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Where is the Zebra Cab?

I beat the Kaufmann Cabs missions a while ago, and until I was reading around on here I didn't know I could get the Zebra Cab. It has never appeared at the Cab HQ. Did I do something wrong?

GaiblerOSU provided additional details:

I collect from the Cab HQ daily, I have never seen the Zebra Cab outside of the "Cabmageddon" mission. Where exactly does it spawn?

Accepted Answer

bfrieze answered:

Just drive away for a while and come back. It will eventually respawn. Sometimes when you load a game, it doesn't always load the set location vehicles (like helicopters and the limo and infernous at the mansion).
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bfrieze answered:

The Zebra Cab only spawns in the Kaufman Cab building (where you start the missions for the asset). It should be there at some point.
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