Question from PokemonGTAKid

Why does the game keep telling me ( Loading... or Error Game?)

It Happens a lot! Do I need a new CD? It's full of sratches but still plays!

room101 asked for clarification:

Could be a dirty or damaged disc, or it could be an issue with your system. Do other games cause a similar issue?

PokemonGTAKid provided additional details:

Room101,GTA 3, GTA LCS, Lord of the Rings The Third Age, Burnout 3 Takedown, Medal of Honor Rising Sun, Need For Speed Underground 1 and 2, are scratched up a lot! I Not Sure Cleaning It Will Work!

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bluenan_eagle answered:

Get a disc geneie rub the disc on it and it should be good if not try cleaning you system if not sorry if you got this game from GameStop or Play'N'trade then I say return it and get A new one.
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