FAQ/Walkthrough by Clallzidus

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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Playstation 2

November 2, 2002

by Jason "Clallzidus" Thomas
E-Mail: justshort7422@go.com

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--------------------------[ Version History ]--------------------------

v1.0- This was the first installment where I did everything from I 
through the walkthrough of Amon Hen. More to come on the way.

v2.0- Adding on to the walkthrough, starting from Fangorn Forest. 
Hopefully will be completed by the next version.

v3.0- Fixed the mistake about Aragorn being Isildur's heir not son. 
Also, I fixed/tried to fix the graphs of the upgrades section. I 
finished the FAQ up to Helm's Deep: Breached Wall.

v4.0- Finished the walkthrough section. Moved all the titles to the left 
hand margin because they were all messed up, I'll see which way I like 
them and fix it in my next version if need be.

I. Introduction
   A. Story 
II. Characters
III. Controls
IV. Upgrades
V. Walkthrough
   -Gates of Moria
   -Balin's Tomb
   -Amon Hen
   -Fangorn Forest
   -Plains of Rohan 
   -The West Fold 
   -Gap of Rohan 
   -Helm's Deep: The Deeping Wall 
   -Helm's Deep: Breached Wall 
   -Helm's Deep: Hornburg Courtyard 
VI. Secrets
VII. Credits

I. Introduction

Hello, my name is Jay Thomas and my GameFAQ's name is Clallzidus. This 
is my first FAQ that I've written and I chose the game Lord of the 
Rings: The Two Towers. Basically I'm going to try to finish this FAQ 
as soon as I can so that I give you a complete guide for beating this
game. If you have any suggestions, comments, strategies, or anything 
you want to tell me at all just e-mail me at justshort7422@go.com.

A. Story

The story was taken directly from the LORT:TT game manual and tells of
the prologue, the One Ring.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring 
them all and in darkness bind them.

It began with the forging of the great rings. Three were given to the 
elves- immortal, wisest, and fairest of all beings. Seven to the dwarf 
lords- great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And nine, nine
rings were gifted to the race of men, who, above all else, desire 
power. For within these rings was bound the streght and will to govern
each race. But they were all of them decieved. For another ring was 
made.In the land of Mordor, in the fires of Mount Doom, and the Dark 
Lord Sauron forged, in secret, a master ring to control all others. 
And into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice, and his will to
dominate all life.

The One Ring an innocent-looking golden band, is by far the powerful 
object in all of Middle-Earth. Put it on, and the wearer becomes 
completely invisible. Using its powers of invisibilty draws the 
attention of the Dark Lord Sauron, who may disperse sinister 
creatures to retrieve The One Ring. The One Ring has a strange 
corruptive influence, causing greed and powerlust in many who are
exposed to it. Possessing The One Ring can prolong the life of its 
keeper, but corruption from The One Ring will eventually transform a 
normal hobbit into a selfish, hideous monster. The One Ring was forged 
thousands of years ago by Sauron in the fires of Mount Doom. He was 
close to using The One Ring's full powers to dominate Middle-Earth 
when  it was cut from his hand in battle. Sauron has been trying to 
reclaim The One Ring ever since losing it, and if he does, Middle 
Earth will be plunged into darkness and sorrow. To prevent Sauron from
possessing The One Ring, it must be destroyed forever, and this can 
be accomplished only by throwing it back into the fiery chasm of Mount
Doom. Frodo shows a remarkable resistance to The One Ring's evil 
influence so he volunteers to carry it on the perilous journey to 
Mount Doom.

II. Characters

These descriptions of the characters are taken right from the LORT:TT 
game manual and show the three playable characters, Aragorn, Legolas, 
and Gimli.
| Aragorn |

Men are weak,or at least this is the commonly held belief in Middle
earth. Three thousand years ago, Isildur, King of the Men of Gondor, 
gained great renown when he cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron, 
ending his villainous reign. Soon after, however, he chose not to 
destroy The One Ringwhen he had achance to cast it into the fires of 
Mount Doom, and thus Men are known to be weak in character and not 
entirely trustworthy.

Aragorn can change all of that. He is a ranger, a strong man skilled 
in the use of many weapons including swords. Aragorn is trained to 
survive in every situation. Many know him as Strider, but few are 
aware of his true identity as son of Arathorn and heir to Isildur's 
throne. He is the rightful King of Gondor, and a force to be reckoned 

| Legolas |

Legolas is a noble Elven prince, deadly accurate with his Elven bow 
and knowledgeable in wilderness lore. Because he is an elf, Legolas 
has exceptional sight and hearing, and although he will never die of 
old age, he can be hurt or killed in battle. Legolas is kind and 
graceful, and he has a deep love for the peaceful side of nature. He
and his valuable bow attack are great assets to the Fellowship.

| Gimli |

Gimli is a stubborn dwarf who makes up for his lack of height and 
grace with great strength, bravery, and tenacity. Gimli fears nothing
when he has his trusty axe in hand, and his temper makes him 
formidable when angry. His gruff disposition keeps him from making 
friends easily, but as a member of the Fellowship he is a tough and 
loyal ally. Gimli especially dislikes elves, however during his 
adventures with the Fellowship he develops an unlikely friendship 
with Legolas. Gimli is very proud of his heritage, and looks forward 
to seeing his cousin Balin in the Mines of Moria.

III. Controls

Basic Controls

Speed Attack ------------------ X/Right Analog Stick right/left
Fierce Attack ----------------- Triangle/Right Analog Stick up/down
Knock Back -------------------- O or R 3
Parry ------------------------- Square or R 1
Killing Move ------------------ R 2
Jump Back --------------------- L 2
Equip Ranged Weapon ----------- L 1 (hold)
Fire Equipped Weapon ---------- X

Basic Combinations

Three Hit Speed Combo ----------- X X X
Double Hit Fierce Combo --------- Triangle Triangle

IV. Upgrades
For the upgrades section I will divide them into different sections 
for each character. There will be separate portions for Aragorn, 
Legolas, and Gimli. The upgrades will also be separated by level. 
Then they will be arranged so that you can clearly see their name, 
what buttons to press, and how much experience points they cost. 
The upgrades go to levels 1,2,4,6, and 8. 

NOTE- The * symbol will note that the upgrade is referring to a 
      weapon upgrade. 
NOTE- The ** symbol refers to a health upgrade.

| Aragorn |

| Level 1 Upgrades    |
Triple Strike -------------- X X X ------------------- Purchased 

Double Hack ------------ Triangle Triangle ----------- Purchased 

Shadow Strike --------------- R 2 -------------------- Purchased 

Combat Kick ------------------ O --------------------- Purchased 

Sword Parry --------------- Square ------------------- Purchased 

Dunedain Bow * --------------------------------------- Purchased  

| Level 2 Upgrades    |			                 
Rush Attack --------------------- X O ----------------- 3000     

Rising Attack -------------------- X ------------------ 8000     

Isildurs Swift Terror ------ X X Triangle ------------- 5000

Isildurs War Rush ------------ X O R 2 ---------------- 5000     

Ranger Fury ---------------- Hold Triangle ------------ 2000     

Strength of the -------------------------------------- 10000       
Stewards **                                             	         

| Level 4 Upgrades    |			          

Goblin Bane ----------------- Square X R2 -------------- 4000     

Charge Attack ------------------- X O ------------------ 4000     

Isildurs Death Charge -------- X O Triangle ------------ 5000     

Isildurs Gambit ------------- X Triangle X X ----------- 5000     

Rohan Bow* --------------------------------------------- 4000     

Strength of Isildur** ---------------------------------- 10000       

| Level 6 Upgrades    |	

Orc Bane -------------------- Square X R2	-------------- 6000     

Isildurs Deliverance ----- Triangle X X Triangle ------- 5000     

Strength of Elendil** --------------------------------- 10000     

Wilderness Rage* --------------------------------------- 4000     

Master Swordsman* ------------------------------------- 10000     

| Level 8 Upgrades     |	

Bane of Saruman -------------- Square X R2 ------------- 8000    

Isildurs Judgement ----- Triangle Triangle O Triangle -- 5000    

Strength of Argonath** -------------------------------- 10000    

Wrath of Numenor* -------------------------------------- 6000   

Gondor Bow* -------------------------------------------- 6000     

| Legolas |

| Level 1 Upgrades    |	

Triple Strike ------------------ X X X ------------- Purchased

Double Hack	--------------- Triangle Triangle ------ Purchased   

Shadow Strike ------------------- R 2 -------------- Purchased   

Combat Kick --------------------- O ---------------- Purchased   

Knife Parry ------------------- Square ------------- Purchased   

Mirkwood Longbow * --------------------------------- Purchased   

| Level 2 Upgrades    |		

Rush Attack --------------------  X O --------------- 3000    

Elrond's Swift Terror ------- X X Triangle ---------- 5000    

Elrond's War Rush ------------- X O R 2 ------------- 5000    

Elven Fury ----------------- Hold Triangle ---------- 2000     

Force of Celeborn** -------------------------------- 10000     

Rivendell Longbow* ---------------------------------- 6000     

| Level 4 Upgrades    |				     	

Goblin Bane ---------------- Square X R 2 ----------- 4000     

Rising Attack -------------------- X ---------------- 8000     

Cahrge Attack ------------------- X O --------------- 4000     

Elrond's Death Charge ------- X O Triangle ---------- 5000     

Elrond's Gambit ------------ X Triangle X X --------- 5000     

Lorthlorien Longbow* -------------------------------- 6000     

| Level 6 Upgrades    |				           

Orc Bane ------------------- Square X R 2 ----------- 6000     

Elrond's Deliverance --- Triangle X X Triangle ------ 5000     

Dragon Fire Arrows ---------------------------------- 8000     

Force of Galadriel** -------------------------------- 10000     

Gil-galad's Rage* ----------------------------------- 4000     

| Level 8 Upgrades    |				         

Bane of Saruman  ----------- Square X R 2 ----------- 8000     

Elrond's Judgement ----- Triangle X X Triangle ------ 5000     

Mithril Arrows ------------------------------------- 10000     

Elven Bow Mastery** -------------------------------- 10000     

| Gimli |

| Level 1 Upgrades    |				    	         

Triple Strike --------------- X X X ------------- Purchased 

Double Hack	----------- Triangle Triangle ------- Purchased 

Shadow Strike ----------------- R 2 ------------- Purchased 

Axe Thrust --------------------- O	------------- Purchased 

Axe Parry -------------------- Square ----------- Purchased 

Erebor Axes * ----------------------------------- Purchased  
| Level 2 Upgrades    |		 		   

Rush Attack ------------------- X O ------------------ 3000     

Balin's Swift Terror ------- X X Triangle ------------ 5000     

Balin's War Rush ------------- X O R 2 --------------- 5000 
Dwarven Fury -------------- Hold Triangle ------------ 2000     

Might of Rock ** ------------------------------------ 10000     

Might of Iron ** ------------------------------------ 10000     

| Level 4 Upgrades    |				          		   

Goblin Bane ---------------- Square X R 2 ------------- 4000     

Rising Attack -------------------- X ------------------ 8000     

Charge Attack ------------------- X O ----------------- 4000     

Balin's Death Charge -------- X O Triangle ------------ 5000     

Balin's Gambit ------------- X Triangle X X ----------- 5000     

Rune of Protection * ---------------------------------- 6000     

| Level 6 Upgrades    |				           	         

Orc Bane -------------------- Square X R 2 ------------- 6000     

Balin's Deliverance ----- Triangle X X Triangle -------- 5000     

Might of Balin ** ------------------------------------- 10000     

Might of Gloin ** ------------------------------------- 10000     

Moria Axes * ------------------------------------------- 4000     

Mountain Rage * ---------------------------------------- 4000     

| Level 8 Upgrades    |		

Bane of Saruman ------------- Square X R 2 ------------- 8000     

Balin's Judgement ---- Triangle Triangle O Triangle ---- 5000     

Might of Khazad-dum** --------------------------------- 10000     

Wrath of Moria * --------------------------------------- 6000     

Misty Mountain Axes * ---------------------------------- 6000     

Axe Mastery of Kings* --------------------------------- 10000     

V. Walkthrough

Well now, I've finally gotten through all the facts and upgrades, now
let's actually get to the game. Keep in mind that there are some 
spoilers in this walkthrough but I did not go into a detailed 
description of the movies or cutscenes so that you can experience them 
for yourselves. So don't e-mail me saying that I ruined the whole game 
for you because I've warned you! just to say it again *SPOILERS* may 
be in this walkthrough so beware because I'm not going to mark them in 
the actual text. Now, onto the walkthrough.

- Prologue 

The game opens up with actual footage from the movie Lord of the Rings: 
The Fellowship of the Ring. Enjoy this movie because it is the
beginning of a very fun video game. As soon as the movie ends you are 
thrown into battle. The first battle you get to play as Isildur. 

At the top right corner of the screen you are given commands on what 
buttons to hit according to who and how your fighting the enemy. You 
are given the Square command to defend when an enemy is attacking you, 
the X button for a speed attack which is useful against shieldless 
enemies. And then you are given the Triangle command to use a fierce 
attack which is useful to knock down enemies or break their shields. 
Every time you kill an enemy you receive a rank, either fair, good, 
excellent, or perfect. 

While your fighting watch out for the fireball that drops from the sky 
near the lava river. Just use these key commands to kill as many 
enemies as you can. Then you will see another movie and the mission is 
over. It's nearly impossible to die in this battle but if you do don't 
give up keep on trying.

After the fight you are given an overall rank for how successfully you 
executed your attacks.

- Weathertop

A movie opens up this scenario, now you are controlling Aragorn a 
ranger/man who uses a sword and bow. Keep in mind the basic moves that 
you learned in the last mission. Your main objective is to protect 
Frodo, the Ring-bearer, from the Ringwraiths who will stop at nothing 
to find The One Ring. 

When you finally gain control of Aragorn he holds a lit torch which is 
the only thing that will hurt the Ringwraiths. The first Ringwraith 
will be around you somewhere, use Triangle to light it on fire then 
immediately after hit Square or R1 to block the Ringwraiths counter 
attack. If your torch happens to go out then run next to the fire and 
hit Triangle to relight your torch. NOTE- You can only hurt the 
Ringwraiths with a lit torch. Line yourself back up and then hit 
Triangle again and Square or R1 to parry the counterattack. (I prefer 
using R1 for some reason, it is just easier to hit so from now on for 
parry I will refer to it as R1) After repeating the Triangle then R 1 
strategy it will finally die, then a few others come and attack you. 
Relight your torch if needed and use the Triangle R1 procedure for 
both of them until they die. 

Then there is a cutscene where Frodo puts on the Ring and now is when 
you actually have to protect Frodo. Never leave a Ringwraith alone 
with Frodo, and if your torch goes out make sure you relight it very 
quickly. After killing a few more there is a cutscene where Frodo gets 
stabbed by a Ringwraith. Then you have to finally kill the last few and 
the mission is done. There is a clip from the actual movie about the 
forming of the fellowship and then you get your rank status, and you 
can now upgrade your characters.

- Gates of Moria

Now you have the option of choosing any three of the characters 
Aragorn, Legolas, or Gimli. It doesn't matter because you have a chance 
to play as all of them after you've completed the level. Like the 
previous two levels, it starts out with a movie and a cutscene. You 
arrive in a snowy passage which is the beginning of the gates of Moria. 
When you get control of your character you are accompanied by a member 
of the fellowship (Here's how it goes... Aragorn--->Gimli , 
Legolas---->Gimli , Gimli-----> Aragorn) 

Run down the hill and Gimli says "There are orcs. Many of them." and 
you know what that means. Three orcs come down from above, and you can 
easily dispatch of them by using speed attacks or you can do something 
neat. Hit O when the orc is on the edge of the cliff and you should 
knock him off the cliff. When you walk further down orcs bust through 
the wall on your left, use speed attacks ( X ) or fierce attacks 
( Triangle ) to get rid of them quickly. 

There's a pretty cool cutscene of Aragorn/Legolas shooting an orc 
that's about to kill Gimli. After there are three orc archers and once 
you run down to get a closer view of them, orcs leap at you from above. 
Kill them X or Triangle while being careful not to be shot by the 
arrows. If you see arrows coming at you use R 1 to block them. Shoot 
your bow by holding L1 down and then hitting X. 

Once you kill all of them, run ahead for yet another cutscene. Now 
there are three orcs on a stone platform farther away and above you but 
don't worry about them just yet. One orc will run up and attack you
dismiss him by any of the methods you've learned (i.e. X, Triangle,
or O to kick him off the edge) Run forward and shoot and arrow to kill 
at least one archer and then some orcs will climb a ladder to get to
you from the left side of the screen. A lot of them come so be ready.

Move on ahead and some burst through the wall ahead of you and before 
you. Dismiss them and move along, where two archers shoot at you. 
Dodge their arrows and then run up and kick them off the edge. A bunch
of other orcs come to help the archers. After they're all dead move 
up and two will come down to fight you and two archers will stay
and shoot you from far away. Go past where the archers were and you 
come to a swampy place.

Stay to the left so that you're not in the deep water and that is where
most of the orcs come from. As you walk up a few will jump out of the 
water. As you go along there will be a few archers and more will come
from the water. Try to kill the orcs on land first then kill the ones
in the water because its easier to maneuver on land. Remember to parry
because a lot of arrows will be coming your way. As soon as you beat 
all of them move go to the left and there should be a box. Hit
Triangle to smash it and you should get a potion. Run through the 
opening on the right for your first boss.

BOSS- The Watcher
You will see a cutscene where your comrade will be knocked out and 
unable to help you through this fight. When you get control, grab some
arrows on the left (if needed) then run into the water as far as you 
can. Wait there and once you see the tentacles come out of the water
hit R1 repeatedly until you block all three tentacles. They will
start swaying back and forth that is when you hit Triangle and cut
one of them off. Then the Watcher will poke its head out of the water.
Shoot it with one arrow and it will go back under water and some of its
tentacles will come up. Sometimes only one comes up but another one 
comes up, you have to block both, even if the Watcher's head is out of
the water its tentacles can still hit you. Repeat this process until
it's finally dead and you'll see a cutscene and then a movie clip.

-Balin's Tomb

There is a cutscene then they bring you into the level, which is a 
small room where you get ambushed by a ton of orcs. Now you can perform
combos, refer to the Upgrades section of this guide to see what they 
are and how much they cost. When you use enough combos your bar will
become glowing blue and all your kill's will be perfect rating. 

When you gain control of your character be ready because a lot of orcs
come at you but there only two types. One- Shieldless orcs with 
swords, fast and mobile. Two- Orcs with shields, slow but more 
difficult to kill. The only ones you really have to watch out for are 
the ones with shields because it takes a few hits to kill them. The 
whole level is just you getting bombarded with orcs, but for the most
part it's rather easy. Mostly combos and Triangle will give you the
best results. Some combos will be stopped when you smack into the 
shield of the second type of orc. After fighting for a long time there
will be a cutscene and then the big guy comes.

BOSS- Cave Troll
There are 2 parts of this fight but the first section is pretty easy.
When you start, the Cave Troll will slam his huge club onto the
ground making anybody (yes, even orcs) go flying. So be sure to get out 
of the way of his first swing, run to the place where there are the 
least enemies. The Cave Troll will follow you and once you stop he'll
most likely swing his club again dodge it and run close enough to it 
and hit Triangle. Then quickly run out of reach of his club after you
hit it. Then after the club hits the ground run up and hit Triangle
again then quickly get out of his reach. Just repeat this process until
you take away enough health that you reach the second part.

Now this situation is much harder, especially if you still aren't very
used to the controls. This time the Cave Troll has a broken chain which
he uses to whip at you. You have to shoot arrows/axes and dodge the
chain at the same time. Also, every now and then a shieldless orc will
attack you, so be ready. If your quick enough shooting arrows/axes then
I suggest the following strategy. At the beginning of this second part
run left and there will be one shieldless orc waiting for you to kill
him. Once he's dead you now should start doing everything below.
There are (I think) 6 columns that you can hide behind. You may need 
to practice a few times but you have to situate yourself so that when 
the Cave Troll whips the chain it hits the column instead of you. 
However, you also have to be able to shoot it with your arrows and you 
have to be fast about it. After about 3 hits on each column the Cave 
Troll will completely destroy it. He gets mad and strikes very quickly, 
so when he destroys one, run behind another one and situate yourself 
that you hit him but he doesn't hit you. Keep on doing this and 
eventually he will die. NOTE- Whenever it breaks a column, it returns
and strikes very quickly, every now and then he takes a break where you
can fit in three or four good shots. Also, the orcs will only come from
the corner part of the area but I'm not sure how often they come.

*Alternate Strategy*
The Cave Trolls have 2 attacks (not including the lame logs he throws)- 
Overhead smash with 2 hands and also a cheap swipe across with 1 hand. 
You can see when they are about to use the 2 hand swing if you can time 
it right use your Devastating Attack.
contributed by: TmacJW@aol.com

- Amon Hen

Movie/cutscene opens up this place too. After you see some sick moves
that Aragorn can do (which you can't do yet) there will be a big battle
with about 7 or 8 new enemies called Uruk-Hai. These are very powerful
breed of orcs that do a lot of destruction and are faster than just
normal orcs. You may notice on the top right corner of the screen, a 
picture a Frodo with a health bar next to it and a picture of a Uruk-
Hai with a number (75 total) next to it. Well this means that you have
to kill that number of Uruk-Hai before Frodo's health bar goes empty.
For this first group of Uruk-Hai speed attacks and combos are the best
solution, sometimes the fierce attacks take too long and the Uruk-Hai
can stop it. After the enemies are defeated run up the stairs behind
you and smash the box on the right side for experience points. 

Run back down and continue down the path when shortly you are 
confronted by 2 Uruk-Hai and one archer. Watch out the archer may 
throw a ball that explodes into a fire. When your finished with these 
Uruk-Hai run down and you'll see 3 archers setting up at their posts. 
If you run up, a bunch of Uruk-Hai jump out of the forest on both sides
and the archers start shooting. I always like a challenge so I run
up and kill a few then R1 and kill a few and one archer. Then when
all of the people are gone run under the bridge and even more attack
you. They come from a spot where you can't see them right when you get
out from under the bridge. Use your combos and now your fierce attacks
will come in handy (small groups use Triangle, big groups X is better).
After finished with this group run all the way to the left of the 
bridge and run up onto it. Smash this box and you get some more 
experience. NOTE- Before you go under the bridge there is a box semi-
hidden on the left side of the woods which gives you health.

Follow the path down and you'll see a small wall which can be used as
a shield. First, shoot the one on the left, and then you can either run
up or just shoot them from far away. When you run up more Uruk-Hai's
will come out of the forest and attack you. this is an awful big group
and there is also an unseen archer on the rock to your right. Remember
combos and speed attacks are best for big groups. Once you've wasted
these guys run down for a short clip where 3 archers throw fire bombs
which surrounds you. Just shoot all 3 of them and wait until the fire
dies down then run to the right. 

Go down the stairs but don't go for the archer yet one Uruk-Hai jumps 
out of the forest on your right. Get him first then get the archer. Be 
prepared because another big fight is coming up, there are 2 archers 
down the next set of stairs and about 10 Uruk-Hai that you have to kill. 
Try to kill the archers first because they can be a real pain. After 
these guys are all done run down the stairs to the left and help, your 
other two comrades kill 2 Uruk-Hai's.

There is a cutscene of a battle and then you are put in the battle. 
These shouldn't be too much of a problem because you've faced just as
large groups before. At this time, as long as Frodo's health isn't 
completely gone you should have killed at least 75 Uruk-Hai. There
is a cutscene when you do, and after the scene you can run down to
the right and face the boss.

BOSS- Lurtz
This is like a combination of Uruk-Hai's and orcs or some different
stuff in attempt by Saruman to make the ultimate warrior. Like the last 
boss this has 2 parts. The first is when this Uruk-Hai hybrid/cross
breed thing-a-majiggy uses his bow to try to kill you. Just avoid these
arrows by running right and left, he will shoot 3 then take a break, 3
then take a break. So dodge 3, then take out your own bow and start
hitting him. Eventually he'll take enough damage and throw down his bow
and pick up a sword. When he does this shoot him with a few arrows. 
This won't hurt him, it will just give you time to position yourself
to stand next to a stone pillar. Also, an easy Uruk-Hai will come down
and help him which you might want to kill before you take on the boss.
When your one-on-one take start tapping R1 to block his attacks and if
you're standing next to the graves his sword will get stuck in there 
for a few seconds and then this is your chance. Hit him with your best
combos if you get your sword to glow blue you can kill him with one
shot and receive a perfect rating for that kill. If not, he will 
finally bust his sword out of the stone and attack you again. Tap R1
and use L2 to back away to another stone for him to get his sword
stuck in. Once it gets stuck, rip him up as much and as fast as you 
can. Repeat this until he dies.

NOTE- Upgrade- After this fight I highly recommend getting Lvl 4 
Rising Attack for the next level because it will definitely
come in handy.

- Fangorn Forest

Another movie introducing you to a different setting, more forest like.
If you run up to the second screen look into the background and you'll
see Treebeard who I first read about in the Two Towers book! He doesn't
do anything he's just sort of an added bonus to LOTR fans I guess. Run
ahead and you'll see a log across your path, hit Triangle to smash it.
Well once you see a fallen tree be ready because 3 shielded orcs come 
out of it and 4 or 5 shieldless orcs jump behind you. I would say go 
after the shieldless ones first but it doesn't really matter. Finish
them off and run down through the hollow fallen tree. When your about
halfway down a wicked tough orc will drop through the top. If you see
it coming quickly turn around and hit Triangle to knock him down then
hit R2 to kill him when he's down. If you don't see it coming and he 
knocks you down, just hope you have Rising Attack purchased because
it will help you a lot in this level. If you did purchase it, let him
knock you down and then when you get up hit Triangle or X and you'll
knock him down, then use R2 to kill him. If you can't do either of the
first 2 strategies, run away from him and start shooting arrows at him.

Once you've killed him bust through the branch that's in your way and
run up ahead. There will be a cutscene where 2 orcs are thrown through 
the woods by something out there. Run around the bend and a big cave
troll will attack you. The strategy that I use for this monster is to 
run up and quickly hit him once with Triangle then right after you hit
him run out of reach of his club and then he will swing back at you. 
Once his club hits the ground run up and hit Triangle once again then
back away wait for his club to hit the ground run up, Triangle, back
away, run up, Triangle, back away, and so on and so on... until the 
troll finally dies. Once he's dead run up and smash through the fence
barrier and there will be a cutscene.

Those orcs in the cutscene are all yours now, I usually like to run up 
and hit O to kick them into the whole and feed the anonymous beast down
there. Then just waste the others using various combos that you've 
learned over the past few levels. They shouldn't be too hard. Once they
have been dismissed there is a box up at the right with a potion if you
need it. Once you go through the path up at the top of the screen, 3
orcs will attack you, 1 w/ a shield and 2 archers. It's fun to kick
the archers down the waterfall, and it gives you an excellent rating.

Go upstream and you'll have to wade through deep water, be careful 
because orcs will attack you 2 at a time, when you pass a certain point
in the water. I usually get knocked down a lot in this level so Rising
Attack was an absolute must purchase before this level, it comes in
handy as I said before. After the fight you can see Treebeard again
if you look closely at the reflection of the water.

Run through the waterfall and into the cave a little bit for another
cave troll fight. Use the same method as the last time you fought one
(Run up, Triangle, run away, run up, Triangle, run away, etc...) This
time there's a little less room for you to fight though so be careful.
After he's finished go into that little room at the top of the screen
and smash the box for experience. Smash through both fences, and after
smashing through the second fence one of those tough orcs will fight 
you from the right (The same kind that fought you in the fallen tree). 
I would let him knock you down and then use Rising Attack on him to 
kill him easily. Once your finished with him run up, and when the 
screen changes perspective there will be an orc around the bend and
another one or two come up and attack you. There is also an archer 
shooting at you from far away. 

Continue along the given path and this is the perfect place to get 
all of your perfect ranks. Once you run up shieldless orcs attack you 3 
at a time, just use your combos to get your sword glowing and then kill 
all of them getting a perfect rank. This battle is really easy because
none of them have shields so you'll cut right through them.

BOSS- 2 Cave Trolls
To actually get to them you can either take the path on the right where
you only have to bust through one fence or the path to the left, where
you have to bust through 2 logs while dodging sticks being thrown at 
you. Yeah, I think I'll go right, if your having trouble getting through
for some reason (I did the first time I tried it lol) just go to the 
left it's not all that bad. Well the strategy for cave trolls remain
the same as the other 2 you fought before in this level. But, you want
to make sure that you only take one on at a time. Use the run up,
triangle, run back, run up, triangle, run back theory for each of them
and you should be fine as long as you take them on one at a time. They
don't have any other attack other than throwing sticks and swinging
their clubs, and taking up space. If you need health, run all the way 
to where the right entrance was and there is a box there with a potion.
After killing the first one, do the same to the second one. And when 
your done there is a box to smash that will give you experience right
next to the exit. Smash through the fence and there will be another
cutscene which Treebeard is also in (when the show Legolas and Gimli)

- Plains of Rohan

In this level, you have to save this family of 2 before the Uruk-Hai
kill them. After a few scenes and a movie you have to fight 2 Uruk-Hai.
Once they are dead run through the gate and you can see Gandalf the 
White in action. Run to the left top hand corner of the screen because
that's where all the commotion is. Quick combos work really well here
because these enemies don't have any shields to stop your attacks. The
only thing is that this breed of Uruk-Hai is a little quicker and 
stronger so just be careful not to let your health drop too much in this 
level. After everyone in this part of town is dead Gandalf will open the 
door up with magic or he'll smash it open. Run inside then smash the 
table and then smash the barrel of water on the side of the stairs. The 
people will be free, wait a few seconds and a cutscene will occur. Then 
a Uruk-Hai will come and attack you from the door, kill him then go 
behind the bar, you have to smash some tables then go all the way to the 
end and smash open the box for experience.

Run up the stairs now and break the tables to help those poor folks out, 
kill the 2 Uruk-Hai's and watch out for the archer that goes into the 
doorway. Get out of that house and there will be a tough looking orc but 
he shouldn't be too difficult, sometimes he caught himself on fire and 
died without me touching him. There are 2 archers on the roof one will 
give you a potion after you kill it. Run down the roof and then look up 
on the stone walkway on the left and shoot/throw an arrow/axe to break 
the barrel of water to put out the fire. Then smash through the cart 
blocking your path. Kill the Uruk-Hai that attack you. Then look to the 
right, on the wooden outlay thingy, smash the barrels to put the fire 
below out. Run back down the stone path then get the box which gives you 
experience points.

Go back to the stone walkway and a guy runs out of a house on fire, I'm 
not sure if you can put him out or not but I just leave him. Go into the 
house and a Uruk-Hai comes up the stairs to fight you. Then go down the 
stairs and one breaks through the door. When you go outside you get 
ambushed by a ton of them, your rising attacks work really well when 
they crowd around you. Use your biggest combos here, when they have all 
died shoot the orc on the stairs. Go to the left and crush that blockade 
and run up ahead. You'll see a cutscene where a Uruk-Hai entraps the 
family into a burning building. This is a big battlefield and this is a 
substitute for a boss fight.

There are so many Uruk-Hai's, I usually start out by killing a few with 
arrows then running up and doing a combo to knock them on the ground 
then use R2 to kill them all. I just keep running around and hitting the 
first enemy I see. It all depends on how much life the family has, if 
they are about to die then try to save them as quick as you can. 
However, if they still have time left run to the left and smash the 
barrel for experience. When most or all are dead then break the wood 
thats blocking the entrance of the house and the mission will be over. 

- The West Fold

This level is very very dangerous because the Uruk-Hai start using 
explosives. Some of them have them strapped to their backs, but you can 
easily stop them by shooting an arrow when they are far enough away. You 
aren't introduced to these type of folk until later in this level. The 
first thing you want to do is to shoot the carts of explosives and 
everyone else around it will die too. Kill everyone else thats there 
(enemies of course) then continue along the path. There are a lot of 
Uruk-Hai rushing at you, and you have 2 options. 1- Run towards them and 
take them out with your sword and avoid hitting the cart of explosives. 
2- Just wait until they are even with the cart and then shoot the cart 
to make them all explode. The first one gets you more experience points 
but the second option is cooler looking. It doesn't matter which one you 
choose just as long as they all are dead. Then after the big group there 
are a few enemies blocking your path, one is an archer, there is also a 
cart next to the archer that you can shoot. 

Start walking over that small stream and then the Uruk-Hai with bombs on 
there back come in. There are 3 of them, just stay away from them, DO 
then shoot them and they will blow up. Run down that small hill and 
there will be different types of Uruk-Hai that will attack you when you 
get down there so be ready. After you get down there watch out for the 
Uruk-Hai with explosives because they will sneak up on you and blow up 
right in your face, they will start coming at you after you start 
fighting at the bottom of that hill. Shoot the carts with explosives, 

Run through the gate and you'll see a cutscene. There will be an enemy 
in front of you after the cutscene. Shoot the carts that are in front of 
you just be far enough away from the explosion. Run down and kill the 
people that are remaining. Go through the gates and shoot the carts and 
a lot of Uruk-Hai with explosives are going to attack you. They pause 
for one second on top of that hill, and that is when you want to shoot 
them because it will have a chain reaction that will blow up a few 
others behind him too. At that time run up and over the hill and join 
the Rohan warriors and kill all of the Uruk-Hai. Shoot the carts and 
small bombs before you hit them with your sword.

Break through the cart and there will be a cutscene. Shoot the carts 
directly in front of you. There will be Uruk-Hai's with explosives 
coming from the left that go through the water. Shoot them before they 
reach you, when you go into the water many orcs will pop up and try to 
kill you before getting to the other side. You just have to kill them 
but watch out for the exploding Uruk-Hai. Once they are all dead run 
across to the other side, kill the archers and orcs and then shoot one 
cart to finish off the level.

- Gap of Rohan

Watch the movie and cutscene and you'll see the wolves/Wargs. I like to 
call them Wargs and I am almost positive that they are supposed to be 
goblins on Wargs instead of orcs on wolves but either way I'll just 
refer to them as wolves. You have to fight 3 of them in the begginning, 
they aren't too hard just yet so when one charges at you, just run to 
the right/left when they charge at you until they stop, then run up to 
them and hit Triangle or combos a few times to kill one. Do the same for 
the other 2. After the fight run around the place and smash the barrels 
for experience points. When your done run to the fiery house and smash 
through it for the boss fight.

BOSS- "The Wolves of Isengard"
There will be a cutscene where the dude, on what I thought was a Warg, 
will yell something to do with "the wolves of Isengard." So there you 
are, put in a circle and 2 wolves are facing you. Remember the strategy 
from the previous ones. Run to the right/left until they stop, then just 
unleash on them. After you kill these 2, more come but they are archers 
so be careful of their arrows but basically use the same strategy, you 
can also run then shoot arrows, run shoot arrows. Once these are dead, 
be ready for the head honcho, the whole enchalada(sp? lol). Well you 
cant use the same strategy as the less important wolves so you have to 
find his weakness. He does a simple routine which I think remains the 
same throughout the fight but I could be wrong. He basically does 
this... Runs over you to start off the fight, then tries to run over you 
twice, gets up on hind legs, runs over you twice, gets up on hind legs, 
and so on and so forth. That is what I have dealt with but I haven't had 
a really long battle with him yet. The only time you can hurt him is 
when he is on his hind legs so that is when you pull out everything and 
hit him as many times as you can before he comes down again. Whenever he 
tries to run over you keep tapping R1 to parry and he will knock you 
over without taking any health. Watch out after he gets up on his hind 
legs a few times a less powerful wolf will come and distract your 
attention, just use the basic wolve strategy (run right/left, attack). 
Keep on parrying then attacking when its up on its hind legs and you win 
after a while.

- Helm's Deep: The Deeping Wall

Movie and cutscene and you need these because these next 3 missions are 
incredibly difficult. Now let me explain how this level works. There are 
3 basic sections, Right, Middle, and Left as I like to call them. The 
orcs put up at most 3 ladders in the Right section, 3 in the Middle, and 
2 in the Left. Obviously the Left section is your least priority. This 
mission, all I focus on is knocking down the ladders, killing orcs/Uruk-
Hai are second in my mind for this reason, if they don't have ladders up 
they can't come onto the wall. Use O to knock down the ladders. This 
level was easiest (for me) with Legolas and hardest with Gimli. It is 
helpful to look up at the top right of the screen to see the red dots 
(which represent the ladders) to see where you have to go.

Remember, ladders are your main target, killing enemies is just a bonus. 
You start in the Right section, knock down the ladder in front of you 
then run to the left section and knock down those ladders. By the time 
your done with that the middle section should have some ladders up, if 
not wait in the middle section and kill any orcs that confront you. It 
is always helpful to know which ladders just got put up, because the 
ones that have been up for a little while, tend to have more enemies on 
it. So go for the old ones first then the new ones.

From here on in it's pretty much up to you because there is no definite 
order that the ladders go up, eventually you will get a cutscene and the 
orcs have mustered up some archers. When you see the arrows in the sky 
either don't even pay attention to them (only if there are a ton of 
ladders up) or run all the way to the back and you shouldn't be hit 
(only if there are barely any ladders up). Just keep on kicking and if 
one area gets too crowded quickly take care of some orcs but never 
wander in one area too long.

After kicking and fighting for a while another cutscene will come up, 
this is where they start flinging huge rocks that are on fire. You might 
not want to be hit by these because they take a large chunk out of your 
health. So try to avoid these if possible, and keep on kicking and 
referring to the top right corner of the screen to see where you should 
go next. After a while, another cutscene will come and you'll finally 
have beaten the level. Easier said than done eh? Don't worry if you die, 
just try and try again. It seemed like I died a million more times in 
the last 3 Helm's Deep levels than I did the whole game. Just stick with 
it, you'll find yourself relieved after you beat it. 

- Helm's Deep: Breached Wall

Yet another extremely tough level and again the mosters just never stop 
coming. Enjoy this movie and cutscene whilst it lasts. For this level 
you are trying to defend this door so that it doesn't break and ipen up 
for the enemy to get through. For this level, never let those Uruk-Hai 
with explosives on their backs get even close to the door. And whenever 
people get by you, kill them as quick as you can. 

Alright then, lets begin. You start off with a ton of those exploding 
Uruk-Hai's coming at you, just shoot arrows/axes at them and they'll 
blow up. You may want to let one or two come close enough so that you 
can replenish your arrows/axes. Never let them come too close though. 
They will attack you with a ton of waves of these monsters so beware. 
After a while, different orcs come run up a bit and ry to take out as 
many as you can. A few may try to fight you but the majority of those 
alive will go for the door. Run back and kill them off but watch out for 
the exploding Uruk-Hai because they just keep coming. Even more waves 
come, you may want to hold triangle and use your Fury attacks because 
these usually do major damage and you have plenty of time to get ready 
for them. Combos work well when you are facing shieldless enemies but 
the Fury attacks work best with the shielded ones. Each wave just keeps 
on getting tougher and tougher.

Some archers will come up and one of those tough orcs that you first 
encountered in Fangorn Forest. Take out as many archers as possible then 
take on the tough guy. Just use the same strategy (knock him down then 
R2 or let him knock you down, Rising attack R2). Then there will be a 
cutscene in which the enemies are rolling up a catapult just outside of 
the gate and they start to propel huge flaming rocks at the area you are 
in. After the cutscene, a cave troll will come up and those exploding 
Uruk-Hai keep on coming so be very careful, if the exploders get too 
close shoot them, use that same strategy as the last cave trolls you 
have fought (Hit it, run/L2 away, hit it, run/L2 away and so on.) When 
he's dead there will be another cutscene.

Now the catapult is actually inside the gate and hurling stones at the 
gate. An orc will run at you, R1 to block him then knock him down and 
kill him, or just combo him. Now run up and all the orcs with shields 
will attack you, the Fury attack will help you a lot. Once these are all 
dead take out all the archers on the left, then run to the left side of 
the catapult. Kill the guy guarding that side then demolish that wooden 
barrier on the side of it, with your fastest and strongest attacks. Then 
when you broke this kill the rest of the archers (unless the gate is 
almost about to break) then kill the guys guarding the last 2 parts of 
the catapult. I found a way to situate my self in between both pieces of 
wood and hit them both at once. If you can't do that don't take up too 
much time trying. Just crush them individually and the catapult will 
break apart and you will be done this level.

- Helm's Deep: Hornburg Courtyard

Now this is the last mission that you have to play and in my opinion is 
the toughest. You have to protect another gate and you get hailed with 
even more orcs and Uruk-Hai and whatnot. After a movie and a short 
cutscene you'll be thrown right into battle. Now, the only thing I 
worried about is the people actually attacking the door. A bunch of orcs 
will be around the door but usually only a few of them are attacking it. 
Key on these people and kill them, of course you would want to kill a 
few here and there on your way but watch out if you get tangled up you 
might let the door get hit too much. So when you have a chance use your 
combos, however there are a lot of enemies with shields in this level so 
a lot of them won't work. Don't take the time to kill individual 
enemies, use the combos that have more of a chance of killing/knocking 
down a few enemies. Your Fury attacks (hold triangle) work very well 
when there is a big group of enemies and no one is attacking the wall.

After fighting at the door for a while the character that your not 
playing as (either Legolas or Aragorn) will ask for your help. At that 
time run to the stairs and go all the way down, don't even touch an orc, 
try to get there as fast as possible then kill those enemies as fast as 
possible. When they're dead run back down to the door, be careful once 
you get to the middle part of the wall watch out for the fireball that 
hits that section. There will be a cutscene before you even reach the 
stairs. (NOTE- whenever I did this I held down the left analog stick to 
the right, the way I was running, before the sequence was done and when 
I got control again my character was running left. I just wanted to 
point out that this may be a glitch in my game I don't know but it takes 
away from a few seconds, more if you get into a fight so be careful.) 

Go help your partner at the gate again and keep with the keying on an 
enemy that is actually attacking the door. This way you won't give up 
too much damage. This part you have to listen carefully because there is 
no cutscene but Gimli/maybe Aragorn yells "Archers on the wall." At this 
time run as fast as you can up the stairs and shoot the archers, they 
are all the way down to the left to get them all, I believe there are 
about 6 or 7. Try not to get into a fight with any enemy on this, your 
main priorit is to kill the archers and to get down to the door as fast 
as possible.

After these archers are dead get back down to the door and key on those 
attacking the door, and combo whenever there aren't any enemies with 
shields around. Be careful, it seems as if the tougher enemies come in 
this part of the battle. After what seems to be a very long time, 2 cave 
trolls will come. Now forget everything I told you about protecting the 
door and attack these cave trolls with all your might. Make sure to 
attack the one that is actually hitting the door because they do A LOT 
of damage to it. I didn't even bother with the old strategy (run up hit 
it, run away/L2 etc...) This time I just went all out and even if they 
knocked me down I kept on attacking it, because if you die here you have 
to start it all over. After you kill these two all I have to say to you 
is congratulations because you beat the game. Watch the cutscene then 
the cool movies and enjoy. Now you can access the secret level, the 
Tower of Orthanc with the secret character Isildur. 

VI. Secrets

Well this last section is just a guide on the Secre level the Tower of 
Orthanc which is available once you complete the game. I am only putting 
one strategy because I used the same strategy for all the characters. I 
hope this helps.

- Tower of Orthanc

There is a short cutscene and then you are engulfed in a circular arena 
in which you will face different monsters for 20 levels. Sounds like fun 
eh? The basic setup will be the floor level, the enemies, and a simple 
but effective strategy.

Floor 1- 5 Shield less Uruk-Hai - This is simple, just use some big 
combos and deal with them like you dealt with them throughout the game.

Floor 2- 3 Uruk-Hai with shields, 2 shield less Uruk-Hai - Break the 
shields first using a fierce/devastating attack, then just use combos or 
whatever proves the most effective.

Floor 3- 4 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai, 2 shield less Uruk-Hai - Just use 
combos galore here, there are none with shields to parry you so just use 
the most powerful combos you have.

Floor 4- 3 Uruk-Hai with shields, 3 shield less - This is like Floor 2 
but one more Uruk-Hai, so just break the shields first then use combos.

Floor 5- 3 Uruk-Hai with shields, 3 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai - Attack the 
Dual Knived Uruk-Hai first then go after the ones with shields.

Cutscene- Now you have to worry about archers so watch out.

Floor 6- 8 Archers - Run around avoiding the arrows, then stop every now 
and then and shoot arrows at them then parry the ones coming at you and 
shoot some more.

Floor 7- 4 Archers, 2 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai, 2 shield less Uruk-Hai - 
Shoot as many archers as you can first then kill the Dual Knived ones 
next, kill the rest of the archers then kill the rest of the Uruk-Hai.

Floor 8- 3 Archers, 4 Uruk-Hai with shields - Kill the archers first, 
then break the shields of the rest and kill them with combos.

Floor 9- 4 Archers, 2 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai, 2 Uruk-Hai with shields - 
Kill the archers then the dual knived Uruk-Hai, then the ones with 

Floor 10- 2 Archers, 5 Uruk-Hai - Watch out the archers throw bombs at 
you, combo to kill a big group of Uruk-Hai then kill the archers then 
kill the rest.

Floor 11- 8 Archers - 2 Archers run up closer to you, just keep shooting 
and running then every now and then use your parry to block then shoot. 
Run in a circular pattern but never straight at an archer.

Floor 12- 2 Archers, 4 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai, 2 Uruk-Hai - Kill the Dual 
knives then kill the archers then attack the Uruk-Hai.

Floor 13- 4 Archers, 4 Uruk-Hai - Kill the 2 Archers first then combo 
the Uruk-Hai, and then kill the other 2 Archers.

Floor 14- 2 Archers, 2 Uruk-Hai with shields, 4 Uruk-Hai - First attack 
the archers then break the shield and the rest just combos will do.

Floor 15- 4 Archers, Cave Troll- Run away from the cave troll then shoot 
the archers once you killed the archers just use regular cave troll 
tactics, Triangle,L2,Triangle,L2, etc...   

Floor 16- 2 Archers, 2 Powerful Uruk-Hai - Kill the 2 archers then  use 
your rising attack on the powerful ones or run away and shoot arrows at 

Floor 17- 4 Archers, 2 Powerful Uruk-Hai, 2 Uruk-Hai - Kill the 4 
archers then go after the 2 regular Uruk-Hai then use your rising attack 
on the powerful ones or run away and shoot arrows at them.

Floor 18- 4 Archers, Cave Troll, Powerful Uruk-Hai - Run around shoot 
all archers and the powerful Uruk-Hai then take on cave troll using 
previous methods.

Floor 19- 2 Archers, 2 Cave Troll, 2 Dual Knived Uruk-Hai - Run and 
shoot archers, then take of the dual knived Uruk-Hai then take one cave 
troll at a time.

Floor 20- 3 Archers, 2 Uruk-Hai with shields, 3 Cave Trolls - Run and 
shoot the archers, break the shields of the 2 Uruk-Hai then run and 
shoot them also, then run and draw one cave troll away from the others 
and take them on one at a time.

Enjoy the cutscene and happy trails you've just completed the secret 

VII. Credits

Well I'd like to thank everybody for e-mailing me with your comments and 
questions I hope this has helped you complete the game. I look forward 
to providing new FAQ's in the future and I am still taking 
e-mails if you have anything else to say. Thanks again and I hope you 
liked this. My name is Jay "Clallzidus" Thomas and happy trails.