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Asked: 6 years ago

How to do wheelie glitch?

I am wondering what is a wheelie glitch,and i heard from people that a wheelie glitch can make the car go faster

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I don't think you can do a wheelie in GT4 but I'm not sure. The wheelie bug originated with GT3, go to the cheat section for GT3 to get an explanation on how it's done

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What if i don't have gt3

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try looking on Youtube ( and it will tell u the set up and everything u need to no

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Done it before! get a Saleen S7(on arcade mode) and go on seattle circuit normal direction and floor it when you hit the jumps and you will pop a little wheelie. and with those youtube things you cant do it on PS2. only PC

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Yes. I have done it with the Minolta, although you can do it with nearly any car 1000+ HP. Put the back downforce as high as possible, the front the lowest. Same with ride height and spring rate. Tune the auto up all the way. Once you hit about max speed, it'll go up. You'll know for sure that it is when you hit the top.... it'll lose speed and hit the floor. Any problems, yet me know I'll try to help.

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Get any supercar and go on the jumps on Seattle.

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