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How can i apply the cheat codes and can get the full armour power?

I am unable to apply the cheats to the game and even dont know the difference between cheat and codes i.e i am applying the cheats but nothing is taking place

pokeplayer100 asked for clarification::

I don't understand what you mean by applying cheats.

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ataxier14 answered:

R1 R2 L1 X Left Down Right Up Left Down Right Up
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DestinyAutumn answered:

What do you mean applying cheats?
to enter the code ataxier14 supplied, you just enter it while you're playing (not on the pause menu...)
If you mean a GameShark or other kind of third-party code, look it up on their website.
If you mean getting a higer armour amount (150 instead of 100) you need to finish level 12 of viiglante.
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