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Asked: 5 years ago

Why can't i beat the game?

I have been playing vicecity for a long and I only got 42% complete;what gives.

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From: The_Drooge 5 years ago

Here's a list that you have to accomplish to get 100%-
-Beat all main story missions
-Beat all the property missions
-Beat all the stadium missions
-Buy all the normal properties
-Find all 100 hidden packages
-Beat all 35 rampages
-Successfully complete all 36 unique jumps
-Get atleast 45 points on the rifle range
-Complete vigallante, firefighter, and paramedic missions at level 12
-Drop off 100 passengers in the taxi
-Complete level 10 of the pizza bot mission
-Beat all 4 helicopter missions
-Beat all 3 RC toy missions
-Beat the Cone Crazy and PCJ Playground missions on the first island
-Beat the Trial By Dirt and Test Track missions at the dirt track on the third island

If you're having trouble finding a certain mission and/ot item then just explore every nook and craney of the game. Because exploration is the main core of all the GTA games.

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