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how can i get the RYNO?

I've been tryng to get the RYNO but i don't know how to get 150,000 bolts. Any advice?

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Makina2k9 answered:

If you have the hologuise use it and enter the balckwater hoverboard race walk under the big pile of boxes near the end of the track and use teh taunter money should rain downon you

I taped the button down and left it being sure i destroyed all the green blobs so they down move me by an hour and a half i believe i have 500 thousand bolts
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JoveHack answered:

See the "Cheat for heaps of bolts?" under the Strategy section of the Questions page.
See also the "Are there any good ways to get bolts?" under the "Other Help" section of the Questions page.
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randctod answered:

I did it by doing challenge mode over and over and over again until I finally had enough bolts.
Patience is key when trying to complete a game without cheats. (If that's what you are trying to do.)
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Gamer-900 answered:

find a place were there are loads of bolts and then get them leave the planet then go back to the Planet and do it over and over again
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carlbowen answered:

Hahahah this is quite hard to be quite honest u might have to go and cheat on this. go to planet kalebo and win hologuise then go to black water city planet rilgar and go to hoverboard race as hologuise robot them walk to the place with the stack of boxes and get out the taunter as ratchet of course then make sure the camera is facing away from the boxes then use taunter.this requires time and u wil have at least 600,000 bolts in like 2-3 hours so id say sick the 'O' button down with sellotape and leave it on for a few hours maybe over night not recomended but quite usefell well i hope that was useful.
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