Question from Death_Master911

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I Get The Elephant To Open Up The Aquarium In The Zoo?

How Do i get the elephant that's next to the Zoo Keeper who tells you "careful round old stompy here, skate to close to her head and there's no telling what she'll do" I can't get into the Aquarium and i want to reach that goal, Please help!

Accepted Answer

From: XTApocalypse 5 years ago

Get on top of the snack bar (the circular building right next to the elephant) using the quarterpipe in front of it. Come to a stop, turn around, then jump off the snack bar and land on the elephant. You might have to grind, but I don't think you do. Once you land on it a cutscene will initiate and the elephant will stampede through the Aquarium entrance.

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