Boss FAQ by GTA Assassin X

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                  Boss Guide V. Final
BY:GTA Assassin X                                                 1/20/01

1 Guide Info
2 Rosedale Canyon Boss 1 
3 Battle for Atomic Island Boss 2
4 Cerebulon: Destroyer of The Worlds Boss 4
5 Contact

**(1)** Guide Info:
This is a small guide to the bosses. Tricks, strategies but most 
importantly how to beat them. These are the easiest ways Iíve beaten the

**(2)** Rosedale Canyon:

*Beating him*
First thing youíll want to do is while you have the chance get the big 
boulder of the middle pillar. Next theyíll be a few swarms of ants that 
keep coming from the whole in the ground. Defeat them easily then prepare
for the boss by grabbing that big health(If needed).

When the first boss starts off hell throw grenades at you dodge them and 
quickly pick them up and chuck them back at him before there turn red or 
they will blow up. Donít bother with any other attacks because there 
useless against him!

After awhile of this he'll stop and come to the ground. When you see him 
start spinning his blades and there aimed toward you quickly pick up the
giant boulder and throw it at him. Donít be afraid to run up to the 
boulder if heís near it!  If for some reason you cant get the boulder in 
time hide behind a pillar so he wont ram you.  Also during this time you
can hurt him normally by using energy attacks and punching him. But donít 
try to punch him because he will damage you.

Eventually heíll start doing two very horrible moves. First one is hell 
shoot mass amounts of missiles at you. Which you can just hide behind a 
pillar to avoid. Then the 2nd thing hell do is spin like crazy. DO NOT 
LET HIS HIT YOU! Once your hit youíll be thrown and most likely hit a 2nd
or 3rd time. This does severe damage!

When he starts spinning try throwing the rock at him but if not quickly 
jump to the top of a pillar and stand there and just use energy blasts 
or secondary specials. Eventually hell die and you win!

-The boulder is the best way to take damage of him in the later part.
-If you have a flying creature just keep flying while heís spinning and 
hitting him with energy blasts.
-Long range attacks hurt him too!
-Sometimes there will be a glitch where you just stand in front of him
and you can throw a boulder, catch it, throw it again and keep going until 
you kill him!

-The Pillars do slowly get destroyed so be careful if a pillar is getting

**(3)** Battle For Atomic Island:

*Beating Him*
When you first start this skip fighting the Kineticlops because they 
respawn forever. Simply destroy or four silos outside of the big one in 
the middle. Destroy all 4 to kill the Kineticlops.  Then quickly get far 
away from the middle silo.

After the screen goes white it will come back as a giant plant with three
heads. Quickly grab a piece of debris and hold it till later. Lock onto 
the far left head(1st one) and just stay locked on while strafing either
way avoiding the green globs of radiation. After all heads have fired the
far left head will open its mouth and eat you. Before it can get near you
throw the debris your holding at it!

The amount of globs theyíll throw is:
3 heads=2 Shots
2 heads=3 Shots
1 head =5 shots

Now after you hit it they will hide and vines will pop up out of the 
ground JUST RUN AND JUMP NON stop to avoid them then the plant will 
reappear . Now lock on to the far left head and repeat the process until 
all heads are gone! And you win!

*Secrets/Strategies *
-If your a flying creature avoiding vines is easy.
-Donít bother with energy blasts or Long Range attacks. They donít hurt 
-Always have a piece of debris in your hand.

**(4)** Cerebulon: Destroyer Of The Worlds:

*Beating Him*
OK this is a real easy fight if you do this right! First grab anything 
you can find and hold on to it until later. Stay near the pillars on the
ground. When he puts his hands together quickly hide behind one and hold
"block". After heís done blasting hell stop and his shield will go down. 

When he does this lock on and quickly throw the item and launch energy 
blasts at him. Keep repeating this process. If you run out of pillars and
cant get to one in time jump on top of the buildings and hold duck up 
against wall behind a dome if possible. No matter what youíll take a 
little damage!

Now hell come out of his suit and be in a smaller version. Run around the
arena and pick the glowing pieces from his last suit and throw them at 
him. During this battle youíll be fried a few times. Its unavoidable.

Now finally after thatís parts done you face him in his last true form!

This is a very difficult thing to do. Get close to him so he wont shoot 
at you but far enough so he doesnít fight you. Once your in this range 
just lock on him and strafe around him in circles while firing non stop 
energy blasts at him! While your strafing you can get power ups still.

NEVER EVER get close to him.....EVER.  He has combo thatís like 12 hits
and pretty much kills you. Also never get far from him either or hell 
kill you with blasts. Just stay where I said and do what I said and 
youíll live through it! After enough blasts youíll win!

You beat the game! Congrats!

*Secrets/Strategies *
-During the first part use the Gas Tanker when heís down for more damage.
-During the third part donít bother flying or youíll be killed easy.
-During part 3 you can use specials and fight with combos but its
a bad idea.

**(5)** Contact and other info:
Please do not edit any of the  guide and use repost it without my 

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