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Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Walkthrough for Gamecube

FAQ version history:
1.0 - Entire walkthrough (100%) + Intro, 'Important Stuff' (Character, Rangs, 
	Enemies). All Scale locations.
1.1 - All the remaining portrait locations + submitted help/corrections from 
	FAQ readers (with thanks).


"G'day mate! Things can be a bit disorienting here in the land down under, so 
let me remind you of who you are and what you're doing here.

You are TY, one of the last of the Tasmanian Tigers - or so you think. Raised 
by a family of Bilbies - what's a Bilby you ask? I'll cover everything in good
time young 'un. As I was saying As I was saying, you have only vague memories 
of your family and friends. You've always believed that the other Tazzy Tigers
died long ago, leaving you all alone.

But then one day (by chance, some would say, but I say it's fate) you met the 
Bunyip Elder, and this strange character told you that your family is still 
alive! But, they're trapped in the otherworldly realm of the Dreamtime. Now, 
don't get upset, they're not stuck there forever or at least they needn't 
be... if you can save them.

For deep in the Australian outback there's a rocky outcrop, and this rocky 
outcrop is the portal - that's a doorway, my young cobber - to this Dreamtime 
realm. Carved into the ground is an image of the Tasmanian Tiger family, and 
surrounding that are five sockets in which ancient magical Talismans once lay.
All you have to do is find these Talismans and place them in the sockets, and 
the portal to the Dreamtime realm will open.

Now don't go running off just yet, you little larrikin! I've not told you the 
bad news. You see, these Talismans have also caught the eye of Boss Cass. Yes,
that Boss Cass - the same one who trapped your family in the Dreamtime realm 
after they defeated him in battle many moons ago. What's worse, he's also 
locked up some of your Bilby family in cages across the outback. If you want 
to open the portal to the Dreamtime realm and rescue your family and friends, 
you must face Boss Cass and all the nasty henchmen he'll send your way.

Don't worry, mate, you won't be alone. An upstanding lad like yourself will 
always have friends to help him out along the way - including me, your old 
mate Maurie.

Now get out there and find those Talismans!"

And now, an intro from me. TY the Tasmanian tiger is a fairly generic 
platformer, but sometimes after too many games involving brains and skill, 
even the simplest of games can be a refreshing break, especially if it pulls 
you in as strongly as this one. While offering a few new components to the 
genre, such as the idea of Boomerangs as weapons, creating a fully renewable 
(they always come back) ranged weapon as well as the idea of an almost 
invisible in-game Gallery, the game also sticks to it's roots as a 3D 
platformer, such as far too many pick-ups (never a bad thing IMO) and cleverly
designed bosses, sub-games and a good deal of exploration of a weird and 
wonderful world.

TY the Tasmanian Tiger breaks no new walls, but without walls how could we 
hold up our houses (first tip: try to ignore any analogies I make, the game's 
made you plenty confused as is :) )

Important Stuff

No spoilers, I don't want you to get part of the story without earning it, so 
I'll just name the characters who appear in and out of the levels with as 
little narrative as possible.

* TY
TY is the main character, the last(?) Tasmanian Tiger in existence. He fights 
with his Boomerangs (fire with B button, target with L collar button) for 
ranged attacks and a deadly Bite attack (X button, hold to charge for a Super 
Bite with enough Opals - more later). He also Jumps (A), can switch Boomerangs
(D-Pad Left and Right) and more, as the game progresses.

* Maurie
Maurie is a Sulphur-breasted Cockatoo, a native to the land down under, and an
advisor to TY. If anything needs to be explained in the level, Maurie will be 
close by. Just use the Y button near a sign with the Y button printed on.

* Boss Cass
Head boss. You'll only meet him at the end of the game, but you can see his 
progress in the cutscenes before you start a new level in a new area. More 
details in his Boss section.

* Julius
A Koala bear who is also a brilliant scientist, Julius will craft Technorangs 
for you for the price of Golden Cogs (more later...)
He also opens the boss levels with enough Thunder Eggs.

* Bilby
Because the Bilbies raised you, you have an obligation to free them from their
cages every level. More on them in the collectible section.

* Bunyip Elder
The Bunyip Elder is a mysterious ghost-like figure who gives you advice, and 
if you bring 25 Rainbow Scales to him, he'll give you a very useful gift for 
dealing with Boss Cass.

* Shazza, Dennis, Ranger Ken, Lenny, Rex, Elle, Sheila, Aurora
These are all friends of TY, and they give him tasks to do on certain levels 
which can vary from a treasure hunt (find (or fight) so many of one thing on 
the level, usually near the source of the quest), a race, a sub-game or 
something miscellaneous like finding a group of bats and leading them out a 
cave. Shazza is a dingo (and is hinted at as the romantic interest for the 
hero)and quests with her tend to involve watching her back. Dennis is a tree 
frog who only appears on the Bridge Over The River Ty level. Ranger Ken 
appears a few times as the general (and possibly entire) enforcer of nature 
who asks for your help in preserving the land (a positive message for those 
kids playing the game). Lenny is a very annoying Lyrebird (more in level 
details). Rex and Elle are Platypuses (Platypi?) who appear on water levels 
and Sheila is a female Koala who tends to lose her 8 kids a lot on snowy 

* Sly, Bull, Crikey, Neddy, Shadow, Fluffy
Bosses. They will have their own descriptions in the boss walkthrough.

* "Mecha-TY"
Mecha-TY is a name for the strange, metallic (but familiar looking) fellow at 
the end of the game credits. I'm not sure if he appears if you don't have 
100% (I've always finished the game with everything). Thanks to "SuperMilo" 
for the name and reminding me where he appears.

Every level, there are a whole assortment of items to collect. Here's a 

**OPALS - 300 of each per level, Opals can be colored to suit the present 
area. First they are fire/red, then ice/blue and finally thunder/yellow. 
Collecting all 300 will give you a Thunder Egg at the Opal Machine (one per 
level) which is a big blue glowing thing, usually near the end.

2700 total. That's a lot of pick-ups, but you'll be all right if you follow 
the guide closely.
**BILBIES - Bilbies are indigenous creatures of the outback, and each family 
is identical on each stage. You must collect all 5 to receive the Thunder Egg.
Of all the collectibles, these are the hardest to find so I suggest you 
search everywhere! They usually appear in the level in order, so if a gap in 
the order appears re-trace your steps.

45 total, for the nine stages.

**THUNDER EGGS - 8 of each per level. 
1 Egg for getting 300 Opals
1 Egg for getting 5 Bilbies
1 Egg for winning the level's race (opened after the main quest egg)
1 Main Quest Egg (explained at the beginning of each level)
4 Extra Quest Eggs (for side-quests, or just while exploring the level)

72 total, and you need 17 between the three stages of an area for each boss 

**GOLDEN COGS - 10 per level. These are very well hidden, or up on podiums 
that require some problem solving to reach. These are unessential to the 
quest, but you need them to make Technorangs, which are non-story related 
(you can get through the game without them) but are very useful for beating 
enemies and what have you (more later).

90 Cogs total in the game. For all 6 Technorangs, you need to get them all 
(each one requires 15 Cogs to unlock). You REALLY need the Infrarang to get 
the next set of items down by the way. 

**PORTRAITS - These are pictures that fall from transparent blue boxes 
throughout the level. These are hard to find because not only are they nearly 
invisible (though a keen eye could see them) but because the statistics screen
don't indicate how many need to be found in any level in the game. Just keep 
a constant lookout (or follow the guide) for all the locations. 

N.B. I may not have every single picture location yet, so keep a check on 
updates.  Also make sure to get the Infrarang (one of the Technorangs) for 
extra help in finding them.

*** NEW (v1.1) The guide, to my count, has 240 portrait locations now. 
Unfortunately, since my game somehow has 250 and I don't feel like playing 
through it for a 3rd time at the moment, this is all the FAQ wull provide. If 
you've picked up a portrait that isn't on the guide please e-mail following 
the directions at the bottom of this FAQ.

There are 250 total in the game, nearly half of which to be found in the 
'bonus level' so don't get discouraged by the low total when nearing 

**RAINBOW SCALES - There are 25 of these and they can only be found in 
Rainbow Cliffs (the game's hub). They are well hidden and you need some of 
the special 'rangs in order to reach them.

**TALISMANS - The Talismans are required to free your family and you get one 
after each boss, five in total. These are story-related so there's no chance 
of you missing one.


A full description of each is in the instruction book, and you get a 
description once one is gained. Here's just a little refresher and what you 
need to collect/defeat in order to get them:

** Boomerangs - You start with one, and get the second at the end of TWO UP. 
These rangs do everything you'd expect and have no special powers.

** Aquarangs - You find these on SHIP REX after talking to Rex after giving 
you a lesson on swimming. They're the same as Normal rangs, except they only 
work underwater. Since no other rangs work underwater, they're essential.

* Elemental Rangs - You get one of these after every boss. They are needed to 
proceed to the next area of levels, and are needed to get some Thunder Eggs 
during those levels.

** Flamerang - Used for destroying webbing and ice obstacles, they can also 
defeat some baddies immune to normal rangs. They take forever to burn away 
normal obstacles and enemies though, so you might want to switch to normal 
rangs to save time.

** Frostyrang - Used for freezing patches of water, and can freeze enemies 
and put out obstacles on fire. They don't do any damage however, so you will 
need to switch them to beat normal enemies.

** Zappyrang - These are the most powerful elemental rangs for enemies, and 
they can zap machines back to life too.

* Technorangs - Go to Julius in his shack in Rainbow Cliffs when you have 
enough Golden Cogs and he'll make a set of Technorangs for you. These tend to 
be great baddy-beaters, if unessential to finishing the game.

** Zoomerang - This neat little boomerang has a zoom function (use C Stick 
Up/Down to Zoom In/Out) for beating enemies at a distance. It's also very 
useful for far away switches and especially far away portraits! Needs a 15 
Cog total minimum.

** Multirang - These are excellent at clearing an area of Frill lizards or 
other enemies because you can keep firing them. Needs a 30 Cog total minimum.

** Infrarang - These are incredibly useful for finding those pesky blue 
portrait crates. While looking through them, the world looks different and 
green but those crates show up clearly. Also, whenever a crate is nearby, the 
Infrarangs make a noise to make you aware of their closeness. 45 Cog minimum.

** Megarang - This little heat-sensor will auto-aim for the nearest enemy or 
box whenever it is thrown. It's useful if you don't feel like aiming at 
everything manually. *** NEW (v1.1) It also follows through one enemy to the 
next, thanks to "Ivegeto9i" for that correction. 60 Cog minimum.

** Kaboomarang - Just fire these into the nearest wall and you'll clear whole 
areas or badies and crates in one go. They're essential for clearing the way 
on the last levels. 75 Cog minimum.

** Chronorangs - Don't use these much but they can effectively slow the 
process of time for anything it hits, giving you plenty of time to finish them
off with a bite. This is most effective against those rang-immune baddies. All
90 Cogs must be found for this.

Enemy Walkthrough

This is a guide on how to defeat most enemies in the game. Obviously, bosses 
aren't discussed here but in the main level walkthrough below. Just scan down 
to that boss's level for details on beating them.

* Frill Lizards - The average Frill lizard is a green lizard with a frill, 
hence the name. These are ubiquitous in the game and can easily be defeated by
a bite or rang attack. Make sure not to get surrounded by them, as they can 
often sneak up on you.

* Blue Tongue - These large blue lizards are tougher then Frills and require 
twice as many attacks to bring them down. As well as hitting you up close they
can also throw rocks at you from a distance, make sure to take them out before
doing anything else.

* Red Kangeroos - These baddies also require two hits to be defeated, they use
a powerful kick to hurt TY. Just beat them as you would a Blue Tongue.

* Leeches - Leeches are immune to rang attacks, and will latch onto TY and 
suck his health away. You must twiddle the Control Stick to lose them. To 
defeat a leech, bite it; it should explode into a purple mist.

* Rhino Beetle - These giant red beetles appear in A WALK IN THE PARK. They 
are completely invincible up front, but can be felled by a bite attack from 
behind. This is the only way of defeating them.

* Sharks - These guys are completely immune to your attacks and can hurt you 
considerably if you get too close. Use the shark cages to avoid them when in 

* Eels - These are easy enough to avoid in SHIP REX as they stay near their 
holes. In REX MARKS THE SPOT,  they can be defeated by a single rang attack.

* Scuba Lizards - These guys swim around watery levels and try to harpoon you.
Hit them once with the Aquarangs to defeat them.

* Barracudas - These long fish will attack you in the water, and they're hard 
to see until they're close.

* (Giant Fish) - These are the fish that swallow you whole and spit you out in
SHIP REX. If anyone can give me a better name, please do.
*** NEW (v1.1) - I've had two reports of what the fish could actually be. One 
is that it could be a Grouper fish, the other saying it might be a Barramundi.
I'm not sure, so you can make your own minds up. Thanks  for the two people 
who e-mailed me about this ("Jim Butt" - Grouper and "Locksbane" - Barramundi).

* Giant Crabs - These crustaceans can only be defeated by a bite attack. Watch 
out for that charge attack and pincers.

* Bats - In the billabong level, these airborne creatures will try to attack 
you by swooping in. Hit them with the Flamerang to put them out of business.

* Trapdoor Spiders - These spiders can be defeated only with the Flamerang, 
though if there's a lot of them, you might be better off using biting attacks.
This goes for snow spiders too.

* Skinks - These are the cricket-gear lizards, I think. Hit them once with the 
Flamerang to set their cricket bat on fire. You can finish them off with a 
normal attack. 

* Snow Roos - Exactly like their Red counterparts, except they'll throw 
snowballs at you. They only appear in snow levels.

* Biker Frills - These appear briefly in OUTBACK SAFARI. Snag them with the 
Lassorang to make them crash.

* Tics - These little yellow insects act the same way as leeches, and they're 
all over the rainforest level LYRE, LYRE PANTS ON FIRE. They can be defeated 
the same way too - a bite attack.

* Little Neddy - These are the shield lizards I'll mention in the walkthrough 
of the LYRE, LYRE level. You need to use a strong attack (like a bite) to get 
rid of the shield first.

* Ninja Geckos - These small pesky lizards are incredibly quick, so use the 
Frostyrang or Chronorang to slow them down. Otherwise, they're fairly weak.

Levels - Walkthrough

In this guide, I will occasionally write (*n) for your current Opal total, and 
(&n) for Golden Cogs. (^n) is the Bilby total and (n) is the amount of 
Thunder Eggs you should have.
Recap - (*) = Opals
	  (&) = Cogs
	  (^) = Bilbies
	  () = Thunder Eggs
	  (@) = Portraits 

*** NEW (v1.1): "110%" game completion - This is when the game is truely 
complete. This will occur once you have all the portraits and unlock the 
'Movies' section on the game's main menu. The game will not state that you 
have 110% (it should still say 100%), it's just my own idea of when the game 
is fully complete.

RAINBOW CLIFFS - When the game starts, Maurie will explain the 'Y signs' to 
you. They pop up a lot in TWO UP, the first real level. When you get control, 
trot back up to the starting circle (where the talismans need to go) and stand 
in the centre. Look right up (using L button targeting) to see one of those 
telltale light blue boxes and hit it with the boomerang. Remember what they 
look like and walk back to Bli Bli station.


Right at the start, go half along way the path to where a small, many branched 
tree stands to the right of the path and look up. You might be able to see 
another blue box, but don't worry if you can't - just come back with the 
Infrarang later. Go over to Julius for an introduction to him (thanks to 
Maurie's pestering). He'll tell you to find Thunder Eggs after some 


First, walk around and collect the opals on the ground (*8) Also, check the 
sky for another portrait (@1) around here. Then jump up the platforms for the 
Egg (1) (they'll get a lot harder to find, don't worry!). Jump down and 
activate the dunnie (Outhouse) for a restart point which I hope you won't be 
needing... gather the opals lying around and bust the crate open for some more 
(*22). Jump down the pit and get three more crate's worth of opals after 
Maurie shuts up about your Bite attack (*37). Beat the lizards after Maurie 
mentions the rangs and get all the opals in and out of the crates (*50). 

Before you go down where the arrow points, scan the sky. You'll see a blue box 
floating near the waterfall (@2). Heading down the platforms, get 3 opals 
(*53) and free the Bilby (^1 Bilbies can only be freed by a Bite attack).
Go into the waterfall for the first Golden Cog (&1). Leave that one on the 
nearby platform, you can only get it after the second boomerang is found later 
on. Get the cogs on dry land before you go onto the jetty (*60) and talk to 
Maurie about Camera angles (useful for looking for items while moving) get 
three more opals on the bridge (*63) and listen to Maurie talk about the 300 
opals needed for an Egg.

Gather more opals until the Roo encounter (*73). After beating the Roos, go up 
the banking on the left to find a portrait box (@3) and collect all the opals 
you can without going up the next set of platforms (*91). Bite all the spycams 
in quick succession as Maurie says to get the next Egg (2).

Up the platforms, get the opals and you should now have (*117) before 
activating the next dunnie. Heading down, get the next bunch of crate opals 
(*136) and free the next Bilby (^2). Down again, and gather the opals while 
beating the enemies until you meet Julius (*163). He'll explain the Golden Cogs
to you, pick up the one he was talking about, and also the one on a high ledge 
a little further back (&2 and &3). Jump and grab the other high platform for 
the third Bilby (^3). Moving along, and up, gather more opals (*195) and the 
Cog (&4) before entering the cave (you can't get those high ridge opals yet, 
wait for the next boomerang). There is also a portrait box in the air near the 
tree in the centre (@4).

Through the cave, getting the opals, go over the bridge until you hit the 200 
mark (*200). Turn left before moving on and collect a Cog (&5) and a Bilby (^4).
Go up the path and left, biting the big crabs, until you get to where you 
picked up the Cog (*216). Now take the right path (where the arrow suggests) 
for opals, enemies and another Cog and keep going until the next dunnie (*231 
&6). Search around for a portrait here (@5). Get the opals up to the picnic 
basket on the bridge (*241) collect more opals until, finally, you get that 
second boomerang (*257). 

Your first task with your new rang is to beat a bunch of Frills for an Egg, do
so while getting more opals and a Cog (*276 &7 3). Carry on up for a gliding 
explanation (which you need to learn for getting the other items on the level, 
as well as this Egg) (4). You'll see the opal machine and the warp home, but 
you don't want to leave yet do you? 

Walk into the bunch of green mushrooms to appear at the start and take the 
Time Attack race. After an easy jog around (just follow the ringed checkpoints 
around the course), you'll get another Egg (5). Move around the empty level 
until you find that Cog you couldn't reach earlier near the first waterfall. 
Just glide across to pick it up (&8). Move along until you get to the cave 
entrance and glide across for a cluster of opals (*286). Jump down the other 
side and head left and left again for a Cog (*288 &9). Go forwards up to the 
crates (*300), also getting the nearby portrait (@6) and backtrack across the 
platforms to see a wall with 3 switches.  Hit them all using the L button and 
jump across the iron platforms for an Egg (6). Jump into the waterfall for 
the last Bilby on the level (^5 7). Near the platforms is another portrait, 
really high in the air. You'll need the Zoomerangs or to be standing right 
underneath to get it (@7). Jump across the platforms in the crocodile water to 
get the last Cog (&10). Go to the end of the level and use the opal machine to
get the final Egg (8). Warp out of there.

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Watch the first of the Boss Cass cutscenes. The rest of Bli 
Bli is opened up now, including the next two levels - WALK IN THE PARK and 
SHIP REX. Also, if you search behind the houses, you can get 2 Rainbow Scales 
(full guide to find these later on). You may find some portraits too, but 
again I'll cover them later. Head for WALK IN THE PARK.


Turn around right away and look up for a box (@1). Collect all the opals 
surrounding the start and head down the path, getting the Cog (&1) as you go 
until Maurie will give you the main quest about helping Shazza (*21). Keep 
going around the path, getting another Cog high up (&2) until you reach the 
first green bridge (*40). Cross it an cross another one for a crate of opals 
(*54). Up again for some crossroads, kill the beetle as Maurie suggests and 
collect a Cog (&3). Up the bridge again for a dunnie and a few more crates 
(*78). Before attempting the turning bridge collect everything around and 
across the other beetle bridge for another Cog (*106 &4). 

Fall off the same beetle bridge for a Bilby (^1) (remember to glide down for 
no damage) go through the chasm back to the start (ignoring flowers) to find 
another Bilby (^2). Backtrack up to the turning bridge and cross, getting up 
to the waterslide (*112). Instead of going down the slide, find the Cog (&5) 
in the waterfall, and take the steps down (near the turning bridge) for 
another Bilby (^3). Go through the muddy cave for a Cog (&6).

Take the slide down, getting all the opals, until you hit the level bit (*149).
Talk to Ranger Ken (the big guy). Head down the muddy cave and go left into a 
basin. Exploring this area, you should find 2 beetles to kill, an extra life 
and a portrait box (@2). You should also see a bunch of bats on the ceiling, 
keep them moving by boomeranging them every time they stop until you get them 
out. The trick is to keep them between you and the exit each tiem you rewake 
them and they'll be more likely to choose the exit over heading towards you. 
Receive an Egg off the Ranger (1).

Instead of the slide, jump down the waterfall into the chasm for a lot of 
items. You should find an Egg from jumping the green branches, as well as a 
Cog, opals and a Bilby (2 *155 &7 ^4). Also, there is a portrait box (@3) 
high up halfway through the chasm. Take the muddy cave route to get back, 
smashing the next portrait box (@4) as you go.  

Back on the slide, collect all the opals you see once again. If you miss one 
or more (which you will since the course splits), take the green mushroom warp 
back to the start of the slide. Including the opal at the bottom, you should 
be at (*211). Get the Cog (&8) and carry on up the path. You see an Egg, but a 
turkey runs off with it, after him! In this little maze area, you'll find many
opals and the Egg after defeating the turkey (sneak up and use a Bite attack) 
also you should find an Egg after getting the last Bilby in the hollow tree, 
an Egg at the top of said tree (use the purple things to spring up to the top).
At the dunnie near the rock rolling, you should have (5 *266 ^5). Check
around the big tree here for a portrait box (@5) and two more opals (*268). 

Collect opals while dodging the rolling boulders, and get the Cog at the top 
(*278 &9). Now you must dodge bouncing boulders (slightly easier) while getting
all the opals (*285). Activate the dunnie and talk to Shazza. Protect her by 
throwing rocks on the Blue Tongues as they pass under you (if you're having 
trouble, memorise where the rocks land and how long it takes to land for better
timing). After 10 Blue Tongues, she'll give you an Egg (6). Carry on up the 
path, ignoring the warp home to collect all the remaining opals and deposit 
them in the machine for another Egg (*300 7). Look underneath the bridge for 
the final Cog (&10).
*** NEW (v1.1) - Check under the waterfall for another portrait (@6). Thanks 
to "SuperMilo" for that location. 

Go back to the start (exiting and entering again, or just walk back - jump past
the opal machine for a short cut) and race the wombat for the last Egg on this 
level (8). Tips on racing: Hold forward, and hug corners. Take the left route 
at the split. Make sure to avoid all the rubble on the track. Exit level.

RAINBOW CLIFFS - You might want to get the Zoomerang now, if so go to Julius's 
shack though it's quite a walk. You may feel like waiting until after the next 
set of Cogs to get both Technorangs at once (Zoom and Multi). In either case, 
head for the final level of the zone - SHIP REX.


Search the start area, jump on sunbeds to get the higher opals and the Cog. 
Collect everything before hitting the stairs and talking to Rex. There should 
be three portraits around the start area too, 2 in the balcony of the house 
behind you and above the little hut by the pool (@3 *19 &1). Rex, helpfully,
will give you the main quest, a swimming tutorial and the Aquarangs! TIP: 
Anytime you get injured, dive underwater and resurface. Since your health is 
also your breath meter, it should replenish fully every time.

Go into the pool and get your Aquarangs, and then follow the path of opals 
into the water and hit the switch (*25). The seahorse should give you the 
route to Danger Spike. Follow the path of opals to the island and collect them 
all up to the dunnie (*38). Follow the path through the mines (just keep 
tapping A and you'll outrun them) and stop before swimming through the eel 
chasm (*54).

Check the map. You'll see this level is very open in all directions, which 
means more freedom, but harder exploration. I have numbered the map like this: 
Area 1 is the start (that little alcove on the left of the map) 
Area 2 is this area you're in now, up to the eel chasm (the blue water area
which makes up the lower left side of the map). 
Area 3 is the shallow area in the north (a gray water area on the middle-north 
bit of the map). 
Area 4 is the sinking sand beach (green/gray strip near the top, should have 2 
'?' marks there). 
Area 5 is the shipwreck pool (blue area at very top of map). 
Area 6 is the shark and eel waters (big blue area bottom right of map). 
Area 7 is the Danger Spike (right of map, fairly contained pool with mountain 
in the center) 
and Area 51 is the area where the aliens are kept under wraps (a little joke, 
don't go searching for it here... :) ).

Area 1: Should be all ready clear, check above.

Area 2: From where you looked at the map a paragraph ago, there should be a 
little gray island just above you. Head there. The small island on the left 
has a few crates (*69) and a portrait (@4) and the left island should have a 
Cog (&2). Go underwater to enter Area 3.

Area 3: Time to get these 3 short areas out the way before taking on the 
massive area 2. Head to the furthest point on the right, biting the crabs as 
you pass them. At the very end of the grass ridge there is a portrait box (@5) 
another is near the platforms (@6). Jumping up the platforms gives you a Bilby 
(^1). Check the map, and see where the five pools are in this area. The bottom, 
right pool has a Cog (&3). The one above it is the empty pool that had the 
underwater path inside from Area 2. It also links to the middle, bigger pool: 
also empty. Of the two left pools, the bigger has the path to Area 5 (the 
shipwreck) and the last little one furthest left has an extra life. Before 
hitting the beach, use the geyser (stand on it) to get the opals and Cog on 
the iron platforms. (*85 &4). Head for the beach (Area 4).

Area 4: Get the crates and try not to sink in the brown sand (*99). Get the 
life on the pillars on the left. Head into the right area with the skulls. 
More crates later and with an activated dunnie, head into the tar areas (*114).
To get across safely, hit the coconuts in the trees above and jump across on
them before they sink. If you miss them, twiddle the Analog stick to free 
yourself and get to the nearest dry land. Keep going to get the first Egg (1).
Go back to Area 3.

Area 3: Go into the pool with the underwater path to Area 5.

Area 5: While in the water, go to the shipwreck and search for a window-like 
hole on the far side of the ship (away from where you came in). If you look 
through the ship, you'll see a switch inside. Hit it and go around to the 
other side of the ship to see it has opened up. Go inside and get the Egg (2).
Surface, and head for the small island on the right of the pool on the map. 
Get 5 opals and the portrait (@7) and head for the shore (*119). Get the three 
crates of opals and the Cog on the raised platforms on the left, heading along 
the shoreline will get you 5 more opals (*139 &5). Go up the raised cliff area 
near where you find the Cog to see two high platforms either side and a ridge 
in front. Up the ridge is a portrait box (@8) and down a path next to the right
precipice is a Bilby (^2). Going up the right precipice, you will find another 
two higher places, the left will get you more opals (*154) and the right will 
get you an Egg (3). Head all the way back to Area 2, and to the big green 
central island.

Area 2: From the green island, head left for 6 opals over sunbeds and three 
crates (*175) and head for the south island for another 6 on sunbeds (*181). 
Head for the pillars to the west and get a Cog (&6). Go up the nearby wooden 
platforms to get a Bilby (^3). Search the small pools near Area 1 for a Cog 
(&7). Scan the water for a bright purple glowing and talk to it's source, 
Aurora. Now you must find 8 of her children, who are all around the water in 
Area 2. I recommend that you search carefully, checking the outside walls of 
the area for most of them. Remember to beat those scuba Frills + barricudae 
and avoid the big fish. You will get an Egg for getting them all back to 
Aurora (4). Now head towards the eels to pass through to Area 6.

Area 6: Follow the opal trail while avoiding the eels, when the trail stops 
(*195) and the seahorse mentions the sharks, swim back and take the tunnel 
north past the big fish. On the island at the end there is a Bilby (^4). Back 
to the sharks, follow the course around to each cage with opals until you reach
the platform at the end (*219). On the platform, hit the switch to open the 
gate and swim through to Area 7.

Area 7: Follow the opal trail until you activate the dunnie on the surface 
(*232). Bust the crates (*247) and walk around the base of the mountain 
collecting the last Bilby (^5 5). Before going up the mountain, swim to the 
northern shore and get the opal crates and Cog (*262 &8). Swim to the southern 
part of the area and hit a nearby underwater switch to activate the platforms 
to another Cog (&9). Follow the path all the way up the mountain until you 
reach the level bit where Elle is standing (*300). She'll give you the main 
quest Egg which opens the Time Attack (6). Around the base of the final climb 
is another portrait (@9). Climb up the last bit for the last Cog (&10) and 
jump off and glide down to the opal machine you saw earlier on the north shore 
for the opal Egg (7). Back to Area 1.

Area 1: Challenge Rex to a race. He'll speed past anytime you're underwater, 
but he's a slow surface runner. If you can still see him by the time you get 
to the mountain, you'll outrun him on the way up, so no worries. Get the final 
Egg (8) and exit the level.  

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Talk to Julius and activate the machine. Prepare for a boss 


Bull, who is a wild warthog like animal, will charge you as you start. He can 
also shout at you, flinging you back. To hurt him, you'll need to lure him 
into charging the many rock spikes sticking up from the ground, which actually 
turn out to be anthills. After two hits, he'll start pounding the ground for a 
circular attack, which you must jump to avoid. After the third hit, he'll do 
the pound attack three times and then throw rocks, move around to avoid these. 
After the fourth hit, he'll repeat the process. After 5 hits, he gives up the 

You'll get a cutscene, after which you'll gain the useful Flamerang. Get the 
Zoomerang and Multirang while you're here.

RAINBOW CLIFFS- After getting the new 'rangs, you might possibly get some of 
the Rainbow scales in this area (see checklist later on), otherwise head for 
the cave that looks like a blue block on the map (northwards). After a cutscene
with a mysterious lookalike, you can try the next set of stages. Before you 
start, stand one the closest of the little island and look up for a portrait. 
Head to the portal for BRIDGE ON THE RIVER TY.



When the cutscene finishes, turn around and get the crate (*5). Walk down the 
path until Maurie tells you about Dennis (*10). Search around the big tree to 
the left for a portrait (@1). Cross the bridge, and swim under it for more 
opals (*19). Follow the path between the two ridges and get the Cog (&1), and 
climb the left ridge for opals and a portrait (*28 @2). To defeat the 
cricket-gear enemies, bite them or use the Flamerang. Jump the gorge and carry 
on up the path until you reach the waterfall, at this point turn left and clear
the webbing with your Flamerang for a Cog (*36 &2). 

At the waterfall, collect all the opals in the water, as well as the Bilby in 
the cave upstream (*48 ^1). Go across the bridge and follow the trail of opals 
around the tree, getting the portrait there too (@3). Keep going until you hit 
the dunnie (*80). Turn around and glide off the cliff (after the other portrait
(@4)) to get that Cog you saw before (&3). To the right of the dunnie is 
another spider web passage, use the Flamerangs to burn through and get a Bilby 
(^2). Continue along the path to the left of the dunnie, down the stream (get 
the portrait in the waterfall (@5)) and right until the next dunnie (*92). 

After the 94th opal, turn around and collect everything in that little set of 
ridges (*104 &4). Up the path, go left before the jump to find a portrait box 
and a Bilby behind a web (@6 ^3). Carry on down the path, getting the crate, 
until you meet Dennis (*123). 

You need to light all the beacons with the Flamerangs in order for him to 
follow you. Keep to the trail and don't deviate for now, until he gets back 
([including crates] *186 1). Check the nearby tree for a portrait before 
going up the ramp (@7). Talk to Dennis again for another Egg quest, you must 
light 8 pilot fires with the Flamerangs. Starting from his cave, gather the 
portrait box above the lilies, the Cog near the top of the structure and the 
first pilot flame (@8 &5 PF1). Exit the cave for a nearby portrait (@9).

Go back to where you first met Dennis by leaping off the bridge. Search around 
the steps where you came in to find a Cog (&6). Above the small pool near the 
opal machine is a portrait box (@10). Jump to the left of the dunnie onto the 
raft for another portrait box (@11). Jump across to the island for a Bilby and 
opal crates (*196 ^4). Jump in the water, avoiding the crocs, for three rings 
of opals (*211). Following the left hand wall, hit the two pilot flames (PF2+3)
until you reach the little island. On this island is another flame (PF4), a 
portrait and Rex (@12). Talk to Rex for the Super Tower dive challenge for 
another Egg (2).

Walk back to the opal machine and follow the beacon trail to the floating iron 
platforms. Use these to light two more pilot flames (PF5+6) and jump down for 
some crates at the shore's end. Also at the very end is another portrait box 
(@13 *221). Along the beacon trail some more, and you'll find a Cog underneath
one of the small bridges (&7). Around the little south island, you'll find more
crates (*231) and a path to a Cog (&8). You'll need to hit an underwater switch
to activate a platform nearby (it's between those logs). Go underneath the 
large bridge area for a lot of opals (*256), and jump on the now moving raft 
as it floats by to reach that Cog under the bridge (&9).

Move onto the large bridge and go forwards, in the other direction from the 
beacon trail. Hit the portrait box before the jump (@14), and then jump the 
gap. Maurie will tell you about Neddy. In this area, before fighting Neddy, 
there are a few items to collect: a couple of opal crates, a Bilby and a pilot
flame (PF7 ^5 3 *276) There's also a portrait near the crates on the bridge 
and another in the sky (@16). 

Go into Neddy's arena. To defeat him, throw Flamerangs at the 3 straps on his 
back, while avoiding his charges. After he is defeated, he'll give you an Egg 
(4). Check around the sky here for 4 portraits (@20)! Leave the island and 
jump onto a raft suspended by a rope over the gap in the bridge. Hit the rope 
and the raft should fall, and move around so you can get the opals above the 
water. Once you get them all (*285) jump off the raft into the southern area 
and fight the turkeys again. This might take a while, as you'll have to defeat 
each turkey 5 times in alternating order to get the Egg. Pick up the last of 
the opals and the last pilot flame here too (*300 5 PF8). While on the way 
back to Dennis, get the Egg from the opal machine, and jump off the bridge to 
get the last Cog in a tree after getting the Egg off Dennis (6+7 &10). To get 
the last Egg, go back to the start and take the Time Attack (8). Exit the 

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Next stop, OUTBACK SAFARI. You should be leaving this till 
last, but you'll need the Infrarang for the many snow covered portrait boxes 
(almost impossible to see them without it) on the next level, SNOW WORRIES.


For this unique level, you ride on your old nemesis Bull. Every crate has a 
single opal and the rang is all but useless (except for the emu gathering and 
Shazza protecting Eggs). Demolish the starting area for opals (*8). Don't go 
for the two quests here yet, instead go around the two twisty roads and come 
back to the start area. You should have found, in total (*122) as well as 
three Cogs (2 hidden in hay bushels and one in a metal shed) (&3) and the 
little girl Bilby (^1). Due to the openness of this course, I can only provide 
occasional checkpoint totals. 

Next, follow the tunnel up into the mountain which is the northern route from 
the crossroads on the map. Before you leap into the water, you should have 
(*178) and two more Cogs (&5). Explore the water region carefully, and check 
under waterfalls for opals , a Bilby (^2) and an Egg (1). In total, you should
now have (*204 ^2 &7 1) before reaching Ranger Ken. He'll tell you to destroy 
the polluting pipes. Do so by boomeranging the pipe areas with skulls on them 
3 times (6 different pipe sections in all) while also hitting the lizards, who
will walk on-screen to repair them. He will give you an Egg on successful 
completion (2). 

Finish off the two other stretches of road before tackling the southern bit 
(*230 ^4 &8 2). While running around the southern roads, avoid those anthills.
You know how painful they are for poor old Bull. Before entering the town, you 
should have (*263 ^4 &9 2).

Ranger Ken will tell you to put out fires around town. Smash into the water 
towers to douse the flaming buildings. he'll give an Egg for dousing all four 
fires (3). Exploring the town, you should find all the collectibles that are 
left (*300 ^5 &10 4). 

Return to the start, and help Shazza round up the emus. Tips on emu lassoing: 
Get close before trying to snag them, don't worry about time, you're given a 
huge time limit. Make sure you don't leave that southern road area, they're 
all around there. After all eight are caught, go back to Shazza for an Egg 
(5). Race Shazza for another Egg (6), just keep on the course and make sure 
not to go near the twisters as they'll slow you down. Talk to Maurie outside 
the start area for another race, this time the idea is to lasso the lizard 
bikers before they attack Shazza. Alternately, you can also use Bull's bite 
attack to get rid of the Frills. Get another Egg for your troubles (7).

Finally, return to the opal machine in the water area for the last Egg (8). 
Exit the level.

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Go and fetch the Infrarang before going into the SNOW WORRIES 
level. Also, repeat any previous level if you weren't able to find a portrait 
I noted. They should be easy to find now, with the Infrarang equipped.


This level is a terror, especially for doing a thorough walkthrough. The level 
is split up in three sections; the slope, the frozen lake and the sawmill 
cliff. Get the quest off Sheila the Koala to find her 8 young 'uns. Keep close 
to the back wall and follow it all around, and then scan the middle. Make
sure you always have the Infrarangs on, except when you quickly need to switch 
to the Flamerangs for clearing ice. The approximate places for all 8 children 
1) Under a snow dune, near the one surrounded by kangaroos 
2) Under the dune surrounded by kangaroos 
3) Another kangaroo surrounded dune, near the top of the level 
4) On top of pillars on the south area of map 
5) Same place as 4) 
6) Behind the icicle field, under a dune 
7) Another kangaroo dune, slightly south of start 
8) Yet another dune, partially surrounded by kangaroos on the dirt path. 

Go back to the start for an Egg (1). Before touching the iced over river, you 
should have these totals (*87 &3 1 ^3) and an amazing 18 portraits (@18). The
snowy region made the somewhat sadistic programmers hide all their almost 
impossible to see portrait crates here. 

Moving onto the ice, you should be able to pick up more opals around the 
surface (*106) plus more on top of the middle island and a Cog (*118 &4). To 
get the Cog over the lake, build up some speed on the ice
and glide part way across it. Now, very slowly, head for the Cog and when 
you're right underneath it, jump up and collect it. If you break the ice, head 
for shore and wait a few seconds for it to re-freeze.
*** NEW (v1.1) - Another way of getting the Cog is to use the Frostyrangs 
(you need to exit the level and fight the boss first) and make little ice 
platforms leading to the Cog in the middle. Slower, but easier. Thanks to 
"Randy Mower" for that tip.

After getting the Cog, dive underwater and collect all the opals. Make sure to 
hit the switch to open a way to more opals and a Cog. After exploring 
underwater thoroughly, you should have (*149 &7). To get the Egg off the 
Yabbie, trap him by hitting him into the little cave and collapsing the five 
stalactites above him. he'll give up the Egg (2). This is easier if you 
constantly hit him, making him go berserk.

Exit the water, and the ice lake, and head up the mountainside. Before heading 
up the steps, which is where Maurie mentions the sawmill, check the shoreline 
for five more portraits (@23 *161). Go up the steps, and at the cross-roads, 
turn around and jump on the snow mound. Jump off this to get the Cog (&8). 
Take the left path (the flat slope) until you reach more steps (*194). Turn 
around and get the Cog on the wooden beam (&9). Now, go down the steps, past 
the Cog, into an arena like area. The door will close and you'll need to kill 
a lot of spiders and Frills with the Flamerangs. You'll also get a lot of 
opals (*219). Back up the stairs until you reach the summit and get the Egg 
after killing the Blue Tongues (*231 3). 

Travel all the way to the cross-roads and take the high route this time. Get 
the Bilby (^4) but ignore the wooden sawmill chute for now and head up the 
stairs. More crates and another chute entrance (*241), head for the stairs. On 
this mini-plateau, there are two cave entrances and a group of ice platforms 
and another portrait (@24). Go up the platforms for the last Bilby (^5 4). 
Head into the far, smaller cave entrance for opals and the last Cog (*255 &10).
Head into the big cave entrance to play musical icicles. Hit the icicles in 
order of spectrum color (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue) and get the Egg 
after it all comes down (*265 5).

Back down the stairs, take the first sawmill chute you see going down (it's 
furthest to get back to, you see). Dodge the blades and you'll emerge at the 
top of the mountain again. You'll now notice a platform that appeared out of 
nowhere. Go back and do the same with the other two chutes, and also get the 
opals in the round white region of the map, you might need to jump off the 
chutes to get them. After all three platforms are activated, you should have 
all the opals (*300). Use the platforms to get the Egg and also get an Egg 
from the opal machine (6+7). Use the mushrooms to get back and do the Time 
Attack for the final Egg (8). Exit level. 

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Julius will now open the way to the second boss in CRIKEY'S 


To defeat this underwater menace, bash the food tanks littered around on the 
surface to distract him. While he's chewing away, swim underwater and look for 
bubbles. The source of the bubbles will be an oxygen tank which you will hit to
make it float to the surface. Crikey the shark will now home in on these, 
providing you're out of harm's way. For anyone who's seen Jaws the next step 
is obvious and for those who haven't seen Speilberg's classic, aim for the tank
while it's in the shark's mouth with the Flamerang ("Smile you son of a b***h!")
After a second hit, mines will appear in the water.

After three hits, the shark will swim away; free of it's mechanical, 
mind-controlling armor. You now have two Talismans. And after the cutscene, 
you'll have a new boomerang: The Frostyrang!

RAINBOW CLIFFS - With your new rang (and get the Megarang while you're in 
Julius's shack), go to the new region, Lake Burril, by dousing the flaming 
wreckage. Find the two new scales and enter LYRE, LYRE PANTS ON FIRE.


Remember to have the Infrarangs equipped at all times because there's a 
portrait above your head as you start (@1). Meet Lenny the Lyrebird, the most 
annoying creature in the world. Everytime he gives you 'advice': do the 
opposite. He isn't called a Lyre bird for nothing. Follow the trail of opals 
to the two logs (*10). Notice which log he points to, and jump in if you feel 
like it. Once you reappear at the start you might decide that following his 
instructions may not be the best idea. Go through the left log instead to 
emerge somewhere new. Follow the trail of opals again, and get the Cog by 
biting the spycams (&1). Once you get to the door (*28), don't hit the big 
obvious red button, instead, hit the blue one behind it. Carry on up the trail 
and attempt to jump the bridge (*36). You won't make it, but gather the opals
and the portrait above you (@2). Get the Cog here and ride the flower further 
downstream for another Cog (&2+3). Also get the Bilby, near the flower in a 
little niche (^1). By the time you reach the right place to jump, you'll be at 

Jump the gorge to find Lenny waiting for you. Collect all the opals down the 
right path and also get the Cog in ice (use Flamerangs to break it) (&4). Bite 
the spycams that are further away, to the right to appear around the corner. 
Keep on going around, activating the dunnie, until you reach the bridge (*82).
Turn left and take the high path and get the opals in and out the tree, the 
portrait and the Cog at the top of the tree (*97 &5 @3) Look around the tree 
for a Bilby (^2). Hop down to where the spiders are and get the crates (*112).
Also look for a passage concealed by a web for a switch. After hitting the 
switch, go back to the two pairs of spycams and munch the other set instead, 
this'll lead you to the muddy area where the (now) moving platform will take 
you to an Egg (1). Go back, and cross the bridge - following the trail down 
towards the river (*124). Remember to get a portrait near the dunnie, and a 
Cog and Bilby on the way down (The Bilby is behind the waterfall) (&6 @4 ^3).

Take the long waterslide to the bottom, repeating as necessary for all the 
opals. There are three splits at one point, so you'll need to repeat it at 
least twice. AT the end you should have (*244) total before moving on. At the 
bottom, collect another portrait and take the right path, past the shield 
lizards. Get the Cog (&6) and come back to the trail until you hit the dunnie 
(*265). Keep going up the trail, going off track for the Cog and Bilby (&8 ^4).
Stop after the split at the roundabout and go into the log to emerge into a 
dry landscape with Sheila (*282). Talk to her about the place, and promise 
to hit the five pumps. Go back and follow the trail up until Lenny makes his 
excuses and leaves. You should hit the (*300) mark. Backtrack a little and 
down the path with more shield lizards to find the last Bilby (^5 2).
Backtrack some more to find the opal machine and get your Egg (3).

Now, go up the iron railings and turn left. Jump off the end to get a Cog (&9).
Turn right and left this time and hit the five pumps as you pass them. Jump 
off the bridge at the end onto another walkway, and again into the pipe. You'll
appear in a circle of pillars that you must climb to get the Egg at the top. 
(4). On the way back, go through the other pipe to find the dry wasteland is 
now a lush spring. Talk to Sheila for an Egg (5). Back onto the iron walkway, 
and go left. Jump on the platforms, and then aim for the final Cog below you, 
near where you emerged from the slide (&10). Back up the walkway, head for the 
first door to find Sly waiting for you.

Sly is another Tasmanian Tiger, like yourself only pure evil. I'd imagine that 
he was raised by Boss Cass after your family disappeared, just like how you 
were raised by Bilbies. He attacks you and the best way to defeat him is to 
freeze him with the Frostyrangs and switch to the Megarang to damage him. Keep 
going until he runs off and leaves an Egg (6). Back outside, find Larry in 
another entrance to the big building. He recommends you heat the furnace so 
guess what? freeze it with the Frostyrangs until you get an Egg (7). Go back 
to the start for a race down the rapids and the get the winning prize of the 
last Egg (8). Tip for racing: Take the two left paths to save time. Otherwise 
follow what I said for A WALK IN THE PARK. Exit the level.

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Enter another of those abominable snow levels, BEYOND THE 

Again, the little koala tykes are lost. You must find all 8 like last time. 
Fortunately, the level is a little more linear this time. Go round the house 
at the start to find a portrait (@1) and follow the opals until you see the 
arrow (*10). Don't pass it and stick around this area to find all the kids.
Look up for a portrait (@2) and turn right. Look right here to find the first 
two kids down a hole with
spiders (KK1+KK2). Keep going a south direction until you get some crates (*25)
and also a portrait (@3) and hit the flower. Get the koala kid (KK3) and jump 
to the other flower to get a Bilby (^1). At the cross-roads (the pit with ice 
and a tall pillar with a flower) go south and get another portrait (@4). Break 
the ice blocks for a Cog (&1). Jump on the log and put out the fires. Free the 
koala kid (KK4) that appears. Go north at the cross-roads to reach a lake. Go 
left and clear the flaming debris for a portrait and a koala kid (@5 KK5). 
Also, continue down the path near the start for another portrait (@6). Across 
from the wreckage is a hole in the hillside, go in it for a Bilby and crates 
(*35 ^2). take the small winding path up the top of the cave for a Cog (&2). 
Exit the hole and go back to the lake, swim to the centre island for a koala 
kid (KK6). Before getting the Cog where you come out, head south and get the 
portrait (@7). Go left for opals and a Cog (*50 &3), the right will get you a 
koala kid (KK7). Take the Cog over the flower for a quick warp back to start 
and the final koala kid (&4 KK8).

Get back to Sheila for an Egg (1) and resume the trail of opals. Before 
climbing the cliffs, check around the ground for a Bilby in a web (^3) and a 
couple of portraits (@8+@9 *55). Carry on up the cliff following the trail and 
picking up the Cog until Maurie tells you about Boonie, the koala kid with the
Egg (*77 &5). Keep following the trail, picking up a portrait after a slippery 
bit (@10) until you see Boonie on the ice. Explore everywhere before meeting 
him, you should find a path that leads to an Egg surrounded by pillars. Further
down the passage is a Bilby and a Cog. Before he starts running, you should be 
at (@11 2 *168 &6 ^4). Try to catch the little guy now by touching him, and 
he'll give up his Egg (3). Also, free the last Bilby while chasing him (^5 4)
and get more portraits (@15) and opals before talking to Ranger Ken (*191). 
He'll tell you about the cable cars. On the hut, you should find another 
portrait (@16 *196).

Jump to the cable car, and pelt the Frills as they go past. Don't worry about 
those ridges yet, just concentrate on getting to the top and hitting the 
Frills. Get the opals and a Cog at the top and pass through the cave (*200 &7).
Glide down onto the platforms, getting all the opals. If you miss some, use the
flowers to get back to the top. There is a portrait and a Cog on the way down 
(*247 @17 &8). At the bottom, there is another Cog and a portrait (@18 &9). 
There's also a snow mound, under which is the last Cog (&10). Go to Ranger Ken 
for a snowball flinging sub-game, after which you'll get an Egg (5). Look for 
two portraits here too (@19+@20) Check you have (*285) and head back using the 
flowers and explore each ledge down to the bottom, where Ranger Ken will give 
you the Cable Car Egg (*300 6 @26).

You need to return to the start for the opal and Time Attack Eggs (7+8). 
After both are yours, quit the level. Tips on the race: He's faster on ice, but
slower on snow. Keeping ahead should be easy enough and make sure to glide 
down the first bit, a painful landing could hurt your time also.

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Get the Kaboomerang if you feel like it, otherwise continue 
to the last stage: REX MARKS THE SPOT.

Joy. Another open-world water level. I'll take this island by island, and since
each one has a name it'll be easier to follow. Check the map right after 
appearing. Skull Island is the big one to the lower left of the map and nearest
to you, so we'll start there. Listen to Elle talk about treasure, then follow 
the underwater trail of opals. Believe me, it'll be hard pointing these out 
later. Avoid everything but the trail and the treasure chests which blink on 
the map - everything else will be covered in the island guide and I don't want 
the totals messed up. Emerge on Crab Island (northernmost island on the map) 
and get the chest (*24). Follow the trail to Anchor Rock Island (the green 
island at the east most point with a quick detour on Volcano Island, on the 
map as the only red island). As long as you're avoiding crates, you should be 
at (*55) when you reach the next treasure chest. After hitting Bald Island's 
chest (The mostly yellow island to the south-east of the map) carry on to 
Coconut Shore (the long green island on the map). At the chest on Coconut 
Shores (*71) the trail ends, so you must find the shipwreck using the map. At 
the wreck, you must swim back to Skull Island for the treasure. You'll see the 
trail restarts at the bottom of Coconut Shore and continues to the treasure, 
get the Cog while passing through the mines (&1). Surprise, surprise, the 
treasure is another Egg (*85 1).

Skull Island: The opal machine is here, which is worth remembering. Explore up 
the path to find that Rex and Elle need help keeping an 8-legged menace at bay.
After helping them get three handfuls of treasure (you almost thought you'd 
have to wait for them to get the whole lot for a second, right?) they'll give 
you an Egg as reward (2). While jumping the pillars to the Cog, hit the 
portrait box and come back for it (&2 @1). Also, jump on the nearby pillars in 
the sea to launch from the flower and get the first Bilby (^1) That's it for 
Skull Island, move onto Spoon Island (Spoon Island is what I call that two 
island place near Skull Island. Yeah, my names suck). 

Spoon Island: The bigger section of the island has a total of (*125 @3). Use 
the iron platforms to get the Cog, and be sure to time your jumps carefully 
(&3). On the smaller island, you should have (*145 @6). Move to Capsule Island 
(the round island on the middle, so called by me for it's shape).

Capsule Island: Around the island, pick up (*190 @9 ^2). Walk across to Crab 

Crab Island: (*205 @12 ^3). Use the land-bridge from Capsule Island to go to 
Volcano Island.

Volcano Island: On the little island next to it: (*210 &4). Before continuing 
onto the main island, talk to Aurora under the Frills' boats. Hit the Frills 
with the Zoomerang while they hold the depth charges above their heads to sink 
them. Get all three and return to Aurora for a Egg (3). Back on the island, 
explore everywhere up to the entrance for (*260 @13). Inside, dodge all the 
obstacles for a portrait, a Cog and the Egg (@14 &5 4). Explore the northern 
sea for a Cog (&6) and swim over to the little island near Coconut Shore.

Coconut Shore: Around the first little island you'll find nothing. Hop over to 
the little lonely island for a crate (*265) and a Bilby, which you need the 
geyser to reach (^4). Use the geysers on the land-bridge for another Egg (5). 
Exploring the main island, you'll find the last opals and Bilby (*300 ^5 6 
@17). You can get another Cog where Coconut Shore is closest to Spoon Island, 
just activate the underwater switch first (&7). Go to Bald Island now, 
stopping in the sea just left of it to find a Cog hidden in some reef (&8).

Bald Island: Search the island to find a portrait and a Cog, after activating 
the switch on the nearby cliff-side (@18 &9).

Anchor Rock Island: Go here to find the final Cog (&10).

Go back to Skull Island to get the opal Egg and the Time Attack Egg. Since you 
have more water in this race, it's harder to beat Rex through the course than 
it was in SHIP REX. Keep a good lead while over dry land and you'll be fine 
(7+8). Exit the level to find you have a full set of everything (except 
Talismans, Portraits and Scales)! 

RAINBOW CLIFFS - Prepare for a tough boss! When you're ready, go find Julius to


This guy is huge! To fight him, throw a Flamerang at various body parts - his 
chest, his two arms and two legs. Try to dodge his fists of doom by continually
moving. When he loses all his fur, he'll reveal himself as a giant robotic 
monster. It'll still try to pound you with his fists and occasionally pelt you
with snowballs from it's chest cavity. To beat the new form, throw your 
Flamerangs through the oil fires that occasionally fire up. This will cause 
damage to it and after 5 hits it will melt into the snow. It looks like you've 
won, but the pilot will come out in a cut-scene to threaten you. To defeat it's
final form, hit the flaming funnel on it's head with Frostyrangs until it is 

RAINBOW SCALES - One more cutscene later, and now you can gather all the 
remaining rangs and Rainbow Scales. Use the below checklist for all the 
locations of the scales. As soon as you pick them all up, you'll find you have 
a very helpful gift! I won't spoil it for those reading ahead (though you 
really didn't read this FAQ without wanting some spoilers...), but it's really 
useful for the action packed last levels. Activate the Gate Zone area by using 
the new Zappyrang on the small blue machine nearby.

*** NEW (v1.1) - OK, I can't keep a secret. All 25 scales will lead to a 
cutscene with the Bunyip Elder, who will give you double your normal hit 
points. Now you can take 8 attacks instead of 4. Useful!



Fairly easy route through forests and a waterslide. There aren't any 
collectibles other than health and lives. Just follow these and previous tips 
and you'll be fine. I recommend using the Kaboomerangs as they clear huge areas
of baddies at once, keeping you safe. Don't worry about looking for portraits, 
there aren't any more for the rest of the game (or at least, until you unlock 
the Bonus World). 


Going through the cave system, you'll meet Shazza who has a Talisman for you. 
Unfortunately she'll be captured by Shadow, the she-bat. Defeat her by 
progressing through the level and hitting the switch near where she stands. 
This will make the steam exhaust under Shadow roast her slightly, causing her
to fly deeper inside. After you get to the top and hit her for the final time,
you'll get a Talisman.

You'll meet Sly again, and almost beat him in a cool Matrix-like exchange. You 
save his life in the last second however. Continue through the door to face 
the final boss.


This boss has three stages, like Fluffy. First, try and get to one end of the 
giant robot and take out the flame-throwers by freezing them first, and biting 
them. After all of them are destroyed, hit either of the two grates next to 
the head and go into the machines innards. You'll need to hit all the power 
cables with the Flamerang or Zappyrang while avoiding the never-ending stream 
of Frills and Blue Tongues.

Finally, when all the cables are gone (it will give you a total after each 
cable is destroyed) you'll need to finish off Boss Cass once and for all. Use 
Sly's Doomerang on the gaping hole and guide it through the many pipe systems 
until the cutscene appears. Try to keep the Doomerang centred on screen except 
to dodge the occasional pipe, it should take a while to reach the centre.

Sit back and watch the end credits!

* In Bli Bli Station area after opening the gate, they're both behind houses.
* See above.
* From the shack, climb up the platform to the wheel and collect it.
* From the shack, go around to the left side of the shack to find this one.
* Check around the shore area south of the map, one is there.
* Using the half submerged pillars on the east side of the map, jump them up 
and into the waterfall for another scale. This is where the Bonus World will 
eventually be.
* While in the waterfall, press the switch and get on the moving raft as it 
floats near land. Wait until it stops for a scale. This is the hardest scale 
to get by far.
*** NEW (v1.1) - A much MUCH easier way of getting this scale is as follows: 
	Progress in the game as far as getting the Frostyrangs (beat Crikey 
	first). Use the Frostyrangs to get to the raft by making patches of ice 
	in the water to jump on. You can do this while the raft is moving or 
	after it stops under the scale. Thanks to a lot of people for this tip 
	(see below in 'Thanks').
* Look around beneath the submerged pillars for a scale.
* Look underneath where the raft was for a scale.
* There is another underwater scale further upstream.
* Along the most northern path, there are 2 scales and an extra life.
* See above.
* To the left of the Pippy Beach entrance (it looks like a dragon head cave) 
there is another scale.
* Just before the portals in Pippy Beach, there is a scale. You can't miss it.
* There is a scale as you enter Lake Burril (you need to douse a fire to pass).
* There are 2 scales as you enter Gate Zone.
* See above.
* There are three scales to collect every time Julius moves his machine.
* See above.
* See above.
* There is a scale in mid-air which you get by gliding off the Talisman tower 
in the middle.
* There is a scale on a ledge near the top of the Talisman tower. Glide down 
to get it.
* There is a scale in a tunnel inside the Talisman tower, glide down and turn 
into it.
* Between the pillars and the entrance to Pippy Beach, there is a scale on a 
* In Lake Burril, there's a scale on a high platform.

@ Above the Talisman circle.
@ On the way into Bli Bli Station.
@ Between the houses in Bli Bli, fairly high up.
@ Inside Julius's shack, near the middle of the roof.
@ Down the passageway with the extra life and scales.
@ Near the Pippy Beach levels, in the cave.
@ Over the flaming blockade on the way to Lake Burril.
@ On the southern shore, where the 5th scale is.
@ There's one in the Gate Zone area.


After finishing the game, you should have a 100% total if you followed the 
guide precisely. Now head over to the waterfall in Rainbow Cliffs and use the 
portal that has now appeared inside. In this strange, moonlit world there are 
a total of 123 portraits (by my count, feel free to correct me), all round the 
level. Use all the tricks you've learnt and keep an eye out for switches. Use 
the Infrarang and Zoomerang to find every portrait. You may still be a few 
portraits short however, like I was.

Feel free to investigate older levels (most likely the two snow levels) to find
the rest of them, I may include them in a later update if I find them.

*** NEW (v1.1) - Interesting note about those playing the X-Box version, sent 
in by "Shane". If anyone else is confused with how the portraits are different 
in the X-Box version (approximately 1/3 of you), read on:

"Well I was playing Ty again today and I was going around trying to find the 
rest of the portraits. I was still missing 1. When I thought, well maybe I 
missed 1 in the bonus world. Thats when I discovered that there are 2 bonus 
worl portals behind the waterfall. One is on the middle cliff ledge, and the 
other is on the high ledge. The one on the middle ledge is set in day time and 
has some different aspects to it. The one on the high ledge is set at night. 
Well the one I was missing was in the daytime bonus world. It appears 
to me that you have to visit BOTH bonus worlds to get all the portraits."

It turns out that there are 373 portraits in the X-Box version, 123 per bonus 
world. Please note that the second bonus world definitely does NOT appear in 
the Gamecube version. I have good word that PS2 players will also be similarly 
disappointed. As far as I'm aware, this is the only thing that seperates the 
three versions of the game.

Otherwise, you should now be fully able to find every portrait in the game, 
unlocking "Movies".

"Brad" wrote in to say that if you're having trouble finding some items, turn 
	the music volume down and the sound effects volume up as most of them 
	make their own little noise. This is also very helpful for finding 
	portraits with the Infra-rangs.
"Ivegeto9I" wrote in to say that the Kaboomerang is an excellent way of 
	flushing out portraits. Just fire them towards any interesting looking 
	areas. And then fire them towards any uninteresting areas. If the 
	portraits arent too high up, you should find a lot of them this way.
If you go underwater and come back up, you'll receive your health back thanks 
	to a small but helpful glitch in the game. This is similar to the glitch 
	in the all-time favorite "Mario 64", perhaps it's an homage?


* A lot of people have been e-mailing about an apparent fault in the game. It 
	happens when you visit Julius at his machine in various locations before 
	a boss fight. Instead of letting you proceed with the boss fight, Julius 
	simply asks you to "visit all the portals", as he would if you hadn't 
	got all the Eggs for that stage yet. One conclusion is that you haven't 
	got the appropriate number of Eggs yet, but this isn't always the case 
	(I give you guys more credit than that). 
		It seems to me that people have been accessing the next set of 
	levels BEFORE fighting the previous level's boss by way of the "All 
	'Rangs" cheat. This has convinced the game that you have beaten the boss, 
	but doesn't give you anything for it (like a Talisman, or the Scale left 
	by Julius moving). Plus, it freezes Julius where he is so future bosses 
	are also inaccessible, making the game uncomplete-able. I advise NOT to 
	use the "All Rangs" cheat so to avoid this error, or at least wait until 
	the three level bosses are dead before trying it. You shouldn't need them
	anyway, with this guide.
		To all those who e-mailed in about this problem, I'm sorry to tell 
	you that the game needs to be restarted. And if you suffer the same 
	problem without using the cheat, then you'll still need to restart. Make 
	sure it isn't involved with the Egg total (it's available by looking at 
	the signpost next to Julius's machine) before attempting to restart the 
* Another glitch (send by the youngest contributor to this FAQ ever, 8 year 
	old Connor Creedon-Park) occurs in Cass's Pass (though it supposedly 
	occurs elsewhere too). If you use the Infinite Health code and stand on 
	the spikes when they jut out of the floor, you'll remain in mid-air once 
	they retract into the ground, meaning you can float around for a limited 
	amount of time.


That is it for this game I'm afraid. It has some replay value (i.e. getting all
the portraits), try to unlock the movie file on the main menu to finish the 
game completely. I hope you found my walkthrough system useful for getting 
through the levels, and also if you missed items the first time round.

For more help, or if you found something I haven't and/or have a better way of 
doing a race or a level e-mail me at mentoFAQ@hotmail.com. I may reply and I 
might update the FAQ with a credit from whomever sends me a tip. Also, be sure 
to mention "TY" or "FAQ" in the subject bar so it doesn't accidently get 
deleted by the junk mail filter. Apologies if an e-mail you sent didn't get 
replied to, as this is probably what happened to it.

V1.1 Update: Apologies to all who sent in e-mails regarding this FAQ using the 
previous e-mail address. I had to stop using it because of junk mail (not 
saying that you all sent junk, but it became impossible to search through the 
various mortgage and herbal pill discoveries to find relevant mail!)

Make sure to resend all your discoveries to: " MentoFAQ@hotmail.com " and 
I'll do my best to answer them.

I'd like to thank (so far):
"Brad"(b.goster@hotmail) for his tip about chnging the volume options to find 
"Shane"(sbenef@netzero.com) for contributing the X-Box info about the extra 
	portraits and extra bonus world.
"Ivegeto9I"(Ivegeto9i@aol.com) for the Kaboomerang tip and Megarang correction.
"Jim Butt"(jimbutt19012@yahoo.com) and "Locksbane"(locksbane@aol.com) for 
	their help with the "Giant Fish".
"btrush1"(btrush1@towson.edu), "pawski4u"(pawski4u@aol.com) and 
	"Diane(Delawaremawmaw@aol.com) for the ice platform trick to get the 
	scale. Those were the first three to e-mail me the hint, but I thank all
      of you who sent it in (there must've been at least 20 of you).
"Randy"(rsmower@earthlink.net) for a similar tip as above for getting the 
	frozen lake Cog on "Snow Worries". 
"SuperMilo"(SuperMilo2001@hotmail.com) for the Mecha-TY info and extra 
	portrait on "Walk In The Park".
"Rik Smit"(rik@smitr.demon.nl) for a lot of help with portrait locations
"Connor Creedon-Park" for spotting a neat little glitch on Cass's Pass.
Krome Studios and EA Games, for making one ripper of a game. View the 'Making 
	Of' Documentary on the disc for how they did it, and the Credits for 
	individual thanks.
GameFAQs, IGN, www.game-walkthroughs.com and The Tassie Tiger Den for printing 
	my FAQ. If you want my FAQ on your website, drop me an e-mail and I'll 
	consider adding your site to the accepting site list below. Printing the 
	FAQ is OK, as long as you don't try to sell it. Plus, don't steal the 
	FAQ and rename the author or I'll send a Doomerang round to sort you out.
All my readers, for giving the FAQ a purpose. I hope you all found it useful 
	and look out for my future FAQs. I especially thank those of you (that 
	aren't already here) who took the time to e-mail for help or suggestions.

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