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just finished my missions with Phil,what do I do next?

just finished my missions with Phil, already finished the missions on the Malibu Club and Vercetti Estate aswell. I cannot figure out what to do next. there are no more icons for other possible missions.
Help guys?!

Accepted Answer

Nukey_Shay answered:

Phil's two missions are optional and have nothing to do with storyline advancement.

You NEED to have $ icons at the mansion, Printworks, and 5 other businesses of your choice. To get those icons, buy the businesses and complete their associated task or mission thread to unlock them. You've obviously already done the Malibu thread (since completion of that unlocks Phil's optional thread) go and do more of them. Completion of Printworks is essential, but you get your pick of the remaining seven businesses. If "Bar Brawl" and "Copland" haven't been completed at the mansion, go and do those.
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