Character FAQ by GTA Assassin X

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                  Character Guide V. 1.00
BY:GTA Assassin X                                                 1/20/01

* Contents:
1 Guide Info
2 characters
-2A  Raptros
-2B  Zorgulon
-2C  Robo-47
-2D  Kineticlops
-2E  Magmo
-2F  Preytor
-2G  Agamo
--X  Sweet Tooth
-2H  Togera
-2I  Ultra-V
-2J  Congar
3  Avanced Combos
4  Special Skins
5  Contact and other info

**(1)** Guide Info:
This guide will show you all the characters and there moves, info,
specials, strengths and weaknesses and so on!.  Combos Credit goes to PSM.
All other info Iíve found myself in the game!

**(2)** Characters :
Overall good character  numbers from 1-5. 1 being Really good and 5
Being very bad. All characters main short range special are the same,
they release a energy blast!

Combo Key:
H=Heavy Attack
L=light Attack

**(2A)** -------------------------------------------------------------------
Character: Dragon


Long Range Special: Breaths long lasting stream of fire. Cant go through
walls and doesnít actually go that far.

Special Info: un-lockable Character for 200,000 Tokens

Info: Raptros is a amazing character . He doesnít use pull out a lot of
energy(unlike Preytor) Heís fast and strong and he has a cool 4th
skin! I wouldnít recommend him for new people unless your good at flying
Combos: Unknown

**(2B)** -------------------------------------------------------------------

Character :Alien


Long Range Special: Shoots a beacon at enemy that calls in a bunch of
small UFOs that shoot at the enemy for about 20 seconds. Enemy must be
visible when shooting beacon or it will hit a building instead. Special
cant go through walls.

Special Info: Un-lockable Character for 200,000 Tokens

Info: Zorgulon is a another cool and character . He has the longest reach
in the game and is relatively strong but hurts easily. He is a little slow
moving though. Like Raptros he isnít good for new people.
Combos: Unknown

**(2C)** -------------------------------------------------------------------
Character :Robot


Long Range Special: Shoots a missile from head that makes a big explosion.
Because the missile is hard to aim with a lot of times youíll end up
missing the enemy. It can go across a map but wont really home in to much.
Special cant go through walls.

Special Info: N/A

Info:Robo-47 is a pretty good character that can deal some damage but has
a hard to control 2nd special. He has some really cool looking moves and
can jump pretty good!

Long shot=H-H-H-DH
Justice Hammer=L-H-L-H-DL-UH

**(2D)** -------------------------------------------------------------------
Character :Electricity with an eyeball.


Long Range Special: Shoots a any range lighting attack that fries the
Enemy and sends him flying. Special doesnít go through walls. Also he has
another one called chain lighting which can go through multiple enemies.

Special Info: He doesnít take a lot of damage from  energy attacks and his own
energy attacks are slow moving but can follow a target around tight corners!

Info: Kineticlops is a good character but is also very weak when it comes to
attacking. His moves are slow and not to damaging.

Lightning Juggle=L-L-L-DL-DL-UH

**(2E)** -------------------------------------------------------------------
Character :Lava Rock monster


Long Range Special: Shoots multiple lava-balls out of his chest that are
pretty powerful .If they hit enemy right the enemy will keep bouncing
higher into the sky and the fall to the ground! Special cant go through
walls. Also press al the Long-Range attack buttons to detonate it!

Special Info: Almost immune to damage and cant catch fire unless someone
throws A tanker at you!

Info: Magmo is really slow moving but his attacks are really powerful.
Use him if your new to the game!

4-Hit Fire Hand=L-L-L-L
9-Hit All Hands=L-L-L-H-H-L-L-H-H

**(2F)** -------------------------------------------------------------------
Character :Praying Mantis


Long Range Special: Releases a Larva thing that attaches its self to
the enemies head and sucks away its life slowly. Special cant go though
walls but can fly around buildings and stuff to get to target!

Special Info: N/A

Info: Preytor is a very fast, very maneuverable , very fast combo
character that can fly! However Preytor is also extremely weak and is
hard stay alive with.

Lighting Claw=L-L-L-L-L
Thorax Double Juggle=H-H-H-UH-DL-DL

**(2G)** -------------------------------------------------------------------
Character :Stone Tiki

Overall: 2

Long Range: Throws a fire grenade stone that lets rolls around unless you
hit someone with it. Special canít go through walls but can stay
activated for awhile.

Special Info: n/a

Info: Agamo is a mid-range Character. Nothing is really strong but
nothing is really weak. Heís a overall good character  for a beginner.

Boulder Bash=H-H-H-UH-H-H-H

Sweet Tooth/Agamo
Sweet Tooth is a special un-lockable Character for Agamo. He even has a
cool special! But overall is the same character.

To Unlock: You must beat Twisted Metal Black with Sweet Tooth in story
mode. Then start up War Of The Monsters and it should say "Sweet Tooth
unlocked". Then go to Agamos 4th costume and thatís him!

Character : Reptile(Looks like Godzilla)


Long Range Special: Technically its not really long range. He breathes
radiation on his enemies. Its seems to really hurt them. Special doesnít
go through walls.

Special Info: N/A

Info: Togera is a very cool character . He has blades in him as youíll
See when you do moves. He is pretty much normal strength but just
looks  amazing when he hits people!  A good character for  beginner.

Triple Tail=L-L-UH-H-H

Character : Mech(Looks like a Gundam mech)


Long Range Special: Lame long range special where his arms extends out
and grabs the enemy and pulls them towards you(Kind of like Scorpion from
MK). Also if you have something in your hand like a tanker you can hit them
with it with this attack! Special doesnít go through walls.

Special Info: Has a jet pack for high jumping!

Info: Ultra-V all in all is rather lame and heís not that durable. His
2nd special is stupid and but seems to be use full in 2-player his
fighting is kind  bland but he looks really cool!

Rising Kick Juggle=H-H-DL-DH
Skull Slammer(Double Stun)=UH-L-L-UH-DH

Character :Ape


Long Range Special: More of a mid short range special he roars really
loud and sends a giant sound wave out that sends enemies flying! Special
goes through walls!

Special Info: n/a

Info: Congar is a really good character . But heís strong and has fast
combos. He is very good for beginners or pros.

Hammer Fist=H-H-DL-DH

**(3)** Advanced Combos:
The combos listed are not the only combos in the game. The game was made
so you can make tons of them up. I will try to describe how below! People
need to understand combos just arenít hitting someone 4,5,6 times and so
on combos are extended things like the below examples!

Attack Combos:
First off there are your normal Attack combos. Any buttons together can
make different combos. Try your own patterns and see all you can come up

Impaling Combos:
An example of a impaling combo would be to impale someone then start
hitting them instantly and therefore combining attacks with the main
impaling for an impaling combo. IN some cases you can re-impale and
lengthen the combo! You can also end a combo with an impaling if you
wanted to do more attacks!

Building combos:
An example of a building combo would be do a regular combo then ending it
by having the enemy smash into a building and it falling on him!

Special Combos:
With some guys like Zorgulon you can use your 2nd special and as they are
firing at the enemy start a combo on him and youíll get extra hits in
from the ships!

Ultra combos:
An example of a Ultra combo(Which I seen in a video) someone used Raptros
and this is what he did:

He first used the 2nd Special and breathed fire on him then while he was
on fire he immediately impaled him with an antenna he had been holding
then he did a combo that sent him into a building which fell on the
enemy and squished him! Thatís an amazing combo.

So combos can be done in many ways. There are a lot I didnít even post in
the guide that Iím sure you can figure out!

**(4)** Special Skins:
(*)(*)WARNING(*)(*)OK if you donít want to know about the un-lockable
skins Donít read this section!!! S=Skins.

S1:His normal Red dragon Skin.
S2:A blue/gold version of his skin.
S3:A Emerald/gold version of his skin.
S4:A ultra cool skeleton version of him!

S1:His normal Green alien skin.
S2:A Greened eyed/Green skinned version.
S3:A Grayed skinned/Red Eyed version.
S4:A ultra cool squid version!

S1:His normal gray robot skin.
S2:A bluer version of skin.
S3:A red version of his skin.
S4:His cool looking Iron Giant looking skin. Looks like a terminator!

S1:His normal Electric Blue skin!
S2:A green electric radiation version.
S3:A Photo negative version(Black).
S4:His cool Lizard version of him.

S1:His Lava Rock skin.
S2:A Molten skin with more hot orange to it.
S3:A very sweet looking metallic robot version of him with digging claws!
S4:A very cool(well hot) flaming version the is like number 2 but with
animation and lots of flames!

S1:His normal Praying Mantis skin.
S2:A ant version of his skin(from first boss).
S3:A really cool Metal version of his skin.
S4:A very cool Bee version!

S1:His normal Tiki skin.
S2:A green version of his skin.
S3:A Green, Red & Yellow version of his skin.
S4:Special Sweet Tooth skin.

S1:His green godzilla type skin.
S2:Ugly Purple version.
S3:A sweet metal version.
S4:A very cool Demon version of Togera. Nice and red!

S1:His normal mech Skin.
S2:More blue version of skin.
S3:More red version of skin.
S4:A really sweet female version mech skin.(Must see)!

S1:His Normal brown haired ape skin.
S2:A gray haired version of his skin.
S3:A sweet mecha version(From third stage).
S4:A iced version of his skin.

**(5)** Contact and other info:
Please do not edit any of the  guide and use repost it without my

Any comments , questions or ideas? Email me at
or on aim at SOCOMNavySeal