Question from TTAARRGGEETT

Asked: 3 years ago

How can i finish second mission of film studio?

I am stuck in second mission of film studio.I cant distribute the flyers around the town.

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From: Nukey_Shay 3 years ago

From the starting position, hold the throttle down until you are better than halfway to Starfish Island before you attempt a liftoff from the water. Then it's just a matter of circling around the Western landform...hitting checkpoints as you go. I prefer to spin 180 and start with the Northern one above the test track...going counter-clockwise and hitting them in order.

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Where are you having trouble on this mission? All you have to do is get in the sea plane and fly through the markers.

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I know its hard to stay in the air on the plane but all you need to do is just hold on to X until you think your high enough in the air.

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