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How can i get the Havana outfit?

I wanted to use it for the Cubans missions but i can't reach the f*** icon, is there anyway to do it, or it's just a cruel trick from Rockstar??

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Nukey_Shay answered:

It's a glitch. Basically, it stems from completing Avery's "Two Bit Hit" before you've completed the mansion's "Cop Land". If you complete "Cop Land" first, the outfit is placed in the doorway properly (or more exactly...completing "Two Bit Hit" later means that the "Cop Land" glitch won't shift the outfit's location).
Avery's missions are all optional, so this strategy poses no problem for storyline progression. Just skip doing the construction site missions until you've done everything at the mansion ;-)

AFAIK...once a PS2 savegame has the bug, it's impossible to correct. Can't recall if PC savegames have a fix for them.

BTW the glitched outfit IS possible to collect, but it's sort of difficult. You need to defeat collisions so you can jump over to it. Try ramming a motorcycle into the doorway so that it falls over inside, then go a little bit away and try sprinting onto the fallen cycle. If you can get your upper body to poke though the doorway ceiling, rotate the camera toward the clothes icon and sprint-jump over to it. If successful, you will pass close enough to it to pick it up as you are falling though "blue hell". You'll lose a little health as you reappear on land after falling, tho.
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