Speed Walkthrough by cananyonesaveme

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Resident Evil : Outbreak
Speed Run and General Information FAQ

Hello and welcome to my Resident Evil Outbreak FAQ. This is my first attempt
at a guide so bear with me. If you need to contact me, my e-mail is

Feel free to contact me about my guide, including suggestions and corrections.
My message board name is cananyonesaveme.

Table of Contents

1.  Version Information
2.  Controls
3.  Chat Commands
4.  Scenario One - Outbreak
5.  Scenario Two - Below Freezing Point
6.  Scenario Three - Hive
7.  Scenario Four - Hellfire
8.  Scenario Five - Decisions, Decisions
9.  Weapons
10. Rank Times
11. Character Information
12. Character Skill Information
13. FAQ
14. Legal Matters
15. Thanks

1.  Version Information

0.25 - Scenario One and Two complete. Ranks times also complete. Tommarow will
       will have scenario three and character information.

0.50 - Scenario Three and Four Complete. Also Character Information and Skills
       tommarow will be D,D.

.075 - Completed the walkthrus for all the scenarios, and it is now a complete
       guide. I also added Character Info and Character Skills sections. I
       might be adding weapon lists, and maybe monster data in upcoming 
       updates. Later down the road, I might add information on the secret
       costumes and other un-needed but useful information.

.1   - Updated mistakes and added a weapon section. Neoseeker now has my
       permission to post this guide.

2. Controls (Default)

D-Pad - 2d Movement

Left Analog - 3d Movement

Select - Pause

Start - Inventory/Status Screen

L1 - Reload/Adjust Aim

L2 - Hold For Different Chat

R1 - Aim

R2 - Aim Forward

Triangle - Map

Circle - Cancel

X - Fire Weapon/Search

Square - Adlib

Right Analog - Chat Commands

3. Chat Commands

Pushing the Analog in certain directions makes your character say certain 
predetirmed voice commands. 

Up - Go

Left - Help

Right - Thanks

Down -  Come here

R3 - Wait

You can also hold L2 down to can access to more voice commands.

L2 + Left -  Player 1

L2 + Up - Player 2

L2 + Right - Player 3

L2 + Down - Yes

L2 + R3 - No

4.  Scenario One - Outbreak.

Before we begin, we are going to go over a few things.  First, this guide
mainly covers online, since in most cases you will need four human characters.
Be it your real life friends, or players you met online, this guide isn't for
new players. I will be naming areas and you should know exactly where to go.
You will be playing on different gaming modes, depending on what I think will
be the fastest.  While this IS a speed run faq, I will also give pointers to
try and maximize your points. For the most part, you will not be using a 
weapon and using what skills you have trying not to get hit. I will also be
telling you which is the better playable character you absolutly need in your 
group, as well as my prefered other characters, although you could use any 
character you wish.

1. Alyssa (lock-picking skills)
2. Cindy (healing)

Prefered Others
3. David
4. Kevin

Note - If you are also going for record breaking point totals, and by that I
mean you are going for the no weapon and no damage bonus' in the same run,
use Jim. I will hint as to the reasons why later.

Notes for this Scenario

1. For scenario one, we will be playing on the very hard difficulty level, to 
help players maximize thier point totals. The only difference is the fact that
it will take the police officer longer to shoot his way thru the door, and 
also what lockpicking tools Alyssa uses.

2. Skip cutscenes. As of this writing, I do not know if the time continues to
count down during cutscenes, so skip them just to make sure.

3.99.9% of the time, you will not need a weapon to get by an enemy. You will
not be hanging around long enough for the enemy to be a bother anyway.

4. Master the characters shoulder technique. You can get by almost every
zombie this way.

Must Have Item/s : Lighter


Bar - Ignore all items. Run to the door. Alyssa should pick the lock (S-type).
Once successful, go thru the door.

1F to 2F Stairway - Run up the stairs, ignoring all items. (and the window

Staff Room - Alyssa should go straight for the locked door (the one that 
requires the blue key) (use the S-Type again), while a designated member of
your group heads to the Drawing room to pick up the lighter.(sometimes instead
of the lighter, the blue key is here, if that is the case, go ahead and 
restart the scenario, instead of wasting time going to get it in a different
location.) By this time, Alyssa and the others should be on thier way or 
already in the Liquor room, so basically, the person getting the lighter is
playing catch up. This is also about the time you see the zombie burst into
the bar.

Liquor Room - Everyone should head straight for the shutter. If someone is
David, use his wrenchs to knock the zombie to the ground. If someone is Kevin,
and doesn't mind using a weapon, have him kill the zombie with his .45.
Regardless of the stratagey you use, get to the shutter in as little time as

It would probably be best to take him out, since the person going for the
lighter will be coming thru here shortly.  Regardless of how you deal with
him, once you reach the shutter, start bashing the shutter. Kevin should use 
his kick, as it does more damage. As soon as the person who grabbed the
lighter reachs the shutter, they should start helping too. With four people
bashing the shutter, it is actually quicker to knock it down than to run,
get the key, come back, than crawl over the boxes.

2F to Rooftop - Run up the stairs and enter the door.

Rooftop - Ignore the crows, and run straight for the fence. All four of you
should bash it, and should be able to break it down in no time.  Climb up
and iniciate the cutscene. After skipping it, head for the jump.  Now it is
very importent that every member of your group knows how to make the jump
without falling, as this not only saves time, but the crows have no chance of 
knocking you down. Enter the door to the Apartments.

Note For Jim Users - If you are going for no damage with Jim as suggested,
then play dead as the group breaks the fence, and then be the first person
to jump across. Once on the other side, run around in large circles just in 
case any of the crows wants to dive you. Better yet, play dead until every
one is on the other side, or enter the apartments. Don't trigger the elevator
zombie though.

Apartments - Someone should just shove the zombie repeatedly, until someone
opens the elevator door again. Once open, everyone should dash inside 
together. Better yet, if one of your teammates is designated gunner(meaning he
uses weapons to help) then have him shoot the zombie.

1F Apartments - Ignore/Dodge the zombies. The only one that is a major concern
for you is the one at the end of the hall in front of the door. If you run by
him on the right side together, he should miss all of you. If one of your
team members does get hit, Cindy is in your group just for this reason.
(Although this should be the first time anyone gets hits, except maybe from
the crows)

Front of J's Bar - After skipping the scene, two characters should take the
north car while the other two take the south car. The bugs CANNOT hurt you
while your in the pushing animation. If your lucky, none of the bugs will get 
into the way of the cars.

Alleyway - After skipping the cutscene, your job is now to dodge the bugs, not
to help the cop (although if kevin wants to fire his remaining .45 ammo at the
door he can go ahead and do that.)  The best stratagey for the bugs is just
to keep away from thier faces, and run circles around them. Now only are thier
attacks slow, but they are really easy to spot and avoid. You should get out
of this area untouched, but you have Cindy if you are unlucky enough to get
hit. Be sure to get a safe distance away before she trys and heals your group.

Tanker Pt. 1 - After skipping the scene, run straight uphill for the tanker.
One person should cut on the gas, the other three, including the person with
the lighter, should be off to the side. After the scene, toss the lighter.

Tanker Pt. 2 - After skipping the scene, jump into the water. Skip the next 
scene, then go through the hole into the sewers.

Sewers - Unless someone is in danger, do not pick up any items. You won't need
them. Head straight for the ladder and climb up.

In Front of Apple Inn - Head straight for the cop, as soon as he comes to a
stop, press X beside him to start the next few cutscenes. Skip them all.

Behind Main Street - After the scenes, the fastest person of your group
should head for the footbridge to iniciate the cutscene. All the others
should ignore all weapons/ammo/health items and get in front of the cop.
After you skip the scene of the person on the footbridge, the person who
iniciated it should do a quickturn and head straight back. The other three
should open thier inventory and wait. As soon as the inventory of the person
who went to the bridge appears, exit and talk to the cop to end the scenario.

5. Scenario Two - Below Freezing Point

1. Yoko

2. Cindy
3. Kevin
4. David


Note One - It's sort of hard to make a straight thru walkthru for this level,
since you will be getting seperated and the simple fact I don't know who will
land on what floor. Therefor, I will be making a walkthru for B6 and B7, so
just follow whichever walkthru for the floor you land on.

Note Two - We will be playing on easy for this scenario (or normal if you want
points.)  The fastest way to end this scenario is to end the boss quickly
and the fastest way to do that is to play on the easiest difficulty.

Note Three - I will not be listing any ammo/weapon/health locations for this
scenario. For one its random, and two you really shouldn't need it unless it's
for the boss. 

Note Four - We will be using a stratagey I obtained from the gamefaqs.com msg
board, sending Yoko to get the magnum. If you use Kevin in your group as
suggested, you will only need the magnum, his 7 shots from his .45, and one
hit from the tram to end the boss battle. So like earlier stated, it would
just be a waste of time to pick up any weapons or ammo. Cindy is also there
for your health needs, although I assume you won't be needing her simply
for the fact we are playing on easy mode and I take it you already know how
to get past basic enemys.

MUST HAVE ITEM/S - Valve Handel, Vp-017, UMB No. 3, Turn Table Key, Hand 
Burner, Magnum.


Tunnel - While waiting, collect the items if you want. Skip the next cutscene
then head thru the large door that just opened.

Train Platform - Climb up, then walk forward to iniciate the cutscene. Skip it
then head north to the base of the lift/stairs. Climb up the long ass stair-
case, and go thru the vent opening at the top.

B6 Walkthru

Whichever corrider you land in, head straight for the Secruity Center.

Secruity Center - One player should bash the panel, while the other heads
to the computer. The player that heads to the computer should enter the three
passcodes to unlock the B4 shutter.(the codes are B482,D580,A195) After 
inputting the code, head over and help the player to bash the panel. Once it
opens, grab the valve handle and head for the Duct. Wait there.

B7 Walkthru

Depending on what corrider you land in, you will be gettting one of the two

Landed in the East Passway

Head to the Chemical Storage Room.

Chemical Storage Room - Input the password into the computer, it will be one
of the following three. 0634, 4509, 9741. After inputing the code, go around
and grab the VP-017. Now your job is NOT to go get the other chemical, but to
head straight to the Duct and wait for your partner. If your partner is 
already there, give him the VP-017.

Landed In the South Passway

Head straight for the Chemical Disposal Room.

Chemical Disposal Room - Go into the small room with the zombie. Either take
him out with whatever weapon you have, or shoulder him, pick up the item, 
shoulder him again, then leave. (note- if you are playing in easy, there might
not be a zombie in this room at all). After obtaining the UMB No. 3, head for
the Duct and wait. If your partner is already there (he shouldn't be since you
landed in the South Passway to begin with) get the VP-017 from him/her.

Duct - The two people on B7 should use the combined V-Jolt to kill the plant.
After the cutscene, the people on B6 should use the Valve handle while the
people on B7 head up the ladder. Now that the four of you are together, head
up the ladder (skip the cutscene). We are completly skipping B5 and heading
straight for B4.

Passway of West Area - Head for Main Shaft.

Mainshaft - You are going to split up here. Yoko and one other should head
down the blue-lit bridge to the East Area. The other two character head down
to the turn table and wait.

Turn Table Path

Someone should pick up the turn table key and wait in front of the control
box. The other person should head to the hiding place on the back of the train
and wait.

Yokos Path

East Area - The shutter is already open for you, imagine that >_>. Yoko should
scan her fingerprint. Now this is where things might get confusing. Yoko is 
going to turn around and go and get the Magnum, while the person she is with
is going to the Culture room and get the blowtorch. I will assume Yoko knows
where to get the Magnum and will not make a walkthru for it. After obtaining
the magnum, she should head straight to the turn table to join her team-
mates. The timer will be almost complete by this time.

Culture Room - Pick up the blowtorch, ignore the rising zombie and exit.

East Area - Head to the door on the opposite end.

Low Temperature Experiment Room - Use the blowtorch, skip the cutscene, then

East Area - RUN! Ignore the now thawed Hunter, and head for the Main Shaft.

Main Shaft - RUN! Ignore/Dodge the hunters, and head straight for the Turn
Table room.

Group Convergence

About the time the player enters, you will get the cutscene of the turn table
melting. As soon as you skip it, the person waiting in front of the controls
should use the key and start the timer, then both should head for the hiding
place. Wait here until Yoko joins you later, then wait some more until the 
timer counter hits 0. Now skip all cutscenes.

Boss Battle - After the cutscene, three of you run to the middle, including
Yoko with her Magnum, and blast the boss with whatever weapons you have. Keep
hitting her, while the fourth person runs around the train and turns the tram
on, sending the tram into the boss. Now, this should end the battle,
especialy if you have Kevin with the .45, and are playing on easy.

6.  Scenario Three - Hive

1. Kevin
2. Cindy

3. Mark
4. George


1. We will be playing on easy mode (shorter boss fight)

2. You need Kevins .45 for the boss. With Kevins .45 and Marks starting gun
(add into the fact that you find to boxes of bullets at the end on the barrel)
you will most likly not even have to use the steam/middle tank for this boss

3. You will be spliting up in this scenario again, so just go to the part your
doing for it's respected walkthru.

MUST HAVE ITEM/S : B2 Card Key, B1 Card Key, Padlock Key, Bloodpack.


301 - Exit the room after the FORCED(unskipable) cutscene. One person should
grab the push brush in the corner.

3F Passway - One person (a person without a starting gun) head for room 302.
The other three should head into into the Nurse Center.

Nurse Station

Head to where the room is blocked by the objects and wait.


Go straight for the locker and grab the gun to start the apperance of leech-
man. As soon as you do, you will get the cutscene with the docter, since your
buddys are waiting in the Nurse Center. Skip the scene.

Now, everyone should head straight for the elevator, everyone. You are going
to be going to different levels, so listen up. The three in the Nurses Station
are heading to B1 to input the passcodes, then on to B2. The person in 302 is
going to the 2F to pick up the Level B1 card key, then going for the padlock


Head straight into the Nurses Station.

Nurse Station - Grab the B1 off the desk, ignoring the zombie. Exit.

2F - Get on the elevator and head to B1.

B1 - Head for the door on the south end and unlock it with the keycard. Enter.

South Passway - Run, ignoring the zombies, to the door at the end.

Liquid Waste Disposal Room - Go down the stairs into the water, ignoring the
floating leech. Go down to the end, climb up and grab the padlock key, being
careful of the zombie playing dead.(heh) After obtaining the padlock key, head
back to the elevator and select level B2.

B2 Passway - Go south to the door at the end. Now skip down to Group


Head into the Elevator Control Room.

Elevator Control Room - The person with the scrub brush should knock the 
leechs off the computer, then enter the password to be able to access B2.
The possible passcodes are : 3555,5315, and 8211. After entering the pass,
exit back to the passway.

B1 Passway - Head to the elevator and ride down to B2.

B2 Passway - Enter the door right across from you.

Room (forget the name LOL) - Grab one blood pack from the machine then enter
the Fixed Temperature Room.

Fixed Temperature Room - Your waiting for the Leech man to appear now. Every-
one should wait by then blueish/greenish door. When Leechy comes thru the
ceiling, head thru the door and plant the blood pack, then exit. Set the
controls on high to fry the leech man. After skipping the scene, set the 
controls on low, then enter and grab the key card off the dead body of the
docter. Exit back to the B2 Passway.

B2 Passway - Head for the door at the south end, and enter.

Underpass Entrance - You will most likly be waiting for the person with the
padlock to get here. So while you are waiting, a person, such as Mark (hint
hint) grab one of the boxes of ammo. The other should wait till whoever
went and got the padlock key, so you will have three people gunning at the
boss. If you want, also grab the First Aid Spray.

Group Convergence

Once the person with the padlock key gets here, they should grab the box of
ammo, then unlock the boat. Next get on it. Skip the next scenes, and get
ready for the boss battle.

Boss Battle - Get a safe distance. Now, Mark Kevin and whoever has the other
gun should blast the leech. Use Kevins Potshot ability to do double the 
damage. Since you are on Easy mode, the Boss should be down in a matter of
seconds. Cindy is on your team for healing if you even need it, although you
shouldn't. Once killing the boss, head to the end to inciate the ending 
cutscene. Now wasn't that easy? :-D

7. Scenario Four - Hellfire

1. Kevin
2. Cindy

Prefered Others :
3. Mark
4. David


1. You are going to be playing on easy again, to make the boss easier, and to
make it easier to move around the hotel. We are also going to be skipping a
good bit of the side quests/optional rooms.

2. At least person should grab an a shotgun, there are three of them in this
scenario on easy, and will list them when you get to them (you'll need to find
a few boxes of ammo yourself, but they are scattered all over the place in 

3. Cindy is here for the boss battle, same as Kevin. Kevin for his powerful
.45 ammo and Cindy for her healing abilites. Mark because he starts with a
handgun and David since he can make his own powerful weapons(although you
shouldn't go out of your way to make them)

4. You will be splitting up again, so just go to the part of the walkthru that
coincides with what you will be getting (silver key, gold key, ruby, etc.)

MUST HAVE ITEM/S : Gold Key, Silver Key, Red Jewel


Skip the opening scenes. Grab the map if you need it. Two of your characters
should wait next to the zombie blocking the door, the other two head into the
Boiler Room.

Boiler Room Path

Press X next to the dead fireman to iniciate a small scene. After skipping it,
climb the ladder and enter the door at the top.

3F Passway - Grab the Handgun at the south end, then head north and enter the
only other door.

Northwest Passage 3 - Head straight for the window and climb out on the fire
escape. Shoot the crow then make your way across, dodgeing the fire shooting
out of the window every few seconds. Climb down the ladder then enter the 

2F Corrider - Ignore the Store Room and head into the Owners Room.

Owners Room - Push the box over and climb down to the first floor. Enter the
door at the bottom.

Northwest Passage 1 - Ignore the licker and pick up the shotgun under the
bench. Enter the door on the end into room 101.

Room 101 -  Check the document to see what tennant you got this game. Then 
head over to the safe on the wall to input one of the following passcodes.
Mr. Andrew Evans : JIA
Ms. Anna Lowell : BAE
Mr. Joseph Wilson: DCH
Mr. Toby Whitemen : GGF

After entering the code, grab the Silver key and exit.

Northwest Passage 1 - Unlock the south door (the one next to the power room)
with the Silver Key and enter.

Corrider - Ignore the zombies and head all the way down to the end of the 
corrider, taking the stairs to the 3F.

3F passway - Unlock the first door using the Silver Key and enter.

Room 306 - Grab the Red Jewel and exit.

3F Passway - Head down the stairs to the 2nd floor.

2F Passway - Head to the secruity center.

Secruity Center - Move the bookcase until you hear a click, then put in the 
Red Ruby into the statue. If your teammates are not here yet, grab the 
ammo if there is any. Head into the now open door.

Lobby -Check and see if the ladder has power, if not, grab all the health and
ammo items and check again. Keep checking, as this is about the time group
2 should have supplied power. When power is supplied, head down the ladder.
Go to the section on the boss fight. (Note - In most cases, you two will be
able to take out the boss yourself, so its a good idea if this group contains
Cindy and Kevin. Use whatever weapons you have to take down the boss. Go
to the Boss section for a more detailed stratagey. After killing her, don't
wait on your teammates, head straight into the door and exit the scenario.
So basically, the group getting the silver key will get the faster time rank.)

Dead Zombie Route (hehe)

After watching the cutscene of the Boiler room, head into the door, ignoring
the rising zombie.

Corrider - There is a handgun at the south end if you want. You are going to
go all the way to the end of the corrider and climb the stairs to the 2F.

2F Passway - Enter room 204.

Room 204 - Look at the map puzzel. Since it is completly random, I can only 
tell you which number represents which room, and you have to go to that room
and flip the painting switch. Once all the lights are lit on the map, return
to room 204.

No.1 - Room 102
No.2 - Room 103
No.3 - Room 104
No.4 - Room 202

204 - Grab the Gold Key and exit to the 2F passway.

2F Passway - Follow the corrider all the way to the end and use the passcode
to unlock the secruity center door. The possible codes are as follows : 0721,
2287, 6354, 5128. Enter the door.

Secruity Center - Pick up the shotgun off the gun display, then head into the
door across from the one you just entered (you will unlock it automatically)

Northwest Passage 2 - Ignore the zombies and head straight for the Owners

Owners Room - Head down the hole, the other group should have already been
here and pushed the box down for you. Exit the door at the bottom.

Northwest Corrider 1 - Unlock the power room door with the Gold Key. Enter.

Power Room - The puzzel is the same on easy mode, only one possible look, and
that is none of the lights are lit. Here is the solution.

Press the second button in the top row.
Press the First Button in the third row.
Press the third button in the bottom row.
Press the fourth button in the second row.

Once power is restored, return the way you came, thru the owners room, thru 
northwest passage 2, back into the secruity room.

Secruity Center - Most likly your teammates are downstairs and fighting the 
boss, just for the simple fact it takes so long getting the Gold Key.
If they are not, wait here for thier return, and once they get here and unlock
the door, go thru it, then down the ladder, and fight the boss.

Most likly, all you will have to door is go thru the already open door, down
the ladder, and exit the front doors and end the scenario.


Most likly group one will be fighting this boss alone, and should be Kevin and
Cindy. After trigging the boss fight, run to the end next to the front door,
and blast the boss from here, Kevin with the .45 and Cindy with the shotgun.
Do not shoot her when she is about to do her 100 or 1000 lashes attack, as
she is invurnable at this point (the attack where she moves her tongue back
and forth, causing damage to anyone in range.) It should not take long since
you are playing on easy. Once the boss is down, do a quickturn and exit the
door to end the scenario.

8. Scenario Five - Decisions, Decisions

None, you don't really have to have character for this scenario.

1. Kevin
2. Cindy
3. Yoko
4. George


1. We will be playing on easy, for pretty much the same reasons as Hellfire.
Easier enemies means moving around alot easier, and mean plenty of ammo to
blast your way thru the entire scenario. The boss battle really won't matter,
because you will be killing him in one hit both times.

2. You should have a Cindy, since it will save time and trouble to get the
blue gem. In fact, my guide is assuming you have a Cindy and shes going 
straight and playing the piano.

3. You need need the files to operate the elevator. Once you trigger the scene
involving the dead docter, you can head straight for the elevator and enter
one of the codes I provide.

4 This will probably be the must confusing part of the guide, as you will
all be going different places (all four) and most of the time you will be
alone. Just go to the section your team assigns you.

MUST HAVE ITEM/S : Blue Gem, Red Rem, P-Base, T-Blood, V-Poison, Red Key.


Your going to split up right away. Cindy and someone will head straight for
the 2nd Floor, the other 2 are going into the Student Affairs Office.

Student Affairs Office

Grab the gun in the drawer if you want, then enter the north door.

Clock Room(no idea what this is called, I forget) - One person should go to
the painting and press the hidden button, while the other braces the door to
keep enemies out. Enter the time 3:25 and grab the Red Jewel. Exit.

Student Affairs Room - Enter the south door back to the entrance hall.

Entrance Hall - Run behind the stairs and insert the Red Jewel into the Deer.
(or whatever animal it is.) Now you are waiting for your second floor team.

2F Path

Head down the hall, ignoring/dodging the roaming zombies. Enter the blue door.

Art Safe Room - Cindy should play the piano, then grab the blue jewel from
the statue. Exit.

2F Passway - Head back to the entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall - Rejoin your group behind the stairs, putting in the blue gem
into the deer.

Now one person should head down the stairs and inciate the cutscene. The other
three head into the 1F Elevator Pass.

Ok, here is where things get tricky. The person going for the cutscene is
going to wait right there, until someone triggers the Thanatos Cutscene.
Then they are going to get the T-Blood and wait on the 3F.

1F Elevator Pass - Somone should enter the code at the computer. They can be
one of the following four : 4032, 4161, 4927, 4284. Now all three of you enter
the elevator. One of you is going to B4, the other two are heading for B2.

B2 Route

One person is going for the ladder and going down. The other is heading for
the docks.

Docks Route
 Head thru the pier, dodging the sharks and needed. Once on the other side,
climb the stairs and head thru the door.

Back Square - After skipping the cutscene, head over to the north end, grab
the card, and swipe it on the door. Now head over and climb down the ladder
next to the boxes.

Water Purifying Facility - Climb down the ladder, down the box, then climb
back up and head thru the door.

Water Tank - Open up your map and wait. Wait until you see the cutscene of the
Hunter Gammas breaking loose, then count down in your head a full minute. Now
Exit the the opposite of the one you entered.

Ignore the hunter here and enter the door.(if it's still locked, run around
dodging the Hunter, or kill it if you have a weapon. Keep checking the door
until you can open it.)

Thru the door, climb up and grab the Sealed Reagent Case. Exit the room, and
then jump down into the water with the swimming Hunters. Quickly get onto the
small bridge and head south. Climb up and enter the door.

Water Works Administration Office - Use the Sealed Reagent Case on the machine
then you and your teammate exit the door opposite the one you entered. You
will now be heading straight for the elevator, and then selecting the 3F.
I will assume you know your way back to the elevator since you are attempting
a speed run.

3F ELevator Pass - Enter the door almost directly across from you.

Lab - Go thru the only other door.

Lab 2 - Put the P-Base in the machine. Your teammates should be here, if not,
your playing the waiting game again. If they are here, head to the section
entitled Group Convergence.

B2 Ladder Route

Your job is going to be obtaining the red key, then supplying power to the
door so your partner can come from behind and make the P-Base. Your now in
the sewers on 3F.

3F Sewers One - Head to the gate and enter the door.

3F Sewers Two - Ignore the zombie, and climb the ladder to the top. Ignore or
dodge this zombie and enter the door.

Access Way A - At the T-Split, head to the right and enter Access Way B.

Access Way B - Head to the end and enter the door

Water Purifying Facility - Take a right and head up, then down, the small 
staircase, and you will get the cutscene of the Hunter bursting out of its
cage. Skip it. Now either kill the Hunter in front of you or move around it,
and grab the red key. Run back the way you came and enter the door you just
came from.

Access Way B - Move as fast as you can as your teammate will be waiting on
you. Enter the door at the opposite end.

Access Way A - Ignore the zombie, and go straight at the T-Junction. Enter the
door, and keep going. At the end of the passage, ignore the zombie and enter
the door.

Water Works Administration Office - Run over and unlock the red door with the
(gasp) red key. Enter the now unlocked door.

Water Tank - Ignore/Dodge the Hunters as you cross the small bridge. Climb up
at the end and unlock the door with the computer. Now recross the bridge, and
enter the Water Works Administration Office.

Water Works Administration Office - Wait for your partner arrives, then after
he receives the P-Base, exit it and return to the elevator.

3F Passage - Head into the only other door.

Lab - Enter the only other door.

Lab 2 - All four of you should be here now. Insert the P-Base into the machine
If for some ungodly reason everyone else isnt here yet, wait. If they are here
head down to the section titled Group Convergence.

Waiting In The Universty Path

As you are waiting beside the dead docter, pick up any of the items or files
you want. You are waiting for the Thanatos cutscene that one of your partners
should trigger shortly, as soon as you see it, climb up the stairs and exit.

Entrance Hall - Thanatos busts in with style, RUN! for the Waiting Room Door
and enter.

Waiting Room - Run as fast as you can to the door at the opposite end, and 
enter the door.

U-Turn Corrider - Run the long corrider until you reach the next door. Enter.

Testing Passage A - Wait at the door you entered from for Thanatos. As soon as
he enters, lure him to the next camera angel. Then head over to controls, and
when he charges you, zap him with the switch when he passes under the eletric
wires. If you miss, keep trying till you hit him. When he's down, pick up the
T-Blood, and exit thru the one way door to the entrance hall.

Entrance Hall - Head for the 1F elevator room, and use the elevator to get to
the 3F.

3F Passage - Enter the door across from you.

Lab - Enter the only other door.

Lab 2 - Put the T-Blood in the machine. Your going to be the first person here
so you will be waiting for a few minutes on your teammates. Pass the time
however you like. :-D

B4 Route

After exiting the elevator, enter the middle door in the hallway.

Spider Hallway - Climb down the stairs, staying to the right or left side to
dodge the spider, then jump down. Go all the way to the end and climb back
up ignoring the spiders, then go into the big open space of blackness at the
end. ;)

Subway 1 - Grab the assualt rifle if you want, then head north and enter 
subway 2.

Subway 2 - Ignore the train, and head straight for the door on the right side.
The bees should be no problem.

T-Shapped Passage - Head straight, ignoring the right turn and the doors. If
there is a zombie at the end you can take him out if you want, or dodge him.
Enter the crawlspace.

Air Exhaust Tower - Shoot the bee, then shimmy your way to the other end.
Enter the crawlspace.

Storeroom - Either kill the zombie or ignore him. Head to the north end and
push the locker looking silver thing (LOL) and enter the now visable crawl-

Power Room - Solve then puzzel, then exit back thru the door to the store

Store Room - Head south to the door and unlock it. Exit thru the door.

T-Shaped Passage -  Head south until you reach the junction, then run to the
end you haven't been to yet, dodging the zombies and ignoring the doors.
Climb up the ladder at the end.

Air Exhaust Tower Access Way - Head north and enter the door.

Air Exhaust Lower Part - Head straight for the elevator and enter. Use the
controls to get it moving.

Decent - I personally never shoot at the bees, I just run around in a large
circle, dodging them. They usually never hit me.

Air Exhaust Tower Upper Part - Get off the elevator and run around the circle
platform and grab one of the V-Poison. Now decend the stairs and enter the
door at the top.

Air Exhaust Tower Station - Unless you need them, ignore the items and head
thru the only other door.

Back Square - Head straight into the double doors, they should be unlocked.

Testing Passage A - Head thru the one way door into the entrance hall.

Entrance Hall - Head for the elevator room.

1F Elevator Passage - Take the elevator to the 3F.

3F Passage - Enter the door Across from you.

Lab 1 - Enter the next door.

Lab 2 - You should find the person who went after the T-Blood here, and MAYBE
the other group. If not, insert the V-Poison and wait. When everyones here, go
to the section entitled Group Convergence.

Group Convergence

Now that your all here, and all of the ingrediants are in the machine, enter
the now unlocked door.

Weapon Room - You shouldn't need ANY weapons, as you are going to take down
Thanatos with the Rocket and Daylight, the fastest method. So just run
straight thru the curtains to the second hall.

Second Hall - Skip all cutscenes. After its over, the timer starts. Someone
should run around the computer and turn on the power to the reagent machine
and unlock all the doors on the campus. Head back to Lab 2.

Lab 2 - One person should grab three daylights, and will be the designated 
person to kill Thanatos in the second fight with the Ampoule shooter. I say
three since you have to wait the full 7 minutes anyway, you might as well
carry extra anyway, and this way you dont have to switch the ampule shooter
with your group during the boss. If anyone wants to take daylight they can,
but you reall shouldnt worry about it since this is a speed run.

After getting daylight, head back to the Second Hall.

Second Hall - Run over to the only other door and enter.

Testing Passage B - Head north, climb down the ladder, then run south and
unlock the door leading to the President Room. Enter it.

President Room - Enter the only other door.

Drawing Room - Enter the only other door.

2F Hallway - Head to the entrance hall.

Entrance Hall - You have two choices. 1. You can take the long way thru the
waiting room to get to the back square. or 2. you can shove or shoot the one
way door open and enter. Whichever way you choose, get to the door leading
to the backsquare.

Backsquare - Wait till the timer runs out. When it does, skip the cutscenes.
When you resume control over your character, run to to door leading to the
unloading passage, ignoring/dodging the now loose bees.

Unloading Passage - Ignore any weapons as you won't need them. Climb over the
truck, and then into the small hole, then finally back up on the other side.
Walk forward and iniciate the boss fight.

Boss Fight - Someone, who you should have decided on before you began, should
run over and bash open the locker holding the Rocket Launcher. Take it, equip
it, then use it on Thanatos. You only get one shot so MAKE IT COUNT. You did
not pick up any weapons or ammo, and besides, it takes more time to bring him
down without the Rocket. If you do miss, just restart the scenario again. I 
know it sucks, but if you want the fastest time, you need to hit him with the

After Thanatos falls, skip the next scenes. On to fight 2.

Boss 2 - The person with the 3 daylights should run over and grab the ampoule
shooter off the tank, then equip it and load a daylight into it. Fire at 
Thanatos to quickly end the fight. If you miss, you have two backups. If you
miss with those two, well then your pretty much screwed unless someone else
took a daylight.

But really, if you want the fastest times, you need to be able to hit him with
the first shot.

Following the boss fight, skip all cutscenes, as again I do not know at this 
point weather the timer counts during them. This ends this scenarios walkthru.

9. Weapons

Melee Weapons

Damage - 42
Range - Very Short
Found in - Decisions, Decisions

Damage - 70
Range - Short
Found in - Below Freezing Point

Damage - 55
Range - Short
Found in - All

Damage - 60
Range - Medium
Found - All

Damage - 55
Range - Short
Found In - All

Damage - 240
Range - Long
Found In - Hellfire (David makes it)

Damage - 360
Range - Short
Found In - Hellfire (David makes it)

Damage - 40
Range - Medium
Found In - Outbreak, Hellfire, Hive

Damage - 50
Range - Medium
Found In - Outbreak, Hellfire, Hive

Damage - 40
Range - Short
Found In - Hive

Damage - 120
Range - Long
Found In - Outbreak, Hive, Hellfire (David makes this)

Damage - 100
Range - Medium
Found In - Hive

Damage - 40
Range - Short
Found In - Hive

Throwing Weapons/Sprays

Damage - 120
Range - Short
Found In - Outbreak, Decisions Decisions

Damage - 150
Range - Short
Found In - Outbreak, Decisions Decisions (David makes this)

Damage - 100
Range - Medium
Found In - Hellfire

Damage - 40
Range - Medium
Found In - Outbreak, Hive, Hellfire

Damage - 500
Range - Medium
Found In - Below Freezing Point

Damage - 600
Range - Medium
Found In - Below Freezing Point

Damage - 250
Range - Medium
Found In - All (David only, starts with it)

Damage - 80
Range - All
Found In - All

Damage - 500
Range - Medium
Found In - Outbreak


Damage - 130
Clip - 15
Found In - All (Mark only)

Damage - 450
Clip - 7
Found In - All (Kevin only)

Damage - 140
Clip - 15
Found In - All

Damage - 160
Clip - 13
Found In - Below Freezing Point

Damage - 110
Clip - 20
Found In - Hive

Damage - 120
Clip - 20
Found In - Outbreak

Damage - 600
Clip - 7
Found In - All

Damage - 900
Clip - 7
Found In - Below Freezing Point (Yoko)

Damage - 1000
Clip -  6
Found In - Outbreak

Damage - 100
Clip - 30
Found In - Hive

Damage - 130
Clip - 30
Found In - Decisions,Decisions

Damage - BURST: 1200, VITRIOL: 1000
Clip - Infinite
Found In - Hellfire, Decisions Decisions

Damage - A LOT
Clip - 1
Found In - Decisions, Decisions

Damage - ALOT
Clip - 1
Found In - Decisions, Decisions

10. Rank Times

All times are given from max to anything under it. For example, if it says 
10:00 mins for DVD on Outbreak, that means 10:00 mins and under will get you
the said Rank.

   Single          DVD          HDD
   -----          ---          ---
S  10:00         13:00        11:00

A  15:00         20:00        17:00

B  20:00         27:00        23:00

C  30:00         38:00        34:00

D  45:00         50:00        46:00

E  45:01+        50:01+       46:01+

Below Freezing Point

     Single          DVD          HDD
     ------          ---          ---
S     20:00          18:00        16:00

A     25:00          25:00        22:00

B     30:00          33:00        29:00

C     40:00          47:00        40:00

D     55:00          68:00        58:00

E     55:01+         68:01+       58:01+


      Single          DVD          HDD
      ------          ---          ---
S     10:00           11:00        9:00

A     15:00           18:00        16:00

B     25:00           27:00        23:00

C     35:00           38:00        34:00

D     50:00           50:00        46:00

E     50:01*          50:01+       46:01+


     Single          DVD          HDD
     ------          ---          ---
S    09:00           11:00        09:00

A    25:00           20:00        17:00

B    45:00           42:00        35:00

C    70:00           63:00        52:00

D    95:00           90:00        75:00

E    95:01+          90:01+       75:01+

Decisions, Descisions

     Single          DVD          HDD
     ------          ---          ---
S    28:00           28:00        25:00

A    45:00           40:00        35:00

B    65:00           60:00        50:00

C    90:00           80:00        70:00

D    120:00          110:00       90:00

E    120:00+         110:01+      90:01+


11. Character Information



Hp: 2300
Personal Item: .45 Handgun with 7 loaded shots
Special Action: Kick
Special Action: Potshot

For more information on Kevins special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 3000
Personal Item: Handgun with 15 loaded shots
Special Action: Guard
Special Action: Full Swing

For more information on Marks special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 2100
Personal Item: Medical Set
Special Action: Tackle

For more information on Georges special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 2200
Personal Item: Tool Tray
Special Action: Wrench Toss
Special Action: Knife Combo

For more information on Davids special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 1800
Personal Item: Lucky Coin
Special Action: Playing Dead
Special Action: Item Finder

For more information on Jims special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 2000
Personal Item: Picking Tools
Special Action: Potshot
Special Action: Backwards Dodge

For more information on Alyssas special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 1500
Personal Item: Herb Case
Special Action: Duck

For more information on Cindys special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


Hp: 1300
Personal Item: Backpack
Special Action: Crawl Away

For more information on Yokos special actions, head to the Character Skills
Information section.


12. Character Skills Information



.45 Handgun : This powerful weapon can take down almost any zombie with one or
two shots. Ammo is VERY limited, and you only start with seven bullets.
How much comes in a box of ammo depends on difficulty level. I do know that
21 comes in one box on the easy difficulty, and 3 on hard, although I have
only tested this on the outbreak scenario.

Kick : By holding R1 then hitting the [o] button, you perform a front kick
attack. This does 20 damage to enemys and objects, twice as strong as the 
normal shove attack. You can also have a weapon equiped when using this
ability, which makes it great for knocking a zombie out of your way and moving
on. Since it also does twice as much damage as the shove, it is also great at
knocking down locked doors, shutters, etc. etc.

Potshot : When you press R1 to aim, hold it down while staying still to re-
adjust your aim. Now without moving, fire your shot. This only works with
handguns, and thier are exceptions such as the Busrt handgun and the Magnums.

What it does is double the normal damage of one bullet. With the normal
handgun you find thruout the scenario, it deals around 140 damage. With Kevins
Potshot ability, it does a whopping 280 per bullet. You can also use this with
Kevins special handgun, the .45. This gun already does 450 points of damage,
but with potshot it does an amazing 900 damage, the same attack power as the
Magnum Handgun, making it one badass killing machine. It would be best to save
Kevins .45 for boss battles or tougher enemies.


Handgun : This is just Marks Customs handgun that he carries. Thier are great
advantages to him having this. For one, it doesn't take up an inventory slot.
For two, ammo for this game can be found all over the game, as it uses the
same ammunition as all the other handguns you find laying around. This gun
also does not suffer from distance, making it a good choice for long range

Guard : By holding R1 and pressing [o], you can guard against enemy attacks,
not receiving no damage from the attack, although some of the unique enemys
will still damage Mark even while guarding. The other downside is that the
Virus meter will still go up even if you guarded the attack.

Full Swing : Basically, this is the same thing as Kevins or Alyssas potshot
ablility, only with melee weapons. With a melee weapon such as an Iron Pipe,
Crutch, or Long Pole equiped, press R1 to raise your weapon. Keeping holding
R1, and Mark will take the weapon back further. Now you may release this 
attack on your target, dealing more damage than a normal swing. This is great
for conserving ammo.


Medical Set - The good docter can take herbs he finds in the various scenario,
and mix them with his set to make certain medicines, such as recovering pills,
Anti-Virus pills, Anidote to stop poison, etc. Why would you want to do this?
The pills are stackable, meaning if you mix one blue herb to make a recovery
pill, you can mix another blue herb and make another, and have the two pills
in the same inventory spot. At one time on Decisions, Decisions, I had 9
pill stacked in the same inventory spot. Basically 9 green herbs. The 
following list shows what all medicines he can make and what are the required

Recovery Medicine -         Blue Herb
Large Recovery Medicine -   Blue+Red herb combined
Anidote -                   Green Herb
Hemostat -                  Red Herb
Anti Virus -                Green+Blue Herb combined/Green+Green+Blue combined
Large Anti Virus -          Green+Blue+Red combined

Tackle : Holding R1 and pressing [o], you can perform Georges special Tackle
ability. This move can be used in all sorts of situations. If timed right, you
can duck an incoming zombie grab or swipe. You can use it just like the shove,
knocking the zombie a little ways back, giving you enough to escape or out-
manuver. If held for the max amount of time, George will tackle the enemy,
sending them to the ground, makeing this great for getting past lone zombies.
It also does a little more damage at max then a normal shove, but it's not
really a good idea to use agaisnt locked doors, as it takes to much time to
get to the max, and by that time, you could have bashed it a few times useing
a normal shove. Another plus is that George can have a weapon equiped while
performing this action.


Tool Tray : Includes a Folding Knife, which is equipable, 3 pieces of junk
parts, ninr pieces of vinyl tape, and 12 wrenchs. We will go over each 

Folding Knife - Same as the knife you can find in some of the scenarios, only
this one doesn't take up an inventory slot and you start with it, and can also
be used with one of his other abilites. More on that later.

Junk Parts - Used to fix broken Handguns or Shotguns. This is mostly used in
the BFP scenario, as the hunter can break your weapons with one of thier 

Wrenchs - Used with one of his special abilites, David starts with 12 and you
can not replace them. Once they are gone, they are gone. (12 per scenario)

Vinyl Tape - Used to make home made weapons out of two other weapons/items.
The weapons and items need are listed below.

Flame Spray - Pesticide Spray + Lighter
Hammer -      Iron Pipe + Concrete Piece
Spear -       Wooden Stick + Kichen Knife
Stun Rod -    Iron Pipe + Battery

Wrench Toss : By holding R1, and hitting the [o] button, David can toss one
of his wrenchs at an enemy, doing a good amount of damage. (260) He can also
use it on doors. When thrown at zombies, it will knock them to the ground,
giving you a great oppertunity to stomp the rest of the life out of them.
Remember, you only have 12, so use them wisely.

Knife Combo : By holding R1 and pressing the [o] button three times, David 
will make a three stab attack with the knife he has equiped. It takes precise
timing, so be sure to practise it before using it on enemys. I believe this
will also knock the enemy back a few steps, giving you time to slice them up


Lucky Coin - Go into the inventory and select the coin, then select to use it.
Jim will then flip the coin onscreen, and give you the results. Heads means
your attack power goes up 15%. So if you get say, four heads in a row, you
will be dishing out 60% more than the normal damage. BUT, if it lands on tails
it goes right back down to 0%. So, if you coudln't tell, there is alot of luck

Playing Dead : Just like it sounds. Press and hold R1, then press [o] to make
Jim play dead. Holding [o] means Jim will stay playing dead until you let go.
The good part about this, is that any enemy, including bosses, will ignore
you compleatly. I don't think I have ever been damage by an attack while 
playing dead.

The bad side, is that the virus meter will raise just as fast as it would if
you were crawling on the ground near death. So use it sparingly. If you get
your hands on an Anti-Virus pill, you could actually play dead until the 
effects of the pill wear off, makeing some areas of the game a breeze to pass

Item Finder : When Jim first enter the room, open the map. Normally it would
just show you the empty room your in, but with Jim, if any items are in the 
room, it will be shown with a ? mark, making hard to find items, or hidden
items, so much easier to find. NOTE - You cannot find Special Items using this


Lockpick - Alyssa can use one of her four lockpicks to open some of the locked
doors, and some of the locked lockers in Outbreak. Depending on what type you
select, you will either unlock it very fast, or very slow. Once you have
selected which type you want to use, rapidly press X until the door unlocks.
Below is a list of Scenarios, what doors she can unlock, and what type to use
on which difficulty (it changes per difficulty.)

Door or Locker               Easy          Normal        Hard        Vhard

Staff Room Door:             I-Type         I-Type       P-Type      S-Type

Blue Door:                   P-Type         P-Type       P-Type      S-Type

Drawing Room Cabinet:        S-Type         S-Type       W-Type      W-Type

Below Freezing Point

Break Room Locker:           S-Type         S-Type       I-Type      S-Type


Locker in Locker Room:       P-Type         P-Type       P-Type      S-Type  

Drawer in Docter Office:     W-Type         W-Type       I-Type      I-Type


Tools Room Locker:           S-Type         S-Type       W-Type    (backdraft)

Room 102 Bathroom:           I-Type         I-Type       P-Type      S-Type

Room 202 Bathroom:           W-Type         W-Type       I-Type      P-Type

Room 201 Bathroom:           S-Type         S-Type     (backdraft)   W-Type

Decisions, Decisions

1F Passage Elevator:         S-Type          S-Type       W-Type     W-Type

B4 Control Room:             P-Type          P-Type       P-Type     S-Type

I am too lazy to go back and find out what each locker gives you(or bathroom)
since I was too lazy to write it down when I discovered which lockpick works.
(actually, I didn't know I would be doing a guide, so I was just writing down
the type of pick for future use in my games)

Backwards Dodge: By pressing the R1 button and hitting the [o] button, Alyssa
will do a do a big backstep. This is useful to get out of the way of enemy
attacks and also to put you at a good range to use her potshot ability.

Potshot: Same as Kevins potshot, so look in his section for details.


Herb Case: This baby comes loaded with 2 of each type of herb, green, red, and
blue. It can hold a maximum of three, and when you pick up a herb you can just
select the herb case to put it directly into it. There is one empty space in
the case for the herbs you mix, so say if you mixed a red+green+blue herb, you
can have it take the empty slot, and then add one more of each type back into
the case. You can also aid other allies directly by selecting the desired herb
or mixed herb from the case, then selecting aid from the menu. If you want to
take out an already mixed herb, just select it and open the menu and hit
the switch command. You cannot put anything other than herbs in the herb case.

Duck: Press and hold R1, then hit [o] to perform a ducking manuvere. This is
basically only useful agaisnt zombies, as you can duck thier outsteached arms
or swipe.

Backpack: Yoko gets the have four addtional item slots, meaning she can lug
more crap around. You can either directly put it an item into the backpack
when you pick it up, or you can select an item in your inventory and combine
it with the backpack to move it into the backpack, if there is enough space.
You cannot use items while they are in your backpack, so if you need to use
an item stored there, select it and then select the switch command to either
replace the item or put it into an empty slot.

Crawl Away: Basically, by pressing and hold R1, the hitting the [o] button,
Yoko will get on her knees and crawl in the opposite direction of the way
she is facing. If facing an enemy, which is why you would want to use it, she
will crawl away from the enemy. This is very useful to escape enemy attacks,
or just to escape from them. The longer you hold [o], the farther away she
will crawl.


13. FAQ


To be completed as soon as someone asks me a bunch of the same questions. ;)


14. Legal Matters


This guide is mine and mine alone. At the moment, only www.gamefaqs.com 
and www.neoseeker.com have my permission to use this guide. 

If I find it on any other than those that have permission from me, I will take
legal action. This guide is copywrite cananyonesaveme/DeadReckoning. You 
cannot sell this document, but you may print it out and use it at your
leisure. If you wish to post this guide on your website, feel free to contact 
me by e-maril at residentevil1998@cox.net.

Resident Evil and all Character/Item names used are from the game and owned by


15. Thanks


Thanks to:

Gbone - for all sorts of stuff
CjayC - for making gamefaqs
gamefaqs - for hosting this site and being the greatest game site ever!
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funkytoad and K_prime - for an alternate method to go thru Below Freezing 
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