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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I find more levels?

I was playing and I finished a level and then there were no levels.I need help please!!!

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From: The_Drooge 5 years ago

One of 3 things have happened. You either-
1. Beat a certain mission and just need to wait for a phone call
2. Beat the main story missions and just need to do every hidden mission
3. You already beat everything in the game and there's nothing left to do but to WREAK MAYHEM TO ALL INNOCENT BYSTANDERS YOU DARE STAND IN YOUR WAY (insert meniacle laughter here).

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Dude check your stats you maybe 100% or maybe u haven't done a hidden mission.

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LOL, i got the same problem man

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If you're about to enter the last mission and it wont work, do the ice cream mission and wait a while.

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