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Asked: 5 years ago

Can Sims have kids in this game?

I was just wondering but on the ps2 system can the sims have kids themselves?

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Yes. I'm not sure about in the "Play the Sims" mode because I haven't tried this out myself, but I think if you play/sleep in bed together a lot or if you play in the hot tub, they can eventually have a kid. Kids are a pain though! Wakin' me up at 3am and making me late for work! D< I was busy trying to get my husband abducted by aliens!!! Dang those little devils!

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Yes, I know 4 main ways.

1. If they play in the vibromatic heart bed when in a very good mood a message may sometimes come up and say should we have a baby? Select yes the it will appear in a cot and you will have the chance to name it.

2. Same thing in the hot tub that is shaped like a heart.

3. Sometimes if you get the two sims to kiss when in a happy mood the message will appear once again offering you to have a baby.

4 At some random times the adoption centre will call and offer you a baby to adopt.

But they can be real PAINS. Have one adult take the day off work one day and the other adult the next day. Even better if one of them doesn't have a job.

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I just kiss over and over and over (It gets a bit old sometimes but keep at it.) It works best when they do the "++" Kiss. After a while you get the message and TADA!!!!!!!!!! What everyone else said works too but this is how I go about it

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In addition to what everyone else said, HUGGING can also cause a baby to be born, as long as the couple have <3's for eachother.

Also, most of the time, you will not get asked if you want to have a baby, rather a baby will just appear, so be careful what you wish for ;)

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Do every romantic thing several times, so ya, what everyone said.

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