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Pizza mission???

Ok the pizza mission i have been trying to get the damn 150% health reward, when i read the faqs for pizza mission it tells me to go up to level 10 to complete to get reward but in the game it doesn't say the pizza mission level number like the police,fire fighter or "ambluence" level number but all i get is deliver then come back for more pizza n i did not know how long am i sopossed to stay with the level so WTH! help me please thanks!!

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@Camden-but how will i know how many i deliver pizza too it doesn't tell me so how?

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Camden answered:

Each level has an equal amount of customers you need to deliver pizzas to(1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc...), for a total of 55 pizza deliveries.
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Nukey_Shay answered:

The question was answered correctly...each successive level has that many customers waiting at the start of each one. 1 customer for level 1, 2 customers for level 2, and so on up to the final one with 10. Levels 7 to 10 will require at least 1 additional trip to the window to get more pizzas...since you only carry a maximum of 6. There is no penalty for how many return trips to the window you need to do (although each wasted trip costs you time).

BTW an easy way to beat this is to use the pizza place North of the Malibu (because a LOT of customers will spawn near the beach where there is not much traffic to deal with). And when you deliver to the last customer on the higher levels, throw away any remaining pizzas as you head back for more orders. That way, you get fully stocked with 6 pizzas when you visit the window to begin the next level. There is no penalty for throwing away leftovers.
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