Question from Fourarms10

Asked: 5 years ago

Why can't I drive regular cars?

My game has small cracks, everytime I go in a car or helicopter, it says error reading the Grand Theft Auto:Vice City DVD. The only cars I can drive are Tanks, Law enforcement cars (FBI, Swat, etc), Ambulances, and Firetrucks

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From: 8BallSniper 5 years ago

Buy a new copy of the game, it sounds defective.

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Congragulations!!! You broke your game. If you inssured your game at the store you bought it at then use it. If all else fails go to your local used video game store and get a new one cheap for about $15 or less.

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You can go to a pawn and clean it for about 3.00$

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Buy a new game it sounds wreaked

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It sounds pretty wreaked to me so just chillax mate

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It really seems you messed up your radio stations on your DVD. Try hard to find the exact problem or just get a new copy.

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