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Where can I find the caddy?

I can't find any caddies in the Golf Area. I tried looking for the one near the lighthouse, but didn't see anything.

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room101 answered:

There is one hidden in bushes to the right of the path leading to the lighthouse. It can be difficult to see so try approaching each clump of bushes on foot and pressing triangle. If the caddy is in there, Tommy should run in and get in it. Be careful accelerating straight away, as the caddy is usually pointing towards the water.
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GaaMoo answered:

I had this problem too. Try to save and restart the game; you should see some next time.
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b0yzzz answered:

Seriously dude look through all da cheats
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gazman14 answered:

Sometimes you get through the golf club entry and there is one next to the tennis courts.
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bigjon76 answered:

You will see people driving them at the golf course.
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gazman14 answered:

Cheat or golf course.
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colddude34 answered:

Just go to the golf course.b the lighthouse in washington by the hotel there is a caddy hidden in the bushs
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BrendanFace000 answered:

I too had this problem: It still happens to me now, but it is easily fixed. Simple find any car or bike, go to the west island via Starfish Island, then go to Little Haiti and cross that bridge there back over to the east island. The first vehicle you will see will ALWAYS be a Golf Caddy, and it will also usually be a crazy drivers who doesn't stop for anything: you will have to knock him into a wall then quickly jack it while he is reversing. Well, This always works on my version, anyway...
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Tylerfox9999 answered:

Well that's easy,the golf place.Sometimes you see them just untaken or old men or women will be rideing them.
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