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How do I get past shakedown?

I cant figure out what i'm supposed to do to get past the mission where You have to do the drive by at the mall

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R351D3NT3V1L4 answered:

From A.K.As FAQ:

7.4.3 - Mission 3: "SHAKEDOWN"
Reward: $2,000, and all assets are now purchasable

Now that you have Diaz's mansion, it is time to start taking over Vice
City. These next few for Tommy will be self-started, and going to the roof
will start them. For this mission, you are going to go to a mall and send a
message to some shops by busting all of their windows. Sounds easy? Well, you
will have to deal with the cops as well, so it isn't as easy as it sounds.
After you enter the mall, the purple blips will indicate the stores you need to
destroy. Only when the purple blips go away, you know that you have completed
it. A good strategy is if the cops are on your trail, go into the store that
needs to be destroyed, and the cops will start shooting the glass, doing the
work for you. Once you destroy all of the glass windows, you will have
completed the mission, but you will have a wanted level of 5. Good luck
getting out, but if you get caught or die, you the mission will still be
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