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version 1.0

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       < Itenuary (aka. Table of Contents):               >

       <                                                  >

       < I. FAQ Info                                      >

       < II. Controls                                     >

       < III. Entity's Corner (Storyline in my words)     >

       < IV. Walkthrough                                  >

       < ______A.  Falling Toward Bracelet                >

       <       ______1.  Plenty of Firsts                 >

       <       ______2.  What Sanctuary for Newbs?        >

       <       ______3.  The Pace Begins to Hasten        >

       <       ______4.  Temptations of Knowledge         >

       < ______B.  Discovering Modified Rumors            >

       <       ______1.  Encounters                       >

       <       ______2.  Deception                        >

       <       ______3.  Friends for Panacea              >

       <       ______4.  A Spiral's Cue                   >

       <       ______5.  Much is Hidden                   >

       <       ______6.  What's Reaped From Rumor         >

       < ______C.  Beginning Someone's Broken Cradle      >

       <       ______1.  Scrambling Preparations          >

       <       ______2.  Terror and Shadow                >

       <       ______3.  Going Beyond Infection           >

       < V. Perfect Game Checklist                        >

       <       ______1.  Book of 1000                     >

       <       ______2.  The Checklist                    >

       < VI. Items And Moves                              >

       < VII. Q&A                                         >

       < VIII. Legal Stuff                                >

       < IX. Many Thanks                                  >


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section titles as provided above.


I. FAQ Info


July 17, 2009

Project .hack continues in more ways than one.  The four-part series known as

.hack//I.M.O.Q. is being covered by yours truly in its entirety.  I mean for

this to be a consistent and fully detailed enough where you can follow all four

volumes from start to finish.

As we venture through the days of the Second Network Crisis, please be aware of

possible spoilers in my guides and that I try to make things easy for you.  If

you want more of a challenge, then feel free to adjust the strategy you see for


II. Controls


Please read the manual if you've a copy of it.  Otherwise:


GP - Game currency.  You need this to buy stuff.

Exp - Experience.  It takes 1000 experience to get from one level to the next.

     The higher you get, the less Exp a monster will be worth until either you

     hit max level or until the monster you're comparing is worth 1 EXP a kill.

Lv - Level.  The max is 99, though we'll see as high as 25-30 by the end of the

     first volume.  Maybe higher if you're patient enough.

Party - You play mainly as Kite.  As you gain Member Addresses, you can invite

     up to two more people at a time if they are available.

Desktop - This game has two modes.  One is the main where you walk around and

     interact with other characters in a simulated MMORPG called The World.

     The other is the desktop, which is like a big menu full of options for you

     to explore.  This provides a number of things to help play the game.

Affection - Capped at 250 in Volume 1, this measures how much a character will

     like Kite.  However, unlike in G.U., this will only affect the Ryu Books

     instead of leading to a big event in the end.  Of course, it affects the

     email chains you get from Kite's friends as well.  Higher affection will

     allow for newer messages to appear as long as there are messages to be


HP - The health your characters have.  It's Game Over if everyone is dead.

SP - Skill Points.  The more you have, the more often you can use skills.

Attack - Your attacks' damage is based on this.

Defense - Your ability to resist attacks is based on this.

Accuracy - Your ability to hit the target, obviously.

Evade - Raising this increases your chance to be missed by an enemy's attack.

   * Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evade each have two listings.  The first

          is the Physical, and the second is the Magical.  So, if you have 99

          Physical Defense but like 1 Magical Defense, and a spell comes your

          way, then you can count on it doing damage to you big time.  That is,

          unless your stat for that spell's Element is high enough.

Element - Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Thunder, Darkness, Spirit, and Body.  The

     six excluding Body and Spirit are how efficient your attacks and defenses

     are in those elements.  This will come in VERY handy this game.  Body and

     Spirit will reduce your chances of being inflicted with status effects,

     but will not make you immune.  The said effects (below) are split between

     physical and mind based, and thus call for one of two items typically.

Curse - Depletes HP gradually; calls for Restorative

Poison - Depletes HP over time; Calls for Antidote

Sleep - Immobilizes you; calls for Restorative

Paralysis - Immobilizes you; calls for Antidote

Charm - Attack allies for a time; calls for Restorative

Confusion - Attack allies for a time; calls for Restorative

Speed Down - Slows your movement; calls for Antidote or waiting a few seconds.

     The other stats have their own versions of this as well.  Physical stats

     can be cured with Antidote or beaten with a boost of the same stat.  The

     Magic stats call for Restorative or the temp stat boost.

Areas - Almost all areas in these four games are made up of a field and dungeon

     together.  Depending on the server and the three words put in, you can

     choose the element and average level of monsters you encounter.  The areas

     to do with story are pre-chosen, and I'll add some to help with finding

     items and monsters.

Server - This series' idea of a server is one of five roots to the many areas.

     In //Infection, we have only two servers that we visit--Delta and Theta.

Save/Load - Through Data Manager or a Save Shop in a town, you can save a file

     of your progress on a memory card.  Use this file to load and continue

     your progress.

Convert - I'll get to this starting the next volume.

-------------Movement and Interaction-------------

Walk/Run - Use the left analog stick.  Tilting it lightly causes slow motion.

Examining/Selecting - X button.  This only works if something to examine is

     within range, or if there is a choice to be made.  Don't ask why you can't

     talk to an NPC on the other side of town when you aren't moving.

Trapped Chests - These are the blue chests with random effects if you just open

     them.  You don't get the better item that way.  Carry Fortune Wires for a

     few of these, though it won't be TOTALLY necessary until an event at the

     end of QUARANTINE.

Target Toggling - When multiple targets are in range use the digital pad to

     switch from target to target.

Cancel - Circle button.  You do this to exit out of menus and such.

Camera Angles - L1 turns to look left, R1 turns to look right.  The R3 (right

     analog stick) can zoom in or out.  R2 resets the camera to default, and L2

     toggles between 3rd person and 1st person views.  This is important.  If

     you never adjust the view, then you won't be able to target a monster just

     because it's not on the screen (mainly with skills).

-------------Menus and Such-------------

Open a Menu - Triangle button.  This works as long as you are walking around in

     a town, a field, a dungeon, or in a battle (not when you're doing an
     attack).  If you're in a menu, this won't work, so do not ask why you
     can't open the main menu while in the middle of a trade.

Item Info - When you are highlighted over an item, press the Square button to

     receive info about that item.

Store Menu - Talk to the NPC or character running the store, press X, and then

     select to view their wares.  You will see price amounts.  If you have the

     money to pay for the item you want, then press X while highlighting that

     same item.

Item/Option Highlighting - Move either the left analog stick or the digital pad

     in the direction it takes to get from option to option.

Chat Command Menu - When in an area, press Square.  It's through this menu you

     can select specific skills and strategies from your party members.

Chaos Gate Menu - While in a town, examine the Chaos gate.  Select Warp Menu to

     see a bunch of options.  If you already have an area bookmarked from the

     boards, emails, or story events, you can select the area from the Word

     List.  Warp History lists all areas manually or randomly visited in order

     from the most recent on earlier without repeating any areas.  Random will

     pull randomly from your pool of keywords.  New Keyword allows you to do

     what Random does, but manually.  There are three pools:

         -1st Word         -2nd Word         -3rd Word

   * The server you're on comes into play as well as these will alter the range

          of levels your Word pool is likely to play with.  This will not be

          absolute, but it's the general rule.

Gate Hacking - When it comes to areas to do with the story progression, there

     will be SOME instances where you will require Virus Cores to unlock the

     area.  Some Data Bugs as bosses will provide what you need, and sometimes

     you'll receive a Virus Core through Email or someone handing one to you.

     Virus Cores A through L have to be gained through Data Draining enemies

     other than the predetermined bosses.

        * A-C: Delta/Theta        * D-F: See Mutation

        * G-I: See Outbreak       * J-L: See Quarantine

     As for the Gate Hacking process . . . You will see a big screen with a

     cross on the left side and a list of the Virus Cores you got on the right.

     You can turn the cross clockwise by tapping left on your d-pad, and you

     can turn it the other way by tapping right.  When a side of the cross is

     pointing down that has holes in it, you will see a letter (the type of

     Virus Core needed) and a number next to it (the number needed).  You add

     the Virus Cores by tapping up on the d-pad until the holes are filled.

     They can be subtracted as well, but that's kinda useless.  Once all the

     holes are filled, you can press X to permanently open the area.

   * During each walkthrough, I will suggest how many Virus Cores to try and

          get AT MINIMUM while you are fighting the monsters regularly.  While

          this might slow the Exp. growth just a little, it will help in the

          long run to have what you need before you need it.  You don't want to

          be level 80 or higher and trying to get Virus Cores A-C.  You also

          don't want to drop your game progression to find more Virus Cores.

   * Over the course of Volume 1, I suggest getting a minimum of 9 Virus Core

          A's, 17 B's, and 5 C's.  Extras will carry on and likely be used in

          one of the following volumes.

   * If you're using a cheat device to always have Virus Cores, then only use

          Cores A-L unless the game has given you the other ones you'll need.

          For those of you who don't: kudos.  The cheat won't be needed.

Trade - Talk to a character either walking around or that is in your party.  

Gift - You can select Trade with your party members.  This has no Trade window,

     but you do see your own list of items as to what you wish to give.  This

     helps in the Affection level just a bit.  Don't try giving multiple items

     at once, because it'll just be counted as one of that item.

Rarity - Items are marked for their rarity.  Most of the time, you will just

     want to put these in storage.  I'll note when they have their use.

Equipment - Weapon, head armor, body armor, wrist guards, and shoes.  You can

     only equip a weapon specific to your class, and any defensive piece as

     long your class isn't excluded.

Map - In the top-right corner of the screen, you can see the map of where you

     stand.  In town, a dungeon block, or a grove, you will have the option of

     having the map up when you are not in battle, or you can toggle it off by

     pressing Select.  In fields other than groves, there's a little more to

     the map.  You see, other than the typical field, you have just the one map

     size.  With the fields, however, you can toggle between Default Map, no

     map, and Overall Map.  Overall Map is good for seeing where the portals,

     dungeon, and Spring of Myst can be found, whereas the Default Map lets you

     see the formations where you could find Symbols or grunty food.

-------------About Battles-------------

Yay, they're not random.  The battles are in set places, though you COULD be

attacked by wandering monsters on the field.  In a dungeon, you cannot leave a

room with any monsters in it still alive because the doors stay closed until

you are victorious.

   * TIP: Sometimes, on a field, you will see two portals too close together

          for comfort.  The way around this is to get close enough to one to

          activate it, and then run away from it just far enough to separate

          enemy party from additional opposition.  I hope this helps you.

Attack - Press X like you're interacting with an object or a character.  You

     attack with Twin Blades, and can keep doing so repeatedly.

Game Over - When you run out of health, you have to start over from the last

     place you saved.  Game Over also occurs if your Infection from Data Drain

     reaches 100%.

Items/Spells - To use these in battle, you must open the main menu and select

     what you want to use from there.  The skills and spells are all separated

     into different tabs, with the last being for your Data Drain.  Items also

     are separated into tabs.  When in battle, you'll likely be using them from

     the first two tabs.  Beyond that, you'd have to go into Equipment to fix

     whatever weapon you have equipped depending on what a battle's strategy

     may call for.  But, I will cover this when it comes up.

Strategy - This one is a little more complex than it needs to be, and it could

     get you into trouble if you leave it alone.  First, you have to set the

     battle formation, which will very likely switch between Wonder Battle and

     Union Battle most of the time.  Second, DURING combat you can shout to one

     party member to do first aid through the fight or to do a designated skill

     one time.  You can also have that specific character change equipment as

     long they are carrying alternative stuff, which YOU have to give them.

Data Drain Infection - As you Data Drain enemies, your infection level will

     rise.  The higher in level you are compared to the monster, the less you

     will get infected from one use.  As you gain other forms of Data Drain,

     you should note that the original Data Drain infects Kite less than the

     others.  An email from Helba claims that the less infected you are, the

     easier it will be to get a Virus Core from most monsters, but I have yet

     to confirm this.  To bring DOWN infection, Kite must physically attack

     some monsters and DEAL THE KILLING BLOW.  The way you can check the level

     of infection is the silhouette image that appears next to the skill tab

     for the Data Drain skills.  You won't see the exact percent of infection,

     but you will see colors in that silhouette to give an idea of where you

     are.  They are as follows:

        * White  - 0% to 24%        * Blue   - 25% to 49%

        * Green  - 50% to 74%       * Yellow - 75% to 98%

        * Orange - 99%              * Red    - 100%; GAME OVER

   * Maybe it's my screen, but I've never been able to see a difference between

          the white and blue levels.  Either that, or the blue looks green ONLY

          on the Infection Status Window.


III. Entity's Corner


It started with a woman who decided to write an epic poem, but she never got to

finish it.  A programmer who knew her decided to make a virtual world to depict

this poem, and FRAGMENT was born with a hidden purpose within it.

Soon after, FRAGMENT was revised to The World, and all was well in the public

eye.  But, some individuals found out differently, and two heroes of a major

event dared to investigate.  One dared as well to invite a real life friend to

play this game with him.

Enter Kite . . . .


IV. Walkthrough


   * For the purpose of this guide (A) will be Delta, and (8) will be Theta.

          These are to help you know which server we're on, though there should

          not be a need for this until the next "server" is introduced in the

          following game.

   * Also, I will provide SOME maps.  Here's the key for most of them:

          =  Pathway between east and west

          I  Pathway between north and south

          M  Magic Portal (monster or chest spawn point)

          B  Boss

          c  Treasure Chest; CAPS for 2+

          T  Gott Statue and main chest of dungeon; also for Zeit Statue

          k  Destructible items (ie., skeletons, boxes, etc.,); CAPS for 2+

          P  Random buff Symbol found in dungeon map

          g  Grunty Food; CAPS for 2+

          u  Way up in dungeons

          d  Way down in dungeons (or into dungeons in groves)

          @  Spring of Myst in a grove

          ^  Space, nothingness, or even a special boss when noted as such

-------------Falling Toward Bracelet-------------

                ~~Part 1: Plenty of Firsts~~

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, the default is set to have the controller vibrate.  Go to the

Option menu before starting the new file if you want to turn it off.  After the

movie that quotes the Epitaph of Twilight in German, you are given the chance

to provide the user name, your choice, and the character's name, which we will

keep as Kite.  Select "Enter" when you're done with each name.

You start immediately on the desktop.  Here, you can access email, news, the

special features you can unlock later, and the ability to save your game.  This

is .hack's way of emulating the "Real Life" portion of the game.  Select "The

World" to boot up the game part of the game.

Now, you see three options.  The bottom one takes you back into the desktop,

the top one takes you into the emulated online game itself, and the middle one

is a forum that often reveals hints through these games.  Log in.

 Mac Anu--

You start out in the Delta server, and you immediately see Orca.  You'll get

his Member Address and learn a few basics of party forming and entering areas

through the Chaos Gate. Follow the directions as fast or slow as you like.

 (A) Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field--

# of Field Portals: 4

# of Dungeon Portals: 3

# of Symbols: 0

Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Goblin, Deadly Moth (D), Magical Goblin (D)

During the tutorial, you encounter a Goblin.  This ONE will not attack back.

Keep hacking away for misses and 15 damage until it's dead.  Once the tutorial

is over, go ahead and knock out all the Magic Portals.  Orca can one-shot the

Goblins with hardly any effort.  You will see a Spring of Myst, but you don't

yet have any equipment to throw in.  Head inside the dungeon.

   * Feel free to pick up the Mandragora on the field by south Magic Portal.


 | d |



 |   |

 |   |___   _________________________   ___

 | M     |=|                         |=| c |

  """""""   """"""""""|   |""""""""""   """

                      |   |

                      |   |

      B1              |   |

                      |   |





After progressing one room, you'll get a scene.  If you follow the girl to the

east, you'll reach a dead end with a chest.  Going west introduces you to the

more annoying part of this game; a gate closes on all doors until the Magic

Portals are cleared from the room.  Keep this in mind for the future if you

want to run through an area fast.


             | T |

             |   |

 B2           "I"


             |   |

  _____   ___|   |___   _____

 |c M  |=|           |=|  M c|

  """""   """|   |"""   """""

             |   |



             |   |

             |   |

             |   |

             |   |

             | u |


On the second basement level, you will reach an intersection.  Go east and west

only if you want to clear the dungeon's Magic Portals, which you'll see why

once we get into the Ryu Books.  Here, you'll also see Deadly Moths and Magical

Goblins.  Head north to reach the Gott Statue.  You'll get a scene upon you

trying to leave.

   * Orca's mind and body will be separated through the monster's Data Drain.

          Kite will be saved by Helba, the hacker.

   * Please note that if you visit this area again, the monsters will be gone

          except for the two on the sides of the second block.  Normally, you

          can walk out of a dungeon to respawn all the dungeon's magic portals,

          and you can walk inside and back out to do the same for the ones in

          the field.  However, Springs of Myst and Gott Statues do not reappear
          after you use/open them.

You'll be on the desktop again.


          A message from CC Corp says that server instability has reduced their

               gameplay service to Delta and Theta (though we can only go to

               Delta at the moment).

Boot up The World.  You can't Log In just yet, so check the Board.  Kite will

write a post on a new topic.  Head back to the Desktop.


          This is the first of Aura's messages.  Most will be scrambled like

               you see here.  She asks for your help since you have the book.

               It says, "To the one who holds the book.  Skeith is looking for

               me.  There is no time.  Please, help me."

Boot up and Log in.

                ~~Part 2: What Sanctuary for Newbs?~~

 Mac Anu--

You immediately see BlackRose in a scene.  Run forward across the bridge, and

head left (or east by looking at the map) to the store.  You're welcome to pick

up the Phantom Blades now or the Assassin later.  You're still not rich, so I

suggest waiting.  Keep in mind where this store is.  Either here or the Item

Shop (northwest of bridge) you should sell items you won't need.  You should

have at least a couple from the Gott Statue in the first area.  Rainbow Cards

should be kept for a short time.

Head to the Chaos Gate after talking to a couple NPCs or people.  BlackRose
ill stop you upon selecting to use it.  Agree to take her with you so you can

advance through the game.  Invite her.

 (A) Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground--

No need to freak at the combat level of the area.  Head inside to get a scene.

You'll see Balmung and a Data Bug before Kite's character data is altered by

the opening of the book Aura had given Orca.  You will also receive a Virus

Core M, which we'll go over in a bit.  Finally, you'll see Helba again.

 Mac Anu--

You'll come here automatically.  Log out.


          Somebody deleted Kite's post.

          In "Let's Play Tag" you'll see (A) Detestable Golden Sunny Demon.


          Helba will tell you a bit about Data Drain.

          BlackRose will have sent you a message.  Reply with "Thanks"

Log in again for a short scene.

                ~~Part 3: The Pace Begins to Hasten~~

 Mac Anu--

Run south across the bridge, and break west (past the Magic Shop) to make your
way around to the alley way.  You'll be introduced to Elk and Mia.  Encounters
with Mia get weirder.  Log out again.

          "Increasing Levels" gives (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone
          "Is This an Event Character?" gives (A) Expansive Haunted Sea of
               Sand.  Hard to miss.
          "Protected Area" has (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

Log back in.

 Mac Anu--

Pick up a couple Speed Charms from the Magic Shop.  They'll come in handy for
our first stop.  Five in all is good for now.  Gale Breaths are good as well.

 (A) Detestable Golden Sunny Demon--

You will now face the first of 5 Golden Goblins for the first of four times.
In each of these four games, you must beat all 5 of the golden goblins for some
rare equipment.

HP: 190
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth
Rec.Lvl: 1

Use a Speed Charm, chase this guy around, and take swipes until he's beaten.
However, don't depend on regular attacks.  Throw in a Gale Breath or a weapon
skill (Saber Dance for 10 SP) when close enough to Stehoney, and you'll do more
than 2 damage per hit.  Don't worry, he doesn't heal or attack back.  Pound
the goblin with what you got until the fight is over.

At level 1, this gives 130 exp.  You will also receive the rare Goblin Cap.
***End of Battle***

Feel free to run around collecting a few Mandragora before you Gate Out.

 Mac Anu--

Invite BlackRose.  Also, I advise putting the Goblin Cap into storage (the Elf
Haven northeast of bridge).

 (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone--

# of Field Portals: 13
# of Dungeon Portals: 32
# of Symbols: 5
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Mad Grass, Disco Knife, Goblin, Deadly Moth (D), Magical Goblin (D),
     Chicken Hand (D), Sword of Chaos (D), Cadet Valkyrie (D)

When you fight the sword-looking enemies Disco Knife, get one into Protect
Break by attacking it, and use Data Drain.  Let's not overuse that skill for
now, but use it once every few monsters until an Iron Spear drops.  Throw that
weapon into the Spring (blue wisp on map).  Select "Neither" for a chance to
get something better, such as a Relief Lance.

   * Around the field, you will encounter what looks like little flames that
          you can interact with.  These give random buffs to anyone in range
          at the moment of activation.  I suggest making sure your party's
          members are nearby when you utilize these Symbols.

You do not have to worry about the blue chests yet.  In fact, I suggest you
not waste any Fortune Wires on them until otherwise noted.  Periodically, have
Kite use Repth on himself, walk around a few seconds, and then use it on
BlackRose.  This should ensure that you don't die while you clear the field.
Enter the dungeon when ready.
 B1                   |     M     |
                      |   # c #   |
                      |   #####   |
      ___             |   #####   |            ___
     | d |            |           |           |KcK|
      "I"              """""I"""""             "I"
  ___________           _________           ___________
 | c       k |         /   ___   \         | k       c |
 |           |  ____  | c_|   |_c |  ____  |           |
 |     M     |=|c   |=| |       | |=| gk |=|     M     |
 |           |  """"  | k"|   |"c |  """"  |           |
 | k       c |         \   """   /         | g       k |
  """""""""""           """"I""""           """""""""""
                          | u |
This is about as detailed as my maps will get.  Be sure to pick up Bloody Eggs
and save any elemental items (Burning Oil) for later.  Clear each floor on your
way down.  Destructible items respawn if you leave a room and return, so don't
get stuck on those.  Deadly Moth appears starting in the dungeon.  They attack
rapidly, so be ready to heal between fights.
  ___________             ___________
 | c       k |           | c       k |
 |     M     |           |     M     |
 |           |           |           |
 |     M     |    ___    |     M     |
 | k         |   | d |   | k       c |
  """""I"""""     "I"     """""I"""""
 B2   ___         ___         ___
     |   |       |g  |       |c  |
     |   |       |   |       |   |
     | M |       | M |       | M |
     |   |       |   |       |   |
      "I"         "I"         "I"
      ___         ___         ___
     |k  \       |   |       /  k|
      \   \   ___|   |___   /   /
       ) c )=|     M    c|=(  c(
      /   /   """""""""""   \   \
     |k  /                   \  k|
      "I"                     "I"
      ___                     ___
     |KcK|                   | u |
      """                     """
Be careful in the room with the two Magic Portals.  That can be deadly.  Stick
to the wall you entered from, preferably by a corner, to reduce the chance of
overdoing yourself.  Magical Goblins appear around here too.  Kill them fast if
you can, because mage enemies can slow you down by spamming spells.  Be wary of
the Poison they can inflict, but don't waste your Antidotes.  Instead, heal as
needed to keep the damage from getting out of hand.  If the Poison is too much
of an annoyance, go in and out of the storage room to the southwest, destroying
objects on the way, to pick up some Antidotes.
      _______   _____________________   _______
 B3  | M     |=|   c      M          |=|     M |
     |   |"""   """"""""|   |""""""""   """|   |
     |   |              |   |              |  c|
      "I"               |   |               "I"
      ___               |   |               ___
     |c  |              |   |              |c  |
     |   |               "I"               |   |
     | M |               ___               | M |
     |   |              |c  |              |   |
      "I"               |   |               "I"
  ___________           | M |           ___________
 |         k |          |   |          | k       c |
 |           |  ___      "I"      ___  |           |
 |     M     |=|   |     ___     |d  |=|     M     |
 |           |  """     | u |     """  |           |
 | k       c |           """           | c         |
  """""""""""                           """""""""""
At this point, you start to see Chicken Hand.  Also, try from this point on to
perform one Data Drain every other room, and kill other enemies regularly to
keep down your level of infection.  You should gain Ryu Book I after enough
uses, which leaves the other seven books (we'll get to later).

On the fourth basement, Sword of Chaos begins to appear.  I didn't provide a
map for this floor because the only fork in the path is at the end where east
takes you to a storage room, and west heads down.

The fifth floor also has only one fork.  About halfway through the floor, when
you have the chance to go east or north, go the former first so you can clear
the dungeon's Magic Portals.  It's another room with two of them, so be very
careful.  At the end of the path going north is the Gott Statue.  Collect the
treasure, and have BlackRose use a Sprite Ocarina.

   * The Cadet Valkyrie can appear in the last floor.
   * If you're surrounded by too many enemies, use a Fire Tempest or three from
          all the loot thus far.  Trust me, it helps.

Head back to town.

 Mac Anu--

Buy and equip the Assassin if you haven't already.  Store the Burning Oil, and
sell your excess loot.  Again, keep or store your Rainbow Cards.  Treasure that
is worth less should be sold.  When Kite and BlackRose are ready, use the Chaos
Gate to access the next area.

 (A) Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand--

# of Field Portals: 8
# of Dungeon Portals: 8
# of Symbols: 5
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Swordmanoid, Magical Goblin, Deadly Moth, Chicken Hand (D),
     He[dhu&__er (B), Headhunter (B), Hell Doberman (D)

A player will warp out after saying he was turned away at the dungeon.  How did
he remember this spot on the map, I wonder?  Anywho, there are Oh No Melons on
this field.  I suggest grabbing some while you're here.  Data Draining the
Swordmanoids can give Phantom Blades.  Use them at the Spring of Myst unless
you have another spare weapon on you.  Hope for a Rig Saem buff on Kite and
BlackRose so you won't have to worry when you get poisoned.  The dungeon will
look like a shell coming out of the ground.
            _____________   ______
 B1        | M       c   |=|  P  d|
           |   |"""""""""   """"""
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
           |   |
  ___   ___|   |___   _______
 |KcK|=|     M    c|=|     M |
  """   """""""""""   """|   |
                         |  c|
                         | u |
An Administrator will tell you the dungeon has been closed off.  But, it's just
an automated message, and Kite refuses to turn back.  The enemies should be a
little weak by now, assuming you get battles instead of chests.
  ___   ___________   ___
 |u  |=|c    M     |=| ck|
  """   """""""""""   "I"
 B2                   ___
                     | cK|
                     |   |
        _______   ___|   |___   ___
       |M     c|=|     M    c|=|KcK|
       |   |"""   """""""""""   """
       |   |
       | d |
This floor is easy enough.
 B3                          |   |
  ___                        | M |
 | u |                       |   |
  "I"                         "I"
  ___       ___________       ___
 |   |     |           |     |c  |
 |   |___  |           |  ___|   |
 |       |=|     B     |=|     M |
  """""""  |           |  """|   |
           |           |     |   |
            """""""""""       "I"
                             | T |
WARNING: Fighting the boss triggers the continuation of the story.  If you want
to clear the dungeon, then you'll have to come back.  The boss won't be here
any time after this first visit.  Don't worry TOO much about this dungeon's
chests and portals.  There are plenty like this one as well through the four
games.  When you are ready, step into the boss's room.

HP: Inf.
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Darkness
Rec.Lvl: 6

Start wailing on him.  Heal when necessary.  Use Data Drain when Protect Break
happens.  You can't beat him otherwise.  You will get a Virus Core C, and he
turns into a normal Headhunter.  It's a simple fight after this.  Worth 50 Exp
as long you don't Data Drain him a second time.
***End of Battle***

Mistral will appear.  She'll give you her Member Address, and you'll leave the
area automatically.

 Mac Anu--

Ugh . . . and here is Piros.  He will ask you to bear witness to him fighting a
monster.  Say you will (like you really have any choice) to progress through
the story.  You'll gain the keywords for the area (A) Indiscreet Gluttonous
Pilgrimage.  Sell the junk minus one weapon, stock up on Speed Charms, and then
log out.

          By now, you should be getting your first message from BlackRose for
               building up your affection with her.  "Well sometimes..." is the
               better of the two options.  You'll only get this email if your
               affection with BlackRose is already a few points in.

 Mac Anu--

Save your game, and invite both Mistral and BlackRose.  I suggest clearing the
last dungeon to get Mistral's level up.  You may also consider getting her
affection level up a bit as well using the Gott Statue rewards.  She should be
at least level 3.  Don't forget to Data Drain every other battle to get the
Virus Cores and to get the Ryu Books.  Having the third one by now is a good
sign, but don't worry yet if you don't.

   * Using the square button, open the party menu.  On the third tab, select
          JUST Mistral, and set her to First Aid.

Once you're back to town, be sure you're ready.  Use the Chaos Gate.

 (A) Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage--

# of Field Portals: 14
# of Dungeon Portals: 11
# of Symbols: 2
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Deadly Moth, Magical Goblin, Sky Fish, Sword of Chaos (D),
     Headhunter (D), Rock Head (B)

Clear the field if only to help Mistral.  Data Drain on occasion as usual.  The
more Virus Cores A-C we get now, the better.  The buffs are scarce, and so is
the grunty food (Root Vegetable) out here.  So, don't worry if you don't get
them during this visit.  Plenty later.
         ___   _____________________   ___
        |d  |=|          M          |=|Kgc|
         """   """"""""|   |""""""""   """
 B1                    |   |
                       |   |
                       |   |
                       |   |
  ___   _________   ___|   |___   _________   ____
 |KcK|=|g   M    |=|     M     |=|  c M    |=|  KK|
  """   """""""""   """|   |"""   """""""""   """"
                       |   |
                       | u |
Sword of Chaos begins to appear on the first block.  This place has a lot of
excessive space, but is otherwise short.  Speed Charms may make this faster for
you if you have some to spare.  Just remember to have Mistral heal when it is
needed.  Should be easy if she got a Cougar Bandana from the last dungeon's
Gott Statue (La Repth).  Not necessary, but still good to have.  Unlike the
last few areas, the creates and boxes here have Well Waters.  Save them for way
later, please.  Be sure also to grab the Golden Eggs and Immature Eggs you find
through this dungeon.
                   | d |
 B2                 "I"
  ___________       ___
 | k         |     |   |               ___
 |           |  ___|   |___  |-_______#   #
 |     M     |=|     M     |=|    M     M g|
 |           |  """""""""""  |_"""""""#   #
 |         k |                         """
     | k |
 | g       k |
 |           |  ___
 |     M     |=|  u|
 |           |  """
 | k       g |
You may notice from the map that the northeast room is an odd-shaped one.  The
monsters are only harder when the Headhunter appears.  Be ready to heal, and
you'll be fine.
 B3    |           |
       |           |
       |     B     |
       |           |
       |           |
            ___       ___________
           |   |     |           |
  ___   ___|   |___  |   #####   |
 |T  |=|     M     |=|   ## g   M|
  """   """|   |"""  |   #####   |
           |   |     |           |
            "I"       """""""""""
           | u |
Finish clearing the portals and grabbing the Gott Statue's treasure before you
enter the boss's chamber.  Hell Doberman begins to appear here.  When you reach
the boss, Piros jumps at it and has trouble fighting it.  Yes, we have to save
the idiot.

***Rock Head***
HP: 410
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth, Regen
Rec.Lvl: 6-8

Attack like mad.  Have Mistral heal as necessary.  Data Drain is optional.  
Stay out of the spells as best you can, and attack like mad as I said.  You
will receive Piros's Member Address before returning to town automatically.
***End of Battle***

                ~~Part 4: Temptations of Knowledge~~

 Mac Anu--

Sell and restock.  Log out.

          If you've already gotten BlackRose's response, then reply with "How
               about you?"  If not, then that's OK.
          An Anonymous message tells you to cease your inquiry about server
               issues with the game.  We're ignoring it.
          CC Corp will send an email claiming you to be the winner of the Power
               Up Campaign.  You're expected in Root Town.

 Mac Anu--

It doesn't matter which store, so you might as well talk to the Recorder Shop
NPC since it's closer.  You'll receive the key item Book of Law.  You don't
have to try using it.  Just know it doesn't work (and is fake anyways).  Log
out again.

          Mia wants you to come to (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls alone so
               you can learn more about your bracelet.

 Mac Anu--

As requested by Mia, the next area is to be soloed.  Be sure you have plenty of
healing items and a few stat lifting items.  Think Physical Attack, Defense,
and Accuracy.  You only need a few of each.  Wood elemental magic scrolls might
be helpful as well.

 (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls--

# of Field Portals: 16
# of Dungeon Portals: 12
# of Symbols: 1
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Hob Goblin, Fiend Menhir, Bee Army, Dust Curse (D), Rock Head (D)
     Shield Man (D), Mimic (D), __ed^1] (B), Red Wyrm (B)

Since we're going solo, and also since we won't be able to clear the dungeon
this run, let's keep the fighting to a minimal to speed things up.  Use a Speed
Charm, and find the dungeon.

   * TIP: Go after Fiend Menhir first since they like to resurrect their allies
          very quickly.  If you face off against more than one, then Data Drain
          one to make the other go faster.
 B1            | u |
      ___       "I"
     | c |  ___________
      "I"  |           |
      ___  |           |
     |kPk|=|     M     |
      "I"  |           |
      ___  |           |
     |  c|  """""""""""
 | c         |
 |           |  ___
 |     M     |=|  d|
 |           |  """
 |         g |
Another automated "Admin" is there to turn you away.  Ignore him.

So, already, you can see that you HAVE to fight at least two battles.  Buff up
with those items like I wanted you to buy.  Be ready to heal at any second.  If
you're lucky, some of this dungeon's portals will just be chests.
 B2          | c       k |
        ___  |           |
       |d  |=|     M     |
        """  |           |
             | k         |
             |         k |
        ___  |           |  ___
       | c |=|     M     |=| c |
        """  |           |  """
             |         c |
                 /  K|
                /   /
              _/   /
             |c  c|
            /   /"
    ___   _/   /
   |u  |=| kk /
    """   """"
This block takes longer to draw than it does to navigate.  Get to the end as
best you can.  Rebuff only if the effects wear off.  Notice also how I put less
detail in some side rooms?  That's because I'm skipping them and advise the
same for you in the interest in time.
      ___   ___     ___
 B3  |c  |=|  u|   | c |
      "I"   """     "I"
  ___________   ___________
 | c       k | | c       k |
 |           | |           |
 |     M     |=|     M     |
 |           | |           |
 | k       c | | k       g |
  """""""""""   """""I"""""
               | k       c |
          ___  |           |
         | c |=|     M     |
          "I"  |           |
          ___  | c         |
         | d |  """""""""""
Just like before, make your way down to the next block.  You might even swear
this game hates you if you fight a couple Rock Heads.  Wood elemental attacks
would be a good thing to have.

I won't provide a map for Basement 4 since it's so linear, albeit in a spiral
pattern.  Two battles here, they'll be the last before the boss.  Get to the
end of this floor after Mia talks a little more.
                     |         c |
  ___   ___________  |           |
 |T  |=|c    M     |=|   M   M   |
  """   """|   |"""  |           |
           |   |     |           |
            "I"       """""""""""
       |           |
       |           |
       |     B     |
       |           |
       |           |
      ___   ___   ___
     |c  |=|   |=|  c|
      """   "I"   """
           | u |
For the fifth floor, just go north a couple rooms to initiate the boss.  Be
sure the buffs are fresh enough to last the fight.

HP: Inf.
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: none
Rec.Lvl: 8-9

Attack it like crazy.  Use Health Drinks as needed.  You can use Saber Dance if
you feel lie it, but keep at least 10 SP on standby.  Use Data Drain when it is
time to do so.  You'll get a Virus Core M.

The rest of the fight will be relatively easy against a Red Wyrm.  Bring it
down with your attacks, and keep up the necessary heals.  That flame breath can
easily knock you down from 207 health to 54 (or something like that).
***End of Battle***

Mia and Elk will appear.  After the short scene, you'll leave automatically.

 Mac Anu--

You'll receive Mia's and Elk's Member Addresses.  Save if you wish.  Wood
elemental spells or scrolls will be helpful again here.  You can't really go
ANYWHERE without Mia first explaining Gate Hacking to you, so invite her and
Elk, select (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills, spend the Virus Core M's, and then
gate out so you can level them a little.

   * With Elk and Mia in your party, do (A) Discovered Primitive Touchtone and
          then (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls to get their levels up a
          little.  Trust me, you'll need the help so they won't die super easy
          or the battles don't drag on too long.  Still, carry LOTS of healing
          items just in case.  Use Data Drain as needed.  You should have quite
          a few Virus Cores A-C as well Ryu Book V or VI by the end of this.
   * We'll worry about the message board and emails after this next area.
   * Please bring lots of Green Gales for the boss.  Maybe 15 plus whatever
          extra you might have to spend on Mimics.  Keep Mage Souls on you, as
          well so you can keep Elk's and Kite's SP up.

 (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills--

Unlocking Virus Cores: M x2
# of Field Portals: 13
# of Dungeon Portals: 7
# of Symbols: 0
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Mimic, Mummy Ripper, Red Wyrm, Scorpion Tank (D), *tone^t= (B),
     Stone Tuttle (B)

   * For this area, use Data Drain if you are facing more than one Mimic (on
          either one in this case), and also on the Red Wyrms for a chance to
          get some Virus Core C's.  Remember to space out the usage so your
          infection doesn't raise too high.
   * Mummy Rippers like to break your attack power.  Have Elk do Earth spells
          to shut them up before they get the chance.

Feel free to clear the field for Exp.  You won't be able to finish the dungeon
during this visit, but fighting what you can will still be helpful.  Elk and
Mia are still rather low, afterall.  Just one warning: See the Mimics?  They
and every monster that looks like a chest can confuse you.  Kill them fast!  I
have noticed that it is faster to kill Mimics with spells than with physical
attacks solely because I have been confused less that way.

The first block needs no map.    Fight the one battle in the second room, and
continue north to the stairs.
B2                     | d |
                       |   |
                       | M |
                       |   |
                        ___             ___________
                       |   |           |           |
  _______________   ___|   |___   ___  |   #####   |
 |    M          |=|     M     |=|   |=|   ## c   M|
  """""""""""""""   """|   |"""   """  |   #####   |
                       |   |           |           |
                        "I"             """""""""""
                       |c  |
                       | M |
                       |   |
                       | u |
If you want to skip the two battles on the sides, then you may.  Make your way
to the next block.

The third basement also needs no map.  Even if you come back later, there are
only two more rooms (last portal and Gott Statue) after where we'll be fighting
the boss this time.  Heal up, enter go forward to the boss's chamber.  You'll
have to walk to the portal to initiate this fight.

HP: Inf.
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth, Regen
Rec.Lvl: 11-12

For the Data Bug part of the fight, Kite and Mia should be physically attacking
while Elk does heals (tell him at start to do First Aid).  Help Elk if needed
with healing items.  This will be long, but you can do it.  Data Drain to get a
Virus Core N.

This becomes a normal fight against a Stone Tuttle.  Start using the Wood spell
scrolls I asked you to bring.  This guy will regenerate health a little fast.
He has 1090 HP at this stage.
***End of Battle***

After a scene, you'll be back in town.  Let's NOT come back to this one.  Damn
Confuse-inducing fake chests.

 Mac Anu--

Restock a bit, and log out.

-------------Discovering Modified Rumors-------------

                ~~Part 1: Encounters~~

          Helba sends a message explaining the first set of common Virus Cores.
               If you've been using Data Drain enough, you should have like 15+
               A's, about as many B's, and maybe a couple C's.  I say stock up
               on each both for this game and for later.  
          If you answered the previous email from BlackRose, and your affection
               is high enough, then the second of the chain should be waiting.
               Answer with "Sophomore...?!"
          "Let's Play Tag" has a second message if you completed the first
               challenge.  Read it for (A) Detestable Golden Messenger.
          "Weapon Information" leads to (A) Raging Passionate Melody.  You will
               need this to get a character.

Return to the Email from the "The World" title screen to see if you got new
messages.  You should.

          Mistral finally starts her chain.  Reply with "Apple Pie"
          BlackRose's fourth ready?  Reply with "I'm in 8th Grade" to end her
               chain until the next volume.

Go back and forth between that title screen and the email at least one more
time to see if you got a response from Mistral already.  Reply to this second
one with "Beef Stew" to continue the chain.  You can keep going to the end of
it for this game, or you can continue the game itself.

 Mac Anu--

Upon logging in, you'll get a scene in which Balmung is waiting for you, and
Kite explains what happened to Orca to him.  Helba shows up after Balmung walks
away.  You'll receive a Virus Core O.  Let's run a couple quick errands, now.
Be sure you have Speed Charms, and come alone to this one.  Warrior Blood and
Hunter Blood may help as well.

 (A) Detestable Golden Messenger--

You are greeted by the second Golden Goblin.

HP: 330
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth
Rec.Lvl: 12

Speed Charm, Hunter Blood, and Warrior Blood.  Now run after him like you did
Stehoney.  This time, however, it should be easier to hit this guy and kill him
since those stats were boosted.  You'll still miss a few times, but keep at it.

You'll get a Goblin Mail.
***End of Battle***

If you want to use the remaining Ap Do effect from the Speed Charm to run and
collect some Oh No Melons and buffs, then go for it before you Gate Out.

 Mac Anu--

Put the Goblin Mail in storage.  Select any two party members.  I'd pick Piros
and Mistral just to get their levels up a little faster.

 (A) Raging Passionate Melody--

# of Field Portals: 13
# of Dungeon Portals: 12
# of Symbols: 3
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Bee Army, Hob Goblin, Fiend Menhir, Dust Curse (D), Shield Man (D)

Digging the music?  *sigh*  Clear the field before heading indoors.  One thing,
though.  Look at your key items.  Try to get over 15 Virus Core B's (via Data
Draining medium-sized monsters in Delta or Theta) and 9 A's (smaller monsters)
while we're here.  We'll work on the 5+ C's a little later.  Consider that my
notice WAY in advance for what you'll need between now and the end of Volume 4,
and you don't want to have to grind for them when you're too high in strength.
That said, head on in.

   * Be sure to pick up the Grunt Mints as well while in the field.
 B1           |   c   |
              |       |
              |   M   |
               ""| |""
             ____| |____
            |           |
         ___|   #####   |___
        |c      #####      c|
         """|   #####   |"""
            |     M     |
             """"| |""""
                |   |
        |-|  ___|   |___  |-|
       _| |=|     M     |=| |_
   ___| M |  """|   |"""  | M |___
  |      /      |   |      \      |
   "I""""        "I"        """"I"
   ___           ___           ___
  | d |         | u |         |KcK|
   """           """           """
Walk up a little to talk to Natsume.  She's a little scared to venture though
the dungeon on her own.  We're going to get the item for her, but let's save it
for last.  We're going to clear this dungeon since it'll help the Ryu Books.
Follow the maps to know where to go.
 B2                  | u |
  ___                |c  |
 |KCK|               |   |
  "I"                | M |
  ___                |   |                ___
 |   |               |   |               | d |
 |   |                "I"                 "I"
 |   |                ___                 ___
 |   |               |   |               |   |
 |   |_________   ___|   |___   ___   ___|   |
 | M           |=|     M    g|=|c  |=|g    M |
  """""""""""''   """""""""""   """   """""""
A short block needing no explanation.  Be sure to grab the Invisible Eggs.
 | T |
 |   |
 |   |
 |   |___   _____             _____   _______
 | M     |=|k    \           /    k|=|     M |
  """""""   ""\   \_       _/   /""   """""""
               \   g|     |c   /
                |c   \   /    |
                 "\   \_/   /"
                   \   k   /
                    \     /
                     |   |
                     |   |
                     |   |
                     | M |
                     |   |
                     |   |
                     | u |
Remember, we're clearing first, so go EAST at the fork.  Then go to the Gott
Statue to end this event by opening the chest there.  Kite will give the weapon
Spiral Edge to Natsume, who will in turn give Kite her Member Address in an odd
way that can be taken wrong.  You'll leave for town automatically.

   * You actually have to choose to give her the Spiral Edge.  Keeping it will
          do you no good.

 Mac Anu--

You know what to do, yeah?

                ~~Part 2: Deception~~

Log out.

          If you gave Piros a couple treasure items just now, you should now be
               getting started with his chain.  Answer with "Right Now?"
          Mistral's third message should be waiting.  Answer it with "You're a
               good cook"
          "Is This an Event Character?" now has (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil.

Check everything in the message board before going back to the desktop.

          If Mistral's fourth is already there, then reply with "Sometimes..."
          BlackRose has noticed the message on the board as well, and she wants
               to go to Theta server to go to the stated area.  This message
               unlocks the server for you.
          Another poorly written message from Aura.  Want a translation?  Here,
               "I have to be born to live.  That is why I wait.  Mother.
               Morganna... Bearer of the bracelet.  Help me.  Before there are
               any more casualties!"

 Mac Anu--

Access the Chaos Gate, and select Other Servers to reach the (8) Theta server.

 Dun Loireag--

Feel free to explore the new root town.  However, when you are ready, invite
BlackRose and Mistral.  At this point, start carrying some Fortune Wires to be
used on the level 10 areas and beyond.  You'll be glad for this investment.

 (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil--

# of Field Portals: 15
# of Dungeon Portals: 14
# of Symbols: 4
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Thousand Trees, Mimic, Cyclo Shark, Guardian (D), Hungry Grass (D),
     Crab Turtle (D)

Clear the field as usual.  Try to get some Virus Core C's from Thousand Trees
while you are at it.  Beware the Mimics, since they're still a pain.  Cyclo
Sharks are another monster you should look to for Data Draining until you reach
5+ Virus Core C's.  But, if Kite's Infection level ever even turns green, then
have Kite get the killing blow on a couple monsters to bring it back down.  The
Grunty Food in the field is the Cordyceps.
 B1            | k       c |
      _______  |           |  _______
     | M    c|=|     M     |=|     M |
     |   |"""  |           |  """|   |
     |   |     | g       k |     |  c|
      "I"       """""I"""""       "I"
  ___________       ___       ___________
 |         k |     |c  |     | g       k |
 |           |     |   |     |           |
 |     M     |     | M |     |     M     |
 |           |     |   |     |           |
 | k       c |     |   |     | k       c |
  """""I"""""       "I"       """""I"""""
      ___   ___     ___     ___   ___
     | c |=|KPK|   |  k|   | c |=| c |
      "I"   """     "I"     """   "I"
      ___           ___           ___
     | d |         | u |         |KcK|
      """           """           """
Pretty simple floor.  Be sure to grab all Grunty food you come across.  Bear
Cat Eggs even appear in this dungeon, so that would benefit your collection.
We're clearing the portals here even though there's no Gott Statue.  Remember
to use Data Drain periodically even after getting all the Virus Core C's we'll
need, because by now you should be almost done unlocking the eight Ryu Books.
Once they're unlocked and you have all the Virus Cores, you can ease up to just
strategical usage.
  ___                         ___
 |KcK|                       | d |
  "I"                         "I"
  ______                   ______
 |      \                 /      |
  """|_M |  ___________  | M_|"""
       | |=|g    M     |=| |
 B2    |-|  """|   |"""  |-|
               |   |
           | g       k |
           |           |
           |     M     |
    ___    |           |    ___
   | u |   | k       c |   |KcK|
    "I"     """""I"""""     "I"
    ___   ___   ___   ___   ___
   |k  |=|c k|=|kP |=|c k|=|  k|
    "I"   """   """   """   "I"
    _____                 _____
   |     |               |     |
    ""|  |               |  |""
      |M |               | M|
    __|  |               |  |__
   |c    |               |    c|
    """""                 """""
It's shaped like a dancer from Net Slum... Anywho, Guardians begin to appear on
this block.  Hungry Grass does as well.
 B3                     |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                     /      |
                    |  _|"""
                    |   |___
                     \      |
            |-|  ___   ___
           _| |=| k |=|c k|
       ___|M  |  """   """
      |      /
      | u |
Two battles here.  Crab Turtle begins to appear here.  Get to what looks like
the dead end on the map for a scene.  After it is over, you will appear back in
town.  At least you got some Exp out of this trip.

 Dun Loireag--

You can disband the party now.  Sell and restock before switching servers.

   * Now that you should have all the Ryu Books, you should also check them via
          Key Items.  They unlock some cool stuff to play with on the desktop
          depending on your performance in the four games.  For details, see
          the detailed "Book of 1000" section of the Checklist.

 Mac Anu--

Watch the couple of quick scenes.  Elk wants to go to (A) Plenteous Smiling
Hypha.  So, invite him to your party.  We have to two-man this, unfortunately,
so be sure to have plenty of recovery and buffing items and some spell scrolls
from the Darkness element (like 10).

 (A) Plenteous Smiling Hypha--

# of Field Portals: 16
# of Dungeon Portals: 7
# of Symbols: 3
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Thousand Trees, Hungry Grass, Heavy Metal, Water With (D),
     Ki/er S^&aker (B), Killer Snaker (B)

It turns out that Elk only wanted to ask Kite something, but then the area gets
infected.  Let's kick some Data Bug's butt.  Note that by this time Elk was at
level 12 and Kite at 14 for me.  The grunty food Mushroom appears here.  Be
careful here because the Heavy Metal guys are hard hitters, and you can't move
when they use their specials on you.  They're weak to Darkness, hence why I had
you bring plenty of scrolls.  So use one or two to kill a Heavy Metal when you
have to fight more than one at once.  Have Elk heal, but also have him use any
Earth spells he has on the Hungry Gras ASAP.  By the end of the field alone,
Elk should be level 14.
  ___   ___
 |KGc|=|_k \_
  """    \_  \_           ___
 B1        \  k|         |KcK|
            "I"           "I"
            ___           ___
           |   |         |   |
  ___   ___|   |___   ___|   |___   ___
 |d  |=|     M     |=|     M     |=|KKC|
  """   """|   |"""   """|   |"""   """
           |   |         |   |
            "I"           "I"
            ___        _________
           |c  |      /   ___   \
           |   |___  | c_|   |_k |  ___
           | M     |=| |       | |=|_k \_
            """""""  | k"|   |"g |   \_  \_
                      \   """   /      \  k|
                       """"I""""        "I"
                          ___           ___
                         | u |         |KcK|
                          """           """
I hate these rooms with the large pit in the middle.  Anywho, there is a chance
to get Holy Saps from the breakable objects in this dungeon.  I say stock up on
them now so you'll have 25+ to trade with in this game.  But, it's your choice.
The northwest storage room has THREE Invisible Eggs on top of the usual stuff.

The second block needs no map.  It has two battles and one way to go.  Nothing
new awaits you here.
                            | T |
                            |   |
           ___________       ___
          |           |     |   |
          |           |  ___|   |
          |     B     |=|     M |
          |           |  """""""
          |           |
              |   |
  ______   ___|   |
 |g M   |=|       |
  """"""   """|   |
              |   |
              | u |
Here, you can guess by looking at the map that you can't clear the dungeon this
time.  Head up to the boss chamber to see Mia watching a Magic Portal.  She'll
be glad to see Elk.  Then the portal reveals the Data Bug.

***Ki/er S^&aker***
HP: Inf.
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth
Rec.Lvl: 15

Treat this like the first stage of any Data Bug fight.  Physically attack this
monster while your Wavemaster (Elk) heals.  EVENTUALLY, you have the chance to
use Data Drain.  Pat yourself on the back if this is the only time you've used
it this whole area.  You'll get a Virus Core P for all your effort.

With the boss down to just being a Killer Snaker, have Elk throw out a water
spell once or twice if he has one.  Otherwise, fight like you were doing until
this thing finally dies.  1330 HP shouldn't be too hard.
***End of Battle***

After the short scene, you'll be back in town.

 Mac Anu--

Sell and restock before logging out.

                ~~Part 3: Friends for Panacea~~

          "Let's Play Tag" has the third challenge as well the keywords for it.
               (A) Detestable Golden Scent.
          "Weapon Information" has a second new character asking for help with
               getting a weapon.  Sanjuro can now be found at (A) Hideous
               Destroyer's Far Thunder.
          Speaking of new characters, search "Miss Gardenia Fan Club!!"  You
               should find (8) Soft Solitary Tri Pansy
          If you're interested in looking, "What's a Grunty" tries to explain
               how to find some types of grunty food.

Nothing of importance on the desktop, though one news article might be deemed
entertaining.  I doubt Mia would want one.

 Mac Anu--

Watch the entertaining scene between Piros and Mia.  You'll receive keywords to
the next story area, (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold, but we have a few quick
areas to hit up BEFORE that.  Be sure you're ready like with the last Golden
Goblin we faced.

 (A) Detestable Golden Scent--

Golden Goblin #3 awaits.

HP: 470
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth
Rec.Lvl: 16

Warrior Blood, Hunter Blood, Speed Charm, and start chasing him.  Keep hitting
Zyan until he reaches 0 HP.  You'll get Goblin Gloves.
***End of Battle***

With your remaining Ap Do effect, run around to grab White Cherries and buffs
from a few Symbols.  Concentrate more on the former.  Gate out when done.

 Mac Anu--

For the next area, invite Natsume and Mistral.  Put the Goblin Gloves in your
item storage, too.

 (A) Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder--

# of Field Portals: 14
# of Dungeon Portals: 5
# of Symbols: 5
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Hungry Grass, Mimic, Guardian, Thousand Trees (D), Red Wyrm (D),
     Flame Heads (D)

Oh, joy.  More Mimics.  Ah well, clear the field.  Don't forget to pick up some
Twilight Onions when you see (or hear) them.  Natsume's Spiral Edge gives her a
Wood elemental skill, which can prove useful against Guardians, BUT each use
costs 45 SP, so use it wisely when she's able (starting level 12).
  ___   ___   ___   ___   ___
 |d  |=|c k|=| k |=|g k|=|KcK|
  """   """   "I"   """   """
 B1           ___
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             | M |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             | u |
You meet Sanjuro upon entering the dungeon.  He can't find the sword he came
for.  We're going to have to get it for him.  Yes, we're clearing the dungeon.
There's nothing to explain except kill all monsters before the Gott Statue.
 B2          | d |
             |c  |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             | M |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
             |   |
  ___   ___   ___   ___   ___
 |KcK|=|cKK|=|kck|=|cKK|=|  u|
  """   """   """   """   """
All you have to decide is if you want to take all the chests as well, or if you
just want to make the portal opening as fast as possible.
 B3             ___        |     |
               |   |       |  |""
  ___          | M |       | M|
 | T |         |   |       |  |__
 |   |         |   |       |     |
  "I"           "I"         """I"
  ___           ___           ___
 |_k \_        |   |        _/ k_|
   \_  \_   ___|   |___   _/  _/
     \ k |=|     M     |=| k /
      """   """|   |"""   """
               |   |
               | u |
The three-headed dog known as Flame Heads can appear here.  Water spells become
your friends against them.  Mistral should have one or two of them, yeah?  Grab
the chest at the Gott Statue last.  What follows is a scene in which you can
choose to give the Kotetsu Sword (DO IT!), and in turn receive Sanjuro's member
address in gratitude as well a Tolerance Book.  You'll leave automatically.

 Mac Anu--

Switch servers so we can get the next area done.  Keep your current party, and
give Natsume the remaining treasures from the previous area.

 Dun Loireag--

Be sure you're stocked up and saved as much as needed.

 (8) Soft Solitary Tri Pansy--

# of Field Portals: 3
# of Dungeon Portals: 9
# of Symbols: 0
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Heavy Metal, Thousand Trees (D), Water Witch (D), Hungry Grass (D),
     Guardian (B)
                                 | g |
  Field Map                       "I"
  _____                       |     _|
 |  c  |            |-------| |   _|
 |     |            |d      |=|  |
 |     |            |-------| |   "|
 |     |                      |     "|
 |     |                       """"I"
 |     |                         _____
 |     |                        |     |
  ""I""                         |     |
   ________                     |     |
  |_       |                  |-|     |
    |_     |  _______  |------|       |
      |_   |=|   M   |=|           M  |
        |__|  """""""  |------|       |
                              |-|     |
                                |     |
                                |     |
                                |     |
                                 |   |
                  ___   ___   ___|   |___   ___   ___
                 |   |=|   |=|     M     |=| c |=|  g|
                  """   """   """""""""""   "I"   """
                                           | C |
A map for a field?  What?  This field's a grove.  Some areas have fields built
like a dungeon block, and they're all forests like this.  Think of each "room"
like a clearing.  Navigate from the northwest clearing in this grove to the
dungeon entrance.  Here, you will also find Piney Apples.
 B1              | d |
                 |   |
  ___   ___   ___|   |___   ___   ___
 |gKc|=|kgk|=|     M     |=|kgk|=|gKg|
  """   """   """|   |"""   """   """
                 |   |
      ___   ___   ___   ___   ___
     |cKg|=|gKk|=| c |=|cKK|=|KCK|
      """   """   "I"   """   """
                 |  k|
                 |   |
                 |   |
                 |   |
                 |   |
                 | u |
Upon entering the dungeon, you are greeted by Heril from the Miss Gardenia Fan
Club, who will hand Kite a Love Letter to Gardenia.  Kite's getting dragged
into delivering it because he looks strong.  We might as well do it since Kite
is such a kind guy. If you want a Golden Egg, go west of the one battle on this
block, and then two more to the east.  You'll run into Gardenia in the same
room as the stairs before she runs off.
 B2         | d |
             ___   _______
            |gk |=|     M |
             """   """|   |
                      |   |
  ______   ___   ___   ___
 |  M   |=|k k|=|ckk|=|  K|
  """"""   "I"   """   "I"
           ___         ______
          | u |       |      \
           """         """|_  |
                       ___|   |
                      |c     /
On this block the fights can get a LITTLE rough.  Use any fire spells you might
have on the Water Witches, throw in some Health Drinks to help Mistral heal,
and try taking out those Heavy Metal guys quickly.  Gardenia is in this block's
last room.  She runs off again, pointing out that Kite didn't really promise
anything since it was forced on him.  But, we're still going after her.
 B3              | d |
                 |   |
  ___   ___   ___|   |___   ___   _______
 |ckk|=|K K|=|     M    c|=|cKK|=|     M |
  "I"   """   """""""""""   """   """|   |
  ___                                |  c|
 |g K|                                "I"
  "I"                             /""""""|
  ___   ___   ___________   ___  | M_|"""
 |ckk|=|Kck|=|     M     |=|kck|=| |
  """   """   """|   |"""   """  |-|
                 |   |
                 | u |
Pardon the spacing issue on this map, but at least it'll give a good idea of
how this block looks.  When you see Gardenia in the last room again, she runs
off telling Kite to suit himself.
 B4               |   |
                  | B |
                  |   |
                  |   |
               /   ___   \
  ____   ___  | g_|   |_k |  ___   ______
 |T   |=|kck|=| |       | |=|kgk|=|    Mc|
  """"   """  | k"|   |"c |  """   """"""
               \   """   /
                  | u |
Save the boss chamber for last.  There's a fourth Golden Egg in the east wing,
and the Gott Statue's in the west.  Be sure Natsume gets at least one of the
treasures from here.  In the northernmost room, Gardenia is fighting a Guardian
which only appears during this one run through the dungeon.  I'm not even going
to tell you how to fight something this easy (especially with Natsume's Spiral
Edge working for us).

Upon winning the easy fight, Gardenia will accept the letter, but she will ask
two things of Kite in return.  This will give you Gardenia's member address
before you appear back in town.

 Dun Loireag--

Sell, restock, save, switch servers.

 Mac Anu--

Switch out Natsume for Piros, but keep Mistral.  Bring some spell scrolls with
the Thunder element (about 10).  Please note during this time you can't trade
or give anything to Piros until this event is over.

 (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold--

# of Field Portals: 15
# of Dungeon Portals: 9
# of Symbols: 6
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Nomadic Bones, Squilla Demon, Shining Eyes, Goblin Wiz (D),
     Sled Dog (D)

This place is a bit of a doozy if you're not ready.  Nomadic Bones are strong
to magic, and Squilla Demons are weak to fire.  Shining Eyes are Thunder prone
in case you have anything handy, but that shouldn't be terribly necessary until
you find yourself fighting more than one at once.  Data Draining them, however,
can yield a Diabolic Wand in case you need a weapon for the Spring of Myst.  I
say clear the field because the Exp can help.
       |-|            ___            |-|
       | |  ___      | g |      ___  | |
     |"M |=|  d|     | M |     |KcK|=| M"|
 |"""   /   """      |   |      """   \   """|
  "I""""              "I"              """"I"
  ______           _________           ______
 |___   \         /   ___   \         /   __k|
     |_k |  ___  | g_|   |_k |  ___  | c_|  "
 B1    | |=|kgk|=| |       | |=|k k|=| |
  _  |"c |  """  | k"|   |"  |  """  | k"|
 |k""   /         \   """   /         \   """|
  "I""""           """"I""""           """"I"
  ___                 ___                 ___
 |KcK|               | u |               | C |*
  """                 """                 """
   * 1st special chest is the key item Remedy.  It's not good enough.  Yes, we
          really do have to open all four chests.

DON'T GO TOO FAR YET!  On each block is a specific room you must go to in order
to progress through the story.  I'm labeling each room with an asterisk so you
know where to go.  And let's clear the dungeon while we're at it.
       ___   ___                 ___   ___
      |ckk|=| c |*              |u  |=|  k|
       "I"   """       ___       """   "I"
 B2    ___   ___      | d |      ___   ___
      |gK |=|Kkc|      "I"      |Kkk|=|kkg|
       """   "I"    _________    "I"   """
             ___   /   ___   \   ___
            |ckk|=|kk_|   |_g |=|kkc|
             """  |-|       |-|  """
   * The second special chest you open will contain a Custom Remedy.  Again,
          the search continues.  They don't HAVE to be opened in this order,
          but it only makes sense instead of running all the way back to missed
          chests.  Let's continue.

Make your way to the end, and then continue downstairs.  That's right, monsters
won't be found on this block.  Enjoy.
 B3            | d |
               |c  |
       |-|  ___|   |___  |-|
       | |=|     M     |=| |
     |"M |  """|   |"""  | M"|
 |"""   /      |   |      \   """|
  "I""""        "I"        """"I"
  ___           ___           ___
 | c |*        |   |         |KcK|
  """          |   |          """
               | M |
               |   |
               |   |
               | u |
   * The third special chest has a True Remedy.  Almost there!
Do I need to explain this layout?  Well, Goblin Wiz begins to appear here.  Use
Water spells on them if you have any.  Sled Dogs don't need as much of a rush.
  ___            | c |
 | c |           | M |
  "I"            |   |
  ___             "I"
 |   |      ___   ___   ___   ____
 |   |     |Kkk|=|kck|=|k k|=|   T|
 |   |      "I"   """   """   """"
 |   |___   ___   ___   ___
 | M     |=|kgk|=|k k|=|KcK|
 |   |"""   """   "I"   """
 |   |            ___
 |  c|           | u |
  "I"             """
 | c |*
   * The last is called First Remedy.  Good job.
Clear the Gott Statue and magic portals before going for the southwest room.
Once all four special rooms have been looted or checked, you'll get Piros'
Diary, which is worth selling more than anything else, and even then not by a
whole lot.  You'll return to town automatically.

 Mac Anu--

Do your usual for returning to town, and log out.

                ~~Part 4: A Spiral's Cue~~

          BlackRose informs you that someone changed the keywords she was given
               before.  She now has the correct ones.  (8) Cursed Despaired
               Paradise is gained here.
          If you have Piros's second email, then answer with "Good to Have."
          You should have Natsume's first message by now.  Reply with "I'm in
               8th grade."

When you log in, go to Theta server.

 Dun Loireag--

BlackRose is waiting for you.  Invite her, and attempt to go to the new story
area.  You should be one Virus Core Q short.  Cancel out of the Gate Hacking
screen.  Kite and BlackRose will talk a little about messages getting deleted
or altered by an unknown source.  Log out after you save.

          BlackRose - You can answer either way, but I like the first option
               better between the two.
          Mistral - Storyline wise, it's been a while since the two last saw
               one another, but really we just did a couple areas with Mistral.
               Still, answer her with "In (8) server" IN ORDER TO CONTINUE.
          Natsume - If the second is ready, reply with "I read"
          Piros - Message #3, right?  The response should be "Are you" to end
               his vol.1 chain.
          Natsume - If your affection with her is at 125 or higher, then what
               you can do is boot up The World, then come back to find the next
               message in her vol.1 chain.  Reply to it with "Favorite books"

 Dun Loireag--

You should see a scene with Mistral and a player named Apeiron.  Just like her
unborn daughter will be in a few years, Mistral likes to collect items.  You
will receive the key item Book of Iron, but you can't use it.  Mistral will
return with the keywords to (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral.  Invite Mistral and
Sanjuro.  Bring up to 25 Thunder spell scrolls.  Get ready to do some easy Gate

 (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral--

Unlocking Virus Cores: A x2, N x1
# of Field Portals: 15
# of Dungeon Portals: 6
# of Symbols: 1
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Dark Witch, Noisy Wisp, Phantom Wing, Menhir (D), W*dSto^k (B),
     Thousand Trees (B)

You should have more than enough A's from earlier in the game.  The enemies can
get a little too squirmy, which is why I said to bring Thunder spell scrolls.
Take out one Darkness aligned enemy with no more than 3 scrolls (do the rest
of the damage with physical attacks), and then take out the other.  Phantom
Wing will be a hassle only for its poison effect, but is otherwise no problem.
If you get a Fire Helm, give the first to Sanjuro.  Enter the dungeon once the
field has been cleared.

   * By this point, the party should be averaging level 20.
   * Don't forget to find and pick up some Root Vegetables in the field.  Three
          can be found directly east of the dungeon.

This whole dungeon needs no map.  After the first magic portal, you can go east
for some chests in a storage room, or you can just go west to the next block.

The second block has one way to go.  No forks.  Just a couple chests and two
portals.  Menhir appears here.  Just like we did with the weaker ones, Data
Drain one if you face two of them.

Keep going on the third block until you see the purple smoke coming from one
doorway.  Buff up Kite's and Sanjuro's Phys.Defense as well Kite's Attack.  Go
on the the boss's chamber.  No, we can't clear the dungeon this time.  There's
only the one fork in the next room besides if you did come back here.  The boss
fight starts about as soon as you enter the room.

HP: Inf.
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Wood
Rec.Lvl: 19-20

Just start attacking this guy.  Have Mistral concentrate on heals, but also to
throw in the occasional Earth spell if she still has one.  Use a Mage's Soul on
her if Mistral's SP falls too low.  When the protection breaks, use Data Drain
to get the missing Virus Core Q.

The rest of the fight is against a Thousand Trees.  I bet you're tired of going
up against this guy, huh?  Well, beat him down like you did before.
***End of Battle***

Kite will end up explaining to Mistral about what has happened, and she'll play
it off as a case of being some event.

 Dun Loireag--

Sell and restock.  Log out.

          In "Let's Play Tag" your next challenge awaits at (A) Detestable
               Golden New Truth.
          Gardenia invites you to (8) Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem.
          BlackRose asks if you got anything.  Reply with "Got Virus Core" so
               you can continue.

 Dun Loireag--

BlackRose is waiting there again.  But, first, let's run a couple areas.

 Mac Anu--

Like with the previous tag matches, you have to solo this one.

 (A) Detestable Golden New Truth--

Albert is ready to go.

HP: 750
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: Earth
Rec.Lvl: 20

Warrior Blood, Hunter Blood, Speed Charm, and start chasing him.  This one is a
little faster than the others, so you'll have to try predicting how his turns
will go and then have Kite go in shorter, straight-lined distances to lessen
the chase time.  Try to get in as many hits as you can each time you catch up
with Albert.  Eventually, his HP will hit 0, and you'll receive Goblin Boots.

A couple things that help are zooming out the camera angle and using a skill
like Saber Dance when you do get close.
***End of Battle***

If you want to round up Root Vegetables and Symbols, then go for it.

 Mac Anu--

Store the tag match's prize before switching back to Theta.

 Dun Loireag--

Invite Gardenia and Mistral (since Elk is unavailable).  Carry 25 Thunder spell
scrolls to make the upcoming fights go faster.

 (8) Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem--

# of Field Portals: 16
# of Dungeon Portals: 11
# of Symbols: 2
Spring of Myst: Grandpa Lv. 2

Monsters: Phantom Wing, Menhir, Noisy Wisp, Dark Witch (D),

This might take SOME adjusting since Gardenia will likely be about level 16.
Gardenia likes her flowers.  Anywho, the first portal opens right next to your
entry point.  Be sure to grab at least one Mandragora, and throw a weapon into
the Spring of Myst.  I won't lie to you.  This can get rough, especially when
you have to fight three or four enemies at once.  Be ready to heal and whatnot.
Clear the field, and continue.
 B1        | d |
           |c  |
  ___   ___|   |___   ___
 |K  |=|     M     |=| Kc|
  """   """|   |"""   """
           |   |
           |  k|
           |g  |
           | M |
           |   |
           |   |
           | u |
After the second magic portal, you're probably wanting to restock Antidotes,
Health Drinks, and maybe a couple Healing Potions.  If you go all the way east
to open the chest, you can smash those Urns, leave the room, and come back to
smash them again for more items.  Do as needed, as I'm sure you might after the
painful field you just went through.  Though, there's a better storage room in
the next block.
      ___   ___   ___       ___   ___
     |k c|=|c k|=|  d|     |KcK|=|  k|
      "I"   """   """       """   "I"
 B2   ___                         ___
     /   |                       /   |
    /   /                       /   /
   (M  (                       (M  (
    \   \                       \   \
     \   |                       \   |
      "I"                         "I"
  ___________                 ___________
 | c       k |               | k         |
 |           |  ___________  |           |
 |     M     |=|     M     |=|     M     |
 |           |  """|   |"""  |           |
 | k         |     |   |     | c       k |
  """""""""""       "I"       """""""""""
                   | u |
For the sake of clearing the dungeon, take the east wing first.  Then the west.
  B3         | T |
             |   |
             |c  |
  _____   ___|   |___   _____
 |g M  |=|     M     |=|   M |
  """""   """|   |"""   """""
             |   |
             |   |
    ___   ___|   |___   ___
   |u  |=|     M     |=|KCg|
    """   """|   |"""   """
             |   |
Save the Gott Statue for last as you take out the last few magic portals.  The
Gott Statue has a Graceful Book.  After the short scene, you appear in town.

 Dun Loireag--

Use the Graceful Book on Kite, and give Gardenia one of the other treasures
before you let her go.  Sell and restock, invite BlackRose, and save.

 (8) Cursed Despaired Paradise--

Unlocking Virus Cores: A x3, B x2, Q x1
# of Field Portals: 14
# of Dungeon Portals: 5
# of Symbols: 5
Spring of Myst: Grandpa Lv. 2

Monsters: Fire Witch, Lambada Knife, Wood Harpy, Dark Witch (D),

And, finally, we see the grunty food La Pumpkin.  Grab what you see.  As for
the enemies, have Mistral kill the Fire Witches fast with Rue Rom if she still
has it, or else you may have to chase them down.  This field should be easy to
clear now that everyone is level 20 or better, right?  If Kite still has an
Earth spell handy, then Wood Harpy will be a pushover.  The dungeon entrance is
an interesting one.
 B1        | u |
       | c       k |
  ___  |           |  ___
 |cK |=|     M     |=|KcK|
  """  |           |  """
       | k         |
           |c  |
           | M |
           |   |
           |   |
           | d |
Could you ask for a more straight-forward dungeon block?  Well, I suppose if it
weren't for the side rooms . . . .
     | d |
 B2   "I"       ___
      ___      | u |
     |   |      "I"
     |   |___   ___
     | M     |=|  k|
     |   |"""   """
     |  g|
     |   |
     |   |
     |   |
     |   |
     | M |
     |   |
     |   |
Dark Witches can appear here.  Prepare for them by using a Speed Charm.  If you
happen to have a weapon with Tiger Claws (such as Cats Blades), then you can
knock out more than one at once as long they're close together.  However, they
shouldn't be hard even without that skill.  Just keep everyone healed.
         | ^ |
     | c         |
     |           |
     |     M     |
     |           |
     |         c |
         | u |
When you get to the third room, which looks like a dead end on the map, head
north through the doorway for a scene.  You will receive the key items Harald's
Note and Epitaph 00 before appearing back in town.

 Dun Loireag--

After doing your routine in town, log out.

                ~~Part 5: Much is Hidden~~

          Read through "MISSING" to continue.
          BlackRose says she'll look into the post in the board thread I said
               to read.  This will make her unavailable for invites for now.
          If Gardenia's chain has begun, then reply with "Really?"
          In "To Orca" will be someone looking for him where Orca took Kite in
               the start of the game.
          Also, be sure to have read the "Zeit Statue" thread.  You'll need a
               keyword that it supplies you with.

Log in, and head to Delta server.

 Mac Anu--

No need to prepare.  We're not fighting anything.  Yet.

 (A) Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field--

Bob is waiting, and Kite tells him what happened to Orca.  Bob will bring up
the rumor about something lurking in The World, and then he'll say that Linda
might know something about it.  You'll receive (A) Buried Pagan Fiery Sands as
well as the item Secret: Reason.

 Mac Anu--

Don't use the new item just yet.  In fact, store in in Elf's Haven until the
next time we see BlackRose.  Now, before we head off to the next area in the
story, let's run a quick errand.  Be sure to bring a Speed Charm, AND BE SURE
TO READ AHEAD TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!  We're gonna have to enter keywords to
this one manually.  Save first too in case you somehow mess up.  And, you can
do this with just Kite.

 (A) Chronicling Pagan Sunny Demon--

# of Field Portals: 8
# of Dungeon Portals: 11
# of Symbols: 2
Spring of Myst: Monsieur Lv. 1

Monsters: Magical Goblin, Chicken Hand, Swordmanoid (D)

IMMEDIATELY, use a Speed Charm.  Ignore the monsters coming at you, and run to
the west to enter the dungeon.  We must reach the Zeit Statue in less than 2:12
minutes so we may get some rare equipment.  The two battles you WILL have to
fight on the way will be easy with all the enemies being one-hit kills.  Still,
you have to be fast.  I'm providing the maps so you won't even have to worry
about Fairy's Orbs.                         ___
                                           | c |
              ___                          | M |
             | u |                         |   |
             |   |                         |   |
             |   |                         | M |
             |   |                         |   |
             |   |                          "I"
              "I"                          |---|
              ___   ___                    |  K|
             |k g|=|kgk|                  /   /
              """   "I"                 _/   /
 B1              _________             |   c|
                /   ___   \           /   /"
  ___________  | c_|   |_k |  ___   _/   /
 |d          |=| |       | |=|kck|=| kk /
  """""""""""  | k"|   |"g |  """   """"
                \   """   /
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   | M |
                   |   |
                   | c |
South, east, south, west.  Ignore the items you can grab on the way.  No fights
to be had on this block unless you went out of your way.  Head downstairs.
                        | u |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
 B2                   _________
                     /   ___   \
  ________________  | g_|   |_k |  ________
 |g   M           |=| |       | |=|     M c|
  """"""""""""""""  | k"|   |"c |  """"""""
                     \   """   /
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        |   |
                        | d |
Just keep going south to the next block.  Like before, ignore all the items you
could get on the way down.
                               | u |
                                ___                  ___________
 B3                            |   |                |     M     |
  _______________________   ___|   |___   ___   ____|  _|"""|_  |
 |d                      |=|     M     |=|kck|=|  M   |       |c|
  """""""""""""""""""""""   """""""""""   """   """""-|       |-|
I'm not kidding about the size of the westernmost room.  Fight the one battle
on the way to the stairs going down.
            | u |
 B4         |   |
            |   |
            |   |
            |   |
            |   |
            |   |
  ____   ___|   |
 |T   |=|     M |
  """"   """|   |
            |   |
            |   |
            |   |
            | M |
            |   |
            |   |
            |   |
            |   |
            | M |
            | c |
Run south one room, fight the battle to unlock the doors, and head west.  You
will see what looks like a clock instead of a chest.  Quickly examine this Zeit
Statue to stop the clock.  If you did everything right, you should have beaten
2:12 just fine.  For reaching the new record time, you get Time Headband, Time
Sash, Time Bracer, Time Sandals, and Time Blades.  Equip the Time Sandals now
that you have them.  This will give Kite the Ap Do spell all the while boosting
some stats.  The others will go to storage.

Now, you can either leave this area, OR you can get a good deal out of it.  I
recommend clearing the portals and grabbing Golden Eggs around the dungeon, and
then grabbing some Snaky Cactus from the field.  There are a good bunch of them
north of the dungeon.  Just be ready to fight the monsters who wander around
the field since apparently not all of them come from the portals.

 Mac Anu--

Store the better part of the Time Armor Set except the footwear, which you're
now wearing.  You should also sell all the other stuff you picked up including
most your Speed Charms since you no longer need them.  BlackRose is away, so
let's invite Sanjuro and Mistral.

   * From now to the end of the first volume I like to carry a rare item to be
          thrown into Springs of Myst.  This gives back the same item plus the
          additional Silver Axe and Golden Axe every time.  Start saving those
          for all sorts of trade.

 (A) Buried Pagan Fiery Sands--

# of Field Portals: 15
# of Dungeon Portals: 8
# of Symbols: 6
Spring of Myst: Grandpa Lv. 1

Monsters: Gladiator, Fire Witch, Hell Box, Lambada Knife (D),
     Fresh Valkyrie (D)

Clear the field.  You'll want the Exp.  However, watch out for Hell Boxes for
the usual Confusion related reasons.  There are Oh No Melons here, but you'll
probably have a massive collection of them already from earlier.  The enemies
shouldn't be too hard.
  B1              | d |
     ___           ___
    |   |         |_k \_
    |   |           \_  \_   ___
    | M |             \  k|=|_k \_
    |   |              """    \_  \_
    |   |                       \  k|
     "I"                         "I"
     ___                         ___
    |c  |                       |   |
    |   |___   ___     ___   ___|   |
    | M     |=|_k \   /  _|=|g    M |
     """""""    \_ \_/ _/    """""""
                  \ g /
                  | u |
You won't get to clear the dungeon this run, but you can still take up to five
battles to help your Exp.  This place is quite easy.  Too easy, I think.
                     | d |
        B2            "I"
                     |   |
                     |   |
                     |   |*
                     |   |
      ___            |   |            ___
     |KcK|            "I"            |KcK|
      "I"       ___   ___   ___       "I"
  ___________  |k  |=|kck|=|kck|  ___________
 | c       k |  "I"   """   """  | k       c |
 |           |  ___   ___   ___  |           |
 |     M     |=|kck|=| Pk|=|c k|=|     M     |
 |           |  """   "I"   """  |           |
 | k       g |        ___        | g       k |
  """""""""""        | u |        """""""""""
The asterisk notes the room where Linda is.  When you reach her, she explains a
few things including how Orca and Balmung were investigating a rumor.  You'll
receive (A) Lonely Silent Great Seal before warping out automatically.  If you
want to clear the dungeon, which I would do for the Ryu Books, then you'll have
to come back here.  No, you won't have to clear the field a second time.  Just
go kinda southeast from the starting point to reach the dungeon.
                   |   |
                   |   |
    B3             | M |
                   |   |
                   |   |
  ___________       ___
 |           |     |   |
 |   #####   |  ___|   |___   ____
 |M     ##   |=|     M     |=|   T|
 |   #####   |  """|   |"""   """"
 |           |     |   |
  """""""""""       "I"
                   | u |
Assuming you're returning almost immediately with Mistral and Sanjuro still in
your party, we're clearing and continuing with the third block.  It is short
and simple enough.  Watch out for the Hell Boxes upon their return.  The Fresh
Valkyries can be easily taken out with one or two Earth spells if you have any
handy.  Give a treasure to Sanjuro before you leave the area.  At the least,
this will get you close to level 25.  Use a Sprite Ocarina, and Gate Out.

   * BEFORE YOU LEAVE, if you're an enemy or two away from leveling up, then go
          fight one of the field battles.  When I left here, Kite and Mistral
          were level 25, and Sanjuro was at 24.  You should be close.

                ~~Part 6: What's Reaped From Rumor~~

 Mac Anu--

You know the drill, but don't log out.  Keep your current party.  Gate Hacking
will be needed, but we have all the cores if you followed my instructions.  Do
bring 20-24 Thunder spell scrolls, too, please.  You'll want plenty of items
such as Antidotes and Restoratives. (30+ each?)

 (A) Lonely Silent Great Seal--

Unlocking Virus Cores: B x4, C x1, O x1
# of Field Portals: 16
# of Dungeon Portals: 12
# of Symbols: 3
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Hell Box, Living Dead, Fresh Valkyrie, Lamia Hunter (D),
     Baby Worm (D)

On top of the broken graphics of the area, you should be able to notice White
Cherries.  It's always good to collect more grunty food for later.  Monsters
here should not be difficult even with the Confusion and Skill Drains from Hell
Boxes.  You shouldn't even have to worry about Fresh Valkyries since they die
so easily.  BUT, you might have to worry if Paralysis comes knocking thanks to
the Living Dead.  They are weak to Thunder, so use a few spell scroll on one
ONLY if you are facing two at once or if one accompanies two Hell Boxes.  That
is maybe the hardest part of the field.

   * If there's anything to worry about with the Fresh Valkyries, it's their
          ability to heal.  Kill them FAST with any Earth magic you have it,
          and move on with the rest.
      ___________                 ___________
     | k       c |               | k       g |
     |           | |-|       |-| |           |
     |     M     |=| |       | |=|  M     M  |
     |           | |  "|___|"  | |           |
     | c       k |  \    M    /  | c       k |
      """""I"""""    """""""""    """""""""""
          ___       ___________
         |   |     |         k |
  B1     |   |___  |           |  ___
         | M     |=|     M     |=|  d|
         |   |"""  |           |  """
         |  c|     | k         |
          "I"       """""""""""
      ___________                 ___________
     | c       k |               | k       g |
     |           |  ___________  |           |
     |     M     |=|c    M     |=|  M     M  |
     |           |  """|   |"""  |           |
     | k       c |     |   |     | c       k |
      """""""""""       "I"       """""""""""
                       | u |
This is where we're introduced to Lamia Hunters.  They love doing multiple hit
attacks during which you can't really move if you're caught in them.  You can
still attack them if they're in range, however.  So, just set Mistral to heal,
and go nuts.  Bear Cat Eggs can be collected here, as can be Pure Water.
   ___                 ___
  |KCK|               | d |
   "I"       ___       "I"
   ______   |KcK|   ______
  |      \   "I"   /      |
   """|_M |  ___  | M_|"""
        | |=|   |=| |
        |-|  "I"  |-|
            |  k|
     B2      "I"
            |c k|
            |   |
   ___   ___|   |___   ___
  |u  |=|     M     |=|KcK|
   """   """|   |"""   """
            |   |
            | c |
I'm sure you know to use the storage room to the east of the stairs to refill
your stacks of Antidotes and Restoratives.  You probably used quite a few of
each getting here.  Baby Worms begin to appear here.  They're just big, and
have no elemental weakness you can exploit.  Keep Mistral on heals while you
fight them.  They do Paralyze, though, so be ready with Antidotes.  And, yes,
there's a chest in the same room as the stairs going down.

The third block needs no map.  Fight the one battle on the singular pathway.
When you get to the end, you'll wind up in another Space area.  In the scene
that follows, you get the Epitaph ?, which you can't read.

 Mac Anu--

Do the town routine.  You can log out now.

          BlackRose is back, and she's brought a gift.  The keywords (8) Great
               Distant Fertile Land.
          Sanjuro's email chain should have begun.  Reply with "Really?"

Upon logging in, go to Theta.

 Dun Loireag--

BlackRose is waiting for you.  Before we go, remember the massive collection of
Oh No Melons we got from the same area as one tag match?  If not, you better
get on it.  Go to the back (southwest) end of town to the grunty ranch.  Talk
to the Little Grunty, and select Give Food.  30 Oh No Melons (or any one food,
really) will turn the thing into a Noble Grunty.  This is your first of three
grunties on this server.  You will also receive the Grunty Flute, which will
help a little later.

Now, invite BlackRose and Mistral.  Make sure you still have Water magic handy.

 (8) Great Distant Fertile Land--

# of Field Portals: 17
# of Dungeon Portals: 8
# of Symbols: 8
Spring of Myst: Grandpa Lv. 2

Monsters: Hell Box, Lamia Hunter, Grand Mage, Armor Shogun (D), Baby Worm (D)
     Snappy Grass (D)

We're clearing the field and dungeon both.  You need the Exp.  Grand Mages are
weak to water, so use that to take them out fast.  Hell Boxes take second in
the priority list only because they take a moment to kill.  Keep Mistral on
heals.  The Lamia Hunters shouldn't be too bad.  It will help to have Ap Do on
Kite and BlackRose during the battles, but Mistral must be able to keep up as
you run from portal to portal.  For this reason, it's good to have the Grunty
Flute ready.  You can call a grunty you've raised on the same server, and ride
safely from portal to portal.  OR, you can just Ap Do everybody.  Don't forget
the La Pumpkins lying around or the Spring of Myst.  When you're done with the
field, this party should be level 26-27.
       ___                         ___
      | d |                       | c |
      |   |                       |   |
      |   |                       | M |
      |   |                       |   |
      |   |                       |   |
       "I"                         "I"
       ___                         ___
      |k  \_                      |c  |
       "\   \_   ___________   ___|   |
  B1     |g   |=|c    M     |=|     M |
       _/   /"   """|   |"""   """|   |
      |k  /"        |   |         |   |
       "I"           "I"           "I"
       ___           ___           ___
      |   |         | u |         |   |
      |   |          """          |   |
      | M |                       | M |
      |   |                       |   |
      | g |                       | c |
       """                         """
Armor Shoguns may look huge, but you can take them with enough ease.  The map
needs no explanation, right?
    B2           _________
                /   ___   \
  ___   _____  | c_|   |_k |  _____   ___
 |d  |=|c M  |=| |       | |=|g M  |=|KcK|
  """   """""  | k"|   |"g |  """""   """
                \   """   /
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   | u |
The block is smaller, and only has a couple portals.  In case you need it, a
storage room can be found on the east end.  Don't expect too many Cooked Biles
from it, though.  You might get a few Healing Potions.
              |           |
              |           |
              |           |*
              |           |
              |           |
  B3           ___________
              | g       k |
  ____   ___  |           |  ___
 |T   |=|  k|=|     M     |=|  u|
  """"   """  |           |  """
              | k       c |
The last room to the north is where you find Meg, SO BE SURE TO GRAB THE GOTT
STATUE"S treasure before you go there.  Oh, and Snappy Grass is easy to kill.
Just use any Earth spells you might have, or else Kite's attack skills.  Kill
them fast to avoid Sleep.  When you reach Meg, you will see an Admin talking to
her.  After he leaves, Meg will be too scared to tell you the area words you
need to know.  They're supposedly on the message board.  Meg leaves, and you
return to town automatically.

 Dun Loireag--

Do the usual selling and restocking before you log out.  If you had gotten a
Spirit Armor from the Gott Statue, then give it to BlackRose as well.

-------------Beginning Someone's Broken Cradle-------------

                ~~Part 1: Scrambling Preparations~~

          In "MISSING" you will find the last post was deleted.  You must view
               this to go on.

Once you go to the desktop after this, you can't do anything else until you at
least check your email and read BlackRose's Message.

          BlackRose says she's getting frustrated.
          If Sanjuro's second message is ready, reply with "WoW"
          "Comatose: Reason Unknown" speaks of two high school students who've
               fallen unconscious.  The one in a coma is Sieg.  The one who
               recovered is Mai, the main character of //LIMINALITY.  If you
               want to watch the first episode of it, then it takes place now.

Now, to progress, you must at the very least go to the title screen of The
World and then return to the desktop.

          Helba shows you the deleted post.  You gain (8) Chosen Hopeless
               Nothingness from it.
          A scrambled message from Aura.  It reads, "I can't run any more.  If
               Skeith catches me... There's still time.  There's still time.
               There's still time.  There's still time.  There's still time."

 Dun Loireag--

Before we go off to the next story area, we got a little leveling to do and a
few items to pick up to help with an upcoming boss.  For these couple of areas
I recommend BlackRose and Mistral.  Bring 20 spell scrolls for Thunder, be sure
to have access to Earth, Fire & Water spells, and carry over 20 Health Drinks,
Resurrects and Mage's Souls EACH.  Maybe 30-ish Health Drinks.

 (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field--

# of Field Portals: 4 (+7 wandering groups)
# of Dungeon Portals: 10
# of Symbols: 0
Spring of Myst: Grandpa Lv. 2

Monsters: Dark Rider, Wood Stock, Mantis, Ogre (D), Bee Assault (D)

As soon as you enter, you are attacked by wandering monsters.  Dark Riders are
weak to Thunder.  If you can group a bunch together and use a few Thunder spell
scrolls, then they should be easy, but that's only if you fight more than one
at once.  They hit hard!  There's more than one wandering group out there.  So,
wait for them before fighting any portal.  You shouldn't have to wait too long.

   * A trick with wanderers is that they like to be around certain spots until
          you get two or three times as far away from them as if they were a
          magic portal.  Like, from your starting point, go south, take out one
          portal, utilize the Spring of Myst, and go southeast for the second
          wanderer.  This sort of control can reduce any trouble you might have
          otherwise.  Just a tip.  Other wanderers may still come, but it does
          give you a moment or two to do what you need.  Heck, you can ride a
          grunty to each wanderer.

Wood Stock is, as you can guess, weak to Earth.  If you are into collecting
Rare stuff, then you can Data Drain them for a Jester's Wand.  Mistral could
use it for the Thunder magic it gives, but I like giving her a different
weapon.  Take your pick, but kill fast in case of wandering monsters.

Mantis is weak to Fire, and you can Data Drain a Giant Hill from them.  Get one
to give to Piros.  It may take a few tries, but you can do it.

As you can see, this field can be rough.  Clear it for some good Exp.  When you
are done with the field, you will likely be drained of healing items.  Let's go
into the dungeon, shall we?
                   |k kkk k|
                   |k     k|                ___
                   |k     k|               | u |
                    "|   |"                |   |
                      "I"                  |   |
                      ___                  |   |
                     |g  |                 |   |
      B1             |   |                  "I"
                     |   |                  ___
                     |   |                _|   |_
  _____   ___________|   |___________   _|       |
 |c M  |=|             M             |=|     M   |
  """""   """""""""""|   |"""""""""""   "|       |
                     |   |                "|   |"
                     |   |                  "I"
                     |   |                  ___
                     |   |                 |k  |_
                      "I"                  "\_   \_
                      ___                     \_   \__   ___
                     |   |                      \   c |=| c |
                     |   |                       """""   """
                     |   |
                     |   |
                     | d |
The first block looks enormous, but is really short.  Up to three battles, and
the north room can give a few healing items.  In fact, it gives more Holy Sap
than anything from what I've noticed.
     B2            | u |
    _______        |   |
   |       |_   ___|   |___   _______
   |   M    g|=|     M    c|=|     M |
   |       |"   """""""""""   """|   |
    "|   |"                      |  g|
      "I"                         "I"
  ___________                  ______
 |         k |                /      |
 |           |      _______  | M_|"""
 |     M     |     | M     |=| |
 |           |     |   |"""  |-|
 | k       c |     |   |
  """""I"""""       "I"
      ___           ___
     |   |         |   |
     | T |         |   |
      """          | M |
                   |   |
                   | c |
This block's got more fight to it.  Watch out for Ogres' strong hits.  They are
weak to Water, too.  Bee Assault also appears here.  They have no weakness, and
they like to poison you.  Yes, the second block is really the dungeon's end.
Clear it, and have someone use a Sprite Ocarina.  Be sure to leave with that
weapon we're giving to Piros.  If you need to restock first and come back, then
do that.  This trio should be level 28 or better by now.

 Dun Loireag--

Restock like mad.  Switch out either of your party members for Piros just long
enough to give him his new weapon.  After that, save and bring back your party
of BlackRose and Mistral.  Bring 30 Wood spell scrolls.  10 Beast Blood should
help with the next area.  If you haven't given BlackRose the Secret: Reason yet
then do it as soon as you arrive.

 (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil--

# of Field Portals: 7 (+6 wandering groups)
# of Dungeon Portals: 8
# of Symbols: 7
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Cursed Blades, Wood Stock, Mu Guardian, Goil Menhir (D),
     Red Scissors (D)

You start right outside the dungeon, and the first enemy group comes your way.
Be ready to fight.  We're clearing this area like the last one.  Keep your
infection level in the blue-green range until you have the rare equipment, and
then stop using Data Drain until we next need it.  Be sure that BlackRose and
Kite have the increased magical defense through Beast Blood at all times.

Cursed Blades can be Data Drained for a Million$ Spear.  Get at least one to
give to Gardenia.  Other than that, they should be simple enough for you to go
against two or three at once SOLO.  If you need to get your infection level to
blue or green first before you get it, then do it that way.

Mu Guardians heal heal themselves, so you'll want to be fast in killing them.
Also, for the sake of this guide, Data Drain at least one for Kite's weapon.
Equip the Bom-Ba-Ye immediately after getting one.  They're weak to Wood, and
also a pain in numbers.  Staccato in conjunction with the Skill Drain will be
your new best friend.  You should also get a second Bom-Ba-Ye for Natsume.  You
can find more Mu Guardians inside if you run out in the field.
                       | u |
                       |   |
     B1                |   |
                       |   |
                       |   |
                       |   |
                       |   |
                      _|   |_
                    _|K     k|_                  ___
  _|---|___   _____|  g_|"|_k k|_____  |-_______#   #
 |c  M     |=|        |     |        |=|    M     M  |
  "|---|"""   """""|k k"|_|"   |"""""  |-"""""""#   #
                    "|k     K|"                  """
                      "|   |"
                       |   |
                       |   |
                    /   ___|
                   |  _|
                   |  "|
                    \   """|
                       | d |
Goil Menhir appears here.  Like other Menhir types, you'll want to Data Drain
one when you face two at once.  Only, with these guys, you can also get a nice
katana sort of weapon for Sanjuro.  Be sure to get one Shikisokuzeku!  One nice
thing about having a Skill Drain effect from Bom-Ba-Ye is the chance of keeping
these guys from resurrecting their allies.

As large as the second block is, it needs no map.  There are four portals on
the way to the Gott Statue.  Red Scissors make their appearance here.  The Axe
Bomber can be Data Drained from them if you're a Rare collector.  Otherwise,
you can just kill them normally.  Watch out for their Paralysis.  By the end of
this area, at least Kite and Mistral should be level 30, and you should have
the new weapons to give to Gardenia, Sanjuro and Natsume.  Leave the dungeon
and come back inside to reset the portals if you need to.

 Dun Loireag--

Disband the party so you can bring in Gardenia, Sanjuro, and Natsume as needed.
After all three of them have their new weapons, sell your extra stuff and the
last couple areas' treasure.  I'll tell you what you need to restock on in just
a bit.

                ~~Part 2: Terror and Shadow~~

By now, you should have a couple emails waiting.

          Sanjuro - Reply to his third with "That's" to end his chain for this
               volume.  The ending message should be ready if you go to the
               title screen of The World and come back.
          Natsume's and Piros's ending messages are ready to be read.  Replying
               to them will be impossible.

This should leave Gardenia's chain to be done.  Mia and Elk have none until way
later in the series.

 Dun Loireag--

Alright, now to pick up a bunch of items for the grand finale of Infection's
story.  You have all the virus cores you need since I had you take care of that
much earlier in this game.  BlackRose and whoever you choose as your third will
need some Resurrects, Antidotes, and Restoratives.  I like to do this part in
Mac Anu so I can give the items to BlackRose BEFORE heading into the upcoming
area.  That way, in case you get a Game Over, you won't have to give the items
a second time.

For the sake of this guide, I say use Natsume.  Natsume and BlackRose should
each receive: 15 Antidotes, 15 Restoratives, and 5 Resurrects.  Kite should
have 70-80 Health Drinks, 15 Mage's Souls, 35 Antidotes, 35 Restoratives, 15
Resurrects, 10 of each physical Blood item, 6 Beast Blood, 2 Speed Charms, and
30 Wood spell scrolls.  BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR GAME!

 (8) Chosen Hopeless Nothingness--

Unlocking Virus Cores: A x1, B x4, C x1, P x1
# of Field Portals: 16
# of Dungeon Portals: 23
# of Symbols: 2
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Mantis, Metal Goblin, Cursed Blades, Mu Guardian (D), Goil Menhir (D)
     Skeith (B)

Clear the field to help Natsume out with her Exp.  There won't be a wandering
group issue here.  Just watch out for the hard hitting Mantis.  If you're a
Rare collector, the Metal Goblins can be Data Drained for a Jinsaran. Also,
keep in mind that you don't have a Wavemaster to heal you.  So, be ready to pop
those Health Drinks.  Use Repth only between battles.  If you have Fire spells,
then use them on a Mantis on occasion.
  B1           |   |
               | M |
  ___          |   |          ___
 | d |         |   |         |CKC|
  "I"           "I"           "I"
  ___           ___           ___
 |c  |         |g  |         |   |
 |   |___   ___|   |___   ___|   |
 | M     |=|     M     |=|c    M |
  """""""   """|   |"""   """""""
               |   |
               | u |
Bring down the Mu Guardians as fast as possible using Wood spell scrolls.  Use
the storage room to the northeast if you need it, though, it'll give mostly
Well Water.  The first block should be easy enough to clear.
                 | d |
   B2             "I"
                 |   |
  ___   ___   ___|   |___   ___   ___
 |k  |=|  k|=|     M     |=|c k|=|c k|
  "I"   """   """|   |"""   """   "I"
  _____          |   |            _____
 |     |          "I"            |     |
  ""|  |          ___             ""|  |
    |M |         | u |              |M |
  __|  |          """             __|  |
 |c    |                         |g    |
  """""                           """""
When the Goil Menhirs appear, use your usual strategy to take them out first.
Again, this block is easy.
  ___   _______                         _______   ___
 |CKK|=|     M |                       | M     |=|  d|
  """   """|   |                       |   |"""   """
           |  g|                       |   |
            "I"                         "I"
            ___                         ___
           |   |                       |c  |
           |   |___   ___|"""|___   ___|   |
     B3    | M     |=|     M     |=|     M |
           |   |"""   """|___|"""   """|   |
           |   |                       |   |
            "I"                         "I"
        ___________   ___________   ___________
       | g       k | | c       k | |           |
       |           | |           | |   #####   |
       |     M     |=|     M     | |   #####   |
       |           | |           | |   # c #   |
       | k       g | | k         | |     M     |
        """""""""""   """""I"""""   """""""""""
                         | d |
You have to fight so many of the portals here that you might as well do them
all.  Red Scissors are here, so be ready to use Antidotes.  The northwest room
is relatively balanced.  Stick around it for some Healing Potions, which will
help tremendously on the boss.  Try for 10 or more from this room alone.
      | d |
   ___________               ___________
  | c         |             | c       k |
  |           |  _________  |           |
  |     M     |=|    M    |=|     M     |
  |           |  """""""""  |           |
  |         c |             | k       c |
   """""I"""""               """""I"""""
   ___________               ___________
  | c       k |             |         k |
  |           |  _________  |           |
  |     M     |=|c   M    |=|     M     |
  |           |  """""""""  |           |
  | k       g |             | k         |
   """""""""""               """""I"""""
    B4                      | k       c |
           ___   _________  |           |
          |u  |=|    M    |=|     M     |
           """   """""""""  |           |
                            | c       k |
Ogres appear on this block.  Just kick their butts, and be ready to heal using
Repth the moment somebody gets hit with that hammer.  Clear this block.

The fifth block needs no map.  Go north a couple rooms to just before the door
with the purple smoke.  Ap Do on everybody (use the Speed Scrolls).  One of
each Blood item you have on everyone.  Be sure you're fully healed.  Take a
deep breath.  Set to Operation Follow Me, and then head north.

You will see a scene involving Aura being split apart by Skeith's staff.  The
fight then begins against Phase 1: The Terror of Death, Skeith.

HP: Inf.
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: n/a
Rec.Lvl: 31+

Honestly, even at level 99 this guy is a pain to fight.  Don't be surprised if
this takes a couple attempts.  Let me break down his moves.

Normal Attack - He swings his staff around and hits you.  Just heal with Health
     Drinks ASAP.

Jump - He jumps up and comes down forcing the staff into the ground.  This is
     THE reason I have the party set to follow Kite.  As soon as Skeith jumps,
     run!  You might want to avoid this damage.  Heal if necessary.

Judgement - Ice incapsulates and damages your party.  This cannot be avoided.
     It can only be reduced through defense buffs.  Spam Health Drinks or the
     Healing Potions.  Use Resurrects if needed.

Data Drain - One person unavoidably gets hit with every status infliction you
     can imagine.  If it's BlackRose or Natsume, then quickly use an Antidote
     AND a Restorative on her.  If it's Kite, call for First Aid from either of
     them (hence being why I asked you to give them those things).

Strategy time:  The aforementioned moves considered, have everyone attack this
bastard practically nonstop.  Kite will pretty much be doing the heals, so no
Staccatto or other skills/spell from him in case you need to break off dealing
damage at a second's notice.  EVENTUALLY, if you endure and keep up the assault
long enough, there will be a Protection Break.  Use Data Drain to get a Virus
Core F and to weaken him significantly.

   * Keep up the buffs, and use Mage's Souls when needed.  Be sure to have the
          gals use skills.
   * Writer's Note: Holy crap, that's the fastest I've taken him down.  No more
          using Mistral for me for this fight.

After Data Drain, Skeith will lose most his abilities and only have 4500 HP.
Bring this pain down.  Watch out for his jumps.  Enjoy.
***End of Battle***

Watch the ending scene (which you can skip), and find something to do during
the credits (which you CAN'T skip).  When the credits are over, save over your
game with the Data Flag.  There's more to be done.

                ~~Part 3: Going Beyond Infection~~

You'll be on your desktop.

          ROY@BANDAI sends you two messages.  One explains what a Data Flag is
               all about.  Quite simply, it lets us do more stuff with the
               current volume before we convert the data with the next volume.
               The other opens up a bonus dungeon at (A) Hideous Someone's
               Giant, which requires a Virus Core T.  The bloody thing is in
               your inventory already.  Why bother locking it, then?
          "Let's Play Tag" has your final match for Infection.  You receive
               (A) Detestable Golden Gate.
          You receive messages from BlackRose, Mistral, and Natsume since you
               brought her with you into the fight against Skeith.

 Dun Loireag--

Before we go off to the two new areas provided for us, let's hit one more new
area to get a couple things done.  Invite Gardenia and Mistral.  Restock your
Health Drinks and Mage's Souls.

 (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem--

# of Field Portals: 8 (+5 wandering groups)
# of Dungeon Portals: 34
# of Symbols: 3
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Hell Hound, Tetra Armor, Phoenix Queen, Mystery Rock (D)

We're here for two reasons.  One is what should be the 15th and final Gott
Statue you'll need for the Ryu Books in Infection.  The second is to Data Drain
the Hell Hounds for a Sakabatou, which is BlackRose's new weapon.  You do not
have to clear the field, but getting a few fights in before the dungeon is not
a bad idea.  Also be sure to Data Drain a Dark History from the Phoenix Queen
since that's Mistral's next weapon.  If you're a Rare collector, then you can
get a Scarlet Autumn from the Tetra Armor.
                               | u |
        B1                     |   |            ___
                               |c  |           |kg |
                              _|   |_          |  k|
                            |"       "|         "I"     _______
                ___   _____|"         "|_____   ___   _|       |
               |   |=|           M           |=| k |=|     M   |
                "I"   """""|_         _|"""""   """   "|       |
  __       __   ___         |_       _|                 "|  c|"
 | c|_____|  |=|   |          "|   |"                     "I"
 |     M     |  "I"            |   |                      ___
  """""""""""   ___            |   |                    _|   |_
               |_ _|            "I"                    |k     k|
                |"|             ___                    |k  g  k|
                               |   |                   |k kkk k|
                              _|   |_                   """""""
                              |  M  |
                              "|   |"
                               |   |
                               |  k|
                                ___   _________
                               |k  |=|        d|
                                """   """""""""
Mystery Rock appears in this dungeon.  If you want to Data Drain them for Mia's
weapon, the Phoenix's Wing, then go for it.  Otherwise, take them down in spite
of their HP regeneration.  They're weak to Wood if you need the help, and the
weapon you gave Gardenia has a Wood skill on it.  You shouldn't need it.

Due to its unusually large size, I will not be providing a map for the second
block.  I will, however, say that if you want to clear the dungeon, then start
by going west from the second room along the linear path.  Otherwise, head east
from the second room.  I only say to fight enough monsters to get Gardenia to
level 33.  When you reach the second fork, go east again for the stairs.
                                       | u |
                                       |  k|
                        B3              ___
                                       |c  |
                                       |   |
                                       |   |
                                       |   |
                      ___   ___________|   |
                     |ck |=|             M |
                      "I"   """""""""""|   |
                      ___              |   |
                     |KCK|             |   |
                      """              |   |
                                       |   |
                      ___________    ______
                     |     M     |  /   ___|
  _________________  |  |"""""|  | | g_|
 |        M        |=|  |     |  |=| |
  """""""""""""""""  |  |_   _|  | | k"|
                     |   g| |g   |  \   """|
                      """"   """"    """"I"
                                   | k       g |  ___________
                      ___________  |           | |     M     |
                     |d          |=|     M     |=|  |"""""|  |
                      """""""""""  |           |  ""       ""
                                   | c       k |
Just follow the map to the way down.

Block 4 is another one too big for a map.  To continue downward, go west.

The fifth and final block just needs no map.  After the three portals, you'll
quickly reach the first fork.  To the west is the Gott Statue.  To the north
are five more portals.  Once you got the main treasure, and Gardenia is level
33, you're done here.

 Dun Loireag--

Give the Treasure item to Gardenia before disbanding the party.  Sell your junk
and buy more stuff.  Be sure to have Mage's Souls, some Warrior Blood, and some
Hunter Blood.  Switch servers.

 Mac Anu--

If you want to save, then do so now.  The next place must be soloed.

 (A) Detestable Golden Gate--

Martina is ready to go.

HP: 890
P.Res/M.Res: None
Element: n/a
Rec.Lvl: 33

Warrior Blood, Hunter Blood and use Ap Do.  There's no way around it, you will
have to chase her long and hard.  Martina, like the last golden goblin, will
have to be caught up with by you predicting where her turns will end up.  Then,
use Staccatto when Martina is in range.  Also like before, zooming out might
help you see where your opponent is.

She can also cast Rig Saem (HP Regen) on herself.  So, keep at it, and hope you
land plenty of hits with Staccatto.  Use Mage's Souls if needed, and keep up
your buffs.  When you are finally victorious, you will get an Imp's Pin in your
Key Items inventory.  This is for if you ever decide to equip the full Goblin
set from any volume (sorry, no mixing between sets).
***End of Battle***

You're done here.

 Mac Anu--

We're going to need two physical attackers in addition to Kite.  Before we go
and invite them, let's give the Sakabatou to BlackRose as well the Phoenix's
Wing to Mia if you got it.  Much like when we were preparing to fight Skeith,
stock Kite up with 70+ Health Drinks, 15 Resurrects, 20 Mage's Souls and 6
Beast/Warrior/Knight/Hunter Bloods.  Grab some Burning Oils from your storage
as well.  This can get painful.

Invite Gardenia and Sanjuro.

 (A) Hideous Someone's Giant--

Unlocking Virus Cores: T x1
# of Field Portals: 0
# of Dungeon Portals: 9
# of Symbols: 0
Spring of Myst: n/a

Monsters: Mu Guardian (D), Tetra Armor (D), Mystery Rock (D), Red Scissors (D),

Instead of a field, you have an outdoor area leading to the dungeon.  Just go
forward through the door.
            _______   _________   _______
           | M    c|=|    M    |=|     M |
  B1       |   |"""   """""""""   """|   |
           |   |                     |  c|
            "I"                       "I"
            ___     ___________       ___
           |   |   | k       c |     |   |
  ___   ___|   |   |           |  ___|   |___   ___
 |KcK|=|     M |   |     M     |=|     M     |=|KcK|
  """   """|   |   |           |  """|   |"""   """
           |   |   | c       k |     |   |
            "I"     """""I"""""       "I"
            ___         ___           ___
           |   |       | u |         |   |
           |   |        """          |   |
           |   |                     | M |
           |   |                     |   |
           | d |                     | g |
            """                       """
This should be easy enough for you.  If you see a Mu Guardian, then Gardenia's
Wood spell or skill should be enough to keep it still while you go in and kill
it.  There shouldn't be any new monsters until the boss.  We might as well kill
all the monsters in this dungeon.  There's no need to Data Drain anything until
the boss as well.
     | u |
 B2  |   |
     |   |
     |   |                      ___
     |   |                     |KcK|
      "I"                       "I"
  ___________                   ___
 |         k |                 |g  |
 |           |  _________   ___|   |
 |           |=|c   M    |=|     M |
 |           |  """""""""   """|   |
 | k         |                 |   |
  """""I"""""                   "I"
      ___                       ___
    _|   |_                    | c |
   |       |                    """
    ""| |""
      | |
     _| |_
    |  B  |
There's no REAL need for a map.  But, in case my directions aren't enough, you
should know where to go to clear the map before fighting the boss.  Otherwise,
you'll be done here very quick (and back in town).  Once in the boss chamber,
you will notice that you have to walk up to a portal to start the fight.  Use
this chance to use one of each blood item you have on each party member.  Do
the same with your Burning Oils.  Cross the bridge.

***Parasite Dragon***
HP: 9999
P.Res/M.Res: Magic
Element: n/a
Rec.Lvl: 33

Here's why I said to bring only physical attackers.  This guy resists magic.
I had you bring east Bloods as well to reduce the damage he can do with fire
breathing.  The Burning Oils also help with this, because even when you're at
level 33, this thing's breath can kill you.  I wish Pure Water would help, but
it sadly does not.  Also, watch out for Confuse.  Use Restoratives immediately.

So, have everyone use Skills for this fight except for Kite.  Kite should be
far enough away to heal the party as needed without being hit with Parasite
Dragon's attacks.    Good luck.  You will need it against the Parasite Dragon.

Eventually, with all the physical attacks, there should be a protection break.
Use this chance to Data Drain this boss.  You will get a super rare weapon, the
Hyakkidouran.  Be sure to watch and listen for the protection break, because it
will likely happen when this monster is on its last thousand HP.  Kill the
resulting monster with one hit.
***End of Battle***

Kite says that the monster turned the airship into a living creature.  You are
done here.

 Mac Anu--

Let's log out real quick.

          Gardenia's chain should be ready to go.  It should also be the last
               you need for this volume.  If it's her second message, then you
               should answer "I like them too."  Below is a full listing of the
               response chains for each character.  Use it now in case you had
               not went I brought up the answers before.
               1) Well sometimes....
               2) How about you?
               3) Sophomore...?!
               4) I'm in 8th grade
               1) Really?
               2) I like them too.
               3) Huh?
               1) Apple Pie
               2) Beef Stew
               3) You're a good cook
               4) Sometimes....
               1) I'm in 8th grade.
               2) I read
               3) Favorite Books
               1) Right now?
               2) Good to have
               3) Are you
               1) Really?
               2) Wow
               3) That's
        * And then there are the special case emails from BlackRose, Mistral,
               and I THINK whoever you bring with you to the Skeith fight.  You
               gain 10 points of affection with a character when you read each
               new message.  No repeats on the gain for rereading.

 Mac Anu--

We still have a few small things left to do before this game is completed.
First off, we have some rare stuff to find.  Grab a party of your choice, sell
your junk, put a few things in storage, and get ready to do a few areas which
I'm not providing maps for (So, bring Fairy's Orbs!).  Don't forget to scout
out and use any Springs of Myst; bring one Rare equipment.  Ap Do helps.  In
case you are wondering, you'll have these keywords already, but the areas won't
be known to you unless you paid enough attention to Liminality episode 1.

   * You do not need to clear anywhere.  You only have a party so you can keep
          monsters from pinning Kite in one spot with their skills.
     (A) Hideous Organ Market Scaffold - Monsieur can be found here.  The Gott
          Statue has an Ice Bar.  Load up on Holy Saps if you can while you are
          here.  Monsters are all super easy.
     (A) Voluptuous Her Remnant - Short and easy, but no Spring of Myst.  The
          Gott Statue has a Kagayuzen.  One of the other chests has a Rusy Nail
          in it.  Try finding it in a storage room in Block 3.
     (8) Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy - On the second floor, use the south
          storage room to stock up on Well Water. The Ceramic Helm is found in
          the Gott Statue.  One of the other chests has Soul Blades.
   * When you get the Ceramic Helm, then save it now, and give it to BlackRose
          at the start of the next game.  It'll help.

 Dun Loireag--

Next, we have Grunties to raise.  We already have the Noble Grunty, but here is
how the raising works.  First, you start out with a Little Grunty with zero
stats.  How you affect the stats (via food) can influence what kind of adult
grunty you get.  Every server except for Delta has three types including the
Noble Grunty.  Below is a chart on how the foods work.  The stats from left to
right are Size, Body Odor, Rebel, Brutality, Intelligence, and Purity.
                  |   S   |   BO  |   R   |   B   |   I   |   P   |
 | Golden Egg     |  + 2  |       |       |       |       |       |
 | Grunt Mints    |  + 1  |       |  + 4  |  - 4  |  - 2  |  - 1  |
 | Twilight Onion |  + 1  |  + 4  |  + 3  |  - 3  |       |  + 1  |
 | Snaky Cactus   |  + 1  |  + 1  |  + 5  |  - 2  |  - 1  |  + 2  |
 | Oh No Melon    |  + 1  |  + 3  |  + 1  |  - 1  |  + 1  |       |
 | Cordyceps      |  + 1  |  + 2  |  + 2  |       |  + 2  |  + 4  |
 | White Cherry   |  + 1  |  - 1  |       |  + 1  |  + 3  |  + 5  |
 | Root Vegetable |  + 1  |  - 2  |  - 1  |  + 2  |       |  + 3  |
 | La Pumpkin     |  + 1  |  - 3  |  - 2  |  + 3  |  + 5  |       |
 | Mushroom       |  + 1  |  - 4  |  - 3  |       |  - 3  |  - 3  |
 | Mandragora     |  + 1  |  + 5  |       |  + 4  |  - 4  |  - 4  |
 | Piney Apple    |  + 1  |       |  - 4  |  + 5  |  + 4  |  - 2  |
 | Immature Egg   |  + 2  |  - 3  |  - 1  |  + 3  |  + 2  |  + 1  |
 | Bear Cat Egg   |  + 2  |  - 1  |  - 3  |  + 1  |  + 2  |  + 3  |
 | Invisible Egg  |  + 2  |  + 3  |  + 1  |       |  - 1  |  - 3  |
 | Bloody Egg     |  + 2  |  + 1  |  + 3  |       |  - 3  |  - 1  |
Any grunty with a size of 30+ is considered an adult.  The type of adult it
is depends on the ranges its stats have fallen into.  Iron Grunty and Poison
Grunty can be a little tricky in that you can still get a Poison Grunty if most
of the stats are that of an Iron Grunty, but even one being outside the Iron
Grunty range without stepping outside of Poison territory.  Here:
                 |    BO    |     R    |     B    |     I    |     P    |
 | Iron Grunty   |  3 to 17 | -2 to 12 | 13 to 27 |  8 to 22 | -2 to 12 |
 | Poison Grunty |  0 to 20 | -5 to 15 | 10 to 30 |  5 to 25 | -5 to 15 |
Confusing?  I'm sorry.  If you're really good with math, then you can figure
out your feeding up until you get the stats to where you need them.  The Golden
Eggs are good for getting a grunty with the right stats to adult without making
the stats other than Size go one way or the other.  For those of you who aren't
so good with this sort of thing, then there are a number of formulas provided
by other guides as well as here.  If you need more of a certain type of field
food, then use your browser's search function on my guide to find and collect
more.  You'll want to get to 8+ Piney Apples, which you can find in the area
where you met Gardenia.  If you do go there, you can collect the 4 Piney Apples
on the way to the dungeon, enter the same dungeon, and walk back out to the
field to respawn all four Piney Apples.

   * Out of all the formulas I've seen, these seem to be the easiest.  I give
          my thanks to whoever it was that came up with it originally.

     Iron:  Piney Apple x4, Snaky Cactus x3, Golden Egg x12

     Poison:  Piney Apple x4, Snaky Cactus x3, ??? x1, Golden Egg x11

     Noble:  Any single food x30 (or x15 for the eggs)

   * When I say "???" for the Poison Grunty, that means the one deviant food to
          get a stat out of Iron range but still in Poison.  This ONE item can
          be almost any grunty food.  The only three that won't work are Golden
          Egg, Mushroom, or Mandragora.  The latter two will just turn it into
          a Nobel Grunty, and the Golden Egg keeps it in the Iron range.  Take
          your pick, but choose one you have plenty of.  Use Golden Eggs after
          this deviation to get the Size to 30.
   * You can trade an Aromatic Grass from Iron Grunty for all of one Health
          Drink.  If you go for it, then you should either store for now or you
          should give it to Elk or Mia now.  I like to save this stuff up thru
          the games until //Quarantine's epilogue.

Check all your Ryu Books.  Only a few things should be left unfinished.  First,
the trade.  Remember how I've been having you stockpile those elemental items?
Some of the players wandering around town want them, and will give nice items
in return.  You don't have to get ALL of them, but try for a few before you go
on to the next volume.  To get them online, switch between servers and check
Ryu Book III to see if the following are online.  Then explore town to find
the player you're looking for.  I recommend getting at least the Power Book and
the Insight Book from these trades, and then using them on Kite.

          Alicia   -  Power Book       - 25 Well Water
          Stare    -  Tolerance Book   - 25 Pure Water
          Flare    -  Insight Book     - 25 Burning Oil
          Fool     -  Spiritual Book   - 25 Holy Sap
          Teria    -  Graceful Book    - 25 Sports Drink
          Waffle   -  Swift Book       - 25 Cooked Bile
          Cyan     -  Feng Shui        - 25 Well Water
          Panta    -  Water Magic      - 25 Pure Water
          Jutah    -  Fire Magic       - 25 Burning Oil
          Annri    -  Wood Magic       - 25 Holy Sap
          Benoit   -  Thunder Magic    - 25 Sports Drink
          John     -  Black Magic      - 25 Cooked Bile
        * Limit one of each item per game.
        * Don't forget to talk to as many players as possible.  You should have
               met over 50 by now.
        * If you want more, then visit the storage rooms in the areas you come
               across as mentioned below.  Keep the area's element in mind to
               help find what you need.

As far as monsters go, you should have fought more than enough to maximize what
you can get out of Ryu Book IV for volume 1.  However, there are still a few
monsters you can still meet up with before going to Mutation.  Interested in
taking out a few right now?  Let's check out a few areas.  Don't forget the
Springs of Must, because we're finishing those and areas visited next.  Bring a
party to make things go faster, too.

   * There's no need to clear the fields.  Ectoplasm and Hammer Shark are the
          only ones that require venturing into dungeons.  Ectoplasm can be
          found on its area's third block; Hammer Shark on its area's second.
     (A) Greedy Smiling Holy Ground - Snip Snap
     (A) Expansive Gluttonous Touchstone - Mushroom King and Ectoplasm (D)
     (A) Voluptuous Distant White Devil - Goblin Night
     (8) Beautiful Gluttonous Scaffold - Lamia Fighter
     (8) Hidden Primitive Treasure Gem - Ochimusha
     (8) Bursting Corrupted Pilgrimage - Arrow Fish and Scarlet King
     (8) Detestable Agonizing Nothingness - Metal Emperor
     (8) Hideous Organ Market Remnant - Lead Snakoid and Hammer Shark (D)
     (8) Rejecting Haunted Fertile Land - Halloween (phys.res; weak to Thunder)

Finally, you should just need a few more areas visited and to visit Monsieur
and Grandpa a handful more times each.  The areas visited will be knocked out
simultaneously with the Springs of Myst.  While you're doing this, I suggest
being on Theta server so you can ride across the fields on a grunty to each
Spring of Myst.  To find an area, simply select Random on the Chaos Gate menu.
Since we're on Theta, any area with a level below 20 will yield a Monsieur if
a Spring is present, and any area over level 20 can yield Grandpa as long as
there is a Spring.  This shouldn't take too long.  Feel free to bring a party
just in case you have to fight anything.  Once you get to 10+ encounters of
Monsieur and also with Grandpa (totaling 20+ Springs of Myst), you should be
done with this volume.

                                                      ***End of Walkthrough***


V. Perfect Game Checklist


-------------Book of 1000-------------

Also known as Ryu Books in the .hack series, these record your progress.  The

more you do in the game(s), the more you're rewarded.

                ~~Ryu Book I~~

# of Data Drains needed: 10

Type of Records: The time played and the number of times you left town for an


   * 10 areas

   * 20 areas

   * 30 areas

   * 40 areas

   * 50 areas

   * 5:00:00 hours

   * 10:00:00 hours

   * 15:00:00 hours

If you were writing a guide to this, the 15 hour mark would hit before Theta

server.  Haha... No, I mean, 15 hours shouldn't be hard if you do everything

that //INFECTION has to offer.  The areas can be fulfilled as you play through

the game's story and also do all the side stuff (See "The Checklist" below).

                ~~Ryu Book II~~

# of Data Drains needed: 20

Type of Records: Magic Portals stuff

   * 50 portals opened

   * 100 portals opened

   * 150 portals opened

   * 200 portals opened

   * 300 portals opened

   * 400 portals opened

   * 5 all field portals cleared

   * 10 all field portals cleared

   * 10 all dungeon portals cleared

   * 15 all dungeon portals cleared

If you're going to visit 50 areas, you might as well clear a dungeon of its

portals 15+ times, and the field 10 or more.  If you're not sick of battles now

then you may be by the end of the later volumes.  Still, follow my guide, and

then go for some random areas to fill the gap.

                ~~Ryu Book III~~

# of Data Drains needed: 30

Type of Records: Interaction with players

   * 20 names registered

   * 5 trades made

   * 10 trades made

Talk to people every time you're in town.  Shouldn't be hard.  Neither should

trading 10 times or more.  It could be crap for crap!  You can also use this

book to tell who who is online based on who you've met, and what they offer for

trade.  Useful.

                ~~Ryu Book IV~~

# of Data Drains needed: 40

Type of Records: Monster Album.  Kill one, know lots about it.

   * 50 monsters
   * 80 monsters

It's only volume 1.  You only have two servers and only so many keywords to

play with.  If you follow my guide even to just the fight with Skeith, you'll

get this.  Of course, I went to great lengths to get you more than that.  When

I leave off with the guide, you should be somewhere around 107/303.  This is a

good way to start with Mutation.

   001: Razine          - Lv. 0  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   002: Swordmanoid     - Lv. 2  - (A) Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand

   003: Gladiator       - Lv.21  - (A) Buried Pagan Fiery Sands

   004: Ochimusha       - Lv.16  - (8) Hidden Primitive Treasure Gem

   006: Heavy Metal     - Lv.14  - (A) Plenteous Smiling Hypha

   008: Dark Rider      - Lv.26  - (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field

   011: Tetra Armor     - Lv.30  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   014: Porolin         - Lv. 0  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchtone

   015: Mummy Ripper    - Lv. 7  - (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

   020: Cadet Valkyrie  - Lv. 5  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone

   021: Fresh Valkyrie  - Lv.21  - (A) Buried Pagan Fiery Sands

   024: Grand Mage      - Lv.23  - (8) Great Distant Fertile Land

   037: Fire Witch      - Lv.20  - (8) Cursed Despaired Paradise

   038: Water Witch     - Lv.14  - (8) Soft Solitary Tri Pansy

   039: Dark Witch      - Lv.19  - (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral

   049: Kakasinger      - Lv. 0  - (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil

   050: Guardian        - Lv.12  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   052: Metal Emperor   - Lv.17  - (8) Detestable Agonizing Nothingness

   057: Mu Guardian     - Lv.28  - (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil

   067: Pippy           - Lv. 0  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   068: Chicken Hand    - Lv. 4  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone

   069: Wood Harpy      - Lv.19  - (8) Cursed Despaired Paradise

   072: Phoenix Queen   - Lv.30  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   080: Monkey Crab     - Lv. 0  - (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field

   081: Snip Snap       - Lv. 3  - (A) Greedy Smiling Holy Ground

   082: Crab Turtle     - Lv.12  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   083: Red Scissors    - Lv.29  - (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil

   084: Squilla Demon   - Lv.16  - (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

   086: Mantis          - Lv.27  - (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field

   088: Scorpion Tank   - Lv. 9  - (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

   091: Shield Man      - Lv. 9  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   105: Moai            - Lv. 0  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   106: Rock Head       - Lv. 9  - (A) Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage

   107: Mystery Rock    - Lv.30  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   114: Stone Tuttle    - Lv.13  - (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

   116: *tone^t         - Lv.13  - (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

   117: Minnow          - Lv. 0  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   118: Sky Fish        - Lv. 4  - (A) Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage

   119: Arrow Fish      - Lv.17  - (8) Bursting Corrupted Pilgrimage

   123: Cyclo Shark     - Lv.11  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   124: Hammer Shark    - Lv.24  - (8) Hideous Organ Market Remnant

   130: Gremlin         - Lv. 0  - (A) Raging Passionate Melody

   131: Goblin          - Lv. 1  - (A) Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

   132: Stehoney        - Lv. 5  - (A) Detestable Golden Sunny Demon

   133: Jonue           - Lv.10  - (A) Detestable Golden Messenger

   140: Hob Goblin      - Lv. 7  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   141: Zyan            - Lv.15  - (A) Detestable Golden Scent

   145: Goblin Night    - Lv.15  - (A) Voluptuous Distant White Devil

   146: Metal Goblin    - Lv.26  - (8) Chosen Hopeless Nothingness

   148: Albert          - Lv.25  - (A) Detestable Golden New Truth

   152: Magical Goblin  - Lv. 3  - (A) Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

   153: Goblin Wiz      - Lv.16  - (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

   155: Martina         - Lv.30  - (A) Detestable Golden Gate

   161: Ogre            - Lv.27  - (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field

   168: Little Doggie   - Lv. 0  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   169: Sled Dog        - Lv.15  - (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

   172: Hell Doberman   - Lv. 6  - (A) Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand

   173: Hell Hound      - Lv.29  - (8) Lonely Geothermal Treasure Gem

   176: Flame Heads     - Lv.12  - (A) Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder

   179: Wiggle Snake    - Lv. 0  - (8) Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy

   180: Menhir          - Lv.17  - (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral

   181: Goil Menhir     - Lv.28  - (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil

   184: Fiend Menhir    - Lv. 7  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   185: Limp Knife      - Lv. 0  - (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil

   186: Disco Knife     - Lv. 1  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone

   187: Lambada Knife   - Lv.20  - (8) Cursed Despaired Paradise

   188: Dust Curse      - Lv. 8  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   189: Cursed Blades   - Lv.28  - (8) Putrid Corrupted White Devil

   190: Sword of Chaos  - Lv. 6  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone

   191: Armor Shogun    - Lv.24  - (8) Great Distant Fertile Land

   194: Dragon Puppy    - Lv. 0  - (A) Hideous Someone's Giant

   196: Lead Snakoid    - Lv.25  - (8) Hideous Organ Market Remnant

   200: Red Wyrm        - Lv.10  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   202: __ed^1]         - Lv. 8  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   215: Parasite Dragon - Lv.30  - (A) Hideous Someone's Giant

   219: Twinkle Grass   - Lv. 0  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   220: Mad Grass       - Lv. 1  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone

   221: Hungry Grass    - Lv.11  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   222: Snappy Grass    - Lv.24  - (8) Great Distant Fertile Land

   223: Wood Stock      - Lv.27  - (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field

   224: Thousand Trees  - Lv.13  - (8) Quiet Eternal White Devil

   225: W*dSto^k        - Lv.18  - (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral

   227: Scarlet King    - Lv.17  - (8) Bursting Corrupted Pilgrimage

   229: Mushroom King   - Lv. 6  - (A) Expansive Gluttonous Touchstone

   231: Lamia Fighter   - Lv.15  - (8) Beautiful Gluttonous Scaffold

   232: Lamia Hunter    - Lv.23  - (A) Lonely Silent Great Seal

   234: Killer Snaker   - Lv.16  - (A) Plenteous Smiling Hypha

   236: Ki/er S^&aker   - Lv.16  - (A) Plenteous Smiling Hypha

   240: Fake Money      - Lv. 0  - (A) Closed Oblivious Twin Hills

   241: Mimic           - Lv. 8  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   242: Hell Box        - Lv.22  - (A) Buried Pagan Fiery Sands

   246: Death Head      - Lv. 0  - (A) Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage

   247: Nomadic Bones   - Lv.15  - (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

   250: Living Dead     - Lv.22  - (A) Lonely Silent Great Seal

   253: Headhunter      - Lv. 5  - (A) Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand

   256: He[dhu&__er     - Lv. 5  - (A) Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand

   268: Wiggly          - Lv. 0  - (A) Discovered Primitive Touchstone

   269: Deadly Moth     - Lv. 2  - (A) Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

   270: Phantom Wing    - Lv.18  - (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral

   272: Bee Army        - Lv. 7  - (A) Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls

   273: Bee Assault     - Lv.26  - (8) Lonely Passed Over Aqua Field

   275: Baby Worm       - Lv.23  - (A) Lonely Silent Great Seal

   280: Odoro           - Lv. 0  - (8) Rejecting Haunted Fertile Land

   281: Ectoplasm       - Lv. 6  - (A) Expansive Gluttonous Touchstone

   282: Noisy Wisp      - Lv.18  - (8) Collapsed Momentary Spiral

   283: Halloween       - Lv.25  - (8) Rejecting Haunted Fertile Land

   288: Shining Eyes    - Lv.15  - (A) Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold

Keep in mind that the level 0 monsters I've listed were the results of using

Data Drain on other monsters.

                ~~Ryu Book V~~

# of Data Drains needed: 50

Type of Records: Gifts and Affection with party members

   * 20,000 GP in gifts

   * 50,000 GP in gifts

Gott Statues?  Loot?  Better equipment from Data Drain?  I think you should be

able to pass this no problem by the time you beat Parasite Dragon.

                ~~Ryu Book VI~~

# of Data Drains needed: 60

Type of Records: The things you break or open

   * 50 treasure chests opened

   * 150 treasure chests opened

   * 300 treasure chests opened

   * 50 boxes, crates, bones, jars, destroyed

   * 100 boxes, crates, bones, jars, destroyed

   * 200 boxes, crates, bones, jars, destroyed

   * 5 Gott Statues opened

   * 15 Gott Statues opened

If you're like me, and you raid those storage rooms in dungeons, then you'll be

over to 200 broken things no problem.  15 Gott Statues?  Easy with how many

different areas you go to.  Chests should be opened all the time when they're

yellow, and some of the time when they're blue as long Fortune Wires are handy.

That's just common sense when you need crap to sell, or if you have a chance at

better equipment.  300 chests will be cake.  No lie.

                ~~Ryu Book VI~~

# of Data Drains needed: 70

Type of Records: Springs of Myst and Random Buffs

   * 5 symbols activated

   * 10 symbols activated

   * 20 symbols activated

   * 30 symbols activated

   * 5 visits to Monsieur

   * 10 visits to Monsieur

   * 5 visits to Grandpa

   * 10 visits to Grandpa

The Monsieur and Grandpa ones are easy, though tedious.  The "symbols," or the

little flames mainly around fields that give random buffs might be a pain.  You

should be starting early with everything, but this is why.  You need to look

for these things when entering an area (hence being why I recorded them where I

went) so you can get to volume 1's cap quicker during the end.  You didn't have

to get every single one, but it certainly helps to grab the buffs you can.  The

Goblin matches tend to have lots as well.

                ~~Ryu Book VIII~~

# of Data Drains needed: 80

Type of Records: A few things about your Grunties and the food you've collected

     thus far.

   * 50 Grunty foods collected

   * All Grunty food types collected

Early on, I tell you to pick up Grunty Food.  It's for good reason.  You need

lots of the right kinds to raise three Grunties on every server but Delta, so

getting to 50 total is a cinch.  However, I try to point out when one appears

so you can grab it.  Piney Apple is likely easy to miss when you don't know

where to look, right?  Well, thank my guide's mention of it and others.  By the

end of the series, you will want one of every Grunty raised, too.

                ~~Rewards Possible~~

The more milestones you reach in each book, the more rewards you gain.  These

rewards come in order as they appear below.

   * BGM 1      - Field - Grassland Noon

   * Movie 1    - Opening: Epitaph of Twilight

   * Image 1    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Kite Color

   * BGM 2      - Dungeon - Stone Mall

   * Movie 2    - In the Dungeon - Girl Chased

   * Image 2    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Kite Rough 1

   * BGM 3      - Delta Server - Mac Anu

   * Movie 3    - Girl's Return - Book Entrusted

   * Image 3    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Kite Rough 2

   * BGM 4      - Field - Snow Field Noon

   * Movie 4    - Enemy's Return - Death of Orca

   * Image 4    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Orca Color

   * BGM 5      - Field - Forest Noon

   * Movie 5    - Friend or Foe? - Woman in White

   * Image 5    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Orca Rough 1

   * BGM 6      - Piros' Theme

   * Movie 6    - First Comrade - BlackRose

   * Image 6    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - Orca Rough 2

   * BGM 7      - Field - Wasteland Noon

   * Movie 7    - In the Sanctum - Goblin

   * Image 7    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - BlackRose Color

   * BGM 8      - Sanctum - Girl's Statue

   * Movie 8    - White Knight - Data Bug

   * Image 8    - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto - BlackRose Rough 1

   * BGM 9      - Dungeon - Castle

   * Movie 9    - Power Given - Data Drain!

   * Image 9    - Rei Isumi - BlackRose and Kite 1

   * BGM 10     - Field - Forest Variation

   * Movie 10   - In the Sanctum - Rage

   * Image 10   - Rei Isumi - BlackRose and Kite 2

   * BGM 11     - Eight Phases - Phase 1 Skeith

   * Movie 11   - White Knight and Mysterious Woman

   * Image 11   - Liminality - Color Illustration 1

   * BGM 12     - Bonus Track - Mr. Panta

   * Movie 12   - In Mac Anu - Mia and Elk

   * Image 12   - SIGN - Color Illustration 1

   * Movie 13   - Balmung and Virus Core

   * Image 13   - SIGN - Color Illustration 2

   * Movie 14   - The Girl and Unknown Enemy

   * Movie 15   - Phase 1 Skeith  Arrival

   * Movie 16   - Phase 1 Skeith  Epitaph in Stone

   * Movie 17   - Phase 1 Skeith  Data Drain!

   * Movie 18   - Birth of Cubia

-------------The Checklist-------------

Think you've beaten the game?  Are you ready for //MUTATION?  The following is

a list of all else that could have been done besides playing through the game's

story.  If you've done everything listed below, then you'll have no problem

using my guides for the later volumes.

   __Everyone is level 32+

   __The //INFECTION email chains have been completed

   __You Data Drained and beat Parasite Dragon

   __You have plenty of Virus Core A's, B's, and C's left over

   __You've acquired the whole Time set

   __You've beaten all 5 Golden Goblins in //INFECTION

   __The Ryu Books are maxed out for this volume, and you claimed the rewards.

   __You have the Ice Bar

   __You've collected as many Rare items as you want to

   __Your Clear Data has been saved with the above done

   __(Optional) You've watched the first episode of //LIMINALITY


VI. Items Uses


-------------Recovery Items-------------

These can be used in a field or dungeon.

   * Health Drink     - Heal an ally's HP by 150

   * Health Potion    - Heal an ally's HP by 400

   * Mage's Soul      - Heal an ally's SP by 50

   * Resurrect        - Bring an ally back to life at full HP, but 0 SP

   * Antidote         - Cures physical status

   * Restorative      - Cures mental status

-------------Support Items-------------

Below are items that boost your stats.  Some are permanent, and a few are not.

Then there's Piros' Book.  Sell it, or use in trade.

   * Warrior Blood    - Temp increase in an ally's Physical Attack

   * Knight Blood     - Temp increase in an ally's Physical Defense

   * Hunter Blood     - Temp increase in an ally's Physical Accuracy

   * Hermit Blood     - Temp increase in an ally's Magic Attack

   * Beast Blood      - Temp increase in an ally's Magic Defense

   * Wizard Blood     - Temp increase in an ally's Magic Accuracy

   * Golden Grunty    - Increase your HP by 25

   * Silver Grunty    - Increase your SP by 25

   * Power Book       - Increase your Physical Attack by 1

   * Tolerance Book   - Increase your Physical Defense by 1

   * Graceful Book    - Increase your Physical Accuracy by 1

   * Swift Book       - Increase your Physical Evasion by 1

   * Piros' Book      - DECREASE your Magical Attack by 1

   * Insight Book     - Increase your Magical Attack by 1

   * Spiritual Book   - Increase your Magical Defense by 1

   * Secret: Reason   - Increase your Magical Defense by 2

   * Well Water       - Increase your Earth Element temporarily

   * Holy Sap         - Increase your Wood Element temporarily

   * Burning Oil      - Increase your Fire Element temporarily

   * Pure Water       - Increase your Water Element temporarily

   * Sports Drink     - Increase your Thunder Element temporarily

   * Cooked Bile      - Increase your Darkness Element temporarily

   * Feng Shui        - Increase your Earth Element by 1

   * Wood Magic       - Increase your Wood Element by 1

   * Fire Magic       - Increase your Fire Element by 1

   * Water Magic      - Increase your Water Element by 1

   * Thunder Magic    - Increase your Thunder Element by 1

   * Black Magic      - Increase your Darkness Element by 1

When you give a permanent boost item to a party member, it's like you're using

it on them.  Otherwise, just using the item increases your own stats.  Worry

only about your own stats, really.  As for the temp boost items, the elemental
tuff is good for trade.  Save 50 of each elemental temp boosters.

-------------Magic Scrolls-------------

Scrolls can be found in Magic shops or in chests.

   * Speed Charm     - Temp increase in an ally's movement speed

   * Light Cross     - Recover party's HP by 150 per member in range.

   * Divine Cross    - Recover party's HP to full per member in range.

   * Raining Rocks   - Lv.1 Earth damage on an enemy

   * Raging Earth    - Lv.1 Earth damage on an enemy

   * Stone Storm     - Lv.2 Earth damage on an enemy

   * Green Gale      - Lv.1 Wood damage on an enemy

   * Gale Breath     - Lv.1 Wood damage on an enemy

   * Ice Storm       - Lv.1 Water damage on an enemy

   * Ice Floe        - Lv.1 Water damage on an enemy

   * Fire Tempest    - Lv.1 Fire damage on an enemy

   * Meteor Swarm    - Lv.1 Fire damage on an enemy

   * Summon Fire     - Lv.1 Summon Vulcan for Fire damage

   * Fireball Storm  - Lv.2 Fire damage on an enemy

   * Flame Blast     - Lv.2 Fire damage on an enemy

   * Inferno Strike  - Lv.3 Fire damage on an enemy

   * Lightning Bolt  - Lv.1 Thunder damage on an enemy

   * Plasma Storm    - Lv.1 Thunder damage on an enemy

   * Nightblight     - Lv.1 Darkness damage on an enemy

   * Dark Night      - Lv.1 Darkness damage on an enemy

   * The Death       - Poison an enemy

   * The Devil       - Curse an enemy

   * The Fool        - Confuse an enemy

   * The Hanged Man  - Inflict Paralysis on an enemy

   * The Lovers      - Charm an enemy

   * The Moon        - Put an enemy to sleep

   * Warrior's Bane  - Temp decrease in an enemy's Physical Attack

   * Knight's Bane   - Temp decrease in an enemy's Physical Defense

   * Hunter's Bane   - Temp decrease in an enemy's Physical Accuracy

   * Hermit's Bane   - Temp decrease in an enemy's Magic Attack

   * Beast's Bane    - Temp decrease in an enemy's Magic Defense

   * Wizard's Bane   - Temp decrease in an enemy's Magic Accuracy


   * Aromatic Grass  - Sells for 5 GP.  I give most of it to Elk or Mia

   * Grunt Doll      - Sells for 250 GP

   * Rainbow Card    - Sells for 500 GP; good gift (20 Aff) through INFECTION

   * Yellow Candy    - Sells for 1000 GP; good gift (50 Aff) through INFECTION

   * Silver Scarab   - Sells for 1500 GP; good gift through INFECTION

   * Ice Bar         - Keep it for the next game.

-------------Other Use Items-------------

These items are helpful, but deserve a list of their own.

   * Fairy's Orb - Reveal chests, paths, and platforms/warps in an area's field

          or dungeon block depending on where you stand.

   * Sprite Ocarina - Warp out of dungeon.

   * Fortune Wire - Dispel the traps on blue chests.

   * Grunty Flute - (Key Item) Allows you to summon a grunty to an open field

          so long as you have at least one grunty on that server.




Q.  How big is the dotHack merchandise?

A.  It is big and growing still.  //SIGN, //I.M.O.Q. (Infection, Mutation,

          Outbreak, Quarantine), //Liminality, //Legend of the Twilight

          Bracelet (aka. //DUSK), //ROOTS, //G.U., and also the G.U. Trilogy

          movie) are a collection of animes, games, and a CG cinema around The

          World.  There was also //Fragment, but that didn't do well.  Also,

          there are the books and graphic novels which retell the stories of

          the games and other events.  //LINK is on its way for the PSP.

Q.  Do I need to watch or read earlier .hack stories?

A.  You don't NEED to, but I still recommend it.  You're welcome to look up the

          Epitaph of Twilight if you wanted to.  I won't quiz you on it.  Also,

          Watching //LIMINALITY or reading Another Birth can give more insight

          if you are interested.

Q.  Speaking of //LIMINALITY, what is it about?

A.  The four episodes, each about 30 minutes in length, are about the Second

         Network Crisis in the perspective of a few people outside The World.

         They are investigating why people are falling into comas.  I won't

         spoil it for you, but I will say that you can see some parallels as

         both the mini-series and //I.M.O.Q.'s volumes move forward.

Q.  Why aren't you covering the stats for equipment?

A.  No need.  No desire.  I pretty much say what to use or look out for.  Other

         than that, it all comes down to whether or not you're a collector.


VIII. Legal Stuff


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IX. Many Thanks


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More than that, I should thank .hack// wiki and its contributors for some info

that truly helped me with this project.

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