• Cheat Codes

    At the Secret Unlocks menu enter:

    All Multiplayer CharactersPARTY
    All Multiplayer ScenariosGAMEROOM
    All Q GadgetsQ LAB
    Baron Samedi in MultiplayerVOODOO
    Bigger Sniper Rifle ClipMAGAZINE
    Bond Tux in MultiplayerBLACKTIE
    Camera UpgradeSHUTTER
    Christmas Jones in MultiplayerNUCLEAR
    Decryptor UpgradeSESAME
    Destruction Mode in MultiplayerTNT
    Drake Suit in MultiplayerNumber 1
    Explosive Scenery in MultiplayerBOOM
    Faster LaserPHOTON
    Golden GunTARGET
    Grapple UpgradeLIFTOFF
    Jaws in MultiplayerDENTAL
    King of the Hill modeTEAMWORK
    Max Zorin in MultiplayerBLIMP
    Mayday in MultiplayerBADGIRL
    Multiplayer GoldfingerMIDAS
    Nick Nack in MultiplayerBITSIZE
    Oddjob in MultiplayerBOWLER
    Protection Mode in MultiplayerGUARDIAN
    Pussy Galore in MultiplayerCIRCUS
    Renard in MultiplayerHEADCASE
    Rifle Scope UpgradeSCOPE
    Scaramanga in MultiplayerASSASSIN
    Unlock all characters in multiplayer modePARTY
    Unlock all gadget and weapon upgradesQ LAB
    Unlock all missionsPASSPORT
    Unlock all scenarios in multiplayer modeGAMEROOM
    Unlock Alpine EscapePOWDER
    Unlock Chain ReactionMELTDOWN
    Unlock CountdownBLASTOFF
    Unlock EquinoxVACUUM
    Unlock explosive scenery envriomod in multiplayer mode scenarion optionsBOOM
    Unlock Golden PPK in Single PlayerAU P2K
    Unlock Goldeneye Strike in MultiplayerORBIT
    Update the TranquilizerSLEEPY
    Upgraded P2KP2000
    Uplink Mode in MultiplayerTRANSMIT
    Wai Lin in MultiplayerMARTIAL
    Xenia in MultiplayerJANUS
  • Driving Codes

    During the Paris Prelude, Enemies Vanquished, Island Infiltration or Deep Descent levels, pause the game and enter these codes:

    Beserk RacingHold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
    Bonus Race in Alps (Enemies Vanquished ONLY!)Hold L1. Press Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle.
    Display Motion BlurHold L1. Press Square, Circle, Circle, Square.
    Double ArmorHold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square.
    Double SpeedHold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
    Drive an SUV. (Enemies Vanquished ONLY!)Hold L1. Press Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle.
    Frantic RacingHold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle.
    Get Vehicle ArmorHold L1. Press Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle.
    Quadruple ArmorHold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square, Square.
    Shelby CobraHold L1. Press Right, Right, Left, Left, Up.
    Super BulletsHold L1. Press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle.
    Triple Armor CheatHold L1. Press Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, Square

    Contributed By: Pegboy, WillDay, and Buckwheatz Revenge.


  • Unlock Passwords

    Select the Codenames option at the main menu and go to Secret Unlocks.

    Level SelectPASSPORT
    Multiplayer Assassination ModeTARGET
    Multiplayer Bond SpacesuitZERO G
    Multiplayer Elektra KingSLICK

    Contributed By: Pegboy and jdub23.


  • Unlock upgrades, weapons, and more!

    To get the item specified, get the medal specified on the level specified.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Card: AluraBronze on Phoenix Fire
    Card: BondBronze in Equinox
    Card: DominiqueBronze on Paris Prelude
    Card: DrakeBronze in Countdown
    Card: KikoBronze on Night Shift
    Card: MayhewBronze on Double Cross
    Card: Military SnowmobileBronze on Alpine Escape
    Card: RookBronze on Chain Reaction
    Card: UltralightBronze on Island Infiltration
    Card: VanquishBronze on Enemies Vanquished
    Card: Vanquish SubBronze on Deep Descent
    Card: ZoeBronze on The Exchange
    Mode: Explosive ScenerySilver in Countdown
    Scenario: AssassinationSilver on Alpine Escape
    Scenario: DemolitionSilver on Phoenix Fire
    Scenario: Goldeneye StrikeSilver in Equinox
    Scenario: ProtectionSilver on Island Infiltration
    Scenario: Team King of the HillSilver on Night Shift
    Scenario: UplinkSilver on Double Cross
    Skin: Baron SamediPlatinum on The Exchange
    Skin: Bond SpacesuitPlatinum in Equinox
    Skin: Bond TuxedoPlatinum on Island Infiltration
    Skin: Christmas JonesPlatinum on Night Shift
    Skin: Drake SuitPlatinum on Phoenix Fire
    Skin: Electra KingPlatinum on Deep Descent
    Skin: GoldfingerPlatinum on Chain Reaction
    Skin: JawsSilver on Paris Prelude
    Skin: Max ZorinPlatinum on Alpine Escape
    Skin: May DayPlatinum on Enemies Vanquished
    Skin: Ms. GalorePlatinum in Countdown
    Skin: Nik NakSilver on Deep Descent
    Skin: OddjobSilver on The Exchange
    Skin: RenardPlatinum on Paris Prelude
    Skin: ScaramangaSilver on Enemies Vanquished
    Skin: Wai LinSilver on Chain Reaction
    Skin: XeniaPlatinum on Double Cross
    Upgrade: CameraGold on Enemies Vanquished
    Upgrade: Dart GunGold on Chain Reaction
    Upgrade: DecryptorGold on Deep Descent
    Upgrade: GrappleGold on Alpine Escape
    Upgrade: LaserGold in Countdown
    Upgrade: PistolGold on The Exchange
    Upgrade: PistolGold on Night Shift
    Upgrade: PistolGold on Phoenix Fire
    Upgrade: Racing MissileGold on Paris Prelude
    Upgrade: RifleGold on Double Cross
    Upgrade: RifleGold in Equinox
    Upgrade: StunnerGold on Island Infiltration

    Contributed By: DeathStar2.

  • Unlockable Bonuses

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Kolwoon Type 80Beat the game on Operative difficulty.

    Contributed By: LiMpBiZkitFaN.

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