Question from EdXz01

Asked: 4 years ago

Is the story over?

Is the story over after killing Lance and Sonny?
Are there really no missions in Pole Position and Sunshine Autos?
I just killed Lance and Sonny, does the storyline end there or do I have to do something else to move on to the story?

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From: Nukey_Shay 4 years ago

Aside from a few unimportant mobile calls you receive after the credits have rolled, that is the end of the main storyline. You can go on to finish the optional stuff if you want to try for 100% game completion, but the plotline concerning the conflict between Tommy and the Mafia (begun way back from the opening cutscene) is over.

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BTW it's true that there are no missions for the Pole Position and Sunshine Autos businesses, they use other ways to complete their assets. Watch the stripper in the private room for the first, complete the first list of stolen vehicles for the latter (you can also complete the other 3 lists and/or run the 6 street races, but none of those are required for asset completion...100% completion only).

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