Boss FAQ by _HUNK

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                      ..,,;;.  ;.
               =++=-.        . X ++
            ii=              i x  x x .
         .xx                 -  i x  =  -;
        +x                    = =  X x+-  +;
      .==                     ,. + -=  .+  -+
      ,=  .;,                  i        .i  .X,
     =+     . ,...  .     ..   .x        -=   .XX,    ;=+x=;;;-+
   .i,=, ;..,         ;,..      ;-       -i       ;,++.         =;
   i ,.  i  .  ..,,;,.    .....  x.       .+,;-==-;-             -;
  -. ,   i                        +         ;                     -,
 ,i=  -;X +     -   X              -;        ;=                    ,-
 +.i   += ,    ;- ,##             .  -=       .+,        ,          ,=
,- X   =   i   -  -#                   i        ;+,      +           ,-
-, --  +x  =x..,;,                .     x,        -+-    =            -
=   =  ;.+  ..    i               .      ==         ,+-   ;            x
+  ;.;  ; +  =  .  i-  .-         + =-    ,+          ;;+-.            .;
x    x  i  x  +     .;; =x..-=+   -=, +      -             ,=+           =
x. , -+ x   =- =  .           .  =    i     +=-              ,=--        =
 i  . + ;.   .x,-               i      i  +-  ,+.                ,==.     ;
 x,   .x =     ;xx       .     x       ,.-      -X                   --   = 
  i     ==       +i.     .    -;        =         =+                   ,,  -
  ix     x; .      ix=  .     i       i-,+          ==                   -. =
   X,  ; ,i  ,      .   .   .=         .,             ;,                   .,
    i  -  X+  .            -                       .,...==                  ;
    -= -   i,        .   X,..          '-.-    ,+=,       +X                 ,
     i ,    i        .   X   ,-;-       -    -=            ;,.    .          ;
     ,,      i       .  i         ,-.   ,  +i,                X ;;,==,     .:
      i      .;.       ,+            ++   =                  -.      .=.,-=
      i         .     .  i              x-                  -   ,,.--=+.:
      x-             .    +            ;=-x,              ;x;,..      -;
      ,=             .     =+         ,=,-;.,;.         ,=-           .
      -.        .       ..   ;x,    xi,,-  x . ,-=-;--,.             ;
      i         .   .   ,      =ix+=  X .-,= +                       ;
      i .                      i ,   ;; .     X                     .,
     ,i .              ;      .i  X  ,;i.-;., =                     -
     =+ .    . .       .      i   =.   ;  -  ii                    =
     ==            .  ,      ;i    x    i .  , =                  ;.
     i      .      - .      .i     i      -i=  +                 .+
    =-      ,     .. ,     ;=     -x    ;=   .ii                 +;
    i       =    .  .     x.      -,     i.- -,                  -,
    i       =    - ,     i       .,           X+,                ;i
   x       .;    - ,.   i        =       i-...  ;                 +-
   i      - ;    ,  .  i         x       ,  =. =x                  .i
   i     -       -    i         +        ii.   -+                   i.
  ;=    ;    -   +   x          ;           ;i,                      +
  +     =        ;  ;.        =x-        .=;   ,i-                    x;
                    ^^^ Monica, if no one can tell

			  	    Dark Cloud 2
				      Boss FAQ
				       FAQ #1

Table of Contents

I: Introduction
II: Boss List
 1. Linda
 2. Halloween
 3. P-3000
 4. Rainbow Butterfly
 5. Memo-Eater
 6. Gaspard
 7. Shingala
 8. Dr. Jaming
 9. Death Ark
 10. Gaspard
 11. Ultimate Gaspard
 12. Emperor Griffon
 13. Trentos
 14. Lapis Garter
 15. Sea Dragon
 16. Inferno
 17. Emperor Griffon
 18. Dark Element
 19. Metal Flotsam
 20. Dark Genie
III: Thanks

I: Introduction

	Hello, I'm _HUNK, and welcome to the Dark Cloud 2 Boss FAQ. This is 
currently my first one, but I'll try to sound as professional as possible. 
This will cover all bosses, including some optional bosses in the entirely 
extra chapter in the game. I haven't played the first Dark Cloud, but when I 
picked this one up, I was hooked. It's a great game, and since bosses are my 
favorite part of a game, I thought, "why not?", and I decided to make a Boss 
FAQ. Well, that's enough of me yapping, let's go to the FAQ!

II: Boss List

The format is:




Now onto the bosses...

Name: Linda
Location: Underground Channel (Room #4)
HP: 400
Attack: 13
Defense: 15

	You'll be in a tough situation when it's Max and Linda one on one. 
Start whacking it with the wrench. It won't deal any damage, but have not 
fear: help will soon arrive. Your Ridepod arrives, so hop in. This is the 
only way to hurt Linda, so stay in it at all times. The best way to hurt 
Linda is to get behind and smash her with the Ridepod fists. You should be 
able to get a couple of hits before she swings her trunk around. Dodge her 
attack by backing up, then repeat the process until the pachyderm is down for 
the count.

""SCOOP!"" Brave Little Linda
	In order to get this scoop, you must get a picture of Linda while 
stomping. Rush forward, and when she rears back, back up and take a picture 
of her stomping her feet on the ground. It's not too hard to get, but it may 
take a couple of tries if you're a beginner.

Name: Halloween
Location: Underground Channel (Room #7)
HP: 256
Attack: 20
Defense: 1

	This boss is somewhat easy, but really fun too. halloween shoots his 
nose off (weird...) and it exploes after a couple of seconds. Right after he 
shoots it at you and it hits the ground, pick it up and throw it back at the 
menacing machine. He'll fall, so close in and hit him with your wrench. If 
you're in a hurry, switch to the Ridepod to kill him much quicker. After a 
couple of hits, Halloween will get up and start attacking again. He shoots 
missiles at you, so easily dodge them. Sometimes Flotsam Balloons spawn on 
the battlefield. If you have a craving for ABS, kill the minor enemies, 
collect the ABS, and resume fighting the big guy. He will shoot off his nose 
again, so throw it back at him again and start attacking. Keep this up, and 
he will bite the dust.

""SCOOP!"" Clown Robo's Attack

	This scoop is pretty tough. You must take a picture of Halloween 
while it's firing a missile out of its eye. Stand far back, and when its eye 
opens up, quickly take out your camera and snap a shot before the missile 
fires and hits you. Just make sure you're quick enough, because if you get 
hit by the missile, you will have to try again and will have to risk dying.

Name: P-3000
Location: Train
HP: N/A (3 hits to defeat him)
Attack: N/A
Defense: N/A

	This guy is a weird boss. It doesn't really have any stats, because 
it doesn't even attack you, and no matter what, 3 bombs will kill P-3000. 
It's pretty easy too. The top meter on the screen (green) is the train's 
health. The bolltom one (yellow) is P-3000's health. You must stop the raging 
vehicle from destroying the train. If the train is destroyed, you lose. 
Cedric supplies you with enough bombs to take him out, but that doesn't mean 
you should take your time. Once you hit the car with one bomb, it will jump 
to the other side of the train. Keep chucking bombs at it, and if you hit it 
a second time, it will jump back to the other side. Hit it for a third time 
with a bomb to destroy it and save the train.

Name: Rainbow Butterfly
Location: Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Room #11)
Attack: N/A
Defense: N/A

	Yeah, another boss with no stats. This isn't even really a boss, but 
I added him in anyway. First, dodge the butterfly's beam attacks and orbs. 
Did you notice the tentables in the center of the flower? Well, hit all of 
them, and but big butterfly will split into 7 butterflies with each one 
representing the color of the rainbow. Now the tricky part is that you have 
to hit them in a certain order. The order to hit them is:
As soon as you hit one with Max's gun or Monica's magic, they automatically 
shoot you, so guard right after using your weapon. It's easier if you use the 
Ridepod, because you are moving as you are attacking. Once all 7 butterflies 
are hit in the correct order, you win the fight. You will recieve a Teal 
Envelope for the (easy) battle.

""SCOOP!"" Rainbow Butterfly United

	This one is a toughie. You must snap a picture of the big butterfly 
as soon as the little ones unite together. It's a quick process from when 
they unite to when the battle ends, so act very quick. If you happen to miss 
the shot, restart the battle. It wasn't too tough, so replaying the battle 
shouldn't kill you.

Name: Memo-Eater
Location: Starlight Canyon (Room #9)
HP: 450
Attack: 37
Defense: 30

	A giant tapir that spits poisonous liquid at you: HOW FUN! But 
really, this boss is just so cool, I love this guy! Too bad he's so easy. 
Just make sure to keep your distance. He has devastating short-range attacks, 
so stay away from him. He spits poison if you do keep your distance, but it's 
easy to dodge; just move left or right. Use your gun or magic to fend off the 
big guy. Ridepod also works well if you've spent time in upgrading it. He 
should go down pretty quickly without a problem.

""SCOOP!"" Phantom Memo-Eater

	This one is easy, as you just have to take a picture of the massive 
beast. No special pose or attack, so you can mess around with it and try to 
make your picture good. There shouldn't be a problem here.

Name: Gaspard
Location: Starlight Canyon (Room #14)
HP: 1500
Attack: 44
Defense: 25

	Despite Gaspard's high health, he isn't too hard. Once the battle 
starts, you will be in control of Monica. He likes to attack a lot, so guard 
a lot in this battle. Keep striking him when the time is right, and then 
guard right after. Gaspard can flip over you, so lock on and guard before he 
slashes you. Once you have dealt enough damage to Gaspard, you will control 
Max. Evil Flames will come forth and start hovering towards Lin, who is in 
the center of the arena. Kill the Evil Flames and make sure that they don't 
reach Lin, or she's dead and the game ends. Make sure you have enough time to 
take a picture of the snapshot of the battleship. Once you've defeated the 
flames, you will take control of Monica once again. As Monica, repeat the 
same strategy that you used before when you faced Gaspard. Guard, then hit 
him once or twice, then guard again. Keep hacking away until Gaspard is 

""SCOOP!"" Flying Battleship

	This is a one time picture, and since you are Max for a short time in 
the battle, don't forget about it. Once you take control of Max, pull out 
your camera and snap a photo of the ship that Monica is on, and do it quickly 
before the Evil Flames reach Lin.

Name: Shingala
Location: Ocean's Roar Cave (Room #9)
HP: 1000
Attack: 63
Defense: 0

	You don't really kill/defeat Shingala, but you just have to toss a 
fish in it's mouth. But not any normal fish: an ELECTRIFIED fish! Woooo!!! 
Yeah, it's easy too. Once you feed a fish in your aquarium with an electric 
worm, the fish becomes electrified. Keep away from the serpent. It swings 
it's neck around and tries to hit you, but if you're far enough away, it's 
not a problem. Shingala also sprays some type of mist at you. Easily dodge it 
and shoot it with your gun. Once Shingala is hit enough times, it will open 
its mouth. Once that happens, pick up the fish and throw it in Shingala's 
mouth to end the battle.

""SCOOP!" Puppet Shingala

	At some point of the battle, take a normal picture of Shingala being 
taken control of the head device. No special pose or anything, just a normal 
snapshot. Easy.

Name: Dr. Jaming
Location: Ocean's Roar Cave (Room #16)
HP: 280
Attack: 4
Defense: 0

	Whoah. Low health, low attack, and no defense? You're probably 
thinking that he's really easy, but well, he is. >_> The batlte is also 
pretty fun though. The catch is that you can't hurt him, but the Shigura can. 
Dr. Jaming hovers around in a vehicle high up in the air. There are 2 or 3 
controlled Shiguras on the arena, and they form a circle around you. As Dr. 
Jaming hovers around in a circle, the Shigura try to smash you with their 
head. If they hit or miss, their heads stay near the ground for a couple of 
seconds. If you hit the Shigura's head, it will spring up. The strategy for 
this battle is to time your hits, so when Dr. Jaming is right above the 
lowered Shigura, hit it's head, so it springs up and collides with the 
madman. Reuse this process of attack until jaming is finished.

""SCOOP!"" Dr. Jaming

	This is another easy scoop. As you are in the battle, aim your camera 
up and take a snapshot of Jaming. Just make sure to keep away from the 
Shigura so they don't attack you while you're trying to get a picture.

Name: Death Ark
Location: Mr. Gundor (Room #12)
HP: 6500
Attack: 6
Defense: 30

	This ship may look familiar to you; it's where you battled Gaspard in 
Chapter 3. Now you have to destroy his ship! The ship appears once you 
destroy the Fire Squall, and it immediately attacks you. This is a really 
easy battle though, that is, if you have been leveling up your Ridepod. If 
not, die and go train in the lower levels of the mountain. The Ridepod is the 
only thing that can deal damage to the Death Ark. make sure you have a 
projectile weapon equipped to your Ridepod, like the Nova Cannon. To easily 
defeat this boss, keep strafing left and right as you pummel it with Ridepod 
blasts. It may not even get a chance to hit you if you're dodging good 
enough. Once the ship is destroyed, you may proceed to the crater.

Name: Gaspard
Location: Mt. Gundor(Room #18)
HP: 2200
Attack: 68
Defense: 28

	Looks like Gaspard isn't too happy about you destroying his precious 
ship. Well, if he's dead, then he won't have any problems. That's where you 
come in. He uses the same strategies and techniques like the last battle, so 
it should be a cinch. If you tend to stray away from him, he launches 
fireballs at you. Dodge or use Monica's Absorb Blade to unleash mit back at 
Gaspard. Once he's defeated, he turns into a more powerful version. ZOMG 

Name: Ultimate Gaspard
Location: Mt. Gundor(Room #18)
HP: 3200
Attack: 81
Defense: 31

	Well, he's still pretty easy, even in his super demon form. All he 
does is throw fireballs at you and fly around. Easily dodge the projectiles 
or Absorb them into Monica's sword. When Gaspard lands, attack him full 
force, and if you want to end the battle quickly, use the Ridepod to deal 
more damage. It really hits him where it hurts. He should be defeated in no 

""SCOOP!"" Ultimate Gaspard

	Like the last 2 or so bosses, just easily take a picture of him. You 
can make it look cool or whatever. I got a shot of him shooting fireballs at 
me, but if you take my advice, be prepared to get hit. ^_^

Name: Emperor Griffon
Location: Moon Flower Palace (Foyer)
HP: 7800
Attack: 118
Defense: 22

	You'll be fighting the big man, Emperor Griffon himself. No worries 
though, he's not the boss of the game, but he is tougher than your previous 
boss battles. For his first attack, the emperor throws 6 roses at you. Dodge 
them, then counterattack with your left hand weapon. Max's wrench or Monica's 
sword isn't a good weapon to use, for Emperor Griffon moves very fast. He 
also has a power attack just like you. When he charges towards you and gets 
close, that's your sign to get out of there before he hits you. It's a 
devestating attack that will really hurt you if hit by it. You should do a 
lot of strafing in this battle, and the fight itself will take a bit longer 
than other battles. Keep on your toes and take the little dude out.

""SCOOP!"" Griffon's Real Face

	Anytime during your encounter with the emperor, take a picture of his 
face to get this one time scoop. Really easy.

Name: Trentos
Location: Rainbow Butterfly Wood (Star Path)
HP: 1400
Attack: 78
Defense: 60

	This guy is just like a Tore. You can fight it using the same tactics 
as you would with a normal Tore. idepod works really well against this 
massive treefolk, but he's more of a miniboss, as are the other guardians of 
the gems. You should take Trentos out rather quickly.

""SCOOP!"" Earth Gem Altar

	After the battle ends, take a picture of the altar that the Earth Gem 
sits upon before you pick it up.

Name: Lapis Garter
Location: Starlight Canyon (Star Path)
HP: 1600
Attack: 20
Defense: 1

	I must say, this guy is even easier then Trentos, which is pretty 
pitiful if you ask me. When it extends his fists, use a backflip to evade the 
attack, because you will take damage if you guard. You won't take damage if 
you guard against its spinning attack though. Use the Ridepod and stay away 
from the mechanical monster, and blast away until it's history.

""SCOOP!"" Wind Gem Altar

	Once the battle is over, take a snapshot of the stone altar that the 
gem rests on.

Name: Sea Dragon
Location: Ocean's Roar Cave (Star Path)
HP: 1800
Attack: 115
Defense: 60

	This guy is really annoying, as are the serpent that you faced in the 
previous levels here. It moves really quickly, so use the Ridepod and fast 
feet like the Buggy. If you use the Nova Cannon, blast it repeatedly until 
the slimy fiend perishes. 

""SCOOP!"" Water Gem Altar

	Easily take a picture of the Water Gem altar once the battle is over.

Name: Inferno
Location: Mr. Gundor (Star Path)
HP: 1800
Attack: 98
Defense: 64

	Inferno is actually the easiest, that is, if you like to be cheap. If 
you want to fight him normally, use the Ridepod and blast him to kingdom 
come. If you're a cheap bastard like me (proud of it), use a power attack. It 
will knock Inferno to the ground. Once he get's up, do it again. Keep using 
power attacks until he dies.

""SCOOP!"" Fire Gem Altar
	Take a picture of the final gem altar; the Fire Gem Altar. Take a 
photo and grab it, and head out to Moon Flower Palace.

Name: Emperor Griffon
Location: Moon Flower Palace (Room #20)
HP: 33000
Attack: 154
Defense: 24

	Yep, you read right; this guy has 33000 HP. That is a LOT OF HP! 
Thankfully, things are a little easier, as it's split into 3 phases. 
	In the first phase, Griffon floats around with the three atlamillia 
circling around him. When he flaps his wings, watch out, because he's going 
to flap a gust of wind at you. Just guard it, and wait until he stops. Start 
firing at him. Repeat the process until he lands and detatches his wings.
	The second form is the easiest out of the three. Move from side to 
side when he lunges at you. Don't block, because you'll be knocked down. When 
he lunges at you, that is the time to strike. Once you have the chance, 
attack with your gun/magic and let him have it. Sometimes he will fire magic 
at you which is hard to dodge. If you want to be really safe, just strafe 
with the Ridepod; it's much easier to dodge attacks in the vehicle. After 
dealing 11000 damage, the emperor transforms into his final form.
	As soon as the thrid phase starts, equip some Non-Stop Amulets, 
because he tends to inflict stop on your character. Block the projectiles and 
approach Griffon. As you get up to Griffon, he charges and unleashes a power 
attack. As he's charging up, run behind him and if you have enough time, use 
a power attack of your own. If not, use normal attacks from your 
wrench/sword. Run away from him, then repeat the process. He has a lot of HP, 
but this battle shouldn't really be much of a problem.

Name: Dark Element
Location: Moon Flower Palace (Tower)
HP: 6000
Attack: 147
Defense: 22

	You thought Griffon was the end battle, but that's where you were 
wrong. The mastermind of all evil, Dark Element, has a bone to pick with you. 
This is a timed battle where you only have 5 minutes to defeat the guy. If 
time runs out, you lose. It's that simple. Then again, that should be more 
than enough time to defeat him if you have been leveling up your weapons. 
Equip Anti-Petrify Amulets at the start so his bolts don't stone you 
(hehehehe). You can't hurt him at first, so avoid his attacks. If you stay at 
a distance, he fires homing magic at you. Stay up close. He attacks twice, 
then does a power attack. Guard the first two attacks, then backflip to avoid 
the big attack. Dark Element changes colors after that succesion. Once he 
changes color, that's your cue to attack him. Start bashing him with your 
right hand weapon. After the spirit takes damage, he enlarges himself and 
appears in the horizon. He unleashes a huge beam of energy, which you must 
dodge. Lock on to him and start charging up. If you release a power attack 
right when the beam is about to pass you, it will pass without hurting you. 
That's a little trick that coems in handy in this battle. He appears on the 
arena normal size again, and is invincible. Dodge the trio of attacks, and 
attack him when he changes color. Repeat this whole process until the the bad 
dude bites the dust. Watch the ending and enjoy the fact that you just beat 
the game!

(=)=(=)=(=)=(=)_Optional Bosses_(=)=(=)=(=)=(=)

Name: Metal Flotsam
Location: Zelmite Mine (Room #11)
HP: 16000
Attack: 145
Defense: 20

	Hopefully you remember this kooky clown from Chapter One. I'm sure 
you do. Well, now he's back and robotic! Flotsam can be taken out easily with 
the Ridepod, so I recommend using it. Flotsam drops bombs while hovering over 
you. If those bombs hit you, you're in for some serious damage. The good 
thing is that they're his only attack. He's pretty quick, so use the 
Propellar leg to match his speed. A good strategy for this battle is to 
quickly run away from Flotsam. While he's chasing you, blast him with the 
Ridepod, and when he gets too close for comfort, run the opposite direction 
and let him chase you again while pummeling him. Keep repeating this simple 
and somewhat cheap strategy to defeat him. Just make sure to take a picture 
of him before you take Flotsam out.

""SCOOP!"" Flotsam, Revived!

	Take a picture of the  new and improved Flotsam to get this simple 
scoop. Try to take a picture when you're far away so you aren't in any danger 
from his bombs.

Name: Dark Genie
Location: Zelmite Mine (Room #17)
HP: 20000
Attack: 145
Defense: 20

	You really should use Max for this battle. If you do, make sure that 
you need a strong wrench and sword for this battle. Keep your HP constantly 
high, because Dark Genie's attacks deal massive damage. He flies around and 
drops mini clones of himself down to attack you. Keep killing the little guys 
until the big one turns blue. Once he turns blue, use your gun to deal damage 
to him. You obviously can't use your wrench, because he's in the air. After 
you deal enough damage to Dark Genie, he will fire a beam ala Dark Element. 
Just like the battle with Dark Element, use a charged up power attack to 
avoid the beam. He will turn to his normal color and send his minature 
minions towards you again. Take them out with power shots, and when Dark 
Genie turns blue again, lay the Smackdown on him. Keep repeating this simple 
process until he bites the dust, and now the zelmite is all yours! Sit back, 
and watch the second ending to the game.

III: Thanks

I would like to thank:

CJayC: For making the site, duh!
Me: For making the FAQ.
You: For reading it.
Eternal Czar Smapdi: For being himself.