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How do I perform a fatality ?

I need help learning to perform fatalities

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MunKy321 answered:

To perform a successful fatality, follow these hints:

1. Make sure you are in the 'FATALITY' stance (hit the L1 button when 'Finish Him' is flashing on screen).
2. Make sure you input the required button combination in a rhythmic manner. You don't have to be very fast, but you also can't be too slow.
3. Make sure you know the specific character's correct button combination for performing his/her fatality. Here's a guide that has each and every character's correct button combination listed:

Here's a quick sample with Scorpion's fatality: When you knock-out an opponent for the second time, the announcer will scream out "FINISH HIM/HER". Hit the L1 button to go into the 'FATALITY' stance and enter: Back, Back, Down, Back, Circle. Scorpion should then perform his fatality.

I hope this helps.
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