Question from slycooper94

Asked: 4 years ago

Game progress 100% ?

Hey need help k here it is,i beat game but i didn't get 100% game progress & im still way behind used cheats trust me i really needed thecheats,those thugs,cops everyone kicked my @$$ so hard so but when i get my 100% gameing process do i still get the 100% rewards or what???

Additional details - 4 years ago

I mean all rewards like the 200% body armor & heath & everything else do i still get even when i beat the game n oh yeh im about almost 60% of the game???

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From: Nukey_Shay 4 years ago

Cheats, busts, wastes...none of that matters toward 100% completion (tho saving after use of some cheats may make some missions VERY difficult to complete in the future...since certian cheats irrevocably alter ped behavior). IIRC there is a completion bug in the offroad missions near Hyman, tho (which makes the timer count as both instead of one)...but that is correctable by playing the affected mission again and beating the time.

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You need to find every hidden package and complete all side missions like taxi and vigalante.

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Once you get 100% completion, you'll get your rewards, no matter how you achieved it

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