Wield Skill Drain

  Rare Heavy axeman weapons 

  Giant Hill 15       16 phy   
                         Gan Tornado Gan Basher Life Drain

  Devil's Axe 16      14 phy 15 phya                  
                         Axel Pain Skill Drain

  Blademaster Weapons
  Basic Sword 1       2 phy 1 phya                             
                        Cross Slash
  Brave Sword 1       4 phy 2 phya                             
                        Crack Beat
  Mizuchi 2           5 phy 4 phya +5 Water -5 Fire          
                        Revolver Ap Ganz 
  Rondo  2            5 phy 3 phya  +5 Earth -5 Wood          
                        Revolver Ap Torma
  Gakaku 3            5 phy 5 phya +5 Fire -5 Water          
                        Revolver Ap Ruem                
  Strange Blade 4     5 phy 6 phya                           
  Executioner 5       6 phy 7 phya                           
                        Crack Beat
  Unicorn Blade 5     7 phy 8 phya +5 Darkness -5 Thunder    
                        Ani Slash                       
  Corpseblade 6       8 phy 9 phya                            
                        Vak Slash
  Oval Sword 7        9 phy 10 phya                          
                        Rue Slash
  Fugaku 8            11 phy 12 phya +7 Earth -7 Wood       
                         Revolver Gan Slash
  Ensui 9             11 phy 13 phya +7 Water -7 Fire        
                         Crack Beat Rue Slash
  Komura 10           11 phy 14 phya +7 Fire -7 Water        
                         Revolver Vak Slash
  Souleater 10        12 phy 15 phya                           
                         Gan Slash Crack Slash Life Drain
  Singing Blade 11    13 phy 16 phya                          
                         Rue Slash Crack Beat Critical Hit
  Dogman's Sword 12   14 phy 17 phya +7 Fire -7 Water       
                         Revolver Vak Slash
  Glitter 13          16 phy 19 phya 10 mag 10 maga           
                         Revolver Rue Crack
  Steelblade 13       15 phy 23 phya                          
                         Gan Revolver Vak Crack Critical Hit

  Seal Sword 14       17 phy 20 phya  +3 e.e  
                         Revolver Ani Crack Skill Drain

  Rare Blademaster Weapons
  Phoenix's Wing 13  16 phy 19 phya                                   
                        Ani Slash Ani Revolver Skill Drain 
  Jinsaran 14        18 phy 22 phya -10 mag -10 maga  +15 Fire -15 Water
                        Vak Revolver Vak Crack Life Drain

  Long Arm Weapons

  Bronze Spear 1     3 phy 1 phya                             
                       Triple Doom
  Iron Spear 1       4 phy 2 phya                             
                       Repulse Cage
  Relief Lance 2     8 phy 3 phya                           
                       Double Sweep
  Water Spear 2      8 phy 4 phya +5 Water -5 Fire          
                       Triple Doom
  Fire  Spear 3      8 phy 5 phya +5 Fire -5 Water         
                       Repulse Cage
  Electric Spear 4   8 phy 7 phya +5 Thunder -5 Darkness    
                       Triple Doom
  Wooden Spear 4     8 phy 6 phya +5 Wood -5 Earth          
                       Double Sweep
  Glaive 5           8 phy 8 phya                             
                       Repulse Cage Death                       
  Gold Spear 6       13 phy 9 phya                           
                        Double Sweep
  Nihonmaru 7        15 phy 10 phya                          
                        Triple Doom                                           
  Spear of Spell 7   15 phy 11 phya                         
                        Triple Doom Skill Drain                         
  Bloody Lance 8     17 phy 12 phya +3 e.e  
                        Triple Doom Death                                      
  Merman Spear 9     17 phy 13 phya +10 Water -10 Fire  
                        Rue Repulse
  Lavaman Spear 10   17 phy 14 phya +10 Fire -10 Water   
                        Vak Repulse
  Treeman Spear 10   17 phy 15 phya +10 Wood -10 Earth   
                        Juk Repulse
  Strormer Spear 11  17 phy 16 phya +10 Thunder -10 Darkness
                        Rai Repulse                  

  Berserk Spear 12   19 phy 17 phya                          
                        Vak Repulse Double Sweep Critical Hit No Damage
  Relief Spear 12    19 phy 17 phya                         
                        Vak Repulse Double Sweep Critical Hit
  Sleipnir 12        20 phy 18 phya +2 e.e  
                        Juk Repulse Double Sweep Critical Hit
  Fairy Spear 13     21 phy 19 phya +2 e.e  
                        Rue Doom Repulse Cage
  Fiend Spear 14     22 phy 20 phya +3 e.e  
                        Vak Repulse Double Sweep Skill Drain

  Rare Long Arm Weapons

  Million$ Spear 14  21 phy 19 phya 10 mag 20 maga    
                        Repulse Cage Skill Drain Juk Wipe

  Scarlet Autumn 14  23 phy 15 phya -10 mag -10 maga    
                        Juk Repulse Juk Wipe Critical Hit


  Ok, now for the Armors. This is where I will detail all the armors in the 
game. This is what the Armor is going to like:

  Name Level  physical Def(phyd) magical Def(magd) physcial acc(phya) 
  magical acc(maga) Skills, or Added Effects, also any elemental bonuses
  Light Head Armor
  Bandanna 1  2 magd 6 maga                             
    Repth +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, +4 Spirit
  Steel Cap 6  3 magd 7 maga                             
    Rue Kruz +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +5 Spirit  
  Cougar Bandana 11  3 magd 8 maga                             
    La Repth +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +6 Spirit  

  Raccoon Earcap 16  3 magd 9 maga                            
    La Repth +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Water +7 Spirit    
  Newt Necklace 21  3 magd 10 maga                           
    La Repth +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +8 Spirit     
  Scarab Earring 26  3 magd 11 maga                           
    La Repth Rip Maen +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness +4 Wood +9 Spirit      
  Thunder Torque 31  3 magd 12 maga                            
    La Repth Rip Maen +2 Earth, Wood, Fire, water +4 Thunder +10 Spirit      

  Normal Head Armor
  Nomad's Hood 2  1 phyd 1 phyda 1 magd 1 maga             
    Repth +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness          
  Guard Cap 7  1 phyd 2 phya  1 magd 2 maga             
      Repth +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness          
  Hunter's Hood 12  2 phyd 3 phya 2 magd 3 maga            
    Repth +1 Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Earth
  Ice Hunter Cap 17  2 phyd 4 phya 2 magd 4 maga                 
    Repth +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Water 
  Fire Dance Hat 22  2 phyd 5 phya 2 magd 5 maga                
    Repth  +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, +3 Spirit, Body +4 Fire 
  Peasant's Cap 27  2 phyd 6 phya 2 magd 6 maga                  
    Repth Rip Teyn  +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness, +4 Wood, Spirit, Body 
  Lightning Cap 32  2 Pdef, +7 Peva][+2Mdef, +7Meva]                  
     Repth Rip Synk +2 Water, Fire, Wood, Earth, +4 Thunder +5 Spirit, Body   
  Heavy Head Armor
  Head Gear 3  2 phyd 6 phya                            
    Ap Ganz  +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Body   
  Face Guard 8 3 phyd 7 phya                             
    Ap Ruem +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +5 Body  
  Mountain Helm 13  3 phyd 8 phya                             
    Ap Ganz +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +6 Body   
  Ice Helm 18 4 phyd 9 phya 1 magd 1 maga                 
    Ap Ruem +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Water +7 Body       
  Fire Helm 23 4 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga                
     Ap Vakz +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Fire +8 Body       
  Forester Helm 28 5 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga                
    Ap Juka Ap Vorv +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness +4 Wood +9 Body       
  Stormlord Helm 33 5 phyd 11 phya 2 magd 1 maga                
    Ap Raio Ap Torv +2 Earth, Water, Fire, +4 Wood, Thunder +10 Body]           
  Light Body Armor

  Leather Coat 1 2 magd 6 maga                         
    Gan Zot +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Spirit  

  Noble Cloak 6 3 magd 7 maga                        
    Rue Zot +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +5 Spirit  

  Hiking Gear 11 3 magd 8 maga                       
     Gan Zot +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +6 Spirit  

  Winter Coat 16 3 magd 9 maga                        
    Rue Zot +2 Earth, Darkness, Wood, Thunder, +4 Water +7 Spirit       

  Fireman's Coat 21 3 magd 10 maga                      
    Vak Kruz +2 Earth, Darkness, Wood, Thunder +4 Fire +8 Spirit       
  Lincoln Green 26 3 magd 11 maga                      
    Juk Zot +2 Water, Darkness, Thunder +4 Wood, Fire  +9 Spirit       

  Thunder Cloak 31 3 magd 12 maga                       
    Rai Kruz +2 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, +10 Spirit        
  Normal Body Armor
  Leather Armor 2 1 phyd 1 phya +1 phyd 1 phya            
     Vak Kruz +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness            

  Ring Mail 7 1 phyd 2 phya 1 magd 2 magd           
    Juk Kruz +1 Earth,+1 Water,+1 Fire,+1 Wood,+1 Thunder,+1 Darkness

  Wyrm Hide 12 2 phyd 3 phya 2 magd 3 maga                 
    Gan Don  +1 Water, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Earth  

  Wyrm Scale 17 4 phyd 2 phya 2 magd 4 maga                 
    Rue Kruz +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Water 

  Firedrake Mail 22 2 phyd 5 phya 2 magd 5 maga            
    Vak Kruz +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Fire    

  Holy Tree Mail 27 2 phyd 6 phya 2 magd 6 maga             
    Juk Kruz +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness +4 Wood, Spirit, Body     

  Quakebeast Fur 32 2 phyd 7 phya 2 magd 7 maga              
    Rai Kruz  +2 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood +4 Thunder +5 Spirit, Body      
  Heavy Body Armor
  Brigandine 3 2 phyd 6 phya                        
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Body  

  Plate Armor 8 3 phyd 7 phya                        
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Darkness,Thunder +5 Body  

  Grand Armor 13 3 phyd 8 phya                       
    Ap Ganz +2 Water, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Earth +6 Body

  Frost Armor 18 4 phyd 9 phya 1 magd 1 maga             
    Ap Ruem +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Water +7 Body]           

  Blaze Armor 23 4 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga           
    Ap Vaks +2 Earth, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +8 Body           

  Spirit Armor 28 5 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga            
    Ap Juka +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness, +4 Wood +9 Body]           

  Thunder Armor 33 5 phyd 11 phya 2 magd 1 maga            
    Ap Raio +2 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood +4 Thunder +10 Body           
  Light Hand Armor
  Wrist Band 1 2 magd 6 maga                       
    Juk Rom  +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit 
  Silver Bracer 6 3 magd 7 maga                        
    Rai Rom +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness+5 Spirit     
  Fossil Bracer 11 3 Magd 8 maga                       
    Gan Rom +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +6 Spirit     

  Frost Bracer 16 3 magd 9 maga 
    Rue Rom +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Water +7 Spirit]     

  Fire Bracer 21 3 magd 10 maga                      
    Vak Rom +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Fire +8 Spirit     

  Air Bracer 26 3 magd 11 maga                      
    Juk Rom +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness, +4 Wood +9 Spirit    

  Storm Bracer 31 3 magd 12 maga                       
    Rai Rom +2 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood +4 Thunder, +10 Spirit       

  Normal Hand Armor
  Leather Gloves 2 1 phyd 1 phya 1 magd 1 maga             
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness            
  Silver Gloves 7 1 phyd 2 phya 1 magd 2 maga             
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness            

  Miner's Gloves 12 2 phyd 3 phya 2 magd 3 maga            
    Gan Don +1 Water, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Earth     
  Fishing Gloves 17 2 phyd 4 phya 2 magd 4 maga            
    Rue Kruz +2 Earth, Water, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit,Body     

  Smith's Gloves 22 2 phyd 5 phya 2 magd 5 maga             
    Vak Don +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Fire    

  Forest  Gloves 27 2 phyd 6 phya 2 magd 6 maga             
    Juk Kruz +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness +4 Spirit, Body, Wood     

  Thunder Gloves 32 2 phyd 7 phya 2 magd 7 maga             
    Rai Don +2 Water, Fire, 2 Earth, +4 Wood, Thunder +5 Spirit, Body      

  Heavy Hand Armor

  Rusted Hands 3 2 phyd 6 phya                         
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Body     
  Silver Hands 8 3 phyd 7 phya                          
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness,+5 Body     
  Hands of Earth 13 3 phyd  8 phya                       
    Dek Ganz +2 Water, Fire, Darkness, Thunder +4 Earth +6 Body        

  Hands of Water 18 4 phyd 9 phya 1 magd 1 maga              
    Dek Ruem 2 Earth, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Water +7 Body        

  Hands of Fire 23 4 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga             
    Dek Vakz +2 Earth, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Fire +8 Body        

  Hands of Wood 28 5 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga             
    Dek Juka +2 Water, Fire, Darkness, Thunder +4 Wood +9 Body        

  Hands of Storm 33 5 phyd 11 phya 2 magd 1 maga             
    Dek Raio +2 Earth, Wood, Fire, Water +4 Thunder +10 Body

  Light Leg Armor

  Sandals 1 2 magd 6 maga                             
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Spirit  

  Leg Mail 6 3 magd 7 maga                            
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +5 Spirit  

  Ceramic Anklet 11 3 mag 8 maga                             
    Dek Ganz +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +6 Spirit  

  Iron Anklet 21 3 magd 10 maga                            
    Dek Vakz +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +4 Fire +8 Spirit      

  Oak Anklet 26 3 magd 11 maga                            
    Dek Juka +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness, +4 Wood +9 Spirit]      

  Thunder Anklet 31 3 magd 12 maga                            
    Dek Raio +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Earth +4 Wood +10 Spirit       

  Normal Leg Armor

  Safety Shoes 2 1 phyd 1 phya 1 magd 1 maga             
    +1 Earth,  Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Fire +4 Water        

  Jungle Boots 7 1 phyd 2 phya 1 magd 2 maga             
    +1 Earth, Water, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Fire        

  Mountain Boots 12 2 phyd 3 phya 2 magd 3 maga             
    Ap Corv +1 Water, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Fire, Spirit, Body +4 Earth 

  Snow Panther 17 2 phyd 4 phya 2 magd 4 maga           
    Ap Vorv +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, Body +4 Water 

  Fire Lizard  22 2 phyd 5 phya 2 magd 5 maga            
    Ap Torv +2 Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness +3 Spirit, Body +4 Fire 

  Ranger's Boots 27 2 phyd 6 phya 2 magd 6 maga            
    Ap Corma +2 Water, Fire, Thunder, Darkness +4 Wood, Spirit, Body 

  Heavy Leg Armor
  Used Greaves 3 2 phyd 6 phya                       
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Body   

  Leather Legs 8 3 phyd 7 phya                       
    +1 Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +5 Body   

  Mountain Guard 13 3 phyd 8 phya                        
    Repth +2 Water, Fire, Darkness, Thunder +4 Earth +6 Body        

  Aqua Guard 18 4 phyd 9 phya 1 magd 1 maga           
    Rip Teyn +2 Earth, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Water +7 Body        

  Flare Guard 23 4 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga          
    Rip Synk +2 Earth, Wood, Darkness, Thunder +4 Fire +8 Body        

  Green Guard 28 5 phyd 10 phya 1 magd 1 maga          
    Rig Saem +2 Water, Fire, Darkness, Thunder +4 Wood +9 Body        

  Electric Guard 33 5 phyd 11 phya 2 magd 1 maga          
    Repth +2 Earth, Fire, Wood, Water +4 Thunder +10 Body          

  Not really many credits to give… Well Bandai for making everything to do with
.hack, Gamefaqs and Neoseeker for hosting this guide and now also Supercheats,
and me for writing it. If you need to contact me, do it at: 
spear_of_wotan@yahoo.com, or if that doesn't work, I am usually on the .hack//
boards on www.gamefaqs.com, so look for me there, too. Remeber, if you e-mail
have the subject be .hack or I will delete it...

It is about time I thanked all the people who e-mailed me. I 
have gotten a lotof e-mails concerning this guide, whether it 
be people telling me that it was good,or to talk about .hack, 
or the occaisonial person to help me out with some new or forgotten
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