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NEED HELP need to find a blista compact. ?

In Grand Theft Auto Vice City , I just bought sunshine autos and ned a blista compact to complete sunshine autos protection. Can anyone help meee ? NEED HELPP !!

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GiJoe432 answered:

What i did was wait there at sunshineauto where the cars r passing by and waited till the car i wanted showed up. or. There is specific places where u find cars find the place where u can find one u want. and i found the Blista Compact where u first started off
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AGH answered:

Try Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, and Little Havana. I'd recommend searching on foot.
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xF0x answered:

Blista Compacts are fairly common, I often see some near Escobar International Airport. They can also be easily found on the northern half of the first island.
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william_x answered:

Where u first start out in the game where u save i saw lots go by there.Just wait u will see them.
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adx101 answered:

Some days there will be different cars
in the night i saw a bunch of moonbeams

the next day people where driveing blista compact
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