Question from pokeplayer100

How do you raise you Media Attention level?

I just want to know.

pokeplayer100 provided additional details:

Well I maintained a 4star wanted level for a long time but nothing changed in my stats. It was the same afterwards as it was when I got my 4th star.

Accepted Answer

DestinyAutumn answered:

By destroying things, killing people, etc. Basically just get yourself a high wanted level and maintain it. I don't remember the numbers, but are the ranks in order, lowest to highest...


Vaguely interesting
Local paper Page 7
Front page of local paper
Vice Courier Page 2
Vice Courier Front page
Local TV 3am
Local TV news
Local TV Live coverage
UFA Today page 12
UFA Today page 4
Picture in UFA Today
National TV 4am
National TV news
National TV live coverage
International news
National crisis
International crisis
World event
Stuff of legends
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