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How do you use the sword during the game?

The Entire Game

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Amavit answered:

Equip it. Moving the right joystick in a horizontal motion makes the blade swing that way and vice verca in a vertical motion. By pressing R3 you can do a "jab" move with the sword. Pressing square switches between (what I'm assuming) lethal and non lethal sides of the sword; so you can attack with either the blade or the back of the blade. But you can only use the sword after you meet up with Snake in the chamber after you lose your clothes. I can't remember if this carries over into your second playthrough or not.
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Spark0 answered:

You can't. Even if you use a cheat device, the game will freeze if you try to use it.
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LC391 answered:

You can use the sword with the R3 button, if u spin it around all the way raiden will do a spinning jump with the sword. It doesn't carry over though.
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KrazyKid895 answered:

You use the left analog stick. Left and right to do virtical strikes, up and down to do horizontal strikes. Hold L1 to block, and roll the analog stick in a circle to spin around with the sword. ......... This is my favorite weapon in the game.
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Mr_Big_Boss answered:

You can only use the sword during the end sequence, inside Arsenal Gear while fighting the Tengus with Snake and when you fight Solidus.
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