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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i use GameShark cheats?

So im looking at some cheats on this website trying to beat Dark cloud 2.
than on one of the FAQs i see some "gameshark" cheats. it says you can get infite life, 99 medals a bunch of good stuff. but when i look at the code its some random stuff like 54j3nh432 hhkj34h or whatever. how do i use it in the game or is this just a joke that doesnt work at all. can someone tell me how it works?!?!

Additional details - 6 years ago

What i need to know
- does it work
-how do i use
-is it fake?
thanks to anyone who helps.

Additional details - 6 years ago

Ok thanks where can i buy it or how much is it if you know.

Accepted Answer

From: SScloud99 6 years ago

A GameShark is a 3rd party product that you can buy that will unlock all kinds of cheats for games. You put the GameShark CD into the PS2 and select which cheats you want or input codes for the cheats that aren't on the CD. Then eject the GameShark CD and put the game into the PS2. The game will then boot with the cheats you selected activated.

So to use those codes you saw in the FAQ you'll need to buy a GameShark for PS2.

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Many stores have it, I see them at every Wal-Mart in my town. And they cost about $20.

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54j3nh432 hhkj34h thats basically game code that the game shark modifies :) so yea its gibberesh to most people but to gameshark its small snack :P now they went up with the new release its about 30 dollars now where im at :)

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