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	Defender walkthrough done by frulaa

	March 8th 2006: Added the last few missions and creature 

This is my guide/FAQ.

Please email me if you have any questions about the game or any 
suggestions to my guide, I will give you credit in the "credits"
section at the end of my walkthrough. If you have a question please 
say if I can use it my FAQ section so I can help other people, your 
question might answer someone elseís question.



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	To quickly jump to the section you need go to edit and
select find, then type in the words exactly as I have them in the
parenthesis. to quickly get to find hit contro+F. 

Hints and tips (HNTS)
1: Walkthrough (WLKT)	
	1.08:Basic controls (BCC)
	1.09:Preloge (PRE)
	1.10:TRITON-Durga Canyon (TRTD)
     	1.11:TRITON-Romulus Flats (TRRF)
     	1.12:MARS-Cydonia Base (MSCB)
     	1.13:PROMETHEUS-Lake Thantus (PRLT)
     	1.14:PROMETHEUS-Lleras Dunes (PRLD)
  	1.15:RHEA-Olduvai Gorge (RHOG)
	1.16:TITAN-Aeneas River (TTAR)
	1.17:TITAN-Arqus Caverns (TTAC)
	1.18:EUROPA-Legba Base (EALB)
	1.19:EUROPA-Straits of Imisland (EASI)
	1.20:PHOBOS-Orbit of Europa (PHOE)
	1.21:PHOBOS-Mount Biafra (PHMB)
	1.22:MARS-Sirtis Major (MSSM)
	1.23:MARS-Bromios Desert (MSBD)
	1.24:MARS-Khimat Ridge (MSKR)
	1.25:ASTERIOD BELT-Alchera Fields (ABAF)
	1.26:MOON-Mare Frigoris (MNMF)
	1.27:MOON-Carpathian Mountains (MNCM)
	1.28:EARTH-Rome Valley (EHRV)
	1.29:EARTH-Argentine Pampas (EHAP)
	1.30:MOON-Luna (MNLA)
  2:Ships (SHPS)
  3:creatures (CRTS)  
  4:FAQ (FAQ)
  5:Credits (CDTS)
  6:sites that can use my walktrhough (PRMS)
			Hints and tips (HNTS)

	These are things that I have found out during the game, these
can be about anything. If anyone has any other hints or tips please 
email me so that I can add them, I will give you credit.

	1:widows attacks are very short range so if you see their deadly
red things coming just back up.

	2: DONT spend any credits on the defender or guardian, you will
get new ships that are MUCH better then them.

	3: If a colonist gets captured kill the Lander even if you
canít carry him, it will save you credits and from mutants, which are
5x as strong before they ate the colonist.	

	4: Press select to see the area map, you can see where all the 
colinists are and where all the Manti are.


			1: Walkthrough (WLKT)	

				1.08 Basic control

L2: 			Backwards
R2: 			Accelerate
O:  			Special weapon
X:  			Fire weapon
Square: 		Change weapon
Left analogue stick	Move cursor
Right analogue stick	Air tricks


			1.09 Prologue (PRE)

	I played my game on the difficulty Veteran (normal) so, if you are playing
on Rookie(easy) or Elite (hard) it might make very small changes to game play
but you should still be able to use my walkthrough with no problems.


			1.10 TRITON-Durga Canyon (TRTD)

	This will be the easiest mission ever, because it is training.
when you start out on the screen with the planets press x to select
it then press continue on the next screen because you right now do
not have enough credits to buy any upgrades.

	After a briefing and a movie you get to fly your ship,
go through the blue rings until the end. There you will get the
3 most easy kills in the game, there are some Manti trapped near
the ground, shoot all 3 and a Stargate will activate, fly though
it to finish this mission.


			1.11 TRITON-Romulus Flats (TRRF)

	When you start off you will get to destroy some buildings
so do so. After that you get to destroy some ammo/health boxes
these will come in very handy throughout the game. Then you will
have to rescue Colonists. To pick them up just ram into them, donít
worry it wonít hurt them. You can carry 3 at a time, a Manti will
capture on so fly around the cliff and shoot him down then catch
the colonists in midair. then drop the colonists off and some more 
Manti will come, destroy them and then you can finish the mission.


			1.12 MARS-Cydonia base (MSCB)

	You start out with orders to wait for orders, stand back 
and just watch the Manti, donít attack any yet. Next you will have
to escort a Dropship, so go to the blue arrow and follow the Dropship
and destroy any Manti that come close. After the ship goes through
the Stargate the col. will want a ride, go pick him up in his small
talk  and fly though the Stargate to finish the mission.


			1.13:PROMETHEUS-Lake Thantus (PRLT)

	At the start you have to rescue  some colonists. For now there
are no enemies but soon some will come. Watch out for when a Colonist gets
captured because ones he/she gets eaten (mutated) the creature becomes red
and goes berserk and is a lot more powerful so you want to stop this from
happening. And to top it all of you lose a decent amount of credits when
this happens.

	In a bit the second wave of enemies will come, then the third. You
should be just about done being the rescue man now. Once you save all the
colonists you will have to defend the drop zone from attack. Once the attackers
are pretty much dead you can finish the mission.


			1.14:PROMETHEUS-Lleras Dunes (PRLD)

	At the end of the last level you should have gotten
a new ship Nemesis, this is the ship that I will use mostly
but use any ship you want, I like nemesis because it is fast 
and I like its weapons.

	This is another search-and-rescue mission, start by
rescuing the colonists. You will have Col. Adams  nagging
you to work faster. Once you rescue all of the colonists you
can finish the level.


			1.15:RHEA-Olduvai Gorge (RHOG)

	Kill the two "bogies" then head over to the missile
crawlers, pick them up and put them near the Drop zone, if 
you want there is some more a little past and to the left
of where the first ones were. After you do that you get to
play the ever-so-pleasing job of search-n-rescue(rescue the
colonists. After that Dr. Mudu will pop out through the
Stargate, keep the mantis from tearing up his ships to 
much. Then this big floating snake like creature will
come out, hit it hard while keeping your distance and 
you should be done shortly. After killing it you can


			1.16:TITAN-Aeneas River (TTAR)

	In this mission you will be an escort, there are 
four groups that you will escort over a bridge that Mantis
will be trying to destroy. There are 3 groups of drop ships 
and a tank and one group of two tanks. 

	Aliens will come carrying red creatures and drop them
near the drop ships. The red creatures will rip your dropships to
shreds so keep them away. Once the 3 dropships groups go across
you can carry the last two tanks across the bridge yourself.
After that memory destroys a lot of Manti and the mission 
is complete.


			1.17:TITAN-Arqus Caverns (TTAC)

	This mission is optional but you canít come back to
it, I would highly suggest doing this, you also get low 
level security access for this mission. If you decide
that you donít feel like it then skip over to section 1.18.

	At the beginning a Manti is trying to take of with
a power source, teach that little thief and lesson and blast
it. Catch the battery and put in on a turret. Get to the other
batteries and do the same with the others, but you might want
to be quick about it because their is a bunch of enemies on their

	After the battle you get to play search-n-rescue, after
rescuing the colonists you are told to investigate an alien
life form. Blast out the wall and go in. You will see a big thing
in the middle, shoot it down or if you are using the NEMESIS you
can press O you can launch a smart bomb which will destroy the
thing in one hit. After that you are congratulated and you just 
finished another mission.

			1.18:EUROPA-Legba Base (EALB)

	Start off by getting the 4 colonists near the 
factory, deliver them. grab the two missile crawlers
 that it made and put them near the entrance. watch for more 
colonists who will randomly come out of the teleporter. Help
the missile crawlers and blast the widow from a safe distance.
Make sure you stay a good distance away because those
widows can kill you really quickly. Then some colonists will need
 rescuing, go get them and get some more missile crawlers.
Kill the flying Manti and let the missile crawlers do the 
widow work for now. After destroying all the widows the
mission is over.


			1.19:EUROPA-Straits of Imisland (EASI)

	Start out by taking the colonists and using them
for whatever you want. Then kill the Manti. Make sure
that you keep the teleporter in tact because it will
supply you with a supply of colonists. Then go for the
widows, keep your distance and blast them to bits. After
destroying the widows and other Manti the mission will be


			1.20:PHOBOS-Orbit of Europa (PHOE)

	Fly strait ahead and destroy the Manti near the
turrets, these are priority. Stay near one pair of turrets
as long as 1 stays in tact you be ok. Once all the Manti 
are dead you will have completed yet another successful


			1.21:PHOBOS-Mount Biafra (PHMB)

	Fly around the mountains until you reach an old 
GSA base. You will find 6 batteries on the base, use these
to power up the turrets. After doing that continue on
until you get to the ship patriot. Pick up colon Adam and
take him back to the base, put him out of the way behind the 
drop off. then grab some colonists and get some missile crawlers.
Put these at the entrances. Then there should a healer crawler
next tot the patriot, out this next to col. Adams. the Manti
should be at your base now, those turrets you should have
powered up earlier should be a lot of help now. Help the
turrets kill the Manti and mission success.


			1.22:MARS-Sirtis Major (MSSM)

	This is one heck of a mission so get prepared,
well, from now on the missions will be heating up. Donít
be surprised if you die a few times from now on unless
youíre very, very, very good at Defender.
	Drop ships will come and drop the Calvary.
defend these as they drop. The Calvary should be
able to take care of the Manti turrets, so you should
take care of the flying Manti, but I am shure the calvary
would apreciate it if help them with the alien turrets.
After destroying the turrets there move on the next 
area. When the drop ship comes and delivers immediately
take the two healing crawlers and put them next to the
tower that is spitting out and orange beam. Some colonists
will want rescuing, go get these immediately because the 
Landers will be on them instantly. use these colonists for
tanks, put the tanks in front of the widows. then start
blasting them with everything you got.

	Next the dreaded dreadnought, GO towards it and 
immediately fly around to the back, if you anywhere near the 
front it will rip you to shreds. Blast the dreadnought,
once itís dead you will have just completing another
mission. And you should have gotten another ship


			1.23:MARS-Bromios Desert (MSBD)

	There are two power generators that power two 
separate energy fences, these are at opposite
ends of the base. But unfortunately they are outside of
the base. start of by killing the 3 mantis that are
next to the energy fences. After doing that grab the
colonists and make some tanks with them, put them in
in various places in the open of the edges of the 
base, these tanks will help destroy the Landers.
at this point the Manti should be building up so
kill most of them. In a bit a brain bug will head
towards the base. Fly around to its back and blast
it, after that Mudu will escape and the mission is


			1.24:MARS-Khimat Ridge (MSKR)
	Head strait for the transports, kill off all the
Landers that are attacking them. immediately turn around 
and go to the area of the base that is on a hill type
area. There should be a healer crawler up here, take it
down and put it next to the drop zone that gives you health,
put it up right next to hit so it doest get hit as much. 
Destroy any Landers that have come. After that grab the colonists
that the transports are caring and use them in what u want 
I would suggest most in tanks but make sure you get at least
3 or 4 missile crawlers. now destroy the two widows that are 

	Kill any flying Manti. now take the tanks and put them 
in front of the other widow. Fly over the widow and take out all of
the flyers. There will be a Landers forge (that things that makes
Manti) all the way in the back protected by a monster you should
recognize. work your way back here and kill the flying monster,
then take out the landing forge. fly back and take out all the 
widows, donít forget about the ones that are on the path in which
the transports come from. killing all the widows you will have
yet completed another successful mission. :)


		1.25:ASTERIOD BELT-Alchera Fields (ABAF)

	Kamicazees will try to destroy the 3 satellites,
Kamicazees can do a lot more damage than the regular Landers,
so make shure they donít make it near the satellites. Any time
one gets close kill it. between the time that you have to kill
them, control the green cloud of Landers above the satellites.
A nearby abandoned ship will have health floating around it 
if you need it. After killing all the Kamicazees no more
Landers will come so you can kill them off. After all the
Manti are dead the mission is over.


		1.26:MOON-Mare Frigoris (MNMF)

	Destroy the Manti turrets throughout this "path".
Stay with the convoy because they can not defend against
any flying Manti. Tip: strafe while fighting these. Once
 you get Past all the turrets there will be a drop ship 
that needs protection. keep it from going kaboom and you 
have completed another mission.


		1.27:MOON-Carpathian Mountains (MNCM)

	Grab the colonists and make vehicles, I suggest
making all missile crawlers for now because 99.9% of the
enemies that will attack are flyers. When the drop ship comes
grab the colonists and make some more colonists. defend the
base from any attackers. Now for the landing forges.

	Fly to the first one, this should be an easy one,
destroy it and fly to the next and make shure it is still
alive after you leave. Go back to the base and help it
out, there should be a widow near the base so kill it.

	After taking out all of the landing forges mission

		1.28:EARTH-Rome Valley (EHRV)

	Finally to earth, I agree with Col. Adams, it really
ticks me off to be attacking our own home planet.

	Grab 4 colonists and make 2 healing crawlers,
put these next to the drop zone so it will stay in-tact, use
the rest on tanks. if you want to there are 4 landing forges
past the base that if get destroyed will help some with the
bug problem. In a minutes widow will come, take em out. After
that you get to investigate the Manti queen, just fly around
it until they say to leave, donít bother attacking it.

		1.29:EARTH-Argentine Pampas (EHAP)

	This place is divided into two sections, one with
an oil driller and one with a drop zone, both are necessary
so make shure they stay in tact. 

	Start off by making as Manti tanks as you can with
the colonists in this section, put these in the paths of
the widows and fly to the other section. Make as many missiles
crawlers as you can from anywhere on the map from here, put
these around the drilling rig, fly back over and kill off any
Manti. Manti and widow will periodically come and go, kill
them off. once the drop ship comes you can head for the last


		1.30:MOON-Luna (MNLA)

	Ok elites this will be your last assignment, 
memory and we are going to give to her.

	There are 6 batteries and 6 generators. Power
them all up, these is a precaution incase 2 get destroyed.
Once the generators are powered up kill of all the Manti 
that is attacking them. After that kill off the Manti in
the area mission complete.

	Mission blasts off and rams the moon into the earth,
some Manti attack it and colon Adams goes back, but is 
destroyed. You continue on through the Stargate. 

	Congratulations on completing defender.
From here you can play again, and you still have everything
including your ships that you had when you finished.


	Section 2: Ships (SHPS)

	The way that I made these is that I literally took
a ruler to my TV screen and measured the bars in centimeters,
my TV may be smaller or bigger than your so donít expect these 
to mach same size on yours.


   Speed:	1.5
   Armor:	1.00
   Agility:	3.25
   Strength:	2.25

	Begging ship, tip, donít spend any credits on this ship.

   Speed:	1.25
   Armor:	2.00
   Agility:	2.25
   Strength:	3.50
	Begging ship, tip, donít spend any credits on this ship.


   Speed:	1.75
   Armor:	0.75
   Agility:	3.25
   Strength:	2.25

	A Fast ship, good for rescuing colonists.


   Speed:	2.25
   Armor:	1.75
   Agility:	3.25
   Strength:	1.75

	A pretty strong ship, good for attacking.


   Speed:	1.00
   Armor:	4.00
   Agility:	1.75
   Strength:	4.00

 	4 things I can say, big, bulky, slow and (nearly) 
indestructible. Can carry 5 colonists.


   Speed:	3.25
   Armor:	1.25
   Agility:	5.00
   Strength:	1.50

	The most speedy ship in the game, if you can
can handle a fast ship then you will rock with this.

	creatures (CRTS)  

	Thanks to TheeMikester for letting me use his
creatures section.

Here are the creatures you'll find in the game.


Colonists- They don't do anything. Just rescue them 
for tanks, missle crawlers,and repair vehicles.

Tanks- A little unit with a whopping punch. Get them 
at Tank Factories for 3 colonists.

Missle Crawlers- Little units that fire guided missles
at enemies. Get them at missle crawler factories for 
2 colonists.

Repair Vehicles- Repairs anythink friendly that has 
taken damage. Get them at repair factories for 2 colonists. 

Turret- A little, stationary unit that fires little 
blasts at enemies. You need a battery to power them up. 

Dropships- THese are big, slow ships. They either are 
transports for important people or they give you colonists. 

Transports- The same, basically, as a dropship, except
it's on the ground.

Dropzone- A place where you exchange colonists for health 
boosts. Keep this up at all times.

Teleports- Teleport colonists to you.

Carrier- carries up to 4 vehicles. For some reason, all 
vehicles are attracted to this thingy. It has a blue light
on a pole.


Landers- A weak little force that is basically everywhere.
They eat your colonists and become more powerful, so watch out.

Yellowjacket- A bug that's the same, basically, as the lander,
but a lot more powerful. These don't eat colonists.

Little Landers- These are actually called landers, but they're 
totally different than regular landers. They hover around you 
and shoot at you relentlessly. The shots are weak, but it's kinda 
hard to kill someone you can barely see. Great.

Stingrays- Tough armor, high power. Think that's bad? They grab 
your tanks, fly off with them, and drop them at high altitudes!

Infectors- Basically the same thing as a missle crawler. These 
are carried in by landers.

Gamma landers- Doesn't look like much, but up close the thingy's 
tough, fast, and powerful.

Beta Landers- Same as Gamma, but more powerful. One difference, 
though. When five get together, they fire this beam thingy at 
you that's really powerful!

Widows- The worst creature in the game. These guys travel slow, 
but have incredible defense and kick butt when it comes to attack

Reaper- Big, powerful thingys that are pretty powerful. Thank God
they're rare.

Podworms- A bunch of landers floating in a line, really. They fire 
beams at you and split up when fired upon.

Shock towers- Powerful, stationary weapons that can't be easily 

Turrets- These are the same as shock towers, but the shots have

Brain Bug- A boss. These guys aren't really powerful, it's the
manti around them that kick butt. The manti just swarm you. Oh God.

Dreadnaught- A lot more powerful, these things are pure hell to 
kill, especially with their little manti buddies.

Manti Queen- Impossible to kill, just stay away from her. She's 
only in one Earth Level.

Lander Forge- Creates landers.


			Section 4: FAQ (FAQ)

	I currently do not have any questions


		Section 5: Credits (CDTS)

	Gamefaqs: for makeing an awsome site and letting
me publish this guide :)

	Thanks to TheeMikester for letting me use his
creatures section.


		Section	6:sites that can use my walktrhough (PRMS)

	The following sites have my permission to use my


And obviously


	If you find a site with my walkthrough on it and does not have
my permission listed please contact me immediately. Please do not 
take matters into your own hands because I may have just not updated


	This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
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Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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