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How do I find the bloodring dirtring and hotring missions?

I have heard a lot about this but i have never found it. Please tell me the exact place!

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KunichiMinamino answered:

If your talking about the Bloodring/Dirtring/Hotring missions...

then all three of those can be found at the Hyman Memorial Stadium at the Western Island. You'll know it when you see it, it's at the north western corner of the map and it opens up around 8:00 to midnight. If you beat them all, two Bloodring Bangers spawn outside the stadium.
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KunichiMinamino answered:

..please ignore my first sentence as I did not completely read the title.
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Gunbladelad answered:

The missions change depending on the day. There's 2 big banners in front of the Stadium (as well as 1 above the doors) that tell you what that night's event will be. If you want, say, the dirtbike event, and see a car on the banners, then just come back on the next day, and repeat until you get the one you want.
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b0yzzz answered:

Dude u can complete just the bloodring banger mission to spawn them.its found in down town opposite to the house that u can buy that is near the V ROCK place.hope it helps.... :D
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