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Where can I find a Hunter?

I got the cop uniform and went to the military base and the heli is not there. Why is it not there?

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bullit88 answered:

You have to do one of two things to get it to spawn at the army base.

1. Complete the game 100%

2. Collect all 100 hidden packages.

If you do both then one will spawn at the helipad and the south end of the east island.
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starfox1999 answered:

U can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have triend with the cheat code
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b0yzzz answered:

Easy sometimes it works but here goes 1st drive to da army base with a car (if u drive any thing dat flies it wont work also)in your cop uniform( if u dont have 1 go to the cop place dat u can go inside)walk around the base to get to the back place of the base and then u should see the helicopter at the back of the base hop in and you got the helicopter(warning be careful not to shoot any the while the helicopter is starting up cause u will die).To shoot the machine gun: press R1.To shoot rockets: press O.
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