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How do I unlock cars in arcade?

How do I do it?
Just play GT mode until I get more cars? is it by completion %?
Or how...

Wolpy provided additional details:

So in order to have a car in arcade i need to have bought or owned it in GT mode?
Do I have to still own it for it to be available in Arcade?

Accepted Answer

SimHelper022 answered:

Just like you said, so technically, you answered your own question without knowing it.

You just have to unlock/buy more cars in GT Mode/Simulation Mode. There are some cars that you can unlock in GT Mode by game completion that MIGHT (not too sure since I haven't checked, but I believe the Jaguar XR9 or whatever it's called can be found in Arcade Mode) appear in Arcade Mode. Also, if you're playing 2 Player Mode in Arcade Mode, I believe you can load your own garage.

Just remember that not every car unlocked/bought in GT Mode can be found in Arcade Mode.
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SimHelper022 answered:

I'm sure that you only need to have it once to get it unlocked. I'm a car collector is GT Mode, so I've barely sold one car at all! But yeah, you only need to have had it once to get it unlocked. I don't thing Polyphony Digital is THAT mean.
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