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Where can I find Apartment 3G?

Im trying to find it because I went to the GTA domain and it said something about Apartment 3G. I tried to find it but I can't locate it. Please Help Me!

hotrodneptune32 provided additional details:

Thanks! But uh, where is the duplex?

mujosmetljar asked for clarification::

Do the unique jump in the picture, and turn around and it'll be right in front of you. Inside, there's a small room and a bloody bathroom.

Accepted Answer

Nukey_Shay answered:

From the lower Pay & Spray on the first island, go South on the road and take the first left. Travelling East, the pink and white apartment is at the end of the block - to your left. It's #3G is upstairs on the Southeast corner of the complex.
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mujosmetljar answered:

Near the duplex
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mujosmetljar answered:

At ocean beach there is uniqe stunt and finish it and behind the stunt is thar stairs.
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mujosmetljar answered:

Hope that helps
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