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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
How to Get Perfects guide, v1.3 (1/05/2005)
by Dammit9x
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I)    Introduction
II)   The Skill Meter and Kill Ratings
III)  Going Blue and Perfect Kills
IV)   Perfect Ratings
V)    Character Comparison
VI)   Buying Guide
VII)  General Combat Tips
   i)  Not Getting Your Ass Hit
  ii)  Breaking Shields
 iii)  Rounding up Gauge-fodder
  iv)  Avoiding Combat and Preventing Poor Kills
   v)  Banes vs. Combos
  vi)  Boot Them Off
 vii)  Killing Dead Enemies
viii)  The Secret Codes
VIII) Enemy Guide
IX)   A Perfectionist's Approach for Each Mission
X)    Closing

I) Introduction
    The purpose of this guide is to help you get Perfect ratings on each level 
with all characters. Two levels (missions 1-2) with 1 character plus 11 levels 
(missions 3-12 and the secret mission) with 4 characters comes out to a 
maximum of 46 Perfects. You get no reward for all Perfects, other than your 
personal satisfaction. It is possible; I have done it personally.
    This guide assumes that you have some familiarity with the game "Lord of 
the Rings: the Two Towers"; You know how to play and how to clear levels.

II) The Skill Meter and Kill Ratings
    Your skill meter is the circular gauge in the bottom left of the screen, 
near the vertical experience meter. Your skill meter increases with every hit 
you land; the amount of increase doesn't depend on the damage dealt, but on 
what kind of blow you landed. However, your meter decreases gradually and is 
practically emptied if you get hit.

Hit                              Meter increase
Fury/Rage/Wrath; rising attack   nothing
successfuly parry                slight
missile; swift; kick/shove       small    ~1/8
fierce                           moderate ~1/4
money shot; killing blow (R2)    large    ~1/3
Bane                             set to ~1/2 depending on length of animation

    If an attack hits two enemies, you get a double bonus to your meter, and 
so on. The "money shot" is the last swing of any 3- or 4-hit combo and is 
easily recognizable by the flash of light and smashing noise.

    You get a rating for every enemy killed (Fair, Good, Excellent or Perfect) 
depending on how high your skill meter is when the enemy died. You don't get 
credit for enemies killed by other enemies (i.e., trolls), but you do get 
credit for those killed by archer firebombs.

Meter level                      Rating
<1/4                             Fair
>1/4, <1/2                       Good
>1/2, <full                      Excellent
full or blue                     Perfect

III) Going Blue and Perfect Kills
    If your gauge fills completely, you will "go blue": your weapon glows blue 
and you do double damage with every attack. Any enemy killed while you are 
blue is a Perfect kill. To get a lot of Perfects you need to be good at going 
blue, which means landing blows, especially money shots, in rapid succession 
and not getting hit. You also need to be good at killing enemies rapidly once 
blue because the blue state wears off in about 10 seconds. An efficient way to 
spend your precious blue time is to use your missile weapon, because a shot 
from a fully upgraded missile will kill most enemies in one hit. Banes are 
also good, but some of them take up a lot of time. Another effective method, 
although time consuming, is to charge up fury/rage/wrath attacks once blue and 
let them come to you.
    It is important to not get hit once you are blue because getting up wastes 
several seconds; the enemies will not just roll over and let you Perfect them. 
See the section on defense below.

IV) Perfect Ratings
    At the end of every level you are shown a histogram of kills vs. kill 
rating and you get a rating for your overall performance. My theory 
(unverified) is that the rating is dependent on the relative numbers of kills; 
if the number of Perfects is at least half that of the mode (the most abundant 
kill rating, usually Good) then you get a Perfect for the level. For example, 
if you got 10 Perfect and 20 Good, you should get a Perfect overall rating. 
But if you got 10 Perfect and 50 Good, you will only get a Good overall 
rating. Therefore you should try to maximize Perfect kills and minimize non-
Perfect kills. Sometimes this means avoiding combat.

V) Character Comparison
    The following is a breakdown of each character's strengths and weaknesses, 
assuming full upgrades.

               Aragorn  Legolas  Gimli
Weapon power   B        C        A
Weapon speed   A        B        B
Weapon range   A        B        C
Missile power  B        A        B
Missile ROF    B        A        C
Health         B        C        A

    Here you can see that Aragorn is the best of the three for filling up the 
gauge because of the range and speed of his sword. On the other hand, Legolas 
can do more damage once he is blue because of his fast bow. Gimli's strengths, 
however, are not very useful for getting perfects; enemies tend to die with 
only one or two hits and when he does go blue he has difficulty getting kills 
with his throwing axe. The extra health is pretty worthless. Gimli is the most 
difficult character to get Perfects with.

VI) Buying Guide
    The following is my recommendation for the basic order in which you should 
buy upgrades.

Lvl   Name of purchase         Cost

 More important:
2     Swift Terror combo       5000
4     Death Charge combo       5000
8     Judgement combo          5000
4-8   Banes                    4000-8000
2-8   Missile upgrades         4000-10000

 Less important:
2     Death Rush combo         5000
4     Gambit combo             5000
6     Deliverance combo        5000
2     Rush Attack              3000
4     Charge Attack            4000
2-4   Rising Attack            4000-8000
2-8   Fury/Rage/Wrath attacks  2000-6000    
2-8   Health upgrades          10000

 Save till end:
6     Master Swordsman         10000
8     Axe Mastery of Kings     10000

    The Swift Terror, Death Charge and Judgement combos are important because 
they allow you to do money shots on shielded enemies; without them you are 
limited to attacks that are not as effective at raising the gauge. The Banes 
are important because they allow you to fight back when surrounded. Although 
they are not very useful for going blue, they are a reliable way to get 
Perfects once you are blue.
    The Master Swordsman (Aragorn) and Axe Mastery (Gimli) upgrades are 
counterproductive for getting Perfect ratings because they cause enemies to 
die in fewer hits, so it's harder to fill up the gauge. These should be 
avoided until you have gotten satisfactory ratings on every level with the 
character in question. In contrast, the analagous upgrade for Legolas, Bow 
Mastery, is very helpful because it makes it easier to kill once you are blue.

VII) General Combat Tips
i) Not Getting Your Ass Hit
    The enemies aren't going to just let you kill them. In order to fill your 
gauge, you need to avoid getting hit, and they will be trying to hit you. 
Generally you should be ready to defend yourself any time you complete a combo 
or a Bane. Running away doesn't work against melee enemies, because they can 
and will leap all the way across the screen to hit you in the back.
    The block, S or R1, is effective at avoiding most attacks. You defend 
yourself for about half a second after you push the button. Or you can mash on 
the button and be immune to melee and missile attacks, then just wait for an 
opportunity to counterattack. Attackers will be stunned and open to 
counterattack when you successfully block. It works even with your back turned, 
and one press of the button can deflect more than one hit if they come at the 
same time. It does not work against troll clubs/chains, warg charges, and the 
"throws" that spear and axe orcs sometimes use.
    The backdash, L2, is good if you want to use your missile weapon against 
an oncoming enemy (shoot, backdash, repeat) and it is very useful when 
fighting trolls. The backdash is also very useful when you knock down a group 
of enemies with a money shot; you can back up and do another 3-hitter while 
they're getting up without worrying about moving too far forward.
    The neutral weapon hit occurs when you and a melee enemy attack at the 
same time. There is a flash of light similar to the block, except both you and 
the attacker will be stunned and your combo will be cut short. It is an 
unreliable method of defense; if you can't get a combo out without this 
happening it's time to use your Banes.

ii) Breaking shields
    About half of the enemies you fight carry shields; your combat options are 
limited when attacking them. Missiles are blocked, the kick/shove (O) doesn't 
work, and whenever you strike a shield with an X attack you will be stunned 
and your combo will abort. Avoid using combos with more than one X attack 
against shields; instead concentrate on shield-breaking combos and make sure 
any X attacks are out of range. (For example, if using the Death Charge combo, 
start it at such a distance that your X will come up short but the second two 
hits will connect.) However, you may hit shielded a opponent with X, O, or a 
missile if his back is turned. Note that the Money Shot of any combo will 
knock down opponents, even if it doesn't break their shield; a somewhat 
effective way to kill shielded enemies is to knock them down then finish them 
with R2. Also note that the Banes will kill an attacker without having to 
break his shield.

The * designates a blow that can break a shield. Note that the War Rush and 
Judgement combos have more than one shield-breaking hit.

Lvl   Attack                  Entry

1     Double Hack             T  T*
2     Rush Attack             X  O*
4     Charge Attack           X  O*
1     Powered-up missile      L1+X* (hold, release)
2-8   Fury/Rage/Wrath attack  T*    (hold, release)
2-4   Rising Attack           X*
2     Swift Terror combo      X  X  T*
2     Death Charge combo      X  O* R2
4     War Rush combo          X  O* T*
4     Gambit combo            X  T* X  X
6     Deliverance combo       T  X  X  T*
8     Judgement combo         T  T* O* T*

iii) Rounding up Gauge-fodder
    A problem you will frequently encounter is that there aren't enough 
enemies around to fill up the gauge. If everything goes smoothly you need at 
least two, and typically things don't go smoothly. Somtimes you can make up 
for this if you keep running through the level, getting enemies to follow you. 
When you have enough, turn around and attack. An example of this is the Gates 
of Moria. For the first half of the level you are attacked by groups of only 3 
or so goblins at a time. If you avoid killing them you can round up groups of 
6 or more, which makes it much easier to go blue. And when this happens, there 
will be enemies readily available to get Perfects from.

iv) Avoiding Combat and Preventing Poor Kills
    Sometimes there's no way to kill an enemy and get anything better than a 
Fair or Good. For example, archers and suicide bombers die too easily to get 
much out of them. If you want to avoid adulterating your Perfects, just run 
away from the archers and bait the bombers into blowing themselves up. 
Reducing the number of Good kills (without increasing Perfect kills) can make 
the difference between a Good and Perfect rating.
    Another way to approach this problem is if you can't get a Perfect, at 
least try to get something other than Good. If you think you are getting too 
many Good kills, change your tactics to get Excellents (use Banes) or Fairs 
(use Fury/Rage/Wrath).

v) Banes vs. Combos
    Banes instantly kill an attacking goblin, orc or uruk-hai. Block with S or 
L1, then hit X+R2. You have to be facing your opponent, and it doesn't work on 
archers of course. You usually get an Excellent kill, but Banes aren't a good 
way to build up the gauge because while the animation is going on your meter 
is going down. A Bane followed by a combo is sometimes enough to go blue. The 
most important use for Banes is crowd control, reducing the attackers to a 
more manageable number (less than 4) so that you can do your combos 
effectively. You can also use Banes while blue to get an easy Perfect, but 
again, the animation takes up valuable time.
    Combos are your only practical method of going blue. The best combos for 
this purpose are the 3-hitters, especially Swift Terror and Death Charge, 
because the money shot ratio is 1:3 instead of 1:4. If there are one or two 
enemies, use a 3-hit combo; with three or more use a 4-hitter. A money shot 
that hits two enemies at once will almost certainly get you blue. However, if 
you try to keep doing the Swift Terror over and over again you are going to 
get hit; you need to keep an eye out for attacks between your combos. If there 
are too many attackers, use your Banes. Note that you can change the direction 
of your facing as you attack; sometimes it is necessary to turn around to 
ensure that the money shot hits somebody.

vi) Boot Them Off
    In some levels, notably the Gates of Moria, the Deeping Wall, and the 
Tower of Orthanc, you can shove enemies off edges for an Excellent kill. This 
is a good segueway into a combo to go blue quickly.

vii) Killing Dead Enemies
    Another trick that you will exploit without usually realizing it is that 
hitting a dead enemy raises your gauge. When you kill an enemy and its body is 
fading away, hitting it with, for example, a Swift Terror money shot will give 
you a partial gauge bonus even though he is already dead. While a single 
corpse doesn't stay around long enough to let you go blue, hitting a corpse 
while you're in the middle of a battle can help bring you up, which is why you 
should try to get your enemies in a cluster or a single file line, rather than 
letting them surround you.

viii) The Secret Codes
    You may know that when you clear the last level with the secret character 
you get access to the secret codes, which can be entered at any time by 
pausing and holding L1+L2+R1+R2 and entering the appropriate 4-button 
sequence. The secret codes cannot be used until you clear the last level, 
though there are some actual cheat codes (which I will not list here) that can 
be used at any time.

Secret Code            Entry
All Upgrades           T O T O
Always Devastating     S S O O
Invulnerability        T S X O
Small Enemies          T T X X
Slow Motion            T O X S
Unlimited Missiles     S O X T

    As it turns out, none of them are useful for going blue or getting 
Perfects. There is no code that increases the gauge bonus for each hit, or 
extends the blue period, or even prevents you from getting knocked down. The 
Always Devastating code makes your weapon glow blue and do double damage, but 
the kills don't actually count as Perfect.

VIII) Enemy Guide
    The ordinary enemies are covered here, while the bosses are covered in the 

Goblins: small, squat, squeaky, easily killed, and not very aggressive. They 
die so easily that they are hard to go blue with. Therefore, you should try to 
round several of them up before taking them down (e.g., Gates of Moria).

Armored Goblins: same as goblins but they have helmets and shields. You must 
use shield breaking attacks; they are difficult to deal with until you get the 
Death Charge combo. The Goblin Banes are actually harder to use than the other 
Banes because goblins don't attack much.

Spear & Shield Orcs: not as aggressive as the axe-wielders, but more dangerous 
than goblins. By the time you fight orcs you should have some decent shield-
killing combos. Occasionally these orcs will do a throw that can't be blocked.

Double-axe Orcs: more dangerous than they look. Once they start spinning with 
their axes they keep going, even if you hit them first. You have to block (or 
land a killing blow) to get them to stop. In general you should block-
counterattack rather than attacking first. These orcs also do an unblockable 
throw sometimes.

Orc Archers: they stand still and shoot flaming arrows. The arrows may hit 
other enemies. You can avoid the arrows if you keep running around, but if you 
want to do combos you need to get rid of them first. Sometimes they stand in 
places you can only reach with your missile (Mines of Moria, Amon Hen). 
Shooting back is a problem if there are several of them around; just keep 
blocking and moving and look for an opening. Archers are easy Perfects if you 
manage to go blue right before encountering them; otherwise the best you 
usually get is Good.

Uruk-hai Grunts: tall, aggressive, and carry huge swords and make huge 
baseball swings. Defend then counterattack with a 3-combo, or use Banes if 
crowded. Uruks are great for going blue because they can take a lot of damage; 
however, they sometimes need more than one hit from a blue weapon to die. 
There are two varieties, brown- and black-skinned, and they are practically 
the same.

Uruk-hai archers: they stand still and shoot crossbows. Deal with them the 
same as orc archers. Sometimes they toss out a little gray firebomb. Don't 
stick around for the fire to come out.

Uruk-hai Berserkers: extremely aggressive, carry swords, wear white masks and 
have a simian stance. These guys need your full attention to kill. They make 
two big swings and, like the orc axemen, they will keep going even if you hit 
them in mid-swing. Between their attacks they block any attack you throw at 
them unless you are counterattacking after a block. If you manage to knock 
them down with a money shot you can finish them with R2; otherwise they will 
get up with a swing so watch out. Just use the Bane of Saruman if you have it.

Uruk-hai Suicide Bombers: they carry barrels of explosives on their backs and 
blow up if they take any damage. Use your missile. Usually any kill you get on 
them will be Fair. You can bait them into killing themselves (and avoid the 
Fair kill) by running close, then backing off. You may take a little damage 
from this because the blast radius is large. If they blow up right next to you 
it does tremendous damage, so don't let it happen. Any enemies within the 
blast radius will just fall over dead, with no kill credit, so try to pick off 
bombers while they are still far away if you don't want this to happen.

Trolls: swing huge clubs up close, throw logs from long distance. You cannot 
block the club. Dodge it, then hit with a fierce attack and backdash. They 
also do a throw, which not only hurts but leaves you at their feet for more 
punishment. They can only be hurt by missiles and fierce attacks. When you hit 
with a fierce attack they back up a little bit so the second hit of a double 
hack will miss. Fury/Rage/Wrath attacks can make these battles shorter: start 
charging up when you are just outside of club range; if you're too far they 
will throw logs. If you are very skilled you can get behind them while they 
are recovering from a swing, so that you can get in the full Judgement combo. 
This will turn you blue and score you a Perfect from the troll if you follow 
it up with a fierce. This is not always possible if quarters are tight.
  "Scott" writes the following:

"I tried Judgement but couldn't get it off even in the back, but before I got 
Judgement, I did figure out a way to get a perfect on Trolls every time.  Just 
keep using Death Charge and Back Dash as quickly as you can. The "charging" 
part of Death Charge seems to block the Troll's missile attack, and I was able 
to get a double-perfect on the final two Trolls of Fangorn Forest for a 
massive exp boost."

Warg Riders: goblins riding ugly wolves. They attack by running your down if 
you are at close-medium distance, or shoot arrows from long distance. They 
always start their charge from the top of the screen and move toward the 
bottom; it's not hard to dodge as long as you're not too close. Get behind 
them and quickly use a 3-hit combo while they are turning around. They should 
already moving when the money shot comes down; if you are Legolas or Gimli you 
need to track them with the money shot to make sure it hits.

IX) A Perfectionist's Approach for Each Mission
    This is not really a walkthrough. You can figure out yourself how to clear 
each level. These are tips to help you get Perfect ratings. The difficulties I 
have assigned are based on my own evaluation and are on a relative scale; even 
if you think that every level is easy you should agree that some are harder 
than others. My "Difficulty for Perfect" ratings are assuming you have all the 
upgrades; you can try without them but it's not always possible.
    Remember that once you clear a level and accept the rating you got, you 
can't replay it until you finish the last level (Orthanc with the secret 
character). Once you do this you can replay any level with any character. 
Therefore it's unnecessary to try to get Perfects on your first play through; 
do well enough to garner a decent amount of experience, then move on.
    I recommend playing all the way through with just one character (Aragorn 
or Legolas), then work on the others. Once all the levels have been made 
available by your primary character, you need not play them in order with your 
secondary characters; play the easier levels first.
    For the locations of the valuable experience boosts, see Jason Britton's 
FAQ on gamefaqs.

Mission 1: Prologue
Difficulty to clear: Easy      Difficulty for Perfect: Easy
    This would be better for first-time players if they let you see the combo 
list from the pause menu, like they do for every other level. First you fight 
unshielded enemies, then shielded. It's actually harder to go blue against the 
unshielded enemies (defend, then use Swift Terror or Death Charge), but there 
are enough shielded guys to make up for it. When they come out, just go crazy 
with the Judgement combo (TTCT) and you should easily go blue. From that point 
it's pretty easy. Be sure to buy Swift Terror after the level.

Mission 2: Weathertop
Difficulty to clear: Easy      Difficulty for Perfect: Easy
    You can only hit the Ringwraiths with a fierce attack, and your torch must 
be lit. If it goes out, swing at the fire. Block, Double hack, repeat. For an 
easy Perfect, come back when you've finished the game and have Judgement.

Mission 3: Gates Of Moria
Difficulty to clear: Easy      Difficulty for Perfect: Medium
    It's a little harder to get Perfects here, and whats worse is you have to 
sit through all the dumb cutscenes again if you want to retry. The trick is to 
get a line of goblins following you before you attack them. Run past the first 
group until the second group comes out, then turn around and attack to go 
blue. When the first cutscene comes up (Gimli and the goblin) keep right on 
going until the next cutscene, then take out the archers and turn your 
attention to the goblins. You should get a decent number of Perfects from 
these encounters. Try to keep combat to a minimum for the rest of the level 
and you should have it.
    As for the Watcher, walk up close, block his tentacles, chop one off, then 
shoot him in the head. Repeat.

Mission 4: Balin's Tomb
Difficulty to clear: Medium    Difficulty for Perfect: Easy
    You are going to get rushed by a lot of goblins. It's actually really hard 
to get Perfect on the first play through because you don't even have Death 
Charge to deal with all the shielded goblins. Once you have Death Charge or 
Judgement though, you'll see why these combos are so important.
    The boss troll is unusual in that you can easily get off both hits of the 
double hack without missing. After a few of these you will unfortunately have 
to finish him with your missile. You cannot block his chain attack. Try 
standing at the edge of one of the pillars as you shoot. If you are positioned 
right he will hit the pillar but you will hit him. After three hits the pillar 
will fall, so move on to the next. Once in awhile a goblin will come out and 
try to punk you while you are busy with the troll.

Mission 5: Amon Hen
Difficulty to clear: Medium    Difficulty for Perfect: Medium
    If this is your first play through you won't have the Bane of Saruman yet, 
which makes the first battle a little difficult. Remember that uruks are 
fairly aggressive so don't try to hit them outside of a counterattack (even if 
you're blue). When surrounded, guard and try to back off with the backdash, 
but don't run away or you'll just get hit in the back.
    As for the boss, guard and wait for an opening to hit him with your 
missile. After three or so, he will rush you. Get him to hit a statue and he 
will be stunned long enough to unload a 3- or 4-hit combo. He'll die after 
only two of these, so there are more than enough statues. Whenever an ordinary 
uruk pops out, deal with him first before turning to the boss (it's worth 
spending a statue for this).

Mission 6: Fangorn Forest
Difficulty to clear: Easy      Difficulty for Perfect: Medium
    This is a long level but not hard if you seize the three obvious 
opportunities to go blue: The first ambush at the beginning, the group of orcs 
after the cutscene at the camp (hope you brought Death Charge), and the group 
of goblins before the last two trolls. You may be able to go blue on the 
smaller groups as well.
    This level is nice because you have two checkpoints to go back to if you 
screw up: before the first troll and before the last two trolls.

Mission 7: Plains Of Rohan
Difficulty to clear: Easy      Difficulty for Perfect: Medium
    If you get game over on this level it's probably because you let too many 
villagers die, rather than getting killed yourself. Fortunately the villagers 
are a good distraction for the uruks, so you can land your combos more easily. 
(Really, who cares about the villagers? The important thing is your rating!)
There is a big battle at the beginning and at the end of the level; make sure 
you get enough Perfects from these two opportunities.

Mission 8: The Westfold
Difficulty to clear: Easy      Difficulty for Perfect: Hard
    There are two factors in this level that, taken individually, would make 
this a practically impossible Perfect: your idiot companion who's always 
getting in the way, and the suicide bombers. However, you can use them both to 
your advantage by getting your Perfect kills at the beginning and then just 
letting the Rohan captian and the bombers do all the killing for the rest of 
the level. The captain can't be killed.
    At the start, shoot an arrow at the barrels in front of you, then point 
slightly to the left and shoot those as well. It's important to go blue with 
the uruk-hai who then come running out; try to go blue again with the next 
group. If you got a reasonable number of Perfects from these two encounters, 
you should be able to keep out of most of the combat for the rest of the level 
and get a Perfect overall. Shoot barrels to kill all the enemies around them, 
and bait suicide bombers into killing themselves.

Mission 9: Gap of Rohan
Difficulty to clear: Medium    Difficulty for Perfect: Hard
    The key to this level is going blue on the first two wargs; this is your 
only opportunity to do so. At the start, one or both of the wargs will charge. 
Dodge and you shouldn't get hit; hopefully they both converged to the same 
point so you can hit them simulataneously. Run behind them, do a Death Charge 
and make sure the money shot hits. Repeat they both aren't dead yet. If you're 
unlucky your companions will kill the wargs first. If you managed to go blue, 
immediately smash the rubble and proceed to the boss (forget about the two 
experience boosts). After the lame scene, dodge the two wargs and shoot them 
dead. You must have upgraded missiles for this. Another warg should come down 
for a quick third Perfect kill.
    The boss alternates between charging two or three times then rearing up, 
and charging two or three times then calling another warg. The charges can be 
avoided by staying at the bottom of the screen (or you can just get hit by 
them if you want to stay near the top). When he rears up, make sure you're 
very close, then shoot with your missile and move in quickly for a fury/rage/
wrath attack (you only get to land one hit). Don't miss any opportunity to 
damage him or you'll have to fight another warg, which hurts your chances of 
getting Perfect.

Mission 10: Helm's Deep - The Deeping Wall
Difficulty to clear: Hard      Difficulty for Perfect: Medium
    The trick here is to focus on kicking the ladders and to avoid combat 
entirely until the end of the level. Find a pattern that deals with each 
ladder systematically. (I do right wall - left wall - center wall - repeat.) 
Refrain from fighting because while you are occupied more enemies will climb 
up the ladders and it will only make matters worse. Keep going with your 
ladder rounds until you see groups of three or more uruk-hai. This is your 
cue to get Perfects (you shouldn't need many). The level ends if you manage 
to survive long enough.

Mission 11: Helm's Deep - Breached Wall
Difficulty to clear: Medium    Difficulty for Perfect: Hard
    You will need to protect the gate from attackers for this level; some of 
them go for the gate, and some go for you. First you need to shoot down a lot 
of suicide bombers throughout the whole level. You will get a lot of Fairs 
from this, but it shouldn't matter because there are a lot of opportunites for 
Perfects. When orcs start rushing the gate, try to time a Death Charge so that 
the money shot hits some as they run by, then run back and finish the rest off 
as they are occupied with the gate. Between _every_ combo stop and shoot any 
bombers that are getting close, otherwise they will blow up in front of the 
gate, which not only hurts the gate and you, but kills the nearby enemies so 
that you miss out on the credit. Eventually some of the enemies will be 
gunning for you; deal with them quickly with Banes so that they don't 
interrupt your combos. You will also need to take down a line of archers and a 
troll; make sure not to let bombers slip by during this time.
    The catapult boss is defenseless if you take down all the enemies that 
come out with it. From that point just smash the three panels (front, left and 

Mission 12: Helm's Deep - Hornburg Courtyard
Difficulty to clear: Medium    Difficulty for Perfect: Easy
    This is the money shot of the whole game. Just use Judgement; that and the 
Banes are all you need. It's difficult to clear the level and not get a 
Perfect rating.
    After awhile your companion calls for help, run up and across the wall to 
help him, then go down and kill some more uruks. After some more time you will 
need to shoot the archers on the wall; there are 9 of them but you're not told 
when you got all of them. Make sure you got them, then go down and survive 
until the trolls come down. Since they ignore you and go for the barricade, 
you can kill them quickly with Judgement combos as long as you keep the other 
enemies off.

Secret mission: Tower of Orthanc
Difficulty to clear: Hard      Difficulty for Perfect: Hard
    Twenty groups of enemies on twenty floors, with no dropped powerups. You 
get a small health powerup and 5 missiles between floors. In order to make 
this mission available you need to clear Hornburg Courtyard and be at level 10 
with the character you want to play it with. You should have all the upgrades 
by now (except for the two I advised you to hold off on). 

Floor 1:  5 uruk-hai grunts
Floor 2:  2 uruk-hai grunts, 4 shielded orcs
Floor 3:  2 uruk-hai grunts, 4 double-axe arcs
Floor 4:  3 uruk-hai grunts, 3 shielded orcs
Floor 5:  3 uruk-hai grunts, 3 double-axe orcs
Floor 6:  8 orc archers
Floor 7:  2 uruk-hai grunts, 2 double-axe orcs, 4 orc archers
Floor 8:  4 shielded orcs, 4 orc archers
Floor 9:  2 shielded orcs, 2 double-axe orcs, 4 orc archers
Floor 10: 6 uruk-hai grunts, 2 uruk-hai archers
Floor 11: 8 orc archers with exploding arrows
Floor 12: 2 uruk-hai grunts, 4 double-axe orcs, 2 orc archers
Floor 13: 4 uruk-hai grunts, 4 orc archers
Floor 14: 4 uruk-hai grunts, 2 shielded orcs, 2 orc archers
Floor 15: 1 troll, 4 orc archers
Floor 16: 2 berserkers, 2 orc archers
Floor 17: 2 uruk-hai grunts, 2 berserkers, 4 orc archers
Floor 18: 1 berserker, 1 troll, 4 orc archers
Floor 19: 2 trolls, 2 double-axe orcs, 2 orc archers
Floor 20: 3 trolls, 2 shielded orcs, 2 orc archers

    You are pretty good if you can manage to go blue at the 15th floor or 
above. Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities on the lower floors for 
Perfects. The problem is that you're going to be surrounded often; when this 
happens it's hard to even use the Banes. Try drawing out the enemies into a 
more manageable arrangement with the backdash. If you can't do this it's still 
better to be cornered than surrounded.
    On floors that set you against unshielded enemies, you should start off by 
firing two missiles (three with Legolas) to get two easy kills, though you 
can't just run around and shoot if you want Perfect. You need to be good at 
crowd control with Banes, and parry-counterattack with combos. If you manage 
to go blue right at the end of one floor you should still be blue at the start 
of the next, which means that you can get a couple Perfects from arrows and 
another from a Bane. Remember that you can say hello to a shielded orc with a 
powered-up arrow to break the shield.
    When fighting more than one troll try to get one stuck behind the pillar; 
if you get surrounded by trolls you're pretty much dead. You can try baiting 
them into swinging so that they hit the other enemies or eachother. There is 
enough room to run around so that you can shoot them or get behind them for 
some rough Judgement lovin'.
    If you manage to finish all 20 floors, you are rewarded with a retarded 
cutscene and you get to do it all over again with the secret character.

X) Closing
Credit goes to Scott for the Death Charge trick against trolls.

    That's it. The rest of this document is entirely my own work. Any 
questions, comments, corrections or complaints should be addressed to 
the address below, with clear indication in the subject line that the 
email is concerning this FAQ.

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