MGS1 Snake VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06 | Printable Version

----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------

Submissions Dates


 - - - GRENADE LEVELS 02, 03, 04, 05 (NOT EVEN CLEARED)
 - - - HOLD UP MODE 08, 09, 10 (CAN'T BEAT 08)

Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.

0. Combo Targets Table
0. Frustration
0. Vocabulary (the stuff I say that you might not know)
I. VR Missions
   A.Sneaking Mode
     2.Eliminate All
   B.Weapon Mode
     2.Assault Rifle
     8.No Weapon
   C.Variety Mode
II.Alternative Missions
   A.Bomb Disposal Mode
   B.Elimination Mode
   C.Hold Up Mode

---- COMBO POINT TABLE ---------------------------------------------------------

I was going to put this at the bottom, but then I thought, what with the
emphasis on combo points in the Weapons Modes (by far the hardest missions of
Snake's missions), you need this pretty often.  So there.

*Points accumulate.  Thus, for the 5-hit combo, you get the bonus for 2, 3, and
4-hit combos beforehand.  They aren't replaced.
Combo Hits | Last Hit | Total Accumulated at this point
1          | Nada     | 0000
2          |  010     | 0010
3          |  020     | 0030
4          |  030     | 0060
5          |  050     | 0110
6          |  070     | 0180
7          |  100     | 0280
8          |  150     | 0430
9          |  200     | 0630
10         |  300     | 0930
11         |  500     | 1430
12 and on  |  500     | 1930, 2430, 2930, 3430, etc.

---- FRUSTRATION ---------------------------------------------------------------

When you've been trying something for a long time and you just can't get it
right, it's natural to be frustrated.  Don't believe me?  Read all my complaints
in the sections involving hard levels.

The problem is that your playing ability goes down, causing greater frustration
and only rarely a better score.  Thus, you must ot be frustrated.

You can stop frustration by taking your mind physically away from the game for a
minute or two.  It doesn't take long, but things like getting a drink or taking
a bio break don't help much.  You need to actually do something else.  Do some
chores, mow the lawn, work on that science project that you've been putting off.
When you get back tot he game, you'll feel better, and, more importantly, play

Why do I bother to write this?  Well...this FAQ is to help people, right?  And
you can't beat things like Snake's Variety missions when you're concentrating
on all the ways you can smash windows, etc.  So this should be helpful to
people who get easily frustrated (of which I am one).

---- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? ? ? ------------------------------------------

Okay, now I'm going to be explaining a few of the terms that came up before.
People apparently have differing images of what I mean when I say corner trick,
bumping, sniping, and Hold Up/M9.

Ambush - It's like the corner trick, but you lure the guard beyond your location
and then do a hold up kill before they turn back around.  Generally it means any
time you get a hold up style kill while the enemy is green on your radar.

Box - Any square or roughly square shaped wall formation.  It could be big or
small, but it always fits on one screen.  Usually I mention them when a guard is
going to one corner and you run around the whole box to get behind him.

Bumping - A trick with the Stinger missile launcher which is required to beat
the Stinger levels.  You can lock on to any of the squares, and then point the
Stinger somewhere else and quickly fire.  The missile will start off in the
direction you fired but (probably) eventually hit the target.

Corner Trick - It usually involves luring a guard to Your position on one side
of a corner, either from being spotted from a distance or tapping.  This differs
from ambushing in that with this, you lure them to a point before your position
and do a hold up kill when they turn back around.

Hold Up/M9 - This simply means to run up behind or beside someone and taking a
quick shot with an M9 from a very close distance.  If I use it with the Ninja
Raiden levels, It means the same thing as ambush, except you don't wait for them
to move, you run up and get them.

Knock Out - Just knocking out someone.  That's when the stars appear, OKAY?  To
do it against a normal opponent, you need...
 - 5 straight punches with an AK-74u or M4
 - 1 solid punch while holding a Nikita missile launcher
 - You can do it with straight punches, but it takes AGES. I don't recommend it.

Sniping - I don't actually mean "sniping" as in with a sniper rifle, I mean to
use a handgun in first person perspective, generally from the front of an enemy.
This is to avoid getting spotted whilst quickly dispatching a guard in
Elimination Mode or Eliminate All Mode.  I always mean M9 unless otherwise noted
(or there's no M9 in the level, in which case I mean SOCOM or USP).

----- SNEAKING MODE - SNEAKING ------------------------------------------------

Level 01 - The guard moves quick, so you should too.  Run immediately into the
northwest alcove and hide there (pressed on the east wall) until the guard gets
south of you, then gun it for the goal.
     -     My Record - 15726 (1:54:38)
     -     Goal - 15000

Level 02 - Tap on the wall next to you and hope the guard nearest you chooses
the north route. That provided, gun it east, turn north, roll through the guard
on the east side, then get on the goal.
     -     My Record - 15492 (1:52:43)
     -     Goal - 15000

Level 03 - Run straight east and get north.  Get behind the guard and cling to
the wall on the north side of the east alcove (where the guard is).  Watch
behind you: when a guard reaches a wall, throw (don't strangle) the guard near
you and run north.  Run straight on into the goal.
     -     My Record - 17334 (2:07:78)
     -     Goal - 17000

Level 04 - Man, I tried all kinds of creative junk before I got a working one.
Do it like this. Run straight east until you get halfway between the middle and
east vertical corridors.  Now go straight north, behind the guard to the east,
then north to the middle of the SE box. Run behind the guard that goes by, toss
a magazine lightly to the west, turn north, wait for a guard by the goal to go
south, then go north, west, and north by the sleeping guard to the goal.
     -     My Record - 17376 (2:08:13)
     -     Goal - 17000

Level 05 - Run east to the far east rail on your level and HANG-DROP-CATCH to
the lower level. Wait there until your time is somewhere around 2:32:xx and get
up.  Run north almost to the edge of the wall, then east around the guard. Walk
slowly across the noisy floor and turn north to the goal.  It might take some
tweaking if it fails, so just keep trying.
     -     My Record - 19364 (2:24:70)
     -     Goal - 15500

Level 06 - Climb over the box to the east ans run across the north half of the
pitfall.  This should attract a guard.  Run east some more and wait for the
attracted guard to turn west, then throw the guard standing on the paint.  Run
north to the hole surrounded by rails, then climb over the box.  When the north
guard turns west, go to the goal.
     -     My Record - 19434 (2:25:28)
     -     Goal - 17000

Level 07 - Run straight through the level and before you get to the goal, an
enemy will wake up.  Open the last locker and get behind the door.  When the
attack team has gone, blitz it to the goal.  Simpler than I thought possible.
NOTE: Be careful not to step in the paint.
     -     My Record - 18332 (2:16:10)
     -     Goal - 17500

Level 08 - Run east, north under the camera, then up the stairs.  Follow the
guard and wait until he turns west then hold him up (remember not to shoot) and
run behind him.  Run north, hold up the second guard.  A third guard will come
to investigate; drop from the rail on the northwest alcove as he comes up the
stairs.  Now head north to the goal.
     -     My Record - 18064 (2:13:85)
     -     Goal - 17500

SUBMISSION - justanormalgamer
Run east, then north through the hallway, making sure to cling to the west wall
to avoid being seen by the camera.  Flip the guard to the east, then run north
and lean against the wall with the guard above, making sure Snake faces west
when he leans. At around 2:30:30, make a break for the stairs and goal.

NOTE: When he says "flip", I think he means "throw".  He could mean to roll into
him but I can't make that work.  Also, there's no need to wait and he didn't do
so in his score.
     -     His Record - 19516
     -     My Record with this - 19440 (2:25:33)

Level 09 - Okey.  Run north past the gap and cling to the wall.  After the
guard to the north makes a status report, he'll start moving west.  Follow him a
little, enough to look in FPV at the guard to the NW.  When he looks away, run
west and climb over a box to victory.
     -     My Record - 35128 (4:36:01)
     -     Goal - 24000

Level 10 - Climb over the box to the south and go west to the stairs and crawl
up them.  A guard will be attracted.  When he gets past you, drop off the west
rail and crawl through the hole in the wall.  Keep going, and choose north when
the time comes.  When you get out the back, run under the right camera and then
the left camera (just stay under them) and run down the stairs and goal.  It
feels like cheating, cause (I thought) that hole was too easy.

NOTE: To improve your time score, try crawling faster.  Just slam the forward
button instead of being gentle with it.
     -     My Record - 25016 (3:11:80)
     -     Goal - 23000

----- SNEAKING MODE - ELIMINATE ALL --------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Much like Sneaking mode 01, hide in the alcove above.  When he goes
by, run to the SW corner and snag the M9.  Run out and snipe him from across the
hall.  Goal.  Be QUICK.
TIME GOAL: 1:44:67
     -     My Record - 14528
     -     Goal - 14500

LEVEL 02 - Run north almost to the end of the wall. Wait a sec. When the guard
to the right gets to the point that he won't be able to see the corner past the
wall, run out over the gap and behind the north guard.  Wait a moment (until the
east guard can't see it) and get the M9.  Immediately hold up/M9 the guard in
front of you and shoot again at the guard to the left. Look down the east alley,
get the third guard, and get back to the spot of the M9. Provided you didn't
mess with him, the last guard is coming in above you, so get against the west
wall a little and hold up/M9 him as he comes by.  Goal.  Yes, the lag after the
last shot is very annoying.  I barely made the time.
TIME GOAL: 1:35:84
     -     My Record - 13504
     -     Goal - 13500

LEVEL 03 - Wait for the guard you can see to get to the end of his path, then
run by the gap east and wit before the next gap.  When that guard turns north,
run up and throw him, then continue north.  Grab the M9 and hold up the guard to
the north.  Now go back down south and hold up/M9 the guard down there. Continue
down the west path and hold up/M9 the guard at the end of it.  Wait for him to
turn north (you can't hit him fast enough before he turns south) and snipe him,
then go back through the path you came from and wait at the entrance to the east
aisle.  When the last guard turns south, execute him and go to the goal.
Note: after you shoot the last guard, you can score some more points by getting
the USP.  250 more points, to be exact, with a time loss of maybe 100-150.
TIME GOAL: 1:31:67
     -     My Record - 14158
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 04 - Run east across the gap and then turn north about halfway across the
box.  When the south guard gets tot he east end of his track, run behind him and
roll through the guard that comes out betweent he boxes.  Run north and get the
USP, then run (don't walk) to the safe north aisle.  Be close to the wall for a
sec (until the guard you hit starts calling) then run west and hold up the nappy
guards.  L1 run into the M9 to the south, then FAST turn around and snipe them
both.  You have to be quick, cause their patience with standing runs thin quick.
Now go to the top (north) aisle and wait for a guard to walk by the far end. Get
a quick headshot. Now wait for the near guard to look south again and hold up/M9
him, then go almost to the south field.  A guard will walk by, so hold up/M9 him
and get to the goal.  Time isn't too much of a factor here because the timing's
fairly tight.  So this should be pretty easy.
TIME GOAL: 1:31:67
     -     My Record - 14166
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 05 - If you want to do this the no-kill way, feel free to figure it out
yourself.  Now, run east and drop off the southeast-most rail and follow the
guard.  When he's close enough to the east rail to be killed, roll into him and
move east then north under the wall.  When the second guard walks by, roll into
him as well.  Now run west up the first flight of stairs.  At 2:14, run up the
second flight of stairs and get behind the west wall.  Run over and get the USP,
then tap on the wall.  Stay on the west side of the wall and hold up the guard
when he walks by.  Now get to the side of him (enough so that he won't see this
nextmove) and unequip your gun.  Strangle.  Now hang from the rail to the west
and climb north.  Come up where the last guard won't see you (behind that little
wall).  Then wait for him to face east and go grab the suppressor.  Blast him
and drop off the rail.  Time is quite tight, and so are bullets.  So get a quick
headshot and be done with it.  Goal.
TIME GOAL: 1:04:59 or 1:21:25 for killers
NOTE: Tap the wall BEFORE you get the USP.  That way you can move a little more
quickly to the Suppressor.  Also note that sometimes time isn't that tight and
the last guard turns at a different time.  Go figure.
     -     My Record - 10904 (1:29:20)
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 06 - Climb over the boxes to the east and run across the aisle to the
paint.  When the inspecting guard turns west, strangle the guard on the paint.
Now go north a few steps and wait for the inspector.  Strangle him when he comes
by.  Now run north and strangle the guard by the M9.  When it seems safe, climb
up on the box and grab the M9.  If you didn't throw anyone, it should be safe
right from the start. Don't jump off the box before you aim east and get a quick
headshot.  Now hop off and stomp on the noisy floor to the east.  It should
attract the fifth guard: hold up/M9 him when he comes in range. Now cling to the
north side of the far west box and watch the left side.  When the guard turns
south, pop out and snipe him.  Grab the USP and goal.
TIME GOAL: 1:22:09 for killers
     -     My Record - 12146 (1:37:45) (9 bullets left)
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 07 - Look around the corner to see north from the wall, and when the guard
looks east, run up (roll across the paint) and strangle him.  Grab the USP Spsr.
if you're wise.  When the guard comes up, strangle him.  That accomplished, run
south, then east, then check the top locker for a USP.  It's useless without a
suppressor, so make sure you grabbed it.  Run south and hold up/USP the guard
that comes by, then run east and north.  Hold up/USP the guard towards the top, 
but rmember to shoot the nappy guard FAST because he's about to wake.  Goal.
TIME GOAL: Shouldn't be a problem.  But for killers, 1:21:53 plus ammo
     -     My Record - 13032 (1:40:26) (2 bullets)
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 08 - Run east, north under the camera, then up the stairs and strangle the
guard.  Hop off the rail, grab the SUPR., and climb back up the stairs. Go north
and you will find the USP.  Now run north and hold up the guard on your level.
Run south under the box and look west for another good headshot.  Go south and
find the guard near the end of his track for the last guard. You have one bullet
left so go back up the the north side of the platform and kill the camera. Goal.
TIME GOAL: 1:23:34
     -     My Record - 12978 (1:48:15) (O bullets)
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 09 - Tap the lower part of the wall and choke the guard as he comes by.
It's a little bit tough but altogether possible.  Now run into the lower west
part of your area and wait for words to appeaer on the screen.  Now run into the
alcove, grab the guns, and tap the wall to attract the third guard.  Hold up/M9
the guard as he comes by, and do the same (quickly) for the next guard.  Now run
east and north to grab the box. Tap the wall and hold up/M9 the north guard when
he gets to you. Run up near where the 4th guard was and snag the chaff grenades.
Toss one. A guard should be attracted, so hide behind the tetris block and get
him.  After the chaff explodes, grab the M9 bullets and goal.
TIME GOAL: 4:10:01 for killers, 3:53:34 for non-killers (plus bullets)
     -     My Record - 30872 (4:10:60) (16 bullets)
     -     Goal - 30000

LEVEL 10 - 7 enemies!  WTF! Okay, run south, west over the boxes and west to the
end.  Turn back and crawl up the stairs. Don't crawl too fast or you'll be seen.
Now, when the guard gets past you, stand up and strangle him. Now go up the west
side and climb up the stairs.  Knock on the ledge that barely sticks out, and
when the guard gets above the climbable ledge, climb over it, behind him, and
strangle him.  Now head east and flip across the bridge.  Stay near the wall.
When the stealthed guard looks east, run down and stragle him.  Now run north
and you should attract a guard from the north, lower level.  As he gets near the
stairs, drop off the rail, follow him, and kill him. now go to the northwest
corner of your platform and wait.  Watch NW in FPV for a guard to spot you.  Now
stay in the corner, but drop off the rail the guard gets on the stairs. Strangle
him as he comes down the stairs.  Now, quickly (because the clearing crew is
coming), run west across the gap.  Wait for the clearing team to leave, then you
can return to random murders.  Generally, it's safe to go back over at 4:58;xx.
Ish.  Anyway, get back on the alove where stealthy was and tap the wall.  The
guard in the hard-to-get-to area south will come and killing him is a little bit
tricky.  Wait a few seconds before moving, then duck near the NE corner of your
platform (by the stairs).  When the guard comes up the stairs, stand and kill.
Be careful not to attract the other guard before this.  Now, though, you can tap
the wall like there's no tomorrow. When the guard comes, blitz up the stairs and
hop off the rail onto his head.  Now what you want to do is head north up the
east aisle, then turn west at the last chance.  Climb under the camera and climb
over the ledge to the goal.

NOTE: When you cross the bridge, youmight attract the guard far north. Bad move.
Wait till he walks south, facing east, to flip across.

NOTE 2: This does actually work.  The time's a little tight on the 5th guard but
there's a sure-fire way to make him come sooner.  When you're attracting him, be
in the far NW corner, look right at him in FPV, and punch rapidly (don't PPK).
This should bring him to you before he walks east at all.  If you're still not
fast enough, try going a little slower on the first two guys.  It works. I don't
know which of them is supposed to give a report, but it seems to be one of them.

TIME GOAL: non-kill 3:36:67, or kill 3:53:34 (plus bullets)

TIME CHECKPOINTS: (aka rest stops) These are spots that if you get to them soon
enough, you'll wait a moment.  While waiting may not be terribly entertaining,
you'll know you didn't mess up yet if you do.

TC 1: Before guard 3, you have to wait for him to turn east.  If you get there
before he turns, you're going fast enough.

TC2: This on'es a tad more obvious.  When you're killing #5, if the clearing
crew sees you, you weren't fast enough.  Plus you've got some down-time
afterwards which is like a TC.
     -     My Record - 29606
     -     Goal - 28000

----- WEAPON MODE - HANDGUN ----------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Combo points are the name of the game here.  I swear this is the
hardest mission 01 to get the record on that I've seen, but I'm assured that it
can be done.  Just go fast, aim fast, hit every time, don't ever reload, and get
loads of combos.  Note that by "don't ever reload", I mean reload, but do an
auto reload after the second shot.  So there. And keep the combo alive after it.
     -     My Record - 18228
     -     -     Map - 9290 (17 hit combo)
     -     -     Time - 37:40 * 120 = 4488
     -     -     Bullets - 89 * 50 = 4450
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 02 - As if it couldn't get any worse, the targets now move.  Well, since
the shots on the center are pretty tough, just concentrate on combo points and
not wasting bullets.  That should pretty much taek care of time, so if you don't
make it, just keep trying and try to get more 500s. Note that you shouldn't have
to reload on this one.  Note also that it isn't very hard.
     -     My Record - 14374
     -     -     Map - 4740 (14 hit combo)
     -     -     Time - 42:36 * 120 = 5084
     -     -     Bullets - 91 * 50 = 4550
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 03 - 83 targets.  Holy crap. Anyway the concept is the same as always: get
combo points.  Shoot the explosive center.  Luckily they don't disappear, so it
should actually be a little easier (in that respect) than Pliskin's or Tuxedo's.
The only thing is you must move very quickly.  Start on the lower right, then go
left, and two more sets should appear on the lower left. The next is in the back
middle, back right, front raight, top right, bottom right, back top right, left
front low, just above that, behind that, and then it gets tough.  After it all
starts moving around, just try to shoot as quickly as possible and you should be
able to make it.  For the last square thing, shoot it as it forms an actual
square.  And know that whenever you have to wait for a combo to form, you are
probably going to lose your combo.  In this case it's okay to shoot a green by
itself, as long as it keeps the combo going.  Note that, sadly, even an 83 hit
combo won't ABSOLUTELY guarantee a victory.  You have to be quasi-accurate on
the orange targets, too.  But you DO  have to have an 83-hit combo.  Of course.
     -     My Record - 80786
     -     -     Map - 71000 (83 hit combo)
     -     -     Time - 49:05 * 120 = 5886
     -     -     Bullets - 78 * 50 = 3900
     -     Goal - 80000

LEVEL 04 - 21 targets.  Not so bad, right?  Go up the stairs, then turn around
and L1 shoot all the targets south and down the stairs (4).  Now snipe all the
targets on your level for a 16 hit combo.  Now go up the stairs and quickly get
the last targets: on the right, high on the left, back right of the 4, and both
of the last row.  Get a 5-hit combo at the end and go pretty fast.  Not too bad.
     -     My Record - 25258
     -     -     Map - 14540 (16 and 5 hit combos)
     -     -     Time - 53:90 * 120 = 6468
     -     -     Bullets - 93 * 50 = 4250
     -     Goal - 25000

LEVEL 05 - 88 targets.  Wow.  Get 500 on each of the 8 starters, then get the
next 3 on the ground for an 11 hit combo. Your combo CAN'T stop here, though, or
you're done.  Keep going.  get all the moving targets and shoot some explosives
in the back while you're at it.  When it's all said and done, you should have a
combo going pretty strong.  Accuraccy is important, as well as speed.  If you
have trouble shooting the explosives from the starter point, stand back farther
next time.  Now shoot an explosive on the left side (by the combo targets) and
run and L1 shoot the combos on the right.  Keep going to the end.  Once you get
there, the targets are the green ones: left, right, first from the left, third,
and the two explosives (don't get too close).  Get an 88 hit combo if you're
really good, and you'll probably get it.  Accuraccy counts though.

Help on the order of the moving targets: all the front targets first, then the
far right ones (26 hit combo now), then the far west (go fast, shoot one on the
way if you like).  Then go to the middle.  Constantly watch the west because the
west contains two sets of targets that are often impossible to hit.  For the
second method, try shooting from just below the top targets' boxes.
     -     My Record - 86622
     -     -     Map - 75920 (88 hit combo)
     -     -     Time - 1:03:35 * 120 = 7602
     -     -     Bullets - 62 * 50 = 3100
     -     Goal - 85000

----- WEAPON MODE - ASSAULT RIFLE ----------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Combos are key here, as is the norm for this guy.  The scores are a
tad ambitious in my opinion.  Watch out for the diappearing targets and make
sure to get 500 on each.  Go fast, aim careful, and auto reload when you have to
in order to keep the combo.  However, combos are not as important as on previous
levels (handgun anyone?). If you get every target for 500 points and finish with
about 200 bullets, that's 10000 points right there. That accomplished, you don't
have to get any combos if you have at least 20:84 left.  So not that hard.
     -     My Record - 12666
     -     -     Map - 7880 (no significant combo, imperfect aim)
     -     -     Time - 31:45 * 120 = 3776
     -     -     Bullets - 202 * 5 = 1010
     -     Goal - 12500

LEVEL 02 - This mission seems a whole lot harder than the last.  Targets still
disappear like the last mission (I NEVER approved of that) and they move.  Oh
well.  Start off with an easy 4 hit combo before the first set moves (practice
the move, you'll probably restart a few times).  Anyway, if you aim well (500 on
each target), that's actually the score right there.  It's kind of hard, but you
COULD do it that way.  Anyway the trick is aiming, not combos.  So don't worry.
     -     My Record - 9991
     -     -     Map - 8230 (no significant combo)
     -     -     Time - 7:71 * 120 = 926
     -     -     Bullets - 167 * 5 = 835
     -     Goal - 9500

LEVEL 03 - 23 targets, with 500 each, means 11500 points.  Add 5 seconds and you
will make the score.  You can trade a miss at any time (not getting 500) for 5
seconds.  You can't get any decuctions, though, unless you have an extra 20 to
spare.  Not advised.  Anyway, if you go fast, you'll probably get about 35 or 40
seconds left at the end, plus abut 15 seconds worth of ammo. So you get about 10
or 11 misses.
     -     My Record - 13959
     -     -     Map - 7500 (a few 3 to 5 hit combos)
     -     -     Time - 40:45 * 120 = 4854
     -     -     Bullets - 321 * 5 = 1605
     -     Goal - 12000

LEVEL 04 - This is always my favorite Assault Rifle level.  The trick is to get
a magnificent combo (42 hits).  Of course, you don't have to get 42 hits on your
combo.  The score doesn't seem that high.  Just try to get a high combo and keep
a good distance from the explosives in the second "wave".  Easy.
     -     My Record - 45872
     -     -     Map - 36460 (39 hit combo)
     -     -     Time - 59:35 * 120 = 7122
     -     -     Bullets - 458 * 5 = 2290
     -     Goal - 38000

LEVEL 05 - With 57 targets, it doesn't matter about your aim.  Just keep the
combo going for a while and it won't even matter about anything else.  Of course
this is slightly harder to do than to say, but it's an idea.  In any case (or at
least this case) it isn't terribly difficult to finish the level.  For the part
near the end when the targets are circling around you, aim forward and let go of
L1.  The four should go down pretty fast. After that is the UFO, which is pretty
tough to avoid the deductions.  Do your best.
     -     My Record - 38867
     -     -     Map - 31930 (39 hit combo, one deduction)
     -     -     Time - 41:10 * 120 = 4332
     -     -     Bullets - 401 * 5 = 2005
     -     Goal - 36000

----- WEAPON MODE - C4 / CLAYMORE ----------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Grab the claymores and place one in front of the box.  Now place two
on the SW area and that should get all three.  Grab the C4 and goal.
     -     My Record - 8634
     -     Goal - 8400

LEVEL 02 - Grab the claymores and get SE of the target and place one facing NW.
When the blocks are roughly in a line (except for two) let go of square.  Grab
the C4 and goal.
     -     My Record - 12564
     -     Goal - 11000

LEVEL 03 - Grab the claymores and run west.  Place one facing west so that the
westmost target will be hit. Now go west to east placing claymore at every spot
where there is a target passing by.  You should hit them all and (maybe) get a
few combos.  Sorry about the rough strat, but it worked for me.
     -     My Record - 14008
     -     -     Map - 5570 (no significant combos)
     -     -     Time - 58:23 * 120 = 6988
     -     -     Bullets - 11 Claymores * 50 + 18 C4 * 50 = 1450
     -     Goal - 13500

LEVEL 04 - Traditionally, this is the one level where I draw a map.  Why?  Well,
I drew one once and I keep copy/pasting it.  Enjoy.

   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
   [ ][x][x][x][ ]         [ ][ ][ ]
   [ ][#][#][x][#][ ][ ][ ][ ][x][ ][ ][ ]
         [ ][ ][ ]         [#][x][x][x][ ]
               [ ]   [x]   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
               [ ]   [x]   [ ]       #
               [ ]    #    [ ]
               [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
               [ ][x][x][ ]
               [ ][ ][ ][#] #

Key: # are C4
     [ ] are black box floor tiles
     [x] are holes

Grab the claymores and put one on the first spot. It has two symbols because you
put the bomb between the two spots.  On the line.  Whatever.  3 hit combo.
Look up in the NW corner of the map (run there).  There are three spots. Hit the
E first, facing N, then the W, facing W, then the middle, facing N. No combo but
you should still have 6 targets down.  Now run to the middle spot and plce one
facing W for a two hit combo.  Now go to the Westmost spot and drop one facing W
(one more to go), and get the last one facing the pit.  Grab the C4 and goal.
Sorry if it feels like improv, but it works all the same.  Trust me.
     -     My Record - 15106
     -     -     Map - 5070 (a few combos)
     -     -     Time - 1:06:55 * 120 = 7986
     -     -     Bullets - 24 C4 * 50 + 17 Claymores * 50 = 2050
     -     Goal - 14500

LEVEL 05 - Ok, here's the deal. You need 14500 points. Targets alone (no combos)
will get you 9000, and if you use one bullet for every target, you'll still have
2700 points from spare ammo.  That laves 4600 points, or 23.33 seconds.  Improv
is a seriously workable philosophy here. However, I'm a FAQ writer so I'll write
something.  So grab the claymores and take out the targets in the SE area (i use
about 3 or 4 bombs here) then the NE area (2 or 3), then the W area (6, and you
must blow up the wall).  Grab the ammo as you go.  Seriously, this score is very
low and easy to beat.  It must be a programming error or something.
     -     My Record - 16410
     -     -     Map - 9290 (I guess a few combos)
     -     -     Time - 35:58 * 120 = 4270
     -     -     Bullets - 36 C4 * 50 + 21 Claymores * 50 = 2850
     -     Goal - 14500

----- WEAPON MODE - GRENADE ----------------------------------------------------
NOTE: You may have heard rumors about the Grenade levels for MGS1 Snake.  Allow
me to confirm them for you.  NO LAUNCHER.  NO GRENADE LAUNCHER.  NO JOKE.  ****!
I can't believe that Kojima had such a misconceived idea of fun as to create
this horror of gaming.  If this was a standalone game (Grenade tossing) it would
get a ZERO in reviews.  Kojima, I think, would even give it a zero.  Damn.
Did I mention how much I hate the Grenade?  It's evil.  Let me just lay out
exactly why I hate it. Now the gun is simple to aim: straight line, no real lag,
impact damage. Now the launcher is less good but it's kind of cool as a novelty
because you have to be able to handle the arc.  However, a small explosion kind
of makes up for inaccuracy in the arc calculation.  Okay. But grenades alone are
the devil. You not only have to adjust the arc, but also the power (how hard you
hit square) AND you have to aim at where the block is gonna be because the timer
is hugely long and not vaguely impact related. And even if you can get past all
that, the grenades bounce.  DAMN. So you've gotta aim your 'nade and hold it for
a few seconds so that it hits right when you want it to explode, because God
knows it isn't going to frigging stay there!  EVIL EVIL EVIL I SAY!!!

LEVEL 01 - Here's your chance to get a feel for the long, long timer and tiny
explosion radius of the grenades.  I HATE grenades.  Anyway just launch them at
the targets and try to hit them in fairly short order.  For the two elevated
targets, try to land a 'nade on the level that they're on, near them.  If you
don't like that, try holding one out in front of you and waiting for it to blow
up in your hand.
     -     My Record - 9820
     -     Goal - 9000

LEVEL 02 - Psh.  Like I'd ever do this, or any other grenade level.  ****!
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 7500

LEVEL 03 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 04 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 05 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

----- WEAPON MODE - PSG - 1 ----------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Shoot the 6 on the left (one on the top row, two on the middle, one
below that, one on the left bottom, and one on the right bottom hole).  Now move
a ways right and get the three down the left side.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 14338
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 02 - Same concept as before but now the targets move.  The only adition to
the targets is one on the top right and one just below the middle.
     -     My Record - 14478
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 03 - First, go get the Pent from the top level and get on the goal.  Now
snipe every target you see, as fast as you can.  There isn't much to write here
because it's a question of speed, accuracy, and ammo conservation.  If you don't
make it from time, figure out which taregts you had to wait on and watch them
the whole time, blasting them at the first opporunity.  Remember: 1000 points is
only about 7 seconds.
     -     My Record - 20026
     -     -     Map - 9100 (insignificant combos)
     -     -     Time - 1:13:96 * 120 = 8876
     -     -     Bullets - 41 * 50 = 2050
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 04 - First thing, blast the deduction obstacle.  Now aim up a little and
blast one of the targets for a 9 (!) hit combo.  The other 4 are below the
deduction's old spot.  Blast the heck out of them (13 hit combo?) for the score.
     -     My Record - 25140
     -     -     Map - 9930 (13 hit combo)
     -     -     Time - 1:51:75 * 120 = 13410
     -     -     Bulets - 56 * 50 = 2800
     -     Goal - 22000

LEVEL 05 - You're familiar with the five building system, right?  From No.1...
Pop a Pent and aim at No.1.  Blast the deduction and quickly pan down for a two
hit explosive session.  That's it for No.1
Now for No.2.  Look at the bottom visible window ASAP and hit the target.  Now
wait for a moment and get the second (4th) in No.2 for the finish.  It comes at
3:50:ish, so get it and go to No.3 and 4, looking at the top visible row (no.2)
and get the target that floats by.  watch the lower left window for a second.
Now run up to the E platform and look at the top of 3 and 4.  Quickly shoot the
three that're going down the middle row, then start blasting around at targets
all over the buildings.  When you have eliminated a grand total of 11/21, look
to #5 (use this chance to reload).
5 - top (4th) level - two targets.  Get them simply.  no tricks. 13/21
5 - 3rd level - one target, and you don't have to blow up any walls.  Wait for
    it to poke it's head out of the east side and shoot it.  14/21
5 - 2nd level - two targets.  They appear right on top of each other. 16/21
5 - bottom - The rest.  Blast every wall and get the explosive, then the four
    mvoing targets.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 29306
     -     Goal - 25000

----- WEAPON MODE - STINGER ----------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - This little gem confused a lot of people because you can't see or hit
the target.  Go west and center yourself between the edge and the end of the red
(orange?) line.  Duck and whip out your Stinger.  You have to aim straight down
the line and fire a missile.  You have to aim just above the target acquiring
spot.  It should explode on the far wall and hit the target.  Goal.
NOTE: You can try firing down the center of the aisle and locking on just before
it would hit the wall.  Works okay.
     -     My Record - 7930
     -     Goal - 7800

LEVEL 02 - It's pretty much the same deal as level 2 always is.  3 on each side,
and three descend at the end.  It's just a tad harder to hit the targets is all.
Ihave made a time to shoot each, however.  Start on the right.  For the one in
the center of the right, wait for it to be heading down and fire into the lower
left corner of the block. For the one under that fire a shot just above the wall
and lock on as the target is coming west. For the last on that side, fire to the
left of the wall and lock on when it gets past and the target gets to the bottom
of its path.  It should get a two hit combo because the target on the bottom of
the middle wall is a pain.  On to the middle wall. For the target in the middle,
aim to the top of the wall and lock on when it hits the top of its path. For the
6th target, shoot to the left of the bottom left corner and do so when it'll be
there at the right time (you just have to "know" the right time).  Now for the
left wall.  For the one on the bottom, aim at the right end of its track and
lock on when it turns west (when it passes your shot). For the right side of the
wall, just aim on the right of the wall and lock on at the right time when it
exists.  Easy shot.  For the 9th, aim at either side and lock on at the right
time when it gets to the end.  Now targets descend (or appear below, whatever).
The trick to getting the last three is going out to the end of the arms and aim
straight under another arm.  Fire a shot under one when the target is about to
go by and it should hit them.  Repeat.
     -     My Record - 15628
     -     -     Map - 6020 (2 2-hit combos)
     -     -     Time - 1:10:90 * 120 = 8508
     -     -     Bulets - 22 * 50 = 1100
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 03 - Run up the stairs. Improv the first set of 6 because I haven't seen a
really good combo.  There is a 6 hit combo on the second set, however.  As a low
target is going west around the side of its circular track that is closest to
you, blast it.  It's an explosive, by the way.  That should net a 6-hit combo.
The last set is a little harder, but if you shoot the left explosive you should
get a 3 hit combo and be well on your way.
     -     My Record - 21624
     -     -     Map - 9400 (some combos)
     -     -     Time - 1:28:95 * 120 = 10674
     -     -     Bullets - 31 * 50 = 1550
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 04 - You know how to get the first set at this point, surely. Actually you
know how to get them all; it's just a question of skill and speed.  Keep trying
until you get the score is all I can tell you, because without explosives, there
really aren't any combos to be had.
     -     My Record - 18208
     -     -     Map - 7500
     -     -     Time - 1:16:73 * 120 = 9208
     -     -     Bullets - 30 * 50 = 1500
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 05 - Just start shooting. Hit the top and then the left for a 5 hit combo.
Now move forward onto the goal and shoot until you've got 13/56.  Now the next 7
will be on your left and if you shoot the explosives you'll probably get a few
combos.  Now more come from the front.  They're going to the right side, though,
so follow them there and shoot until you have 26/56. Now comes the flying thing.
If you're lucky it'll go down in just a couple of shots, if not you might have
to try again.  Good luck.  There are two (obviously) and the UFO goes down easy.
try for the wingtips of the Harrier if you can manage it, though, because they
are out of the reach of the inner explosion.
     -     My Record - 45156
     -     -     Map - 33000 (9 hit combo at beginning and some on the flight)
     -     -     Time - 1:25:88 * 120 = 10305
     -     -     Bullets - 37 * 50 = 1850
     -     Goal - 35000

----- WEAPON MODE - NIKITA -----------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - There's a target on every little box.  Use the appropriate window for
each target and go from the bottom to the left to the top, and shoot the east
from the goal.
     -     My Record - 7656
     -     Goal - 7000

LEVEL 02 - There are five targets.  Two are above and in plain sight. A third is
to the west and also in plain view.  To the south are both targets, but they're
behind some pllars.  Swing the view around until you get "ENEMY" and go there.
     -     My Record - 10468
     -     Goal - 7500

LEVEL 03 - Fire up the ramp near you and swing right 45 degrees for number 1.
Fire up the same ramp and turn left 45 degrees, and when you get right under the
target, hit R2 to explode it.  Re-equip your launcher and go up the ramp again.
Go up the ramp directly left, then up the higher ramp in front of you. Turn back
towards Snake and take out the highest target.  Now drop to the lower level.
Fire a shot under the ramp in front of you, then go down the latter half of the
back ramp, then down the jointed ramp near Snake.  At the joint, go opposite of
the rest of the ramp to the fourth target.  Fire a shot under the ramp in front
of you, then go down the latter half of the back ramp then down the jointed ramp
near Snake.  Go all the way down, then double back tot helast target, near the
back of the level.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 8410
     -     Goal - 8000

LEVEL 04 - This is a tough mission.  Unfortunately, it relies on split-second
timing and I can't help you with that because it changes from time to time.  The
one thing I can tell you is where the target is.  it's at the top, where it was
last time and the time before.
     -     My Record - 11818
     -     Goal - 11500

LEVEL 05 - Like the other one, there's not much to tell.  Duk by the west hole
and turn east.  Follow the east side of the field and follow the path.  Careful
to avoid each red target.  More improtantly, don't turn much or you'll run out
of fuel.  The target is at the very top, opposite of the top of the top ramp.
     -     My Record - 13504
     -     Goal - 13500

----- WEAPON MODE - NO WEAPON --------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - PPK the first, then roll the next two. PPK the third set (it's really
three) into the right target. Now roll into the southmost of the last set. Goal.
     -     My Record - 18360
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 02 - PPK the first set, then the next into the elevated target.  PPK the
west of the next set eastwards and roll the southmost of the last north up the
center.  Goal (and a decent combo).
     -     My Record - 12140
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 03 - Just PPK the first three sets.  For the triangle, time your PPK so
that the kick occurs from the center when everything is together.  Be a little
north of center and roll itnot the top target (provided it doesn't get hit).
PPK the west spinning target (however you like) and get on the platform. PPK the
main target northwards for a big combo and go to the last area.  Roll them away.
     -     My Record - 25230
     -     Goal - 21000

LEVEL 04 - Roll north.  Now PP,PP the spinning green.  Now the next spot is a
little weird.  PP the NE target, then PPK the group NE-wardwhen they're in the
center.  No deductions hit.  Now PP the rotating target on the next platform and
drop east.  PPK the target from the ground.  Now climb back up and go up the
stairs.  PPK the target when the reds start going up (that's when you start).
On the last platform, roll NW from the center and get all the targets except the
deduction.  Get on the goal.
     -     My Record - 18712
     -     Goal - 16000

LEVEL 05 - PPK then roll.  That should be everything.  If not, try again.  Now
roll through the next target and hope for a 15-hit combo.  You don't absolutely
have to have it, though. Anyway, PPK the next target EAST when the red is moving
up.  Now PPK the targets on top and make sure there are none left on the west.
PPK the targets on the next (east) target.  Specifically, PPK the middle one W
when the red is moving north.  For the next spot, send every target it's own
way (west targetwest, etc.) until everything is gone.  now get to the top.  Go
past the red wall and roll north.  Now PP, PP the last target (south) and goal.
     -     My Record - 38548
     -     Goal - 36000

----- VARIETY MODE -------------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Somebody on the message boards suggested a while ago (I forget who)
that you can just HANG-DROP-CATCH to the lower level.  You can see the box much
more easily from there and you can shoot the people all over and still see the
box.  It's wonderful.  Anyway, I recommend it and use the PSG1.  This should
hopefully get you the score.  Remember to grab the thermals before you drop and
blast the claymores whenever a guard gets near them (watch the explosions!).
Claymores aside, the thermals allow you to see the stealthed guards which is
INTEGRAL.  This mission is VERY HARD.  Just be careful.
When there's just one guy left, he's coming, just a little slow.  Stay by the
box.  Actually, after about 7 (more if you shoot fast) you should stay by the
box and you should be able to beat it without TOO much trouble.
Okay.  When you finish you should have about a minute left, which is about 7000
points (leaves 14000 points).  If you add in your 250 tranqs, you should have
1500 points left to earn.  This means you need to have 30 bullets left. Simple?
     -     My Record - 24006
     -     -     Time - 54:63 * 120 = 6556
     -     -     Bullets - 99 * 50 + 250 * 50 = 17450
     -     Goal - 21000

LEVEL 02 - Point of interest: the score to beat for 3rd is 5000.  No joke.  It
would take some serious effort to NOT beat that.  Anyway this is another dark
mission, so adjust your TV however you need to.  On with that strat!
Note: you have an unsilenced USP with 7 bullets.  There are 7 guards.  See a
correlation?  No missing.  Anyway, run out and turn north (grab the Pent).  You
will be spotted. Anyway a guard is coming down the west so go out and get him
QUICKLY or you'll get shot.  Go up the north side and wait before the corner.
Take a corner shot (cling and pop out with square) and wait for another shotgun
man to be in sight.  Get him.  If you go otu a little and hold square, you'll
auto-target a stealthed guard.  Shoot him as well as you can.  Now run out and
climb up on the box for an M9.  Go up the stairs, grab the ammo and PSG-1, then
look around for a stelthed guard (probably south).  He has a macine gun.  Kill.
There is also a guard on the east platform.  Kill. (Note here: sometimes both
are on the platform).  Anyway that should be 5 guards, so head up the familiar
east passage and get the last two guards on the way.  Watch out for the mines
(seriously, there're a lot).
     -     My Record - 31314
     -     -     Time - 4:05:11 * 120 = 29414
     -     -     Bullets - 3 M9 * 50 + 25 PSG-1 * 50 = 900
     -     Goal - 25000

LEVEL 03 - ZAKO!  I'm not very good at Zako Survival, so this was hard.  It's a
skill test at hard, though, so you may find it easy.  The score isn't too bad
though, so don't worry about that.  Anyway it's kind of improv so I'll give a
general strategy and what ammo is on each level. Watch the rations.  Seriously.

 AMMO: M9 gun, Stun G., Grenade, USP gun, Thermal Goggles
 STRATEGY: It's normally in the left window, so take a corner shot from a wall.
 Be careful not to get hit. Use an M9 because the USP tends to be a better gun.

 AMMO: PENTAZEMIN, USP ammo, M4 (gun), claymore, C4, M9 ammo, PSG1-T gun
 STRATEGY: Grab the Pentazemin, then stay behind the box.  Guards are coming to
 you, so be CAREFUL not to get hit much and look out for the grenade if it gets
 thrown.  Some of the guards are stealthed, so be careful.  When all the near
 guards are taken care of, grab the rest of the ammo and then do your best on
 the rest of the guards.  If you find yourself getting hit much, restart and
 snipe more guards before your ammo run.  Just don't get them all before you
 get the ammo (and the Ration).

 AMMO: USP ammo, Claymore, PSG-1 gun, C4, M4 ammo, M9 ammo, RGB6, PSG1-T ammo
 STRATEGY: Get behind the west box and watch for the Tengus.  They'll jump on
 your box or the opposite box.  If they have a gun, blast them away with your
 USP or M4.  If they have a sword and there is just one in front of you, punch
 them out with your M4.  If there are two and that's it, claymore them.  If
 there are a sword guy (or two) and a gun guy on the east, PPK the sword and
 gun down the gunman.  Now do the appropriate thing for the swords.  If that
 doesn't work for you, try dropping a stun grenade and then trying to lure the
 swords into staying near it until it kills them.  Now you just snipe carefully
 and grab the ammo AFTER you have 20/21 guards down.  This is tough, you know?
 Don't forget that you have a PSG1-T and PSG-1 for the tougher snipes.
 NOTE: Don't forget your Coolant.  When you're having issues with the swords,
 just give 'em a spray and then do whatever you like to them.  The 12 guards
 are actually harder because you're low on health and you have no ration.  Then
 they shoot you from 12 different angles and....AAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!!!

 AMMO: STINGER launcher and ammo x2
 STRATEGY: Grab the Stinger stuff if you want it, then get behind the barrier.
 Watch his hands.  If he lets go of the gun with his left, run right.  If he
 lets go with his right, run left.  After the punch, get back in the middle.
 He'll punch three times.  After he does his thrid punch, get out to the side
 and use your M4 to fire a few shots at the dish above you.  Now get behind the
 barrier.  If he sneezes, fantastic.  He might just pretend and then punch you,
 though, so be ready.  Just keep following this pattern until he dies.
 NOTE: If you run out of M4 ammo, hit R1.  When you come out of FPV there'll be
 more on the left side.  And also note that when he dies, it will be when you
 completely destroy 3 supports.  The pan will fall on his head.
     -     My Record - 39402
     -     -     Time - 9:33:86 * 120 = 34432
     -     -     Bullets - they add up to 4970, whatever they are
     -     Goal - 30000

----- BOMB DISPOSAL MODE ------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 02 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 03 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 04 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 05 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

----- ELIMINATION MODE ---------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - You've got 7 bullets and 7 guards.  If you have nice skills you can
take every guard.  Good luck.  Run into the door and start aiming.  Hit the far
guard in the head and then the guard comign up the stairs.  Hopefully the guard
you hit at the end of the corridor isn't the one who leaves.  If it is, reset.
If not, kill the one left.  Now, the reason I told you to shoot the near guard
second is because he makes a noise when he turns around. It brings all the below
guards up and is quite convenient.  Kill them.  If the below guard near you did
not come up, drop down on him from above.  If ot just drop.  Grab the M9, snipe
the far guard, and goal.
     -     My Record - 14906 (1:49:21, all sneak, 6 M9 bullets)
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 02 - 6 guards, 7 bullets. That means you get a miss or a distraction shot.
Run out into the first vertical hall and hold up the guard.   Throw him and get
the M9.  Snipe him.  Now run south.  Run intot he room when the guard turns and
get the guards therein.  They're gonna see you, that's okay. A guard is going to
the west door, so go out the east door.  Hold up/M9.  Run up the east corridor
and hold up/M9 the guard at the end (speed is important here, don't lose anymore
sneaking points).  Now keep going and take out the last guard.  He WILL see you
but it's okay, you'll live.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 16180 (1:50:66, 500 sneak, 8 bullets, no-kill)
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 03 - Run out into the hallway and hit the guard above with a PSG1-T.  Now
run out a little farther and hit the CYPHER with the PSG-1 bullet.  Goal.  It's
a little tough because of the lack of Pentazemin, but go fast for the score.
     -     My Record - 19226 (2:11:05)
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 04 - You get ten bullets per guard so start over when you run out of ammo.
It's a little harder because MGS1 Snake's enemies are a tad more resillient.  Do
it anyway. From the start, run into the first little alcove and destroy the man.
Wait for the lower guard to move and run east.  Three guards have piled up over
there, so kill them and get beihnd the block before they kill you.  If you are a
quick sniper, aim in FPV for a few headshots here and run.  Otherwise just blow
your ammo, it's worthless pointwise. Now get behind the box to the east and wait
for the west guards to come into the hall.  Kill them and goal.  Note that since
you go into Alert mode, it gets kind of random (and hairy).  So be careful and
play defense as much as you can.  Improv as well as you can and just finish in
one piece.  Simple?  Remember to grab the M9 if you want it.
     -     My Record - 13454 (1:46:28, 4 M9 bullets, 500 sneak)
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 05 - You're gonna waste a grenade.  Take it in stride.  Get down to the
bottom of the west stairs drop a grende, and tap like hell on the wall.  When it
explodes, wait a minute.  Now drop a stun grenade so that a guard notices the
grenade drop and then run upstairs.  When it goes off, it should be three down.
Now run south and lightly toss a stun grenade into the room.  Both guards should
see you and go towards the fun stun grenade.  Goal.
NOTE: Only once have I been able to get the first three in one shot, and it was
NOT the score run below.  I messed up.  Anyway, if you leave one after the first
SG, just straight punch him 25 (!) times.  Then go ahead with the route.
     -     My Record - 19536
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 06 - Run west and strangle the guard.  You're going to be doing a lot of
that because, well, look at your ammo.  Not impressive.  Now back up into your
start location and wait for the guard's reflection on the tile to start going
south.  Strangle him, attracting another guard.  Back in the SL and wait in FPV
for him to stop.  Hold him up and strangle him.  Now run north, get spotted, and
USP the guard.  AMMO RUSH!  It feels good to have bullets.  Look west and kill
the guards as they come around the corner.  If there's a lull in the action, you
have a spot of trouble on your hands. You are supposed to kill 07/09 guards like
this, then kill the guard who comes up behind you.  Of course this is a little
like Zako because Alert messes with the guards' AI. In any case, ultimately only
one guard SHOULD come from the east, and the other 4 from the west.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 24278 (3:16:48, 500 sneak, 200 bullet points)
     -     Goal - 23000

LEVEL 07 - Run west and north and hold up/choke the guard. Now run into the room
above and hold up/choke the guard on the east side (he's facing you but he's nap
guard-type).  Now run out of the room and roll east into the wall.  Run south,
the boxes as cover, into your SL.  Wait behind the boxes and choke him when he
turns around.  Now run down the stairs and behind the boxes. When the guard gets
to them, run south along the west side and choke him.  You have to be careful
here because there is a shotgun-wielding friend just west.  So go fast.  Now for
said friend.  Tap the wall west of the boxes, then get east of them.  When he
turns north, go in from the south and choke him.  Now get up the west stairs.
Let's do a quick ammo count excerise here.  You have 1 USP bullet (1 kill), 2
stinger missiles (1 kill), and 4 C4 charges (2 kills).  That's 4 kills.  There
are four guards.  Go for it.  The fun is easy to get started, and I recommend
killing the first one with the USP, then use the stinger. Make sure you hit each
guard, so that the way into the west room is clear.  Snag the USP ammo and get
back out there.  Headshots all around - 3 for the laymen.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 27242 (3:28:26, 750 bullets, 1500 sneak)
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 08 - Okay, run into the east room.  USP the guard and quickly get into the
hole on the right wall.  Go past the book and wait for the guard at the end of
the hall to leave.  Grab the M9 and get up against the boxes.  Take a shot from
there at the guard due west.  Quickly get back behind the boxes so you aren't
seen.  There will be a "Huh?" but nothing more.  Several seconds later, pop back
up and blast him with your 2nd M9 bullet. The third target for your M9 is coming
just right of the last, so get him when he stops moving. Now stand up. Run north
up the east side and into the east corridor.  USP BULLETS!  Yaha!  Now you can
slaughter them like the pigs that they are.  Go to the staircase, get spotted,
and blast 05.  Now head down the stairs and kill the other three guards (alert =
random guard AI, gotta just improv).  Goal.
     -     My Record - 24540 (3:14:50, 700 bullets, 500 sneak)
     -     Goal - 20000

LEVEL 09 - Check your ammo.  Notice how you have 1 USP shot and 8 PSG-1 shots.
9 guards.  Okay. Go into the tiny alcove and blast the north guard with your USP
or PSG-1, doesn't matter.  Now the fun starts.  Get south of the box and PSG-1
them as they come to you.  Be sure not to miss.  Now, they have this thing about
not all coming.  Generally there's one straggler.  I just got behind him and
strangled him, but if you have perfect aim you'll have na extra bullet with his
name on it.  Finish up and goal.
     -     My Record - 27704 (3:45:03, 4 C4s * 50 = 200, 500 sneak)
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 10 - Go south.  USP BULLETS! Run north and out the door. Lean out the west
rail and watch below.  You'll attract a guard; drop on him.  Step down a few
stairs and blast the guard in front of you on the low level.  Now R2 + L2 to aim
above the staircase and get the third guard. The guards will keep coming so keep
shooting. Keep your accuracy up because 16 bullets for 8 guards isn't very much.
You can use L1 to find guards.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 25784 (3:18:61, 450 bullets, 1500 sneak)
     -     Goal - 12000

----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - HOLD UP MODE ----------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Okay. He turns around before you can possibly get to him and he won't
EVER turn back around.  Seriously.  So here's what you do.  You run up to about
the beginning of the yellow rail (on the right) and stand there until he says
"Huh?". Now flip over and go north.  When he gets past you, flip up and hold up.
     -     My Record - 19784 (2:44:86)
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 02 - Watch north.  When the north guard turns east, go east and get the
nappy guard.  Now get on the west side of the boxes, and when the guard north
turns back west, go up and get him.  Now get on the north side of the other set
of boxes and hold up the guard as he comes around the corner.  Goal time.
     -     My Record - 19148
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 03 - Run out the right door and down the stairs.  Hang out the bottom
corner, and when the guards turn around, run west down the top hall and get them
both.  Now run down the east hall (cross back over) and stop at the corner.  A
guard is coming, so tap th wall and hold him up when he rounds the corner.  Now
move to the edge of the windowed wall and tap.  Hold up as he rounds the corner.
Now wait for the close guard to turn back around, then run west and north into
the room.  Follow the west guard north and hold up, then run back south and tap
the Policenauts poster.  When the north guard moves south, go north up the west
hall and follow him south.  Hold up and goal.
NOTE: If you kep being seen by the fifth guard just after the fourth hold up try
running east a little after you do the hold up.  Then run west after he turns.
     -     My Record - 15792 (2:11:60)
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 04 - Run straight out and (no kidding fast here) hold up the guard on the
east corner.  Now quickly roll up the first two noisy floors on the SW side and
slow-walk (stick) close enough to the guard to hold him up.  Now run south a bit
and tap the wall.  Hang and pop up behind the guard.  Hold up.  The last one is
easy: he'll turn south, so roll into him and hold him up when he gets up.
     -     My Record - 18034
     -     Goal - 16000

LEVEL 05 - B Strut.  Hang out the left side of the wall and hold up the guard
when he gets to you.  Now run in the door and north to hold up a second guard as
he makes a report.  Wait until it's done.  Now go out the north door and tap on
the north wall (not the wall by the door).  Get the guard as he goes by.  That's
three, and you should have about 25 seconds to get the other two. Go back in the
door and tap on the lockers on the west side.  Get the guard as he comes by. Now
there's only one.  He's in the southeast corner of the bottom.  Get to the spot
that is most SE and FPV at the guard.  When he turns north, hop over the rail,
drop, hold up, goal.
     -     My Record - 14512 (2:00:93)
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 06 - Oddly, instead of starting off where you always do, you start in the
south part of the lower level.  This is actually a good thing.  Run north and
check out the guard making a report.  Hold up when he's done.  Now go up north
from his spot and get to a box.  There's a guard above it. Actually, you'll have
to wait until the east guard looks east to move, but when he does, get up to the
box.  Hold up the guard even though he's on the other side of a tiny box.  Now
cling to the side of the box and watch the east guard.  When he looks east, go
after him and hold him up.  Notice where the goal is; you'll have to drop to it
from upstairs. Now go upstairs.  Well, actually you'll attract an upstairs guard
when you hold up number 3, so get near the stairs and hold him up as he goes by.
You may need to be on the west side of those boxes.  MAKE SURE YOU BUMP NUMBER 3
o there won't be a second guard that comes down with number 4. Both 4 and 5 will
be standing ther waiting for you to get them simultaneously.  Now head upstairs.
Go around the way and get to the boxes on the north side of the hole.  Now run
east and south and get on the east side of the boxes near the south end.  If you
are seen, make sure to stand farther north next time.  Wait for him to turn
south, then hold him up.  Now you have to get to the goal.  Run straight north
up the middle, hang, then swing east over the goal and drop.  Done.
     -     My Record - 13930
     -     Goal - 11000 (1:31:67)

LEVEL 07 - Check out the goal.  Holy crap.  You have to finish this in under 30
seconds.  Enjoy.  Run out into the first room north for a scare.  Wow.  There's
a similar bit on the other side of the room and the goal after that.  Simple?
Poke your head out from the wall and they'll get green marks.  They'll come. The
way to keep your view in the right place as you back from the door is to sidle
along the wall, rather than just walking. Now pick them off as they come through
the door.  Now go north and east, almost to the corner.  Same concept here; hold
your head out and pick them off as they go through.  Now go to the goal.
NOTE: If you have mad skills, you can just run through after the first set and
get every one of the other set.  It's just kind of hard.  If you wait until
5:25:5x, you can do the same for the first set (but it's even harder).
     -     My Record - 37180 (5:09:83, used the note thing on the second set)
     -     Goal - 36000 (5 minutes even)

LEVEL 08 - Jejunum, and you start in the wrong spot.  I don't know why they want
to do that, but it's always the way it goes.  Weird.  Even weirder, there are
only 5 guards.  Hmmmm.  Yet it's a hard level, so watch out.
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 8000 (1:06:67)

LEVEL 09 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

LEVEL 10 - 
     -     My Record - 
     -     Goal - 

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"savior" for his/her Bomb Disposal FAQ. While I didn't directly rip off anything
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for Snake, he was kind of easy).  You're a life saver.  Or life savior.  Hmmm...