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Hyman Condo Garage!?!

The 1st one on the left had a Barrack OL, Hearse, and PCJ-600. Now it's just the PCJ-600 + the added Tank (I think) How did it Happen!??! I thought it was the 1st one on the right!!

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One of them is said to "eat" a car or truck BUT WHY!!??!

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Nukey_Shay answered:

The glitch can happen to ANY garage. The root problem is believed to be a garage opening (moving vehicles from "stored memory" to "active memory") and the player leaving the area before the garage has fully closed (which moves the active memory back to stored memory)...although a couple of other things could contribute to vehicle deletions - such as vehicles parked irregularly which could interfere with the transfer between memories.

It has a better chance of happening to the large garage at Hyman because it is both very close to the street and features a helipad at the if your are cruising by at high speed on the ground OR in the air and it had opened, there's a risk of getting too far away as the garage closes. Other "riskly" garages are at Washington Beach (very close to the street), Sunshine Auto's bonus garages (which can be inadvertantly opened if you are driving on the grass behind the building), and the Mansion (the marker to begin "Cop Land" happens to be right over it's garage).

My guess is that you flew over the garage too fast. A fair assumption if you had been using the condo's Maverick at the helipad and immediately flew to the East.

It's suggested that you use (at least) 2 file saves...alternating between the current game save, and the previous game save. Especially if you are trying to collect as many uinque vehicles as you can. Double-check your garages if a mission required you to move too close or quickly past a garage location (if everything is OK, reload and continue...writing over the previous save the next time). I'd been using this method for ages...and it's very reliable in all GTAs.
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