Plisken VR Missions Record Breaker FAQ by Child of Asuka

Version: Final | Updated: 07/14/06 | Printable Version

----- WHAT'S NEW ? -------------------------------------------------------------

Submissions Dates
 - Version 1.0 - 12:29:00 A.M. July 13, 2003

Because I have not played this game in a very, very long time, I really don't
want to deal with submissions.  I'm really very sorry it's got to be like this,
but I have other things going on besides this FAQ.

0. Combo Targets Table
0. Frustration
0. Vocabulary (the stuff I say that you might not know)
I. VR Missions
   A.Sneaking Mode
     2.Eliminate All
   B.Weapon Mode
     2.Assault Rifle
     8.No Weapon
   C.First Person View Mode
   D.Variety Mode
II.Alternative Missions
   A.Bomb Disposal Mode
   B.Elimination Mode
   C.Hold Up Mode
   D.Photograph Mode

---- COMBO POINT TABLE ---------------------------------------------------------

I was going to put this at the bottom, but then I thought, what with the
emphasis on combo points in the Weapons Modes (by far the hardest missions of
Snake's missions), you need this pretty often.  So there.

*Points accumulate.  Thus, for the 5-hit combo, you get the bonus for 2, 3, and
4-hit combos beforehand.  They aren't replaced.
Combo Hits | Last Hit | Total Accumulated at this point
1          | Nada     | 0000
2          |  010     | 0010
3          |  020     | 0030
4          |  030     | 0060
5          |  050     | 0110
6          |  070     | 0180
7          |  100     | 0280
8          |  150     | 0430
9          |  200     | 0630
10         |  300     | 0930
11         |  500     | 1430
12 and on  |  500     | 1930, 2430, 2930, 3430, etc.

---- FRUSTRATION ---------------------------------------------------------------

When you've been trying something for a long time and you just can't get it
right, it's natural to be frustrated.  Don't believe me?  Read all my complaints
in the sections involving hard levels.

The problem is that your playing ability goes down, causing greater frustration
and only rarely a better score.  Thus, you must ot be frustrated.

You can stop frustration by taking your mind physically away from the game for a
minute or two.  It doesn't take long, but things like getting a drink or taking
a bio break don't help much.  You need to actually do something else.  Do some
chores, mow the lawn, work on that science project that you've been putting off.
When you get back tot he game, you'll feel better, and, more importantly, play

Why do I bother to write this?  Well...this FAQ is to help people, right?  And
you can't beat things like sniper variety missions when you're concentrating
on all the ways you can smash windows, etc.  So this should be helpful to
people who get easily frustrated (of which I am one).

---- WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? ? ? ------------------------------------------

Okay, now I'm going to be explaining a few of the terms that came up before.
People apparently have differing images of what I mean when I say corner trick,
bumping, sniping, and Hold Up/M9.

Ambush - It's like the corner trick, but you lure the guard beyond your location
and then do a hold up kill before they turn back around.  Generally it means any
time you get a hold up style kill while the enemy is green on your radar.

Box - Any square or roughly square shaped wall formation.  It could be big or
small, but it always fits on one screen.  Usually I mention them when a guard is
going to one corner and you run around the whole box to get behind him.

Bumping - A trick with the Stinger missile launcher which is required to beat
the Stinger levels.  You can lock on to any of the squares, and then point the
Stinger somewhere else and quickly fire.  The missile will start off in the
direction you fired but (probably) eventually hit the target.

Corner Trick - It usually involves luring a guard to Your position on one side
of a corner, either from being spotted from a distance or tapping.  This differs
from ambushing in that with this, you lure them to a point before your position
and do a hold up kill when they turn back around.

Hold Up/M9 - This simply means to run up behind or beside someone and taking a
quick shot with an M9 from a very close distance.  If I use it with the Ninja
Raiden levels, It means the same thing as ambush, except you don't wait for them
to move, you run up and get them.

Knock Out - Just knocking out someone.  That's when the stars appear, OKAY?  To
do it against a normal opponent, you need...
 - 5 straight punches with an AK-74u or M4 (highly recommended)
 - 1 solid punch while holding a Nikita missile launcher
 - You can do it with straight punches, but it takes 15!!  I don't recommend it.

Sniping - I don't actually mean "sniping" as in with a sniper rifle, I mean to
use a handgun in first person perspective, generally from the front of an enemy.
This is to avoid getting spotted whilst quickly dispatching a guard in
Elimination Mode or Eliminate All Mode.  I always mean M9 unless otherwise noted
(or there's no M9 in the level, in which case I mean SOCOM or USP).

----- SNEAKING MODE - SNEAKING ------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Run almost up into the top corridor, then wait until the guard walk
towards you.  Hold him up, then use L1 to run behind him without putting down
your gun.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 15768
     -     Goal - 15500

LEVEL 02 - Guns are good things.  When the guard nearest you turns east, run
behind him and hold him up.  When the above guard turns east, run behind him
and hold him up, then run to the upper aisle and run to the goal.
     -     My Record - 15270
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 03 - Run into the aisle a little NE of you, then aim in FPV at the floor
north of the guard near you.  Fire a shot into it and then run NE and roll
through the guard in the north aisle on your way to the goal.
     -     My Record - 17660
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 04 - Launch a magazine right and then go north and east over the box.
Launch another magazine downt he center aisle, then take the east aisle to the
goal.  If a guard gets in your way, roll through him.
     -     My Record - 17790
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 05 - Okay, this isn't too bad.  Run east, then north (not northeast, you
will be spotted).  When the guard comes by, either hold him up or roll through
him. Either way, roll or slow-walk across the noisy floor and get behind the
small wall until the far right guard actually turns away.  Unequip your gun,
run out, throw him behind you, and drop down onto the goal.
     -     My Record - 18586
     -     Goal - 18000

Suppose you want a slightly higher score.  Reasonable. Okay.  Run east and then
north, like before.  This time, ignore the uard and roll across.  The far NE
guard will come to investigate, so get behind the small wall.  Hold him up and
use L1 to run through him, then get to the goal and drop down.  The reason this
isn't the only route is because it is VERY HARD to hold up the guard.  So good
luck with this.  This is for people who aren't content with a good score.
     -     My Record - 18692
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 06 - Climb over the box to the east and roll across the pit.  Now tap on
the wall and get to the east side of the corridor. When the guard mimicing your
path turns south, turn north, go across the pit, and hold up the guard to the
NE.  Now use L1 to run south and around the wall (he shoots you if you try to
climb over or turn your back on him) to the goal.
     -     My Record - 19118
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 07 - Run south then north, flipping across the paint.  Wait at the NE
corner of the inside of the corridor (so the approaching guard can't see you).
Hold him up and run by.  If it seems difficult, try firing a shot into the wall
on the other side, to make him look away.  Anyway, that done, run south to the
end of the aisle, then east and a little north, then east some more and hold up
the last guard.  Roll through him and get on the goal.
     -     My Record - 18734
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 08 - Run north, up the stairs and down the next set.  Now wait behind the
wall until the guard to the east turns away, then run north to the NW corner of
the level (behind the guard).  When he turns south, move east to the stairs.
When the above guard is far enough along, move up the stairs and get on the
goal.  Pretty simple stuff.
Note: It was pointed out to me that you don't actually have to wait for the top
guard to move, just run straight up when the NW guard looks south.
     -     My Record - 19122
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 09 - Fire a shot, then get west a little.  Hold up the guard, then use L1
to get around him.  Wait at the wall a little north.  When the east guard faces
north, quickly get out there and hold him up.  Now get to the east side of the
odd little box and wait for the north guard to look east.  Now go to the goal.
     -     My Record - 36050
     -     Goal - 35000

LEVEL 10 - Run east and climb over the box, then turn north and be against the
east wall as you climb over the small box and run behind the guard.  Now get to
the corner of the wall by the bridge and wait until your radar shows a guard to
the north looking away.  Now make a break north under the bridge and get behind
the west of the two boxes.  Hold up the guard underneath the camera, then get
behind him and take a few steps.  Stop, and take a shot at the camera to the
north.  DO NOT MISS, or a guard will come to inspect and you will be toast.
Now get to the goal.  Note that if you want to improve your score, you have to
eliminate the camera faster.  You will probably take a second or two your first
time, so go fster and your score will improve dramatically.
     -     My Record - 27654
     -     Goal - 27000

----- SNEAKING MODE - ELIMINATE ALL --------------------------------------------
Side note - The times to get are fast.  That means go fast, aim fast, and don't
waste bullets.  I would especially like to emphasize aiming fast and getting a
single head shot every time (or a chest shot, your call but I prefer head shots)
End side note

LEVEL 01 - Run noth and snag the M9 in the north alcove.  Now run out and hold
up/M9 the guard and be on the goal when it generates.
     -     My Record - 16114
     -     Goal - 16000

LEVEL 02 - Wait for the close guard to turn east, then run up to where he was
and continue north.  Hold up the guard you come to, and run east to the M9 when
the north guard turns away.  Use the M9 on the close guard, then the one you
held up, then go west and north to nab the last guard.  Goal time.
     -     My Record - 14370
     -     Goal - 13500

LEVEL 03 - Move into the close aisle and fire a shot into the wall north.  Hold
up the guard and then L1 run north up the west aisle to the M9.  Snipe down the
corridor with it at the held guard, then move east, almost to the middle aisle.
Don't go in until the south guard looks away; at that point, run down it and
hold up/M9 the guard.  Get out of the last guard's way quickly.  When he turns
south, hold up/M9 him and get to the goal.
     -     My Record - 15348
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 04 - I really like this route, and I think it's pretty good.  Fire a shot
east immediately, then run north, NE, then west into the corridor.  If you were
quick, hold up the west guard NOW and throw him.  Run straight north and grab
the M9.  Turn around and shoot the guard (he's gotten up), then shoot the guard
that came to inspect.  Get in the cnter aisle and aim south for the last guard.
Goal.  You can throw a magazine at the start and save 50 points, but the gun
seems to work better for me.  Your call.
     -     My Record - 15936
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 05 - Hmmm.  Okay, got it.  Run east, then north (this move should be
familiar to you by now) and wait for the guard to get physically past you. Then
hold him up and get ready to flip across the noisy floor. When the far NE guard
turns east, flip across, grab the M9, and get back behind the wall.  Snipe the
guard you held up, then wait for the NE guard to look east again. When he does,
snipe him and go to where he was to snipe every other guard in the stage.  When
you've done that, drop down on the goal and wait for it to appear.
     -     My Record - 16884 (2:00:70)
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 06 - Climb over the box to the east, go to the north of your little hole,
and roll across the pit. If done successfully, the pit can still be walked over
(once) and the north guard is coming but the south is not.  Good.  Now go east
and get the M9.  Copme back tot he paint area dn cross it, holding up the guard
north of the paint (don't shoot him).  Now the other guard should be coming up
to stand behind the held up guard, so hold him up and M9 them both.  Now head
north and M9 the nappy guard, then hold up/M9 the last guard and get to the
goal (climb over the box if you like).
     -     My Record - 17438
     -     Goal - 16000

LEVEL 07 - This level kind of annoys me.  It seems like it should be faster,
and the no-kill bonus takes so long it only nets you about 700 points.  But, I
won't bother with the kill method because it nets you almost always a little
less than 15500, which means you have to go uber fast to get the score.  So do
it this way: run out and hold up the first man, then wait at the usual spot
(towards the NE corner) and hold up the second guard as he comes by.  Go S and
E and hold up the third guard, then open up the locker on top of the nearby
box.  Inside is the M9, so use it on all the guards you've held up so far, in
reverse order (snipe the first/third from across the aisle) and then get to the
goal.  Depending on your sniping speed, the last guard could be facing you or
not.  If not, hold up/M9 him.  If he is, wait until you have a chance, then
hold up/M9 him.  Now go to the goal.
     -     My Record - 16306
     -     Goal - 15500

LEVEL 08 - Okay. Run straight under the camera then edge right and grab the M9.
FAST aim in FPV and shoot near the FAR guard's head.  Immediately M9 the close
guard's head, then carfully get the FAR guard's head.  You have 2 bullets.  Get
back under the camera, then south and east up the stairs.  Grab the ammo.  Now
run east and north up the box and hold up/M9 the guard.  Run north to the
stairs, snipe the final guard, and get to the goal.
     -     My Record - 17790 (2:04:09)
     -     Goal - 15500

LEVEL 09 - This level only seems hard.  Fire, then back up.  Hold up the guard
and run through him (L1) and climb up on the box to the north. You're actually
safe thee, and there's an M9.  Turn south and use your M9 on the held guard
before he reports you.  Now, when the near guard looks west, jump down and get
him, then stay where he is.  When the north guard looks east, snipe him and
grab the ammo in the NE corner.  Get on the goal and hope it generates before
the camera gets you.  If it was too slow, go faster.
     -     My Record - 35372
     -     Goal - 34500

LEVEL 10 - Climb over the box to the east then go up the stairs.  Hold up the
guard as he comes around, then aim in FPV at the wall next to the far guard and
shoot.  Now go in the close east alcove and snag the M9.  Take out the held up
guard and the one you shot near, then head down the stairs.  There is a guard
approaching the NW corner of your area: hold up/M9 him.  Now head under the
bridge (be sure to grab the ammo).  Look in FPV down the aisle and take a pot
shot at the fourth guard (head shot).  Take out the camera, hold up/M9 the last
guard, and be on the goal.  I hate that delay.
     -     My Record - 48572
     -     Goal - 47000

----- WEAPON MODE - HANDGUN ----------------------------------------------------

Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
but if you want a challenge, go for it.
Like all "hit the center of a disappearing target" levels, once I got the score,
I didn't try again.  My scores aren't as fantastic as they could be.
End side note


LEVEL 01 - Just hit the middle of each target.  Simple.
     -     My Record - 14792
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 02 - Now they move, but the prmise is the same.  Avoid L1 targeting and
try for a high combo because you won't get perfect shots every time.
     -     My Record - 13196
     -     Goal - 12000

LEVEL 03 - Go for a mad combo by tying together explosives!  A 29-hit combo is
pretty nice, here, so I actually replayed to get one.  I didn't actually get it
though, because it's a tad harder than it looks.
     -     My Record - 32052
     -     Goal - 30000

LEVEL 04 - Just run around and collect combo points. There's really no skill in
this one.  Sorry if you're having trouble, but I just don't see it.
     -     My Record - 18016
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 05 - Get halfway downthe stairs and then shoot all the targets.  get 500
on each. Now get downt he stairs and start a magnifico combo.  Start with the
brown targets, then the moving targets, and then shoot the sets of explosives
in the background.  From here you should be fine, but the order of taergets to
shoot at the end is left, right, right, right.
     -     My Record - 39316
     -     Goal - 37000

----- WEAPON MODE - ASSAULT RIFLE ----------------------------------------------

Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
but if you want a challenge, go for it.
Like all "hit the center of a disappearing target" levels, once I got the score,
I didn't try again.  My scores aren't as fantastic as they could be.
End side note


LEVEL 01 - Combo point are the name of the game.  That and Metal Gear Solid 2.
So get perfect shots, don't waste too many bullets, and go fast.
     -     My Record - 13058
     -     Goal - 12000

LEVEL 02 - Right at the start, they're all together.  Get all three.  After that
just go for combos and 500 shots, you don't have to be perfect.
     -     My Record - 10472
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 03 - They start off on top, so spray them for 1500 points.  Now go right
and spray downards for another 1500.  Do the same, but upwards on the new group.
After that just try to get 500's but you don't have to be perfect.
     -     My Record - 15250
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 04 - This is one of Pliskin's easier levels. Just auto reload a lot and
keep the combo going.  It's actually kind of fun to see how high you can get the
combo.  My record for combos is 36.
     -     My Record - 44124
     -     Goal - 38000

LEVEL 05 - Once again, combo points are the name of the game. There's a nice big
field of combos just like the previous level.  That should set you right up past
the top.  The other thing of note in this level is that the deductions around
the UFO will pretty much guarantee a loss if you aren't careful.  Also, if you
don't care about your score above the top record, you can just hold L1, R1, and
[] at the part at the beginning to get past with no real effort and enough time
extra to make up for all the missed points.  Provided you get a sweet combo in
the field of grren and red boxes.
     -     My Record - 41313 (after a 2000 point deduction and no effort!)
     -     Goal - 40000

----- WEAPON MODE - C4 / CLAYMORE ----------------------------------------------


LEVEL 01 - Grab the claymores, take a step forward, and place one.  Both should
be dead.  Grab the C4 and get out of there.
     -     My Record - 8646
     -     Goal - 8500

LEVEL 02 - Set up a claymore under the center target so that all nine explode.
You might have to try it from farther away if you only get 5.  Get up, snag the
C4, and get out of there.
     -     My Record - 12772
     -     Goal - 12500

LEVEL 03 - Grab the claymores and set one up against the east hole, facing east,
where the third target from the right was.  Now go west and set one up in the
exact middle of the top level.  Grab the C4, get on the goal, and wait.
Note: this doesn't always work.  Ther's something delicate about the second bomb
that gets a 7 hit combo.  If it doesn't work, just play clean-up after the first
and you should be fine, score-wise.
     -     My Record - 18304
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 04 - Map!  Wow!

   [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
   [ ][x][x][x][ ]         [ ][ ][ ]
   [ ][#][ ][x][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][x][ ][ ][ ]
         [ ][ ][ ]         [ ][x][x][x][ ]
               [ ]   [x] # [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
               [ ]   [x]   [ ]
               [ ]         [ ]
               [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
               [ ][x][x][#]
               [ ][ ][ ][ ]

Key: # are claymores
     [ ] are black box floor tiles
     [x] are holes

Cool, huh?  I felt like drawing a map.  Make sure it looks right or you're going
to not enjoy this WONDERFUL map very much.  Anyway, grab the claymores and put a
north-facing one in the SE mark, then go the the NW one and place a west-facing
one.  Back away. Place another one so that the 6th target gets hit, then head to
the NE mark.  Place a bomb facing east then finish the ninth one off.  Go back
towards the goal, pick off the last one, and grab the C4 before you go.
     -     My Record - 14650
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 05 - This one is minutely harder.  Grab the C4 and place one on the SE leg
in the exact center, but one square down. I hope that makes sense.  Anyway, run
to the NE leg but watch the clock. When it hits 1:22:xx, slam O and hope for the
best (that being a five hit combo). As you run up to the top leg, you should see
them arrange in a line. You're too late to hit that line but place one where the
center was and make your way tot he W leg. When the clock hits 1:14:xx, hope for
the best again. If you're having problems here's more exact stuff. Hit the first
around 1:22:50, and the second around 1:14:90.  Basically hesitate on the first
and slam it fast on the second.  Anyway, grab the claymores on the way to W leg.
When you get there, switch to claymores.  Improv time.  If you're quite good,
you can go to where the ammo is and launch a chain from east to west and finish;
but I couldn't. In any case, you don't have to be very fast on the W leg because
you did the other two in basically nothing but transit time.
Btw - I was kind of proud of the timing bits.  They were cool.
     -     My Record - 17066
     -     Goal - 16500

----- WEAPON MODE - GRENADE ----------------------------------------------------


LEVEL 01 - Roll up to the launcher, then getin FPV.  Hit the middle, then the
back, quick.  Wait a sec, hit the front and get back to the goal.
     -     My Record - 8760
     -     Goal - 8000

LEVEL 02 - Get to the launcher and aim FAST.  It's not too hard. Close one, then
the far one to the north, then the east one, then the last one.  Remember: auto
reload saves you about a half second per shot.
     -     My Record - 8538
     -     Goal - 8000

LEVEL 03 - Hit square.  Don't bash it or hold it, just tap.  When you finish the
throw, run to the launcher and aim down in FPV at the two remaining targets on
the south and bash them.  Now turn north and get the moving one on your level,
then the two on the bottom.  Head to the north leg and get the last two.  No
tricks, really.  Unless you count the way the first three kind of fall into
place so easy that it's kind of suspicious.
     -     My Record - 15494
     -     Goal - 14000

LEVEL 04 - Grab the launcher.  Aim up at the top and try for the middle target.
With any luck you'll get a three hit combo.  Now aim for the explosive in the
lower left, then the green int he middle right.  There's another explosive in
the bottom right, and it's hard as **** to hit.  Not that you have any choice.
Anyway, go for it and if you get it in the lower right corner (extreme corner)
you should get a two-fer.  Now the last one is hard to hit, and it goes around
the center.  Get it QUICKLY, grab the ammo, and get on the goal.

Second method: I like this one better, because the center one gets killed in a
combo.  It has the same 3-fer at the start, but then you go to the lower left
corner and blast the explosive.  You get a 2-fer.  You then hit the lower-right
explosive, not in the corner square, but on the right side of the bottom middle
square.  Another two-fer, and the last one left is that slow on in the middle
right square.  Grab the ammo and goal.
     -     My Record - 19840
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 05 - Grab the launcher and then shoot the one that's going around the pit,
fast.  Now shoot the one that just appeared in the inner NE corner.  Now get out
FPV and go left and get back in it.  Look at the far bottom left and camp there,
in the corner.  Now look at the slightly longer box a bit above and camp at the
top-left end, by the pillar.  Now look at the corner-shaped hole and fire a shot
into it when the target to the upper-right drops.  Now look a little left of the
top-center for an angle-shaped block: camp the top-right corner of it.  Now camp
the inside corner of the larger angle shaped block to the right.  Now you have
three left (the hard three).  The one in the far upper right corner can best be
camped by a pillar near it, sort of at the left corner of its circuit. The other
two are nigh-on impossible to catch, and will take the majority of your time
and bullets.  Just keep trying (and retrying) and try not to kill anyone.  If
you can figure otu a good, reliable way to get them, I will gladly credit you
and probably devote an entire thank you section to you.
Note: Whe I finally got it, I couldn't figure out why.  Same map score, and the
same time.  You guessed it: bullets.  125 points a piece really adds up.
     -     My Record - 20014 (1:46:28) (18 bullets)
     -     Goal - 19000

----- WEAPON MODE - PSG - 1 ----------------------------------------------------

Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
but if you want a challenge, go for it.
Like all "hit the center of a disappearing target" levels, once I got the score,
I didn't try again.  My scores aren't as fantastic as they could be.
End side note


LEVEL 01 - Grab the pentazemin.  Go for the target ont he top-right, top-middle,
one on the bottom (right below no.2) then move right a little on foot. From the
east leg, get the three down the left wall and get on the goal.
     -     My Record - 13752
     -     Goal - 12500

LEVEL 02 - Grab the pentazemin.  Now go from the top-right, top-middle, just
below that, then the bottom-right.  Move west a little on foot and get the two
on the left wall.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 13702
     -     Goal - 12500

LEVEL 03 - Go down the stairs, take aim, take a Pentazemin and hit the explosive
at the top of the board.  Now focus on the right part of the board: there is a
target back there which can only be hit from the bottom, so be sure you hit it
before you run out of drugs.  If you do run out of drugs before you are done,
run up to the top level and get some more.  Aside from that there is not much
strategy, just shooting things.
Note that if you get everything before you need more drugs, you are almost sure
to get the score.  If not, you will almost surely not.
     -     My Record - 17694
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 04 - First things first: in short order, shoot the deduction in front of
you and then the explosive below, for a 4 hit combo.  After that just shoot fast
and watch out for the targets that move across the very top because they aren't
accesible very often.  Good luck.
     -     My Record - 17936
     -     Goal - 17500

LEVEL 05 - There are 5 "buildings".  1 is the short one on the left, then 2 is
above it, 3 and 4 are merged, and 5 is to the extreme right.
Go down the stairs first.  Take out teh deduction target in #1 and then hit one
of the explosives for a combo. Now hit the green target in #2. Now, along the
bottom of #3/4 are three targets which are nearl impossible to take out from
above.  Destroy them and go up to the top level.  Take out four more targets in
#3/4, then turn to #5.  Take out the lone green on the top floor, then wait for
the explosive to rech the middle of the three black panels before detonating it.
Now, there are 4 targets on the floor with the two panels and 2 on the floor
above.  Take them out in any order that you like and then get on the goal
(grab the ammo on your way out).
     -     My Record - 31794
     -     Goal - 30000

----- WEAPON MODE - STINGER ----------------------------------------------------

Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
but if you want a challenge, go for it.
Like all "hit the center of a disappearing target" levels, once I got the score,
I didn't try again.  My scores aren't as fantastic as they could be.
End side note

   You fire a missle, and while it's flying, "bump" the target reticle over a
   square target mark and it swerves to hit it.


LEVEL 01 - The first two targets are easy to get; just shoot down the hallway
and bump.  You will have to climb onto the block in order to hit the lower-left
one though, and you must be accurate and fast for the record.
     -     My Record - 8466
     -     Goal - 8200

LEVEL 02 - Go from the left side to the right side and then hit the targets that
generate afterwards. There's really nothing to say here.
     -     My Record - 15200
     -     Goal - 15000

LEVEL 03 - Get up the stairs and ready your missles.  You really can't get all
the targets in one shot ever, so just shoot a lot and hope for 2 or 3 combos.
     -     My Record - 19728
     -     Goal - 19500

LEVEL 04 - For the first set of targets, just fire too far away from the center
and then bump.  For the other targets in the side hallways, fire one down the
aisle and then bump it on.  You have to be very accurate and fast for the score.
     -     My Record - 19710
     -     Goal - 18500

LEVEL 05 - Once again, there isn't much strategy here.  Just take relatively
careful aim and hope for a big combo on the harrier.  The score to beat is
actually quite low on this one, so it shouldn't be hard to get.
     -     My Record - 33930
     -     Goal - 30000

----- WEAPON MODE - NIKITA -----------------------------------------------------


NOTE: I don't have a degrees key, so * means degrees.  For angle turns.

LEVEL 01 - Targets: 2 below, one to the left, one above, and two to the right.
Do it in that order and go kind of fast.
     -     My Record - 7306
     -     Goal - 6900

LEVEL 02 - 2 above, one below, one to the left, in that order. Note that you can
use your radar to find it if you lose it.
     -     My Record - 11854
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 03 - Fire one straight up the beginning ramp, turn left 45* and hit it.
Now go up the ramp again, go towards the back target (the high one) but turn
right 45* and slam the target on a box.  Now go up the middle ramp once more and
head towards the back target.  There's a ramp behind it: use it. Now drop to the
lower platform.  Shoot under the ramp in front of you, and go until you're right
above the target, then hit R2.  It should be dead.  Now go down the ramp again
and find the target in the back right.  Go down the bent ramp above it and hit
it.  Goal time.
     -     My Record - 10058
     -     Goal - 8500

LEVEL 04 - Now for a path level.  Fire riht off and you'll miss the deductions,
then go up the ramp. I'm not going to explain every little obstacle because you
should know to dodge them and it's no more complicated than that.  At the top,
the target is right in front of you.
     -     My Record - 11888
     -     Goal - 11750

LEVEL 05 - Get on the box, fire, and maneuver around the floating block into the
hole.  Go down the left side of the big field and get in the inside area via the
funnel at the end.  Navigate your way through there (it's intitive) and get out
to the ramp on top.  Go all the way up and make a sharp left up the next ramp.
Go up the right ramp (this one ends) and then try to get onto the last ramp for
the target.  That deduction at the top is anoying, but you have no choice.
     -     My Record - 14434
     -     Goal - 13500

----- WEAPON MODE - NO WEAPON --------------------------------------------------

Side note - I recommend getting a good score on each level, progressively, to
help improve your skills enough to ace the next mission with minimal stress.
Also, if you want to get boss scores (really good ones), try to hit each target
successively for a complete combo across the level.  It's blindingly difficult,
but if you want a challenge, go for it.
Like all "hit the disappearing target" levels, once I got the score,
I didn't try again.  My scores aren't as fantastic as they could be.
End side note


LEVEL 01 - PPK everything, and try to aim it so that the K comes in as targets
appear, to save time and rack up combos.
     -     My Record - 11658
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 02 - It's the same deal here, but they move. Oh well, just PPK them anyway
and try to go fast.  The route is just straight forward progression.  Get
pre-emptive on the end trains and you'll get them just fine.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 11224
     -     Goal - 10000

LEVEL 03 - After the first field (which is intuitive) go to the second platform.
Be directly west of the south target and PPK it into the others.  Now go up the
stairs and PPK the top target as soon as it appears (don't wait for the ones
across the pit to appear or you'll be too late).  New target should appear on
the far platform, so get over there.  When they all appear, PPK or roll them
and be done.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 22098
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 04 - For the first field, you have two options: PPK the greens when the
reds disappear, or (as you MUST in the horizontals) give two PP combos to a
green and let the red lie still.  Anyway, just play it safe unless I tell you
to combo, and the first such case is the far green on the platform, which you
PPK when it appears.  You may hav to cross or something to get the last one if
you're unlucky.  For the very last, don't worry about timing, just give two PPs
and be done.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 12666
     -     Goal - 11000

LEVEL 05 - Combo points are the game, now.  Roll forward, then do it again.  Run
up the stairs and roll into the green target.  Run forward and roll the two on
top of the little stairs.  23-hit combo and you're good for a sec.  Now drop off
the side, go up the stairs and stand in the middle of the three rods, facing
north.  When everything has appeared, PPK.  The only two left should be the left
two on the top, so stand on the stairs, face NW and PPK the bottom one for a
2-fer.  Now drop off and climb up the stairs to the east of the twin platforms
(fraternal twins, not identical) and stand in the middle of the three again,
facing west.  When everything has appeared and the west platform is adequately
lined up, PPK west.  Now the fun stops.  Drop off the north and climb onto the
next platform.  Your objective is to send the SW rod on the main platform west
into the far rod without hitting the red.  Do so a little later than you think
you should and everything will be gone.  Climb onto the last platform and get
lined up to roll north into the south rod.  Do so when everything has appeared
and the red is moving away.  Goal.  If all the listed combos worked, you should
have a boss score.  This is a good thing.
     -     My Record - 41796
     -     Goal - 39000

----- VARIETY MODE -------------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Hideo! *shakes fist angrily* I'll get you for this!!!  Actually it's
not as bad as Snake's so calm down.  I take that back.  Its different. This time
they all start off quite near the curry, but they only go when they feel they
must.  This means that your time score increase with the difficulty, because
sometimes they all make a mad rush for the curry and sometimes you'll sit there
for a long, long time before anyone comes out.  The trick to this is patience.
Eventually they'll come out in a manageable but quick fashion and you'll be able
to take them down pretty fast and easy and get the score. The only thing is that
it's REALLT hard to do it witht he tranq rifle, comparitively, because you can
just knock the daylights out of someone by shooting them about 5 times in the
back and they'll crawl around dying for a little while and you don't have to try
very hard.  In any case my record was done like that (PSG-1) so try it if you
like.  Kudos if you can pull it off witht he tranq, you need all headshots.
     -     My Record - 41668
     -     Goal - 38000

LEVEL 02 - Another dark level...hmmm...Anyway I trounced the high score and you
can too!  Just think your way to success.  The trick is to start a ruckus.  So
go out and aim at your level with L1 and kill the guard on youer floor.  Now run
east, around the south of the east platform, then up the stairs, killing enemies
along your way (use L1).  Fromt here, grab the PSG1-T (don't equip) and kill the
guard on the north ground floor and the west platform.  now head to the goal and
kill the guard along your way for victory.  It's shocking how easy this is.
     -     My Record - 39346
     -     Goal - 27000

----- BOMB DISPOSAL MODE ------------------------------------------------------

Side note - In addition to routes, I'm going to provide simple bomb locations
for people who want to earn the record themslf but simply cannot find a bomb.
End side note

LEVEL 01 - Pretty easy.  Just hold up the guard then throw him behind you.  Now
go down the southern stairs and sneak past the nappy guard and hold up/throw
the guard the the SW.  Now hold up (don't throw, he's facing north) the nappy
guard and get bomb 1.  Now go up the stairs to the west and avoid the guard
that's coming down (hold him up as he goes by).  If he doesn't come down, don't
attract him.  Just go up the stairs and wait for the guard by the hallway to
turn west, then follow him in and hold him up.  Now the plan kind of goes to
heck.  You can try to continue to be stealhy if you like, but it'll cost you
more in time than 500 points.  So go north, turn east, and enter the coke
machine room from the north.  Turn west and get bomb 02.
     -     My Record - 25743
     -     Goal - 24000

LEVEL 02 - CAREFULLY climb onto the east box in the NE corner of the room.  Too
far east and it's over.  Anyway, that done, get bomb 01.  Hop off the box and
head out the room via the west door.  Hop off the west side of the rail, then
off the north side of the next rail.  Head south and across the narrow bridge,
then south and wet to a set of stairs.  Climb up them and the next flight, then
run north as fast as you can to hold up the guard at the end before he turns
back south.  From the east side of the tiny bridge, spray west past the guard
and get bomb 02.
     -     My Record - 37224
     -     Goal - 34000

LEVEL 03 - Friggin Jejunum.  Anyway, go into the torture room and snag bomb 01.
Now go into the Jejunum proper and quickly roll east across the gap.  Get west
and continue up to the first wall, then wait for the guard to turn east and
continue up to the next wall.  Get east under the box and when the guard looks
west, go up and over, and then up the stairs.  Go south to the box where a
guard just came off the bridge.  When he turns south, run behind him and kill
him. This is about to get bad.  Run south and cross the first bridge you come
to, then go south some more and defuse bomb 02.  Now head north (spraying
enemies with bullets as you go) and recross the bridge, go north, cross the
next bridge, then go north to the sword room.  Crawl toward the ration and then
get bomb 03.  Erm...perfect.
     -     My Record - 50655
     -     Goal - 48000

LEVEL 04 - Run west and north into the lounge, then go west some mor and hold
up the guard.  Throw him from the north, then go south a little, turn east and
defuse bomb 01.  Now head south into the rest of the ground floor.  Get behind
the guard, hold him up, and throw him.  Now go into the locker room and defuse
bomb 02.  Now go back out, retrace your steps, throw the guard again, and go
back in the lounge.  Run up to the solitary guard, hold up/throw him, and go
east across the top, then south and up the stairs.  Go through the west door.

Throw the guard (hold up if you must) and go up the west stairs. Now, if you're
very fast, you can run across the deck and hold up/throw the guard.  If not,
wait for him to go past the stairs and ambush him from there.  In any case,
onto the east and get bomb 03.  Go up to deck D.  Run into the kitchen, hold
up/throw the NE guard, then go south down the middle aisle and hold up/throw
the south guard when he gets to the southwest corner.  Get bomb 04.
     -     My Record - 69395
     -     Goal - 66000

LEVEL 05 - First, run out and hold up the west guard, doing so only after he
has gotten past the south door.  When the other guard gets past the door, run
in and hold him up.  Now run throw the north door and shoot through the middle
locker door to reveal bomb 01.  Cool it.  Grab th book.  Get out to the BC
Bridge. Quickly get in the doorway and take a shot or two at the camera cypher,
taking it out quietly.  Now get bomb 02.  Now hide in the doorway for a moment
until the guard turns north, then hold up/throw him and get to Strut C. If all
that BC Bridge garbage doesn't work for you, try this: toss a chaff, get the
bomb, roll through the guiard, and reset if necessary onec you get to C strut.
Once there, run north and hold up/throw the guard to the north, then go in the
west door, hold up/throw the guard on the west wall and get bomb 03.  Go to the
CD Bridge.  Toss a chaff grenade once there, then hold up the guard once he's
facing north again.  Now snipe the CYPHER.  Go down the west set of stairs and
cross until both sets of collapsing panels have fallen, and then get bomb 04.
Go to Strut D.  There's nothing fancy (or even good) about this area.  Roll
through enemies. Just get across the SW spoke, then the SE spoke, then go north
around the circle to the staircase to the doorway to shell 2 then duck and
cool the bomb.  It's under that floor.
     -     My Record - 82482
     -     Goal - 75000

 - LEVEL 01 - 01 - On the west side of the wall near the SE stairs
              02 - On the north side of the coke machine in the NW
 - LEVEL 02 - 01 - Starting room, NE corner, on the east lockers
              02 - NW corner of the main room, on a high part of a wall
                   Hint: try getting too close and force an explosion
 - LEVEL 03 - 01 - Torture room, on the light grid above the "chair"
              02 - Above the east stairs, on the ground
              03 - Sword room (NE room) under the ration.
 - LEVEL 04 - 01 - Lounge, west side of center window wall, near floor
              02 - Deck A, Crew's quarters, locker room, north contral lockers
              03 - Deck C, small hole in the far east, north wall
              04 - Deck D, kitchen, back of NW bench.
 - LEVEL 05 - 01 - B Strut, north end, middle locker (shoot the door off)
              02 - BC Bridge, south end, on the outside wall next to the "B"
              03 - C Strut, Eating are, in the north table's SW bench
              04 - CD Bridge, East stairs, halfway down
              05 - D Strut, under the floor by the doorway to Shell 2

----- ELIMINATION MODE ---------------------------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Go out ito the doorway and M9 snipe the two guys across the bridge.
Go halfway across the bridge, snipe the guy on the east stairs, drop down on
the guard, grab the ammo, and finish the level.
     -     My Record - 18366
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 02 - Run out to the east, switch to your M9, snipe the guard, and run to
the south end of the corridor.  Run into the west door of the locker room and
hold up/M9 the guard, then run out the east door and hold up/M9 the guard going
towards the west door.  Now snipe the guard across the east corridor and finish
the level.
     -     My Record - 18766
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 03 - Run to the west set of stairs and snag the PSG1-T.  From the top,
snipe the guard on the tip-top level, the guard on the level above yours, and
the guard on the bottom.  Now go back up the stairs and snipe the guard across
from you and finish the level.
     -     My Record - 19246
     -     Goal - 18500

LEVEL 04 - Run east all the way, you won't be seen. When the guard comes out of
the stairwell, hold up/M4 him and then go west.  Kill both guards as quickly as
you can, then look south for a headshot on number 4.  Go to the goal.
Note: It isn't your imagination.  The record is very hard to get here.
     -     My Record - 17089
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 05 - Switch to stun grenades and run down the stairs to the east.  As you
go down the first set, pull one out; as you roun the bottom corner, letit fly.
Now go west and find the guy who didn't lose it yet.  If they all went down,
fine.  If not, take out your M4 and give him 5 straight punches in the face. 
Now go down and pull out another stun grenade at the halfway support beam and
throw it right at the guy in the computer room.  He must go down on this one.
Get on the goal.
     -     My Record - 22087
     -     Goal - 19000

LEVEL 06 - This strat wins the stupid guard award, seriously. Okay, first thing,
wait for the guard to come to you, then hold up/knock him out with 5 straight M4
punches.  Now go north and open fire on the guard who come around the corner.
Grab the M4 ammo, and travel the circuit, blasting guards with L1.  When you run
out of ammo, just start straight punching them.  The reason this wins the stupid
guard award is because nmot once did they shoot me.  They were all at about the
same stage in radio conversation when they died.
     -     My Record - 32570
     -     Goal - 30000

LEVEL 07 - Run west and blast the guard to the north.  Run in the Prez room and
burn the guard in there too.  Grab the ammo, get out to the corpse of the first
guard and run south.  From now on just run to the goal, and try not to get shot
too much.  Just keep firing when you see an enemy and keep L1 down always.  The
break in this is because you don't have SO many bullets, so use a stinger on
the shielded guys.  Okay?  Also, at the central south part, I got knocked down
but I accidentally dropped a stun grenade and it exploded while I was getting
up and being invincible.  It was quite useful and I highly recommend it.
     -     My Record - 32493
     -     Goal - 25000

LEVEL 08 - M9.  Run out and hold up/M9 the guard near you, then aim at the guard
ahead and to the left and get a headshot when he notices you.  Now get back a
little to where you came from, and when it's safe, come back out and hold up/M9
the guard that just walked by.  Stand by the indentation in the west rail and
toss a stun grenade lightly east.  Now go towards the stairs and M4 punch out
the guard.  If there are any more left from downstairs, they'll meet you on the
stairs and they're just begging to be punched out.  Indulge them.
     -     My Record - 34214
     -     Goal - 28000

LEVEL 09 - Run east across the gap, then run around the box and punch out the
tengu.  Another is coming to investigate. Get behind the box and sneak up behind
him.  Knock out.  Go up the stairs and get out on the bridge.  Get out your PSG
 and look for a guard on your own level.  Blast him.  Now that the alert is on,
snipe with it as much as you can and then wipe some tengus out with your M4.
When the alert stops and you have 07/08, the last one is probably up by the goal
so use your PSG-1 on him before you get there.
     -     My Record - 29592
     -     Goal - 26000

LEVEL 10 - Level 10 means stealthed guards and no radar.  That's fine, right?
Wait a sec, then run out and hold up the guard outside the door.  5 straight M4
punches, as usual.  Drop off the side and blast the stealthed guard, starting an
alert.  Now go hide in the alcove. Place a claymore facing forward, right at the
entrance of the alcove, and start madly tapping the wall.  A guard will die.
Repeat the claymore bit, then switch to placing a C4, running out in the open
and being seen, and retreating back to the alcove to detonate your enemies.
When you don't have anymore high explosives, switch back to the good old M4 and
get whoever's left.  If one or more aren't dead, go to the goal until you see
them, then shoot them.  Then, of course, finish the level.
     -     My Record - 26092
     -     Goal - 25000

----- ALTERNATE MISSIONS - HOLD UP MODE ----------------------------------------

LEVEL 01 - Run out and lightly tap the guard with a bullet a few times as you
approach to keep him from turning (use L1) and hold him up.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 20838 (2 bullets used, 2:53:65)
     -     Goal - 20000

LEVEL 02 - Step out intot he doorway, shoot at the wall behind the west guard,
and then go out and get him.  Now go south and get the other guard.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 20066
     -     Goal - 20000

LEVEL 03 - Run out the east door and run down the stairs.  Keep running west and
hold the guard up, then run back east.  Shoot in FPV near the other guard so he
can't see north (or shoot HIM), then hold him up.  Now run south.  Run west and
north up into the computer room and get right up against the policenauts poster.
When the east guard turns south, hold up the west guard and then the east guard.
     -     My Record - 18146
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 04 - Run up the the SW side of the bridge and hold up the S guard when he
comes by.  Run up the noisy section of the bridge, cross over, and flip behind
the last guard.  Hold him up and get tot he goal.
     -     My Record - 18972
     -     Goal - 18500

LEVEL 05 - Fire a shot left and hold up the guard who was about to make a status
report.  Run in the door and hold up the close guard, then run down the north
stairs and hold up the guard.  Run back out the door you came in and hold up the
guard who was investigating.  Goal.
     -     My Record - 18692
     -     Goal - 17500

LEVEL 06 - Fire a shot.  Immediately run up into the small aisle and duck behind
the boxes.  When a guard gets past you, stand and hold him up.  Go and hold up
the guard whom you distracted earlier, then run north up the east aisle and tap
the wall like crazy.  A guard from below should come.  In the mean time hold up
the near guard and get ready in the NW corner to hold up the guard as he comes
around the corner.  Now run downstairs and juke out the guard below: he will try
to go north over a small box to inspect, so go south under it and hold him up.
Note: this will get you just about 17000.  I don't remember how I got 17354
     -     My Record - 17354
     -     Goal - 17000

LEVEL 07 - The theme of this level is to go counter-clockwise in a circle around
it. The first guard should be no problem, but you might have to shoot the second
guard to prevent his turning to see you. If you do, the third will come packing,
so be careful with that.  Anyway, you will probably be able to deal with the 4th
easily as well.  It kind of depends on how fast you went.  If he turns around,
just attract him into the open and then turn him or shoot him.
     -     My Record - 18990
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 08 - Time to beat: 1:48:34.  Holy crap. This is - hands down - the hardest
mission to figure out the record for, at least for me.  So, yeah.  It's cool.
Run east at the start and double back to get the inspector very quickly.  Now go
hold up the one just north of you.  Go up the east stairs.  A tengu is directly
north of you, so go get him.  Cross the bridge, then head north, and cross the
next bridge to the next tengu, whom you should hold up.  Head north and get the
fifth tengu  by shooting north of him and following the shot.  Shoot the camera
and cross the bridge.  Now you have about 25 seconds to hold up all three guards
and get back to the goal.  The guards are perfectly lined up but you still have
to go mad fast.  Try hard.
Note that if EVER a guard turns green and you didn't specifically want him to,
reset.  You CANNOT wait for a guard to come to you, it takes too long.

Weird alternative: When I was holding up the 4th guard, I accidentally shot him.
ALL THREE guards from below came up. It was kind of hard to get them all but it
made it a heck of a lot easier to get the time. Try that if you like.

Note: if you are having problems getting the 3rd guy, make sure you have 2:53:xx
after the second guy or you're going too slow.
     -     My Record - 14090
     -     Goal - 13000

LEVEL 09 - Walk NW from the start, incurring the inspection of two groups, a one
and a double.  Go north up the west walkway and sneak behind the double and get
them.  You should have gotten them between two boxes at the south end of the
block.  A guard is coming from the east into the horizontal north of you, catch
him when he's turning back east.  Now wait a sec, there's a blue coming from the
south.  Go back down and around the south of the box and get him. The last guard
is fairly stationary, so sneak up from the south, get him, and get the goal.
     -     My Record - 19134
     -     Goal - 18000

LEVEL 10 - You can't just run out here, but at least there's stealth.  Wait up
against the north wall for someone to come by and get him.  Now run into the
prez room and get the guy facing west in the NW corner.  Head back out past your
starting position and go downstairs.  Get the guard facing the SE corner and the
useful one behind the boxes from the north.  Now go back to #3's spot and get
inspected, then run north to #4's spot to ambush him.  He's #5.  Run upstairs
and around the field a little until a guard from up north comes down.  Get him.
Run straight into the west door and get the stealthed guard.  Run back out and
shoot up the hall at a wall behind the last stealthed guard.  Run out, get him,
and get on the goal.  Quick.  Like, mad quick.
Note: if the last bit doesn't work for you, try shooting #8 before you go get #7
Time to beat: 2:09:17
     -     My Record - 15648
     -     Goal - 15500

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----- SPECIAL THANKS -----------------------------------------------------------

Konami and especially Hideo Kojima for this great game that has sucked up more
hours of my life than anything since SSBM

Nobuo Uematsu, whose music I listened to while I muted this game's drab and
boring music

"savior" for his/her Bomb Disposal FAQ. While I didn't directly rip off anything
I sure did need it to find some of the bombs, especially for Pliskin (less so
for Snake, he was kind of easy).  You're a life saver.  Or life savior.  Hmmm...