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   (Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer Demo FAQ)
               (Ver. 1.5)


Foreword and FAQ Information |

This is a FAQ created for the sole purpose of helping you, the gamer, squeeze 
every last drop of fun out of this awesome demo created by Activision and 
Neversoft! Have fun!

Game: 		Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer Demo of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
Info:		Demo FAQ
Platform:	Playstation 2
Author:		J. J. Maxx
E-mail:		jjmaxx@jadevalley.com
AOLIM:		GoldDelorean
Last Updated: 	10/14/02 4:05 PM Eastern Standard Time

Revision History             |

Version:	1.0 (10/01/02)
                First Version

Version:	1.5 (10/14/02)
                Secret Tape Goal
                Invisible Rails
                Music Credits
                More Lip Tricks
                Tennis Minigame
                2 New Glitches


  I. | Table of Contents

I.      Table of Contents
II.     Introduction
III.    Control Legend
IV.     Controls
V.      Tricks
VI.     Goals
VII.    Gaplist
VIII.   Secrets
IX.     Glitches
X.      Music 
XI.     Copyright Info


 II. | Introduction

I have played the heck out of this demo and have tried to fanagle into every nook 
and cranny and find every interesting and sometimes non-interesting thing in this 
demo to share with you. So whether you're a veteran THPS player or a piddling 
newbie you will find something of interest in this FAQ. What is my goal you ask? 
My goal is to completely dissect this demo and display all it's nasty innards deep 
within this document you are reading right now. So sit back, wipe the sweat off 
your PS2 controller and prepare to unlock 100% of this demo and rip it up! 

Embedded in the 'Extras' section of Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer is the Tony Hawk's 
Pro Skater 4 demo. It allows you to play the 'College' level and gives you 8 goals 
and a couple of secret side goals. (All of which we will go into here.) You are 
forced to use good ole Tony himself and really don't get to choose any option 
except how loud the music is. He is decked with about half dozen specials and all 
the other goodies as far as tricks go. 

THPS4 now combines free skate and career mode to give you complete freedom over 
what you wish to do with your skater. Scattered around the level are people who 
want to challenge you or ask for your help. It's completely up to you whether you 
want to accept these goals or not. You recieve cash for successful completion but 
in this demo the money you collect doesn't do anything even though you can collect 
an endless fortune of money.

I will try my best to update this faq when I find other things that need to be 
added so check back often!

So without any further babble from me, lets get started!


             III. | 	     Control Legend

C ------ Circle
S ------ Square
T ------ Triangle
X ------ X
R ------ Right
L ------ Left
D ------ Down
U ------ Up
R1 ----- R1
R2 ----- R2
L1 ----- L1
L2 ----- L2
R3 ----- Right Analog Stick
L3 ----- Left Analog Stick
Start -- Start
Select - Select
, ------ Press Buttons Consecutively
+ ------ Press Buttons Simultaneously


              IV. | 		Controls

D-pad ---------- Used to move character
L3 ------------- Used to move character
R3 ------------- Used to move the camera
R2/L2 ---------- Used to do a revert
START ---------- Pause
Circle --------- Used to do grab tricks
Triangle ------- Used to grind rails
Square --------- Used to do flip tricks
X -------------- Used to crouch/ollie


              V.  | 		Tricks

	Setup/Ollie Tricks

X	- Ollie
L2,X	- Nollie
U,X 	- No Comply
U,U,X 	- Boneless

	Flip Tricks

U+S 	- Impossible
U+S,S 	- Double Impossible
U+S,S,S	- Triple Impossible
U,U,S	- Sal Flip
L+S	- Kickflip
L+S,S	- Double Kickflip
L+S,S,S	- Triple Kickflip
D+S	- Pop Shuv-it
D+S,S	- 360 Shuv-it
D+S,S,S	- 540 Shuv-it
D,D,S	- Heelflip Varial Lien
R+S	- Heelfip
R+S,S	- Double Heelflip
R+S,S,S	- Triple Heelflip
UL+S	- Hardflip
UL+S,S	- 360 Hardflip
UR+S	- Inward Heelflip
UR+S,S	- 360 Inward Heelflip
DL+S	- Varial Kickflip
DL+S,S	- 360 Flip
DR+S	- Varial Heelflip
DR+S,S	- 360 Heelflip

	Grab Tricks

U+C	- Nosegrab
U+C,C	- Rocket Air
L+C	- Melon
L+C,C	- Method
R+C	- Indy
R+C,C	- Stiffy
D+C	- Tailgrab
D+C,C	- 1 Footed Tailgrab
UL+C	- Japan
UL+C,C	- 1 Footed Japan
UR+C	- Madonna	
UR+C,C	- Judo
DL+C	- Benihana
DL+C,C	- Sactap
DR+C	- Airwalk
DR+C,C	- Christ Air

	Grind Tricks

T	- 50-50 / Railslide / Lipslide
U+T	- Nosegrind
D+T	- 5-0
L+T	- Tailslide
R+T	- Noseslide
UR+T	- Crooked Grind
DR+T	- Feeble Grind
DL+T	- Smith Grind
UL+T	- Overcrook
D,D,T	- Bluntslide
U,U,T	- Nosebluntslide

	Manual/Flatland Tricks

L+T			- Pogo
L+S(While Pogo)		- Kickfoot
R+T			- Truckstand
L+S(While Truckstand)	- Truckstand Flip
R,R,T(While Truckstand)	- Truck Spin
L,L,S(From Nose Manual)	- Half Cab Impossible
L,L,C			- To Rail
L+S(From Rail)		- Rail Flip
R,R,C			- Handstand
L+S(From Handstand)	- Handflip
L,R,T(*Special Meter)	- Anti-Casper
R,L,T(*Special Meter)	- Casper
L+S(From Casper)	- Casper Flip

*Special meter must be full

	Lip Tricks

U+T	- Noseblunt
D+T	- Invert
L+T	- BS Boneless
R+T	- Varial Invert to Fakie
UR+T	- The Switcheroo
DR+T	- Andrecht
DL+T	- One Foot Invert
UL+T	- Gymnast

	Special Tricks

R,D,C	- The 900
L,R,C	- 1-2-3-4
L,D,S	- Double Kickflip Indy
R,L,T	- 5-0 Overturn


             VI.  | 		Goals

	Sick Score

Where: On top of the cafeteria roof.

Who: Jamie Thomas

Goal: "OK man, this is it... Let's see if you can beat my Sick Score on my Setup 

What: Get a sick score: 250,000 points in 2 minutes.

How: You can get the points anywhere on the entire level. Pick your favorite line 
or even your favorite ramp and accumulate 250,000 points. Pretty simple and open 
to your own style. Try going the whole two minutes with one combo and show Jamie 
Thomas how puny his skills truly are.

	Nail The Tricks They Yell Out

Where: 	From the start, follow the road left around the corner and next to the 
parking garage.

Who: 	Steve Caballero

Goal: 	"Wow man, I bring a few ramps to a demo and the kids are getting out of 
control! Why don't you take over for a while... nail the tricks that they're 
yelling out!" Don't let the tricklist fill up all the way!

What: 	Nail the Tricks They Yell Out

How: 	You'll need to stay on the two hafpipes and pull off the tricks that pop 
up on the bottom lefthand side of the screen. It will also tell you how to perform 
the trick so don't worry about memorizing tricks. You have one minute to continue 
to pull off the tricks that pop up without the tricklist filling up too much. Just 
remember to stay in the halfpipes or else you will fail the goal.

	Amateur COMBO Letters

Where:	Right in front of you when you start. Under the entrance to the park.

Who:	Ollie the Magic Bum

Goal:	"Hey, skater-person! My C-O-M-B-O letters got away from me... Do me a favor
and collect the letters all in one combo!"

What:	Collect all the floating green COMBO letters in one combo.

How:	After the goal is issued to you, it will automatically start you heading 
toward the theater. Line yourself up with the sidewalk in front of the theater and 
head down the street past the local skater. Use the planter to launch up onto the 
ledge with the 'C' and quickly jump back down to the street and into a manual. 
Turn a right and grind the rail, the 'O' is sitting on and jump the rail gap and 
use the security barrier to launch up and to the right and grab the 'M' floating 
above the street. You'll want to grind the rails above the street but dont it will 
mess you up. Drop down to the sreet and manual over to the right wall and wallride 
up onto the top of it to grab the 'B'. Just continue to grind the top ledge until 
you reach the end and jump off straight to snag the last 'O'. There ya go. Easy as 
cold hard cash. 

	Collect S-K-A-T-E

Where:	From start, enter the campus and head right. Just before the California 
College bowl.

Who: 	Professor

Goal:	"Let's see if you can even spell... Try to collect the S-K-A-T-E 

What:	Collect all the S-K-A-T-E letters in 2 minutes.

How:	Start by grinding the left side of the California College bowl and grab 
the 'S'. Jump off toward the CC Logo bowl. Grind the right side of it and snag the 
'K'. Turn to the right and head toward the quarter pipe next to the stadium and 
launch off of it snagging the 'A' and landing on the QP in the lower level of the 
stadium and grind the right rail and jump the two gaps to grab the 'T'. You'll see 
the last 'E' floating above the QP at the other end of the stadium hall, grab it 
and grab some cash.

	Skitch The Professor's Car

Where: 	In the parking garage on the second level.

Who:	Professor

Goal:	"Goodness gracious! My car! - they're stealing my baby!"

What: 	Press up behind the professors car to skitch it. Hang on till the car 
cruises all around the campus.

How:	You have 2 seconds to grab on to his car before it speeds off out of the 
garage. Press up and grab onto the car. Just keep your balance until the car is 
done doing it's thing and you will score some greenbacks. 

	Clock Five Jocks in One Combo

Where:	The entrance to the foyer in front of the colliseum.

Who:	Little Buddy

Goal:	"The football team is hogging the coliseum for their practice - that ain't 

What:	Clock 5 football players in one combo

How:	The football players will knock you down if you skate into them so use the 
rails in the middle and you will smack five jocks in one combo quite easily and 
score some uneeded demo cash. Heh.

	Gap Between Floats 10 Times

Where:	To the right of where you start next to the garbage truck.

Who:	Local Photographer

Goal:	"We can get some great shots here! The parade just started Gap between any 
of the floats 10 times before the parade ends."

What:	You have two minutes to gap between the three parade floats 10 times.

How: 	The first float is a couple of ramps, spine transfer past those and gap to 
the second bowl float and go straight up the far side of the bowl and jump to the 
big book float. Stop on the book and go back the way you came. Continue to do this 
until you get 10 and grab some cash!

	Warn the Other Skaters
Where: 	Just to the left of where you start next to the theater.

Who:	Local Skater

Goal:	Police Scanner: "We have unauthorized skateboarding reported in the 
city..." Officer Tom: "Ooooh! I got you now! I got you!!!" Skate Rat: "You gotta 
warn them before they get caught!"

What:	Beat officer Tom to the local skaters before he busts them.

How:	A red arrow will point you to all the skaters one at a time. Just follow 
the arrow and get near the skaters and the arrow will shift to the next skater. 
Officer Tom is pretty slow so you should have no problem scoring some quick and 
easy cash!


            VII.  | 		Gaplist

Tony's Pro Challenge Gap ................ Not in Demo

Into the River! ......................... Off QP into river near the fountain.

Over the River! ......................... QP over river to QP near fountain.

Out of the River! ....................... Transfer out of the river to either QP 
                                          near the fountain.

Class Transfer!	......................... From the QP's up to HP next to parking 

Over the Stairs! ........................ From QP to QP over the stairs to the 
					  basketball courts.

Banner Gap! ............................. Not in Demo

Spinal Gap! ............................. Rail to rail in the coliseum over a 
                                          football player. 

Scnitzel's for All! ..................... From purple truck to grind on Scnitzel 

Masters in Engineering .................. Grind or liptrick the building with the 

Bench to Bench! ......................... From blue bench to blue bench near 

Masters in English ...................... Not in Demo

Masters in Philosophy ................... Not in Demo

Skippin over! ........................... Transfer over the ramp next to bridge or 
                                          gaps in parking garage.

KioskHop! ............................... From rail to blue kiosks.

Log Hop! ................................ Log to log in the river bed.

Rail Hop! ............................... Any rail to rail transfer.

Rail Cross! ............................. Switch across rails in coliseum.

Masters in Fine Arts .................... Grind or liptrick the cafeteria roof.

Higher Learning! ........................ Grind the awning of the school.

High Road Hop! .......................... Transfer up to power lines.

Nice Equipment! ......................... Grind Billy's Sporting Goods awning.

Plaza Jump! ............................. From bench to stairs or stairs to 

On the Fence! ........................... Grind or liptrick the fence next to 
                                          tennis court.

Gateway Gap! ............................ Grind over the green campus entrance 

Over the Hard Way ....................... Not in Demo

Over the Wall ........................... Not in Demo

Through the Frat Window Grinding! ....... Grind onto the frat balcony.

Through the Frat Window Verting! ........ Go off the QP with the kegs and land in 
                                          the frat balcony.

Through the Frat Window Ollieing! ....... Jump onto the frat blacony.

Coliseum Transfer! ...................... Off the QP's into the coliseum.


Float Gap! .............................. Transfer from one float to another in 
                                          the parade goal.


            VIII. | 		Secrets

      Pro Trick Objects

To unlock the two pro trick object sets in the demo, you must complete the Nail 
The Tricks They Yell Out goal and the Sick Score goal. When you complete these
it will unlock sets of wooden ramps to trick off of. Toggle them through the menu.

      Tennis Mini-game

If you find the tennis court near the basketball court you will see two people
playing tennis. If you skate over to the tennis rackets laying on the ground you
can press 'O' to play tennis against a man named 'Bjorn'. It is possible to beat
him but all he does is ask for a rematch. Fun for a break.

      Local Skater Challenges

There is a local skater who will give you a challenge for doing certain things. 
You can find him at the start of the level to the left of the campus entrance and 
then at the fountain at the plaza. He alternates between these two spots and 
challenges you to either do a trick over the stairs or grind around the fountain a 
certain number of times. He will continue to bet you money and he never goes away. 
It seems this local guy has a mass fortune hiding under his shirt.

      Garbage Day

To the right of where you start there is a parked garbage truck sitting in front of 
the frat window. Do a spine transfer into the truck and you will start a bonus 
challenge in which four garbage trucks cruise up and down the street with halfpipes
in the back. Cash is lined up above the trucks and you have a certain amount of 
time to jump in the trucks and grab the cash. Do this as many times as you'd like 
to collect cash that doesn't do you any good. 

      Electric Emergency

You can do a liptrick on the small green electrical box next to the sporting goods
store to set the capacitors overloading. The voltage will slowly rise from 1-100%
and the only way to clear the capacitors is to grind the electrical lines above the
street and a message appears saying, 'Capacitors Cleared! Thanks amigo!'. You get
no money for this and it has no other effect on anything but it may make you feel 
all warm and tingly inside. Or something.

      Secret Tape

There is a secret tape floating high above the level. To get this, get on top of 
the Engineering Building, (the one with the banners) and grind the spines toward
the pools. The spines will line you up all you need to do is press up at the
edge of roof and boneless and you will fly towards the tape and grab it for a
secret goal completion. This doesn't do anything for you but it's great if your
looking to 100% the demo. 

      Clock Tower Transporter

If you skate behind the clock tower there is a secret portal that will transport 
you high above the level and allow you to grind to another building roof.

      Frat House Showboating 

If you go to the balcony where the frat boys are hanging out and perform a manual,
a timer will appear and every 10 seconds you will impress a girl and she will come
out to the blcony and do a little wave. Try and beat your own record! Heh.


             IX.  | 		Glitches

NOTE: These glitches range in difficulty so I have placed a difficulty rating next
to each of the glitches to let you know how hard it is to do. 1 being the easiest 
and 10 being practically impossible. I have confirmed that all these glitches do 
exist and are repeatable. Don't e-mail me asking how to do these because I wont 
answer you.

      Gameplay Glitches

      Set Custom Restart Glitch (3)

By using the custom restart option in the game menu you can start a combo, set 
custom restart in mid-air and then go to custom restart and continue your combo. 
You can score billions of billions of points with this glitch!

      DAO Glitch (4)

Found in earlier incarnations of the THPS series, this glitch takes two seperate 
tricks and combines their rotations together. This involves doing a wallride, then 
a special and then manualing but doing another wallie to special quickly so the 
manual doesn't register. 

      Invisible Rails (2)

There are a couple invisible rails scattered about the level. By the photographer
goal in the middle of the street there is a neat little 'U' shaped rail. Above
the garbage truck spanning the raod is another invisible rail that is harder to
find keep trying and you'll find these secret little rails and incorporate them
into your lines so people will think your uber-leet. 

      Skippin' Over Glitch (2)

By the wooden bridge near the bulletin boards is a small gap called 'skippin over'
and if you jump across this gap coming from the clock tower and hold up and 
triangle you will be bounced back the way you came and can continue to grind back 
to the clock tower. Good for getting turned back around quickly.

      Access Glitches

      Get Inside the Clock Tower (5)

To get inside the clock tower, jump onto the transporter ledge and slowly creep 
up to the blackness until you get transported. Just as you cross into the 
transporter, set a custom restart. If you set it close enough to the outside wall 
of the clock tower you will fall into the front side of the clock tower. Fun to 

      Get Behind the Fence (5)

To get behind the fence by the philosophy buiding first get up onto the roof of 
the building with the banners and the two spines on top of it. Grind the edge of 
the roof and head toward the philosophy building. Just as the wire hits the 
building and turns to the left jump to the right and on to the top of the 
philosophy building. From here, jump over the small roof and land on the opposite 
ledge. This make take a few tries. Now from this ledge, aim yourself toward the 
roof over near the top of the fence and jump over that roof and land on the 
opposite side of the fence! If you don't get in on the first try, keep trying! 
You can do it!

      Get Behind the Parking Garage Fence

To get to the third level of the parking garage, just line yourself up with the
leftmost edge of the fence and skate toward it and jump into it. If lined up right
you will jump through the fence and be able to skate around a small area behind the

      Get Inside the Clock Tower Stairs (6)

To get under the stairs in front of the clock tower, get yourself in between the 
side wall and the rialing on the left side. There is a hole you will fall in. I 
have only done this a couple times but I know it's there so don't give up!

      Get Inside the Cafeteria (3)

To get inside the cafeteria, get on the ledge in front of the cafeteria and jump 
in between the windows and a pillar. If you time it right the game will push you 
into the cafeteria where you can knock around the tables and chairs. 

      Get Out Of Bounds (9)

To get past the out of bounds near the security building, unlock the pro trick 
quarter pipes to the right of the school next to the storage building. Get some 
speed in the halfpipe and launch yourself off the wooden side and up onto the 
roof of the storage building. When you get up there you can go to the far side of
it and fall down onto the road on the other side of the out of bounds. If you 
skitch a car back there you will get stuck and float so only do that if you're 
done exploring. Getting onto the roof of the storage building is NOT EASY. I have 
done it twice and it's like threading a needle. You need a certain angle and speed 
and height to finally land on the roof. Don't give up!

      Get On Top Of The Frat House (3)

To get on the roof above the frat house, start by the far side of the level and 
skitch a car towards the beginning of the level. Just before the car turns down 
the cab street, jump over it and launch off the back of the garbage truck and aim 
a little to the right. You will fly up and onto the top of the roof of the frat 

      Get Inside the Purple Truck (1)

To get inside the purple truck with the ramp in the back just slowly creep up the 
ramp till you fall off the end and into the truck. Fun and simple trick.

      Get In A Tree

Fun little trick to get in one of the treetops littering the area near the plaza.
Just jump into the Clock Tower transporter and grind the rail onto the 
engineering building. Grind the rail toward the plaza flagpole and you'll see the 
trees below you to the left and right. Jump off to the right and just as your
over the tree set a custom restart. If you are in the right place, you will drop
into the tree and land inside the branches. Great hiding spot. Heh.


              X.  | 		Music

The three songs found on the demo are:

Delinquent Habit 
"House of the Rising Drum"

"Seneca Falls"

"Death Alley"


              XI. | 		Copyright Info

This document is copyright 2002 by Jason Pease. Any other use, duplication or 
posting on any other website other than www.GameFAQs.com is prohibited by 
international copyright law. See above for contact information.

-= J. J. Maxx '02 =-