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After the 'Load successful' screen, a black screen appears. What should I do?

This has happened to me twice. Once at 40% and again at 86% complete. I have only used the Health and Armor cheats throughout the game. Is there anything I can do besides completely starting the game over again?

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room101 answered:

That doesn't sound good. It sounds like your save file is corrupted, possibly a result of saving the game at Cherry Poppers. If that's the case, the damage is irreversible and you'll have to start again. Sorry.
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b0yzzz answered:

Wait for it that's what my 1 does but after every mission
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b0yzzz answered:

Maybe if it stays there all day then delete the data off your memory card
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b0yzzz answered:

And the start again
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Tylerfox9999 answered:

The SAME thing happened to me,the game will never load again ( or at least mine wouldn't)
-To avoid this after beating "Keep Your Friends Close..." wait 30 to 60 minutes before saving the game.
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wanabearobot answered:

It hapened to me and i never got passed it
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wanabearobot answered:

Sory i did.
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