MGS1 Snake Missions Walkthrough by FallenMeme

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                      Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
                          Substance Expanded Edition
                 Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake Missions Walkthrough
                                   Adam Haun

Metal Gear Solid 2 is a great game, and the Substance expansion only makes it
better. The added missions might actually have more gameplay than the original
game, and they definitely have more challenge. Most challenging among them are
the Metal Gear Solid 1 Snake missions. All those cheap moves and engine "bugs"
you could ignore in lesser missions are vital to your survival at this level.
Of course, if you don't know any cheap moves in the first place, you'll 
probably run into a bit of trouble. Enter this guide.

What this guide will do
I'll provide you with a walkthrough for each level. Well, most of them,
anyway -- see the next section. Each walkthrough will tell you what
enemies you'll encounter and what you'll have to do to get past them.
I'll also occasionally make sarcastic comments. These can be safely

What this guide will not do
I will not coddle you. My assumption is that you have played through the single
player game and all of the other extra missions. Hence, there will be no
review of the controls(you have a manual, right?), no detailed instructions on
how to shoot guards in the head, and no mind-numbingly dull walkthroughs for
most of the weapons levels. If there's one guard left in the level, and you
have a gun with a full clip, I expect you to be able to handle things on your
own. However, along the way I will mention some tricks that may come in handy.
At some point these may be organized into a separate section of the guide,
but for now they're scattered around in the text.

I also will not get you the highest score on every level. There are two reasons
for this. First, I don't know how to myself, and second, that's not the point
of this guide anyway. Getting a high score is something you should do yourself.
The walkthroughs given below are for people who would really like to beat a
mission so they can move on to the next one.

Anyway, enough blabbering. Time for the walkthrough!

Oops, I lied
I swore I wasn't going to put controls in here, but I originally wrote this
for the PS2 version of the game, which means any section that mentions
controls will get confusing for XBoxers. To help them out, I've added a brief
list of the PS2 controls:

Circle: Punch, tap walls
Triangle: Climb objects, flip over railings, use terminals
Square: Fire weapon, choke guard
X: Duck, crawl, roll
L1: Hold down to allow simultaneous running and shooting
R1: First-person view
L2/R2: Hold to select items/weapons, use in first-person to lean

I feel dirty now.

I. VR Missions
  A. Sneaking
    1-10. Missions
  B. Eliminate All
    1-10. Missions
  C. Weapons
    1. Handgun
    2. Assault Rifle
    3. C4
    4. Grenade
    5. PSG-1
    6. Stinger
      a. Stinger Mission 1
    7. Nikita
    8. No Weapon
  D. Variety Mode
    1. Defend the Box
    2. Night
    3. Zako Survival
      a. Soldier
      b. Soldiers
      c. Soldiers and Tengus
      d. Boss Battle
II. Alternative Missions
  A. Bomb Disposal
    1-5. Missions
  B. Eliminate All
    1-10. Missions
  C. Hold Up
    1-10. Missions
III. Conclusion, Updates, and Credits

To find a section, combine each number you pass along the tree. For instance,
Alternative Eliminate All 3 is II.B.3

Part I: VR Missions

I.A Sneaking

I must confess that I'm not terribly fond of the Sneaking missions. Usually I
just take the quick way out and kill whoever I have to to make it to the exit.

I.A.1 Level 1

Enemies: 1 Fast Gurlukovich

Your introduction to the world of MGS1 Snake. Note that there is no radar
or AP Sensor to help you. You're on your own from here on out.

Of more practical interest is your starting point. The MGS1 missions like to
start you off in funky places, but since you know all the VR maps like the
back of your hand this should cause you no trouble. You do know them all,

Press against the wall at your starting location and wait for the right moment
to run.

I.A.2 Level 2

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Run straight north from where you begin, waiting for the west guard to stop
moving before crossing the gap in the wall. Pause before the corner, and when
the northern guard comes out run around the corner right next to him.
Realistic, huh? Continue to the right and hug the top wall as you run to the

I.A.3 Level 3

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

Run past the first guard to the north and pause at the following intersection.
Wait for the guard to stop moving south and corner walk around him. Don't run
too far north yet or you'll be seen. When the clock hits 2:09, make your run
for the goal.

I.A.4 Level 4

Enemies: 2 Sleeping Gurlukovich
         3 Gurlukovich

Tap the wall to draw the nearest soldier away. Run around the square wall
segment to avoid him. When the stationary soldier turns away, run to the
northeast and follow the patrolling soldier around the map. Stop when you
reach the two sleeping guards. Wait for the patrolling soldier to move away,
then give the nearest sleeping soldier a big Mr. T throw(run+square). Run past
the second sleeper into the exit.

I.A.5 Level 5

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Jump over the nearest rail and run after the guard. When he reaches the end,
knock him over the rail by punching him from the north side. Another guard
will come investigate, so hide on the left side and then jump out and break
his neck. Run north to the goal. Watch for the soldier up top; he can see you
when he turns.

I.A.6 Level 6

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich

Press against the wall to the north and wait for the soldier to walk towards,
then away from you. Follow him north, rolling over the noisemaking panels.
Wait for the guard on the right to turn around before rolling across a second
set of panels. Make sure you roll to the screen left side of the guard. Snap
his neck. Run across the disappearing floor and hurl the second guard into the
pit. The east-west corridor on the north side of the map has a single guard
patrolling it. Wait for him to turn away, then stand in the upper-left corner
of the map. Watch the guard in first person until he sees you, then run south
and east, jump over the pit, and ambush the guard as he walks by. Crawl past
the next guard to the east, and press up against a wall to see the last one.
Climb up to the exit.

I.A.7 Level 7

Enemies: 4 Unconscious Gurlukovich
         1 Sleeping Gurlukovich

This level requires one thing: raw speed. Invoke the spirit of Vincent Merken
as you drag the first three guards into the nearby lockers. Run by the last one
and past the sleeping guard into the goal. If one of the guards gets away, you
might as well reset. The assault team won't take too kindly to your presence.

I.A.8 Level 8

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Wait for the camera to turn away, then roll to the right along the bottom of
the screen and grab the USP suppressor. Wait for the guard up top to go by,
then run up the stairs and break his neck. Hmm...three guards, three bullets.
I'll leave the rest to you. Don't let your corpses be seen -- a radio call
will bring an extra guard.

I.A.9 Level 9

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich
         1 Fast Gurlukovich(random?)

Ready for a slaughterfest? One guard up top makes regular check-ins on his
radio. Press up against the wall that you start next to until you can see him.
Wait for him to move, then tap the wall. Run back south, around the corner,
and into the alcove where the stationary guard was standing a moment ago. When
the guard returns, break his neck. Don't worry, if you stand on the north side
of the alcove he'll never see you. Place one of the books you just grabbed
in the southeast corner. Tap the wall in the same place as before and get out
of the way as the next guard shows up(pressing against the wall right next to
the book seems to work well). Break his neck and put the body right
on top of the magazine. Tap again. And again. At some point guards will be
called, but if you placed your corpses right they won't find anything and will
give up. Once the last guard is dead, run to the southwest corner, grab the
chaff grenades, and hurl one. Run to the exit at your leisure.

I.A.10 Level 10

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich
         1 Invisible Sleeping Gurlukovich

Grab the USP from the north locker and climb the boxes to the south to get
some ammo. Run to the right and press against the stairway wall. When the
guard on the upper level turns away, run up to him and grab him. You can make
it all the way, just hug the east wall. Drag the guard past the alcove on the
west, then break his neck. Remember the routine from the last level? Tap a
wall. The first soldier to show up will be invisible. Kill him, then wait in
the open until the soldier with the radio sees you. After he's dead, tap a
wall again to lure the last soldier. Hang over the railing to the north to
grab the M9, then climb back up and return to your starting point. Cross to
the lower left corner. The moment you lean around the corner, the guard will
see you, so fill him full of tranq darts immediately. Open the lockers for
chaff grenades and more M9 bullets. About this time the assault team will show
up, and promptly leave again. Get where you can see the two remaining guards,
then throw a chaff grenade. Take out the two guards with the M9, then run past
the now-defunct cameras to the exit.

By the way, in case you screw up your corpse placement, know that the guards
can't see anything when they kneel down in front of a corpse, so you can still
get them even if it's at a bad angle.

Congratulations! You're through! Now for the good stuff.

I.B Eliminate All

The Eliminate All missions are largely identical to the Sneaking missions,
except now you have more/better weapons. Hence, the procedure for beating them
is largely the same, and several sections will refer you to the relevant
Sneaking section for tips.

I.B.1 Level 1

Enemies: 1 Fast Gurlukovich

If you can't beat this on your own I don't know how you got this far.

I.B.2 Level 2

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Same as the Sneaking version, except replace "curve around the corner" with
"snap guard's neck like a twig". Grab the M9 and take out the guards at your

I.B.3 Level 3

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

This one is also easy. Start with the guard on the east side and work your way

I.B.4 Level 4

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

Immediately tap the wall in the corner, then give the guard the usual when he
comes to investigate. The rest is trivial.

I.B.5 Level 5

Enemies: 2 Gurlukovich
         2 Fast Gurlukovich

Kill the first two guards as in the Sneaking version, then stand on the south
side of the floor grate until one of the guards up top sees you. Hide and
ambush him as he walks past. Stand just past the north side of the same floor
grate until the last guard sees you, then ambush him too. Flip over the rail
to get past the camera. It might see you when you flip back up, but since it
takes a moment to sound the alarm you should make it to the goal anyway.

I.B.6 Level 6

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich

Kill the first three guards just like in the sneaking mission, but head back
to your starting point after grabbing the USP. When the guard to the east
moves out of view, climb up on the box, and crawl VERY CAREFULLY to the USP
suppressor. The guard will probably come to investigate, but he won't see you
lying on top of the box. When he walks back, shoot him. Use your new toy to
finish off the two remaining guards, and exit.

I.B.7 Level 7

Enemies: 1 Fast Gurlukovich
         1 Sleeping Gurlukovich
	 3 Gurlukovich

Tap the north-south wall in the northwest corner to lure a guard. Snap his
neck(are you getting bored with this, yet?). Follow the corridor to a USP
suppressor. Grab it when the nearby guard moves away, then hide in the open
locker that he was standing by. You don't need to close it, just press against
the door. When the guard comes back, kill him. Moving along, you'll find a
closed locker that contains a USP. Grab it, run to the corner, and face south.
In a few moments, a guard will walk by. You know what to do. Continue on. At
the next corner, face north and kill the next guard. The sleeper sleeps
lightly; stay far away while killing him. Exit.

I.B.8 Level 8

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Same as Sneaking, only with more cameras. This shouldn't pose a problem.

I.B.9 Level 9

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

Another Sneakalike, with books replaced by...guns?! Kill the first guard as
before, then use the book trick to kill the guard with the radio. The M9 makes
the rest merely a mopping up action.

I.B.10 Level 10

Enemies: 7 Gurlukovich

Kill the first four guards the same way you did in Sneaking. Without corpses,
you'll have to tap the east alcove to get the guards in the proper position.
Once that's done, drop down to the lower level. Wait until the northern guard
turns away, then run around and up the other set of stairs. Head west across
the floor grate bridge until you see a guard at the bottom of some stairs.
Sneak down the stairs and kill him. The nearby lockers contain an M9 and some
chaff grenades. M9 the two remaining guards and escape under the cover of

That's it for Eliminate All. Now onto everyone's least favorite segment.

I.C Weapons

The sheer monotony of the first four sets of Weapons missions was enough to
put me to sleep. MGS1 mode changes all that by making the missions obnoxious
instead of just repetitive.

Fortunately for FAQ writers(and unfortunately for you) conquering the
annoyance is more a matter of practice than strategy. This being the case, I'm
not going to spend a lot of time on this segment.

I.C.1 Handgun
I.C.2 Assault Rifle
I.C.3 C4

There's nothing special to these. Just keep practicing if you have trouble.

I.C.4 Grenade

Now these are just annoying. Without a grenade launcher, you're reduced to
using the grenade timer to pull off trick throws. Fortunately, you have a
clock to help you. Grenades explode exactly five seconds after you press the
Square button. Aim in first person and try to get a midair explosion. After a
bit of practice, it isn't too hard. The last level is actually easier than
normal because the grenades bounce instead of exploding.

If anyone has a better technique than this, please drop me an email and tell
me about it.

"KI Simpson" reports that if you use a PS1 controller, you will automatically
throw grenades as hard as possible.

I.C.5 PSG-1

Limited ammo means that conservation is the name of the game here, especially
on the fourth and fifth levels. Other than that, this set brings nothing new
to the table.

I.C.6 Stinger

The only thing that you really have to do with these is lock on after you
shoot. Nothing you haven't done before, right? The sole exception to this is
Level 1, which gets its own section, below.

I.C.6.a Level 1

The solution to this one is not at all obvious given what you've previously
done with the Stinger. What you want to do it stand such that you can look
through the Stinger sight straight down the tunnel of floating blocks. You
should be able to see the top of the target spinning at the end of the tunnel.
Now, aim as close to the top of the targeting rectangle as you can *without
locking on* and fire a shot into the tunnel. Your dumbfire shot should hit the
target dead on. Finding the right place to stand is harder than actually

I.C.7 Nikita

Again, nothing new. I usually just brute-force these by blowing up every block
along the way.

I have noticed, however, that on Level 5 you can actually run around the first
two explosive blocks, making later launches slightly faster.

I.C.8 No Weapon

If you can't beat these on your own, there is no hope. Donate your copy of the
game to the Salvation Army and go do something useful with your life.

I.C.9 Plasma Rifle

Yeah, I wish...

I.D. Variety Mode

Variety Mode is the where the designers get to show off the abilities of the
engine. As such, they are much more interesting than the rest of the (mostly
predictable) VR Missions.

I.D.1 Defend the Box

This is probably the most difficult of the MGS1 missions. There's no
pentazemin and the enemies aren't close together. Don't be afraid to spray
ammo, and make sure to cover both sides of the map. There are a couple of
guards hidden near the box, so watch for them when the map first loads.

Note that the sniper sight will only move on its own when it's sitting still.
If you move your aim in a slow pan by lightly pressing one of the directional
buttons, the sight will move in a straight line.

The guards can take an absurd number of hits to their nether regions, so go
for the chest. When they stick their heads out, rapid-fire the sniper rifle
until you get a hit. Try to reload whenever you can. I use the PSG-1 for its
high ammo capacity and penetrating power, but the guaranteed one-hit takedown
of the T just might make the difference. However, if guards start getting very
close to the box, the T's five round clip will pretty much guarantee your
doom. If multiple guards run for the box at once, fire just a shot or two at
each to keep them delayed, them finish them off one by one.

Keep trying, and eventually you'll get them all.

I.D.2 Night

Enemies: 3 Invisible NV Gurlukovich
         4 NV Gurlukovich

Another familiar map. It's very easy to be seen on these missions, so why not
just cut to the chase? Make a noise near your starting point to lure the first
guard. When he shows up, shoot him. Three more guards will show up(all with
shotguns), so kill them too. Remember, the shotgunners take a couple seconds
to actually fire. Use this time to go for a headshot.

After the first four guards are dead, run north and grab the M9. Take out the
guard on top of the northeast ledge, then shoot the wall on top of the north
ledge to bring out the guard up there. Run for the goal(watch the mines!),
taking out the last guard on the way.

Sorry if you were expecting something fancier, but I honestly don't feel that
this mission is interesting enough to be worth messing around with.

I.D.3 Zako Survival

Ah, the endurance round. Try a few run-throughs to get the feel for things, 
then come back.

Ready? You play, I'll tell you when to start over.

I.D.3.a Soldier

Enemies: 1 Invisible Gurlukovich

Pick up: USP, M9
Potentially useful: Thermal Goggles, Stun Grenades
Worthless: Grenades

Grab whatever items you want. We're going to conserve USP ammo for the first
two missions, so M9 the guard. If you get hit at all, reset and be more
careful next time.

Note: Going to the right first(ie, grabbing the USP before the M9) seems to
put the guard in a more accessible spot.

I.D.3.b Soldiers

Enemies: 2 Invisible Gurlukovich
         1 Heavy Gurlukovich
	 1 Shield Gurlukovich
	 5 Gurlukovich

Pick up: USP Ammo, M9 Ammo, M4, Ration
Worthless: C4, Claymore, PSG1-T, Pentazemin

Run to the right and grab the USP ammo, then run back left and get behind the
box. Look towards the eastern entrance to your side of the map. Two guards
will come out. The first has a normal gun and a bulletproof vest. Headshot
him. The second has a shotgun. DO NOT LET HIM SHOOT. If you get hit by a
shotgun, reset. After those two are dead, two more guards should come around
your box. Note I said "should"; the game can be a little random here. The
guards may come out before you finish off the first two, or they may stay
back and throw grenades. Staying close to the box seems to keep them from
coming out early; if they start throwing grenades, just run out and shoot
them a couple times, then get back behind the box. The guards will soon follow.

Try to take out the rest of the guards with the M9. Just put one dart into a
guard, then move on to the next one. Make sure you get the all-important
ration before you kill the last guard. If you drop below half health, reset.

I.D.3.c Soldiers and Tengus

Enemies: 3 Gun Tengus
         6 Sword Tengus
         4 Invisible Gurlukovich
	 8 Gurlukovich

Pick up: USP Bullets, M4 Bullets, M9 Bullets(as needed)
Worthless: C4, Claymore, PSG-1, RGB8

This is the nasty part. The gun-wielding Tengus are easy enough to deal with,
but the sword users are a whole different matter. They block bullets with
their swords, and explosives just aren't effective enough. Snake doesn't have
a sword of his own. What can we do?

Use the following controller technique:

Hold down L1
Tap Circle
Tap Square
Release L1, hold down R1
Press Up on D-Pad, press square

Meditate upon this motion. Practice it in class, at work, on the bus, in your
car. Once you can do this in your sleep, return to the Tengus. Here's what
you're actually doing:

Run up to the Sword Tengu, punch it, and shoot it once with the USP. Go into
first person mode, aim up a bit, and shoot the Tengu in the head right as
the head turns back towards you. "Vicaris" points out that spraying the Tengus
with coolant also stuns them. Spraying is probably easier to pull off, but it
seems to take a bit long and can leave you immobile if you make a mistake
with your button combos. Use whatever method suits you best.

At the start of the mission, run right and grab the USP ammo. Head back to
your box, turn around, and shoot the first Gun Tengu. Get ready. The rest of
the Tengus will show up in the following order:

Sword, Sword, Gun, Sword, Sword, Gun, Sword, Sword

At this point, there will probably be one or two guards on your side of the
map, so take them out. Now do whatever is necessary to take out the remaining
guards. It doesn't matter what you have left at the end of this round; you
won't need any health or ammo for the finale.

If you run out of USP and M4 ammo and have to take down a guard who's within
punching distance, you can exploit a little quirk in the way the game handles
tranquilizers. Any character that falls down with a tranquilizer dart in them
is considered "tranquilized", no matter how they fell down. So shoot a guard
with one dart, then knock him down by punching him. Poof! Dream time.

"Benjamin Miller" points out that if you become surrounded by Tengus, it may
be helpful to drop a stun grenade. This will take out all of the Tengus
within the blast radius. You can drop a grenade while running by holding L1.

I.D.3.d Boss Battle

Enemies: Genola

Grab the Stinger and stand behind the box. When Genola raises a hand, run to
the opposite side of the platform to dodge it. After he does three hand
strikes, he'll be still for a bit. Arm the Stinger, and look straight up. See
that target floating around? Shoot it. It fades in and out, so just keep
trying. Genola *hurts*, so I wouldn't risk more than one shot a round. Once
you hit the target, you win!

Thanks to "MetalGearDude", we now have two more ways of beating Genola. Above
Genola's head is a big metal bucket of water, supported by four struts. You
want to shoot out the struts. Each strut you shoot will cause water to be
dropped on Genola, making him sneeze. When he sneezes, hide behind the box.
If you get caught out in the open, you'll get knocked off the platform and
have to start all over again. Once three struts are gone, the container will
fall on Genola and you win.

The last method involves hitting the target behind the wall. Shoot the Stinger
*over* the wall, then lock on to the target. It may take several tries, but
eventually you'll score a hit and win instantly.

Part II: Alternative Missions

II.A Bomb Disposal

The Bomb Disposal segment of the single player game was interesting, but the
Alternative Missions elevate it to an art form. Who hasn't spent forever
agonizing over the location of a final bomb only to find that it was in a place
they previously thought didn't even exist?

II.A.1 Level 1

Bombs: 3 Proximity

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

Immediately run to the left and kill the first guard. Head north to the room
where you found the president in the main game. Crawl into the vent shaft on
the south side of the room, and turn left. Go down the shaft until you reach
the corner, then turn right and freeze the bomb. Return to your starting

"Taurus" provides us an easy strategy for the next part. Down the stairs
you'll find two guards. The south one can't see you unless he's walking
towards you. Drag the dead guard's body in front of the boxes across from the
stairway, then knock on the west wall. One of the guard will come up to
investigate. Kill him and use his body to replace the first one. Knock on the
wall again to get the second guard. Head west to the other stairway and drop
your new body at the bottom. Run up the stairs, knock on the wall, run back
down, and hide to get the first of two guards in that hallway. Repeat for the
second guard, or if he's too far away, peek around the corner to draw him in.

In the lounge you'll find the final two bombs: one under the table, and one on
the back of a guard(!!). Keep your distance from them both, and spray the
guard first. Once his bomb freezes, duck, turn, and spray the final bomb.
You'll get it before the guard recovers.

Curiously enough, I was able to get a high score on this level even when the
alarm was sounded. If seen, just make a mad dash for the lounge and spray the
bomb guard while he shoots at you.

II.A.2 Level 2

Bombs: 2 Proximity
       1 Regular

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Nothing in the first room, so run outside, drop over the rail, and kill the
guard. Go to the southernmost point on the same level, drop over that rail,
and kill the next guard. Head across the step-bridge and to the west. At the
base of the small staircase, tap the wall to lure the guard on the lower
level. When he comes to investigate, run out, punch him once, then grab him
and break his neck. Remember Zako Survival? Same principle.

Head north beside the columns until you get to the end of the walkway. Stand
between the two northernmost columns, face east, whip out your spray, and
freeze the first bomb. Head southwest to the large staircase, and climb up to
the second level. When you hit the top of the stairs, look under the adjacent
staircase for the second bomb. When the next guard shows up, waste him too.
Head to the north end of the east walkway on this level, face east, and arm
the spray. The bomb is on top of the north end of the machinery.

II.A.3 Level 3

Bombs: 3 Proximity

Enemies: 5 Gun Tengus

I cannot express in words how much I hate this map. Fortunately, the game will
do it for me. See Alternative Hold-Up Mission 8. Anyway, start by circling
clockwise around to the north side of the torture unit. Crawl, look east,
spray. Head to the next room.

Time to get revenge for Zako Survival. Kill the first guard when he walks
away, then tap a nearby box to lure a guard from the top level. Kill him too.
Head north and kill the next guard when he walks away(the Tengus here have the
visual range of a nearsighted sloth, for some reason).  Tap adjacent box, kill
guard. Head north, kill the last guard. Everyone dead? Good. Go to the
northeast Ray and stand directly in front of it, right next to the rail. Face
south and look up. The bomb is on the east side of the top walkway. Freeze it,
then head to the final room. You might be seen by the camera, but it doesn't
matter, as the alarm goes away the moment you enter the next room.

The last bomb is on the upper part of the west side wall behind the rail that
the lights are on. It's facing towards the wall, so all you'll see is a brown 
box with no blinking light. Freeze it and you're done.

II.A.4 Level 4

Bombs: 1 Proximity
       3 Regular

Enemies: 2 Rockin' Gurlukovich
         1 Sleeping Gurlukovich
	 7 Gurlukovich(that you care about)

Go through the south door and take the first exit to the outside of the ship.
Walk forward a step, look straight ahead, and spray the proximity bomb. Go
back inside. Head south and kill the guard at the end of the hall(but drag him
away from the intersection, first). There's a guard patrolling a similar route
on the opposite side. Take him down too. Check the eastern bank of lockers for
a new picture(woohoo!), then return to the starting room, this time from the
west side. Alternately, you can get around the two aforementioned guards by
way of the outside of the ship, but this way is faster.

Peer through the potted plant until you see the guard walk by, then follow in
his footsteps until he goes behind the bar. Kill him and freeze the bomb on
the ceiling. Go past the right side of the guards on the steps and through the
west door at the top of the stairs. Immediately kill the guard, then head
south. Kill another guard in the hallway and continue around. When you reach
two more guards, stop. Wait for them to both walk away at the same time, then
run up to the cross-hallway and take out the closest guard. You can get his
friend too, if you want. Spray the bomb over the doorway that you just passed.
Head west and go up the stairs.

There's one guard in the long hallway, but you can make it up the stairs
without killing him. Head into the storeroom to the east, past the sleeping
guard, and spray the box on top of the shelf. Victory!

II.A.5 Level 5

Bombs: 2 Proximity
       6 Regular

Enemies: 2 Cypher
         9 Gurlukovich

a. Strut B

Stand in the southwest corner until the guard sees you, then run out of the
way. The guard will stick his nose in the corner. Off him. Run up corridor and
get under the first camera. When the second camera is facing away, run to the
chaff grenades and put your back to the large access panel. When the second
camera turns away again, throw a grenade, then go back to the panel until it
explodes. There is a stack of boxes near the lockers by the exit. The bomb
is on the east wall behind these boxes. Freeze it, and exit north.

b. B-C Connecting Bridge

When the guard gets close, throw your remaining chaff grenade, run out, and
kill him(the punch-grab trick works well). The bomb is on the bottom of the
north side of the broken bridge segment. You can see it from the north side
of the main walkway. Exit north.

c. Strut C

Wait in the starting area for a guard to come by. Once the guard is dead,
check both bathrooms for more chaff grenades and an empty USP. The guard in
the north rooms has a bomb on his back. Sneak up behind him, spray him, then
break his neck. The second bomb is in a bucket under a table in the kitchen

d. C-D Connecting Bridge

Stand in front of the door until the guard sees you, then stand to the side.
When he shows up, kill him, then immediately throw a chaff grenade. It should
stop the Cypher right in range of your spray. Freeze the bomb sitting right on
top of the Cypher, then exit east.

e. Strut D

This one really sucks. At the start, stand as far south as you can and roll a
chaff grenade over onto the lower level. To do this, stand next to the rail,
look down in first person, and tap the square button. If the grenade falls in
the water, reset(don't worry, you restart in this room). The central guard
will come to investigate. Hide next to the nearby staircase(duck!) and wait
for the northern guard to turn away. If he sees you, reset. Once the north
guard turns, run down the stairs and south to where the first guard is. Tackle
him, then break his neck when he gets back up. The guard on the lower level
should have heard you(not critical). Run to the center, grab the M9, and tranq
the stationary guard. The guard that comes up from the lower level has a bomb
on his back. Spray him when he comes to investigate the noise, then kill him.
Go to the lower level and head all the way to the east. There's a proximity
bomb just past the end of the walkway. Freeze it, then back up against the
walkway and look up to see the final bomb. Freeze, and you're done!

There's got to be a better way of doing that last part, but damned if I can
figure out what it is.

"KI Simpson" provides an alternate strategy for Strut D. When you first enter
the room, run for the M9, setting off the alarm in the process. Leave the room
and return, then die. You'll restart in Strut D already holding the M9. Take
out the two normal guards, which will attract the attention of the guard with
the bomb. Hide behind the stairs until he comes up, then spray him. Finish off
the other bomb at your leisure.

II.B Elimination

It's worth noting that the guards' weapons deal much more damage now. Be
cautious when under fire.

II.B.1 Level 1

Enemies: 7 Gurlukovich

Look out the doorway. A guard will come up the stairs. The moment he starts to
turn, shoot him in the head. You should see the red exclamation mark, but the
guard shouldn't get off a shot. If you did this right, two more guards will
come up to investigate. It's almost a shame to put bullets in heads that are
lined up so nicely, but I guess there's no choice. Also take out the
zigzagging guard when he's closest to your end of the walkway. Take out the
guard on the opposite stairway, then head down and grab the M9. Finish off the
last two guards and exit.

II.B.2 Level 2

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich

Hold up the first guard and headshot him, then play M9 games with the rest by
popping out from behind the corner. Be careful, the nearest guard can see your
wet footprints. Run around a bit to dry them off.

II.B.3 Level 3

Enemies: 1 Gurlukovich
         1 Cypher(optional)

There's a trick to pentazemin-less PSG shots. As long as the sight is
moving(that is, one of the directional buttons is held down), your aim will be
steady. Arm the PSG1-T and begin a slow horizontal pan with the D-Pad. You
want the sight, the guard, and the space between the rail and the wall to line
up at the same time. The moment they do, push the square button -- there's no
bullet lag with sniper rifles. Even if you don't get a headshot, the
tranquilizer will eventually take effect, and you can run for the goal. It's
actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can optionally use your
PSG-1 shot to take out the Cypher, if you'd like.

"KyleKatarn666" provides an alternate strategy. If the Cypher sees you, the
guard will be alerted and stand still. You can use this opportunity to take
him out.

II.B.4 Level 4

Enemies: 3 Shield Gurlukovich
         3 Gurlukovich

You might have thought of being sneaky. You might have noticed that the noise
of the machines mostly covers the noise of your M4. You might believe that the
way to a high score is some great feat of cleverness and trickery.


Take a few steps south until your side is covered by the machine. Shoot the
guard to the south. The alarm will go off. More soldiers will come out, all
right in front of you. Kill them all. You might get hit once or twice, but it
doesn't matter. When you exit, you'll get first place.

Funny, isn't it?

II.B.5 Level 5

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

Head east and wait at the bottom of the stairs. When the nearby guard turns
away, run out and break his neck. Head west past the window(which the guards
can't see through, oddly enough) and wait by the north-south corridor. Another
guard will come out, so kill him too. Head south from there.

Note where the patrolling guard stops. When he turns away, plant a claymore
near that spot. Run around the corner and press up against the wall. When the
claymore goes off, throw out a stun grenade. Try to get it right in front of
the door. When it goes off, throw another once just to be safe. All the guards
should be knocked out at this point. If any are left standing, break their
necks while they're stunned.

Side note: Eww, the claymore explosion makes the guard's legs all bloody!

II.B.6 Level 6

Enemies: 9 Gurlukovich

Run left and grab the guard. Drag him against the north wall and break his
neck. While you're doing this, another guard will walk by heading south.
Follow him, and break his neck when he stops. Press against the wall and watch
for the guard walking through the door. When he walks back into the west room,
kill him. Watch out, he stops for a moment right inside the door. In the room,
run up to the north wall when the guard yawns. Squeeze past the boxes, grab
the guard, drag him north a few steps, and kill. Press against a box so that
you can see the west door. A guard will walk in. When he turns to leave, run
after him and kill him.

The west corridor has two guards patrolling: a north-south guard("Vertical")
and an east-west guard("Horizontal"). Wait until they both turn away, then run
into the alcove and waste Horizontal. Grab Vertical the next time he walks by.
Now head north. The last segment has two guards. One will walk around the
corner towards your starting position, so use the opportunity to get the other
one. When the first guard comes back, kill him however you like, then exit.

II.B.7 Level 7

Enemies: 3 Shield Gurlukovich
         6 Gurlukovich

This will take a while. Quickly run west, north, and west again, grabbing the
guard as he walks across the electric panels. Head into the President's room.
There's a guard in the northeast corner. At about 4:45 on the clock, he'll
fall asleep for a few seconds. Punch him first, then snap his neck. The punch
will lure a guard from behind the north wall. Fortunately for you, he's a fast
walker. Ambush him when he comes. Get back to your starting point, avoiding
the shield guard. Hide in a crouch behind the boxes, then grab the shield
guard when he walks away.

To get the guard on the lower level, first tap the wall by the stairs.
Immediately roll south past the stairs, holding down the button so that you
end up crawling. When the guard comes up, stand and kill him. Press against
the west wall in the first area down the stairs and watch for the shotgun
guard. When he leaves, head west again and hide behind the bottom of the
stairs. Get the shotgunner when he comes back.

There are three guards left, and we're going to have to use stupid engine
tricks to get them. Stand in the open so that the shieldless guard to the far
north can see you when he gets near. Once he sees you, hide to the west. He'll
go to the last place he saw you, at which point you kill him. Once both
remaining guards turn away, run into the alcove after the nearest one and kill
him. You might as well take out the last guard with something ridiculous like
the Stinger just for thrills. Exit.

II.B.8 Level 8

Enemies: 8 Heavy Gurlukovich

You can't break the neck of a Heavy Gurlukovich. Nonetheless, we shall
prevail. Wipe the tears from your eyes, and begin:

Enter the southeast doorway no *less* than five seconds into the level to catch
the guard yawning. Since we can't break his neck(grumble grumble) we might as
well shoot him in the head.

Oops! That set off the alarm! Crawl into the shaft to the east and grab the
book. Head north and stop near the end of the shaft. The alarm is still going
off, so use it to your full advantage. Whip out the grenades. If you aim at
the top of the shaft, the grenades will bounce right down to the shaft
entrance. Try to get the grenade on the screen right side of the soldier's
feet. BOOM! Another guard will show up, so roll your second grenade to the
left and into the first guard. It should take him out. If it doesn't,
seriously consider resetting.

Once Evasion mode wears off(about 20 seconds), crawl out of the shaft and grab
the M9. Take out the patrolling guard, then head west to take out another one.
If you did the grenades right, there should be four guards left, all on the
bottom level. Place a book somewhere near the top of the stairs to catch one
guard, then take out another on the lower level with your M9. Grab the USP
ammo from the ledge above the stairs and get ready for a fight. Shoot the
magazine guard.

There will be two guards left, but you have a claymore, a stinger, and the
USP. Once both guards are dead, drop down to the lower level and exit.

II.B.9 Level 9

Enemies: 9 Gun Tengus

The basic strategy for this level is something you've done before. Using
a combination of standing in the open and tapping on boxes, break the
neck of every Tengu on the map. You should be able to get three on the first
box alone. The process is pretty straightforward, so I won't bother describing
it in detail. If you get caught in a firefight, the PSG-1 is a decent Tengu
killer, and there's some more USP ammo lying around. The punch-grab trick also
works well when hiding behind a corner.

II.B.10 Level 10

Enemies: 7 Invisible Gurlukovich(or something like that)
         2 Gurlukovich

Run south, grab the USP ammo, and tap the wall. A guard will come up to
investigate. You know the drill. Head out and watch over the rail for an
invisible guard. Drop onto him to take him out. On the same level, head south
and tap the wall by the dark alcove to bring up another guard(you may have to
wait until he's in the right place first). Break his neck when he shows up.

That takes care of the east side of the map. On this side there's a PSG1-T and
some thermal goggles. The goggles are important, the T less so. Head west,
look at what awaits you, and ponder trying to sneakily kill them all.

Yeah, right. You can try T sniping if you want; I've got a better idea. Shoot
the nearest guard in the head with the USP, then head back around the corner.
Equip the thermal goggles. The guards(invisible) will turn the corner and be
surprised to see you. Shoot them before they recover. Repeat five times, and
you're finished with Elimination.

II.C Hold Up

As if the increased difficulty of the levels themselves wasn't enough, here
Snake is armed with the M4, which means that the slightest increase in button
pressure during a holdup can result in you firing a shot. Train your hand not
to press down too hard on the button, especially during complex maneuvers.

II.C.1 Level 1

Enemies: 1 Gurlukovich

Run out until you're next to the open rail on the east. When the guard turns
and sees you, flip over the rail. Move north, and when the guard walks past,
flip up and hold him up. Exit.

II.C.2 Level 2

Enemies: 3 Gurlukovich

Wait for the guards to move, then hold up the sleeping guard. Stand where he
was, and wait for the guards to come around. When the nearest guard begins to
move east, run after him and hold him up. If you run through him as you do
so, the noise will draw the other guard. If it doesn't, tap the box. Either
way, hold up the last guard and exit.

II.C.3 Level 3

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich

Thanks to "Kai Morten Enger", we have a better strategy for beating this one.

Head left down the stairs. When the two patrolling guards turn away, hold them
both up. You'll have to do it while running(just tap the button lightly) and
make sure you don't run through the first guard. Head south on the left side
until you reach the lockers. Open two of them. Knock on the computer room wall
to the north of the lockers, then stand between the two open doors. A guard
will walk right by you. Hold him up. Repeat this twice to get the other two
guards in the computer room, then take out the guard patrolling the south
hallway at your leisure. The exit is in the computer room.

II.C.4 Level 4

Enemies: 4 Gurlukovich

Run out to the intersection. Stand a few feet back, and duck. When the guard
walks by, hold him up. Now pick a side. Watch for the guard on that side to
turn away from you, then run towards him. Roll over the first two noisy
grates, and walk over the third one. By this time the guard should be radioing
in. Wait for him to finish his conversation, then hold him up. Repeat on the
other side. Run back towards your starting point and make noise around the
grate farthest from the remaining guard. Hide when he comes to investigate,
then run after him and hold him up when he walks back. Exit.

II.C.5 Level 5

Enemies: 5 Gurlukovich

Stand in the southwest corner until one of the guards sees you. Run back, then
hold him up when he walks past. Repeat with the second guard a bit farther up
the wall. Now get where you can see into the south door, but don't go inside.
When you hear the guard giving the radio message, he's facing north. Run in
and hold him up.

Make some noise against the west wall and hide behind a generator. Get the
guard after he investigates. The other one can be taken out the same way.
The cage around the generators is transparent to guards, so be very
careful how you hide.

II.C.6 Level 6

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich

Hug the right wall, run north, and take out the guard when he finishes
radioing in. Wait for the eastern guard to turn away, then run northwest and
hold up a guard from behind by looking over the boxes. Run back east and catch
the second guard while he's turned away. If you do this quickly enough, a
guard from upstairs will see you. Play hide and seek with the box by the
stairs to get him, then tap the box to lure another guard. Head upstairs and
hide behind the box where you found the M9 in Eliminate All Mission 8. Wait
for the assault team to leave, then take out the last guard. Flip over the
rail and drop down to the exit.

II.C.7 Level 7

Enemies: 8 Gurlukovich

Oh, for some grenades...

Press up against the wall and watch the set of four guards. When they all turn
away, weave through them, holding them up as you go. You have to hold down the
button for about a third to a half of a second for the hold-up to work, and
you'll need to keep L1 pressed so you don't have to stop. The hard part is not
accidentally shooting the gun.

Unfortunately, the eastern set of guards doesn't work so well because of the
way the shadows are cast in the north corridor. So start wall-tapping, and
eventually you'll get them all. Exit on the east side.

II.C.8 Level 8

Enemies: 5 Gun Tengus

This is the nightmare mission. The Tengus have almost unlimited viewing range
and can see both levels of the map. Fortunately, once you know what you're
doing this level is pretty easy. Start by going west to the intersection.
Stand by the north box until you hear the Tengu go "Huh?". Run south and press
again the east side of the box sitting just past the bridge. Wait for the
Tengu to walk past, then hold him up. Proceed carefully across the bridge,
watching for the lower guard. When said guard moves east, run down the stairs
and hold him up. Now head south, tapping a box along the way to lure another
guard. When you reach the last two, you won't have a convenient box to run
around, so tap a box on the far left side and hide behind one on the far
right. This will lure the guard on the top level. After he's taken care of,
run straight down the center line to another box, which you can use to take
care of the last guard. Exit.

II.C.9 Level 9

Enemies: 6 Gurlukovich

Ah, a puzzle. The guards will move clockwise around the boxes, walk to the
center, walk back out, and repeat. To start, go just north of the intersection
and crawl under the northwest box. You can hold up guards from under here by
getting close to the edge. It doesn't matter what way they're facing, just
press the fire button lightly. You should be able to take out three guards
this way. Once they're gone, wait for the stationary guard to the west to turn
away, then crawl out and get him. Hold up the northern guard next, then get
the last mobile one. Exit.

II.C.10 Level 10

Enemies: 6 Invisible Gurlukovich

Last one! Wait a couple seconds, then run west to the elevator. Press against
the west wall and wait for the guard to come and go *twice*(clock will read
2:38). Run after him and hold him up. Press again the wall on the inside
corner and peek down the corridor to the south(don't leave your head out,
though). When the alcove guard leaves, tap the wall and run counterclockwise
around the wall into the lounge. The guard inside will have gone to
investigate, so follow him around and hold him up. Go back to where you were
looking before and stick your head out. The guard will see you and come
looking. Run into the lounge and look west in first person until you see
him walk by, then run out and hold him up.

The next guard can be found at the bottom of the southeast set of stairs,
circling a box. Watch him from behind the wall, then run out and hold him up.
At the top of the stairs, press again the wall and watch for the guard to the
north to move away. When he does run into the eastern alcove. When the guard
moves away again, run all the way up to the north wall and wait. He'll walk
right out in front of you and you can hold him up. Move into the President's
room, hugging the south wall. Hold up the guard through the structure he's
standing in. Exit, and pat yourself on the back for having completed every
last mission!

Part III: Conclusion, Updates, and Credits

I hope this guide has been of use to you. Questions, comments, suggestions,
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The skeleton of the walkthrough was written in Vi under Linux, and the final
formatting and editing was done in Notepad under WinXP. Every strategy in the
guide comes directly from my playing the game or from reader contributions.
No strategies were taken from any other source(and in fact, at the time of
this writing there were no other sources) except when explicitly named.

Update History

06/01/2006: Version 1.9
Updated the Zako Survival Tengu fight with a reader contribution.

04/10/2006: Version 1.8
Updated Alternative Bomb Dispoal 1 and Alternative Hold-Up 7 with a reader
contribution, updated my email once again, and *grumble grumble* added a
list of the PS2 controls for Xbox users.

06/20/2005: Version 1.7
Updated Alternative Eliminate All 3 with a reader contribution, and fixed
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11/30/2004: Version 1.6
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other minor changes.

08/16/2004: Version 1.5
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04/25/2004: Version 1.4
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Tengu fight.

03/27/2004: Version 1.3
Updated Alternative Bomb Disposal 5 with a reader contribution.

02/18/2004: Version 1.2
Updated grenade missions with a reader contribution.

11/02/2003: Version 1.1
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