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Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze Secret Factors FAQ v1.0
By StoneFree ( (c) 2002
Created 8/01/02

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version and North American version may differ.

Table of Contents
A. Introduction

B. Secret Factors

C. Closing


A. Introduction

One of the most fun parts of this game is figuring out the secret factors. Mainly
based on events from the manga, each stage has at most four "secrets" to find. Most
of the secrets will make finishing each stage easier, but they are not necessary to
beat the game.

I will _not_ describe the story, since that's the point of playing the game. There's
no reason for me to do it -- play the game or read the manga if you want to know what
the story is, or maybe someone will write a general FAQ for that.

The maximum points on each stage is 200 and the maximum points for the whole game is

Note: You do not need to beat a stage perfectly in one try. You can get all the secrets,
then go back and try to beat the stage with full life. The game will take your best
score from both life remaining and secrets found from all the times you have done the
stage, and save that.

B. Secret Factors

Discovering the secret factors makes beating the enemy stand users a lot easier, because
if anything, your life and stand meter is extended by the "value" of the secret factor
(they are each valued at some amount in order to make 100%). You'll know if you have
all of them for a stage when your life indicator says "Max". The most you'll find on a
stage is four total, but some stages have as few as one.

All of the secret factors are not listed in any particular order, but some of them must
be the first one discovered, in which case there will be a note stating such. I'll try
to make a few notes to explain each one as best as possible.

A few notes: 
Stand Shoot refers to the R1 button attack. Do _not_ have your stand active if you are
_not_ attacking the enemy. The stand will use it's special ablility (like Gold
Experience's "give-life" ability or creating a zipper with Sticky Fingers) instead of
doing damage.

If you can't tell if you stand is active, look at your life indicator. If the heart is
red/pink that means your stand is out, but the only person who you might have trouble
visually telling if their stand is out is Guido (Sex Pistols).

You can charge your stand shoot by holding the button down. There are 3 levels of
charged attack power. You can move and attack with your stand charged/charging.


1. Attack Buccellati (the stand user) with your stand shoot.
2. Attack Buccellati with your stand shoot while he's between the seats.
3. Attack Sticky Fingers (the stand) with your stand shoot.
4. Use your stand shoot on one of the fire extinguishers to turn it into a snake.

1. Use your stand shoot on any of the objects (lamppost, signs).
2. After Buccellati hides in one of the people (he always chooses the one with the
   yellow top), a tooth will be on the ground. Stand shoot it to turn it into a fly.
3. After Buccellati hides in one of the people, hit one of the people he's not hiding
   in (must do this before 4).
4. Hit the person Buccellati is hiding in.

1. Attack Black Sabbath.
2. When Giorno realizes B.Sabbath is in the bird shadows, you get this automatically.
3. Attack Black Sabbath when he's not in the shadows, so he gets hit by the sunlight.
4. Break one of the pillars (with a stand shoot).

1. Destroy one of the cars.
2. Use your stand shoot on one of the rats running around. Use Aerosmith's radar to
   find them.
3. Use your stand shoot on Formagio (stand user) when he rides on one of the rats.
   Of course, he only does it when he's small and you have to watch closely.
4. Avoid being damaged when you are shrunk by Little Feet.


1. Try to activate your stand (L1 button)(must do this first).
2. Check the mirror at the top right hand side of the area.
3. walk past any garbage can.
4. Walk past the broken mirror on the far left.

1. You get this one automatically.

1. You get this automatically (stage clear).
2. Defeat Illuson (stand user) with a Level 3 stand shoot.

1. Stand shoot Pesci (the man on the floor next to the bar) (must be done first).
2. Hit the ice machine so that ice comes out. This will nullify Grateful Dead's aging
   attack. You can hit the ice machine more than once, but you only get the secret
   factor once.
3. Stand shoot the wall behind the last window on the train, to the left of the bar.
4. Knock Prosciutto (stand user) through the zipper you made in 3. Try standing to the
   right of him and knocking him towards the left.

1. You get this automatically when you unhook from Beach Boy's (stand) line.
2. Stand shoot Pesci (stand user).
3. Attack Prosciutto when he uses Grateful Dead. He's by the left hand side of the
   train (use the X button attack).
4. Defeat Pesci with a Level 3 stand shoot.

1. Stand shoot White Album.
2. Use the X button attack without your stand active to cause White Album to fall.
3. Do it again.

1. Use stand shoot on the lion statue at the middle top of the screen.
2. Shoot him when he makes the reflective shield. You'll know it's active when you
   see vapor coming off him.
3. Use X button attack on the lamppost to create spikes on the pole.
4. Shoot White Album onto one of the spiked lampposts. I usually stand by one of the
   poles to lure him over to it and use the stand shoot. He can't skate into it on his
   own, so be sure to shoot him.

1. Stand shoot King Crimson (the stand).
2. Stand shoot King Crimson while standing next to Trish's body (she's by the broken

1. You get this one automatically.

1. Hit one of the seats so Notorious B.I.G. attacks it.
2. Walk slowly (otherwise you'll get attacked) and get the brooch at the top of the
   screen. I reccommend hitting a few seats on your way to keep the little guy busy.
3. Stand shoot one of the seats.
4. Use Spice Girl's triangle button attack on Notorious B.I.G.. It's possible to hit
   him and not get it, so watch you positioning. If you don't get it, you can try

1. You get this one automatically.

1. Stand shoot Oasis.
2. In the beginning, shoot the box by the garbage for a hidden ramp up.
3. A little after #1, shoot the billboard on the left for a hidden passage.
4. Go in the opposite direction of the billboard, up the stairs and when you
   reach the stairs that lead up to the brown door, shoot across the gap to
   destroy the railing. That's another shortcut.

1. Attack Green Day (stand).
2. Use stand shoot on Cioccolata's (stand user) body.
3. Use stand shoot on Cioccolata's body parts.
4. Defeat him with a Level 3 stand shoot.

10-3 (Note: You must follow this order)
1. When Oasis dives into the ground, stand still. However, this works best when he
   dives into the ground to teleport, not when he does it to dive attack you. He'll
   come up unable to find you, stand shoot him when he does.
2. Attack one of the cars until the tire pops. The screen will get blurry for a second
   if you've done it right.
3. When he dives into the ground (same as #1), pop another car tire. I find it easiest
   to attack a car with the regular 3 hit attack (without the stand active), and run
   around the car until he dives down. After that, hit the car once, and you should
   get it. If the game goes to a cutscene, you got it.

1. Stand shoot Diavolo (stand user).
2. Stand shoot King Crimson (stand).

1. Stand shoot Requiem.
2. Stand shoot Sticky Fingers.

1. You get this one automatically.
2. Use X Button attack on Diavolo (stand user).
3. After King Crimson's time manipulation, you get this automatically. I'm not entirely
   sure but I think you have to avoid being hurt.

C. Closing

If you have problems getting 100% on the life remaining points for each stage, use 
the secret factors to refill your health. While you will not be healed completely,
you do get back a small portion in addition to the percentage the secret is worth.

The "Another Story" mode has no secrets and all the fights are out of 100. You need
150 points in a stage in the Super Story Mode to unlock it's corrsponding Another
Story mode version.

Anyway, that's all the secret factors in the game. In a future revision (if there is
one), I might put down all the extras you get and how many points you need for each
one, but that would require quite a bit of time on my part.

Submissions are cool, but I can't really imagine what to add to this. However, my e-mail
is at the top, so feel free to submit something if you feel the FAQ needs it.

Thanks go out to all the denizens of the GF message boards who helped out in the
creation of this FAQ, and to GameFAQs for hosting it.

This document Copyright 2002 StoneFree (J.Hayling)