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Where can I find monster truck?

Is there a monster truck on the game and if so where can i find it?

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KunichiMinamino answered:

There isn't a "Monster Truck" in the game per say, but there is a vehicle that could be mistaken for one.

If you buy Sunshine Auto's and start completing it's missions you will earn cars for the showroom. The missions you have to do involve gettign cars and taking them back to a garage back at Sunshine Autos. Simple enough. After completing the third list of cars, you unlock the Sand King. A giant van with pretty good size tires.

This is what it looks like and it comes in a few different colors. This is also the only way to get this vehicle. It's the closest thing to a monster tuck besides a tank that your going to get in this game. It's pretty fast for a van and it's very durable if you crash it.
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bigjon76 answered:

There is no monster truck.
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pokeplayer100 answered:

Are you sure you aren't thinking of San Andreas?
To my knowledge, that is the only GTA game that has a monster truck in it.
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